Annual Meetings

2009 Annual Meeting (Aug 27)

The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society Annual Meeting August 27, at Cranberry House; the meeting was called to order at 7:42 P.M.

Minutes.  Kitty Pierson read the minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Presidents Report.  Wini Smart reported that the building and grounds were in very good shape, despite various small glitches, thanks especially to volunteers who attended to repairs and the ongoing maintenance.

She emphasized that the Historical Society attempts to provide something for everybody, as reflected in the variety of lectures, art shows, concerts, classes and movies. The fund raising auction was disappointing as it raised less money than expected; the 75 or so attendees seemed to enjoy the music, refreshments, and the auctioneering.

Hitty's Cafe was a success, attracting many customers. Unfortunately, Kasey Burgess developed health problems. Karin Whitney at first helped, then filled in. When Kasey was unable to continue the contract Karin was able take over the Cafe without missing a day.

The museum functioned without a director, as Blair Smith fulfilled many of the duties including that of official greeter, and occasional volunteer at the Cafe. After she left (as planned) in mid August, Gretchen Westphal succeeded her.

Wini noted that there are 70 paid members, and 200 names on the mailing list. As it costs about $15,000 a year to cover costs including ongoing costs like insurance, utilities, inspections and other fees, she emphasized the need for further and continued donations.

Wini then spoke of her vision of a Historical society, of a building of its own, of a cafe where people could meet and eat, and of a trail. Now that these were realized, she announced that it was time for her, after 9 years, to retire.

Acknowledgement.  Phil Whitney took the moment to acclaim Wini Smart's leadership and foresight; he lauded her for the task well done and proffered a small gift of a gift certificate to Jordan Pond House. Bruce Komusin also spoke of her commitment and vision.

Museum.  Gretchen Westphal reported that in June there were 284 visitors, in July 795, and August to date 896: a total of 1975. Bruce helped with a spread sheet that showed that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were the most popular days. The DVDs, (especially the one on lobstering) were frequently requested.

Suggestions from the audience: more about the history of the church, something on the interrelationship of the 5 islands. An inventory of acquisitions should be kept; items should be documented and numbered as they come in, with a notation of where stored. Bruce does have a system for paper, but not for artifacts.

Events Committee.  Phil Whitney reported for Geoffrey Wadsworth. There was plenty of variety, with solid attendance, 'something for everyone' from history of building the Friendship sloop to a magic show. The committee tried to coordinate events, not only to avoid conflicts of dates, but also to partner with the Library and the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation, the Isleford and the Southwest Historical Societies.

Treasurer's Report.  Bruce Komusin reported that Income was $37,766; Expenses $34,119. A copy of the full report may be had by request to Bruce.

Operating Committee.  (formerly the Building Committee) Phil Whitney reported that the Committee is expanding their membership to share the many small jobs of repair and maintenance and to respond to crises, and to be present during the various official inspections. He thanked Bruce and Karin for their continuing presence to fix, clean up, and improvise; also Rodney Weimer who mows the grass and Donna Sonday who keeps up the garden, for no fee, as well as Blair Colby who kept a way ploughed out to the basement entrance; also Fred Quackenbush for generally helping out wherever needed.

If funds permit, the committee would like a simple heater for the upstairs room, backdrop curtains to hide the all the stuff against the wall when there is a speaker. Also considered, a conference call phone set-up for meetings; and an awning over the Cafe tables in case of rain.

Nominating Committee.  Vicky Johnston, Mickey MacFarlan and Leslie Watson. Mark Alley and Alice Murphy resigned. Those nominated: were President, Phil Whitney; 1st Vice-President, Bruce Komusin; 2nd Vice President, Beverly Sanborn. New Board Members; Charlotte Harlan (2013), Morrie Newell (2013), Nancy Wood (2013), and Elaine Buchsbaum, (2012). The slate was accepted unanimously.

New business.  Vicky Johnston announced that the Hartley sisters, using a painted suggestion by Wini Smart, will install a garden in memory of their mother, Betty Hartley. It will be in the area to the right of the entrance, and will be planted this year.

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned, 8:53 P.M., followed by a slide show of Mickey MacFarlan's photos of island life.

Submitted by Kitty Pierson, Secretary.