Annual Meetings

2003 Annual Meeting (13 Aug)

minutes of meeting

Presidents Report

"My job is easier"

Museum Exhibit
Thanks to Leslie Watson, Bruce Komusin, and especially Karin Whitney for all her artifacts and for making our "Captain" (mannequin.)  Also thanks to all the people who loaned their antiques for our current exhibit of "Home Sweet Home."  They should be picked up in mid-September or make arrangements if it is necessary to be earlier.

More work was accomplished last fall on filing documents in Conservation folders and boxes and in making a "finders list", listing our historic documents and photos on a data base, for easy access.  While most are done, there are still a few more documents remaining to be filed.

Building Project
We have been researching the price of moving an old building, that we were considering.  I am now appointing a committee to look into the different choices and the possibility of a combination cultural and museum building, which might have other uses.

Cemetery Project
Chairman Ken Whitney is away this summer.  Bruce is currently researching trust funds set up for the cemeteries.

Thanks to Susan White for an excellent job with her news to the Cranberry column in the Islander paper, for Sarah Newell for listing the museum in the many tourist papers and to Bruce for the great posters.

House Histories
Charlotte and Bruce are now working on a publication of the house histories.

Who is Hitty?
Sarah Newell, Susanne and Jennifer Westphal will introduce us to a very old, but still going strong, famous personality next season.  Hitty is known and loved all over the country, and in Canada, but is still unknown to many of us on the Cranberry Isles where she was conceived.

Grant for Video editing from MBNA
We received a grant of $1000 from MBNA to make Video Preservation Videos.  We hired Allison Garoza, a graduate student from and recommended by the College of the Atlantic.  She edited two videos, Fishing with Wesley Bracy Jr. and Ada Rice.  There is some money left to hire another editor, enough to finish a short interview.

Thanks again to Bruce for the many, many hours spent editing tonight's program--Charles "Waddy" Wadsworth.  I helped him out some, and I know you will like it.

Attiques and Antiques
We need your Artifacts.  If you are cleaning out your attic or barn--PLEASE call us.  The museum always needs new--I mean old things from the island.  If you give it all for the Fair they are sold and are lost forever to the island.

Program for Tonight
We hope you will enjoy our visit with Charles "Waddy" Wadsworth.  It is always interesting to "look inside" to get a better understanding of an artist or poet, and Waddy was both.  We were impressed with his imagination, his dedication, and just plain hard work.

Thanks to Bill Goldberg and Geoff Wadsworth for supplying their music.  And especially we give thanks to the Wadsworth family for gathering the wonderful retrospective exhibit of Waddy's artwork.  These are on exhibit, for tonight only, in the Community Center.  The exhibit and reception will follow our video presentation.  Susanne's committee has prepared lots of tasty bites and the Wadsworths have contributed wine for your pleasure.  We will also have publications, and Videos for sale.  Anyone still wishing to start or renew their membership can sign up tonight.