August 10, 2011

This August 10th will be an exciting day for Maine history and Hitty enthusiasts. On that day the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society will host HITTY HOOPLA: A Rachel Field Day to honor Rachel Field, poet, playwright, artist, author, and former Cranberry Isles summer resident.

Festivities will include talks and activities about Rachel Field and "Hitty", the doll heroine of Rachel's most famous book, Hitty, Her first Hundred Years – a Newbery award winner.


The day's events will include:

* optional, at additional cost

On HITTY HOOPLA day (August 10, 2011) special boats will leave from Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, and Manset to Great Cranberry Island, in addition to the regular ferries. Our special boats are less expensive than the regular ferries, and also pass by Rachel Field's former summer home on Sutton Island, so order in advance from us to get a great deal, and a guaranteed seat! Transportation will be provided on the island.

Ticket prices will be higher the day of the event, so order advance tickets now: $20 for HITTY HOOPLA, $18 for the optional special boat to Great Cranberry Island (passing by Rachel's home), and $20 for the optional lobster picnic. For those who prefer more food choice, Hitty's Café will be open, offering salads, hot and cold sandwiches, and ice cream.

We look forward to providing this experience and sharing our wonderful island with all our Hitty friends and Rachel Field fans. There are many other museums and activities on Mount Desert Island if a visitor wishes to stay for a few more days in the area.

More details will be added here as the season progresses.

Where to Stay Overnight
Getting to Great Cranberry Island by Special Boat
Tickets for HITTY HOOPLA
Hitty Raffle & Prizes

Suggested Places to Stay Overnight

Since there are no places to stay on Great Cranberry Island, you must book a room on Mount Desert Island - which is accessible by car from the continental U.S. via a small bridge. Then you can take our special boats to Great Cranberry Island on the day of the event.

Boats to Great Cranberry Island are passenger-only, and do not accept cars.

Lodging in Northeast Harbor

Take our "Northeast Harbor" special boat to Great Cranberry Island.

Lodging in Southwest Harbor

Take our "Southwest Harbor/Manset" special boat to Great Cranberry Island.

Lodging in Manset

Take our "Southwest Harbor/Manset" special boat to Great Cranberry Island.

Getting to Great Cranberry Island

For $18 we offer an optional round-trip chartered passenger-only ferry ride (no cars) from Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, or Manset, Maine. Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow time for parking.

Port of Departure Place(s) to Park
Northeast Harbor
Town Dock
1. by the dock
2. at the nearby tennis courts
Southwest Harbor
Upper Town Dock
by the dock (limited capacity)
Note: the entrance to the parking lot & dock is hard to find;
see more parking info
Manset (Town of Cranberry Isles Dock) dirt parking lot between the Manset Town Dock and the Town of Cranberry Isles Dock in Manset
  more parking info

You will receive your tickets after getting on board. Ferries leave as follows:

HITTY HOOPLA Special Chartered Boats
Great Cranberry Island (GCI)
on August 10, 2011
Port of Departure
from Mount Desert Island
Morning trip to GCI Afternoon return
leave arrive GCI leave GCI arrive
Northeast Harbor
Town Dock
B & B
9:30 am 10:15 am 4:30 pm 4:45 pm
Southwest Harbor
Upper Town Dock
9:30 am 10:15 am 4:00 pm 4:40 pm
Town of Cranberry Isles Dock
9:45 am 10:15 am 4:00 pm 4:20 pm


Getting Around on Great Cranberry Island

On Great Cranberry Island you will get a map and brochure describing each of the event stops. While many visitors will wish to walk between stops, transportation will be provided as well. An optional Lobster Lunch Picnic is available, or you can order from the regular menu at Hitty's Café in Cranberry House - one of the tour stops.