Annual Meetings

2002 Annual Meeting (15 Aug)

minutes of meeting

First a short business meeting took place.  President Wini Smart welcomed the audience and asked Judy Whitney to read the 2001 minutes, which were then accepted as read.

Wini then summarized the year's efforts.  The Historical Society won grants from the Cincinnati Stock Exchange, the Island Institute, and MBNA totalling $6550 for a long-held dream, to build a Community Multimedia Center.

The Community Multimedia Center is housed in a corner of the Museum.  It consists of a powerful personal computer, an image scanner, a color laser printer, a DVD player and video projector, plus wire-loop binding equipment.

Though managed by the Historical Society, the Center is intended to be available to any individual, group, or business on the Cranberry Isles.  Using this valuable resource, we can make color copies, professionally-bound publications, documents, signs, music CDs, or video DVDs -- all without going to the mainland.

Martha Harmon
Martha Harmon

The Historical Society also won two grants totalling $1555 from the Maine Humanities Council New Century Project.  The grants paid for an Archival Workshop, taught by Archival Specialist Martha Harmon, and for archival-quality storage boxes and file folders for the Museum's collection.

Eight people (Janet Roberts, Georgie Ware, Judy Whitney-Blake, Charlene Allen, Phil Whitney, Louise Strandberg, Wini Smart, and Bruce Komusin) attended the 2-day Archival Workshop and learned how to preserve and catalog documentary materials.  On the second day, we all put our learning into practice by sifting through and organizing most of the paper materials rescued from the old Town Office in the attic of the Longfellow School.

Wini also reported that the Quilt Show was very well attended.

Bruce Komusin read the 2002 Treasurer's report.

Quilt made by Marjorie Phippen

Charlotte Harlan spoke about the season-opener Quilt extravaganza.  The Museum's largest room was filled with Cranberry Island quilts -- featuring many by Marjorie Phippen -- as Evelyn Beaulieu spoke to a full house about "How to 'Read' a Quilt."  A video of the talk was taken for historical purposes.

Phil Whitney and Ken Whitney were elected as new Trustees.

After the formal meeting, Ralph Stanley and three friends played some lively music.  Then followed the premiere presentation of the video interview with Marjorie Phippen.  DVDs of the both presentations are available for sale.  Copies of the videos are also available for loan from the Great Cranberry Island Library.