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The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society promotes a strong sense of island community through its historical museum and Arts Center. The society collects, preserves, and studies the history of Great Cranberry and its neighboring islands, and promotes and presents diverse cultural and educational programs.

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Address GCIHS
163 Cranberry Road
POB 12
Cranberrry Isles, ME 04625 USA
Telephone Museum
Arts Center
Media Room
(207) 244-7800
Hitty's Café (207) 244-7845


The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society was incorporated as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization on June 22, 1993.   The first meeting took place on July 28th of that year.

On August 6, 2000 we opened a historical museum in leased quarters in the Longfellow School.

In 2004 we started fundraising to build our own home, Cranberry House. Cranberry House finally opened to the public on June 15, 2008. It houses our Museum, plus an Arts Center, a Media Room, and Hitty's Café.


Officers are elected to 2 year terms, with 2 terms as a limit. Elections are at the Annual Meeting which is held in August.

Name Title Elected Term Expires
Phil Whitney President 2014 3rd 2-year term 2016
Chris Johnson Vice President 2015 1st 2-year term 2017
Jim Bradley Treasurer 2015 3rd 2-year term 2017
Nancy Wood Secretary 2014 1st 2-year term 2016

Past Presidents

Name Years
Phil Whitney 2009-present
Wini Smart 1999-2009
Susan White 1997-1999
James Storey 1996-1997
Barbara Stainton 1993-1996

Board of Trustees

All Officers are also members of the Board of Trustees.
Trustees (including Officers) must number no more than 15.
Trustees are elected to 2 year terms with no term limits.
Elections are held at the Annual Meeting.

Name Elected Expires
  1. Elaine Buchsbaum 2015 2017
  2. Tim Dalton 2015 2017
  3. Neal Corson 2014 2016
  4. Miriam Hinnant 2015 2017
  5. Chris Johnston 2015 2017
  6. Michael Macfarlan 2015 2017
  7. Ted Madara 2015 2017
  8. Kitty Pierson 2015 2017
  9. Beverly Sanborn 2015 2017
10. Kenneth Schmidt 2015 2017
11. Jim Singerling 2014 2016
12. Owen Roberts
(Honorary Trustee with no vote)


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