Annual Meetings

2008 Annual Meeting (Aug 21)

August 21, meeting at the Cultural Center in the newly renovated Cranberry House on August 21, 2008 at 7:30PM.

Minutes.  Mary Corley read the minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting.  Minutes were approved as read.

President's Report.  Winnie Smart thanked the many volunteers and donors for helping to make the Cranberry House a possibility in a much shorter timetable than planned.  Especially instrumental were Phil Whitney and Bruce Komusin.

Museum.  Charlene Allen, hostess at the Museum, reported that over 500 people have visited the museum since its June 2008 opening.  Sales have been over $6,000.  W. Smart acknowledged the valuable support Charlene has provided.

Hitty Café.  Leslie Watson reported for Lauren Simmons on the Hitty Café.  The Café has been open the same hours as the Museum (10 AM to 4PM daily).  The Café has provided an excellent venue with delicious food and Lauren Simmons was commended for this.  The Café has not turned a profit, but Lauren has suggestions that would help change this situation that she will present to the Board.

Events Committee.  Geoff Wadsworth presented a report on the Events Committee.  The summer program worked well with good attendance at the many offerings.  Next year a greater effort will be made to coordinate with other planned activities on the Island.

Treasurer's Report.  Bruce Komusin reported the Income was $113,406; Expenses $145,217; On Hand $19,003.  Next year we will not have the many expenses associated with the preparation of the building.

Building Committee and Trail Report.  Phil Whitney acknowledged his committee (Bruce Komusin, Sarah Newel) for their work in getting the building ready much earlier than original plans had projected.  As a result, the museum, cultural center, café and the trail were ready for use in June.

History.  W. Smart read a letter written to the New York Times in 1926 by Annie Spurling, who ran the Mountain View Inn (now the Cranberry House).  Hugh Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society, read an item from materials he has been reviewing about the schools on the Cranberry Isles written in 1831.

Nominating Committee.  Mary Corley presented the slate for the new Board on behalf of Geoff Wadsworth and Beverly Sanborn: Malcolm Donald, Mark Alley, Kittie Pierson, and Nick Herold.  From the floor, P. Whitney nominated John French.  A secret ballot was collected from members present; M. Donald, M. Alley, K. Pierson and N. Herold were elected as new Board members.

New Business.  W. Smart recommended that a Director for the Museum be hired for the period the Museum is open each summer.  This person could help write grants, hire and supervise employees and help problems that arise.  A show of hands supported this recommendation.  She will present this recommendation to the Board.  All events in the Cultural Center have been a voluntary donation this year.  However, next year, a fee will have to be charged to cover the costs.  No decision about the museum exhibit for next summer has been made.

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM followed by a presentation by Guy Veillette, former USCG Lighthouse keeper of Bear Island, prior to its automation.

Submitted by Mary Corley, Secretary