Annual Meetings

2011 Annual Meeting (Oct 9)

The annual meeting of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society was held Sunday, October 9, 2011 at Cranberry House. Sixteen members were present, two on the conference phone, and twenty five had sent in prosy votes.

President Phil Whitney called the meeting to order at 7:35.

He announced this was our 18th annual meeting. Bruce Komusin was the only original member present. The year 2000 was first for a museum in the Longfellow schoolhouse, June 15, 2008 was the opening of Cranberry House.

Wini Smart handed out copies and read the minutes from the 2010 annual meeting, written by Kitty Pierson. Karin Whitney wanted to add the activities by the Heliker LaHotan Foundation held at Cranberry House to our list of events. Chris Johnston made motion, Mickey Macfarlan seconded to accept the minutes as revised, motion carried.

Jim Bradley gave a detailed financial report.

Membership/donations: $16,383
Events: $5784
Art show/store: $8817
Total income: $32,118

Cost of goods: $5384
Gross profit: $26,734
Total expenses: $29,370

Profit/loss: (loss of $2636)

Our note has been refinanced for 15 years at no interest.

Bruce moved, Leslie Watson seconded to accept the treasurer's report, the motion was carried.

Jim found that our endowment fund at Bar Harbor Bank could accept stocks so it is no longer necessary to hold open a special account. Jim made this motion, Leslie seconded, motion passed.

Phil gave a presidents report on the society's objectives and results, its developments and future challenges.

Memberships have increased to 132, of which 81 are family, 51 individual memberships. He would like more member participation in the standing committees which are: Operations, Events, Financial, Archiving, and Publications. Sub-committees are Stanley Cemetery Restoration, Audit, and the previous By-law committee. There was a great effort to increase public knowledge of Great Cranberry Island through newspaper handouts, maps, brochures, rack cards, etc.

While the number of visitors grew, donations were only ½ of last year.

Many artifacts have come in to archive, photos and papers from the Hamor Tea House for example. The archiving committee is active mostly in the winter and some was done by Laura Bolton, the Island Institute Fellow. She helped this winter but quit in June instead of staying through the summer as required.

Phil mentioned the café expansion and the beauty of the three gardens. He praised the summer's mature help in the museum: Robin Freeman, Ingrid Gaither, Gail Grandgent, Gill Lobkowicz, and volunteers Chris and Vicky, Nancy Wood, and Bruce. (Phil also volunteers.). He thanked Wini for heading Hitty Hoopla, which would have been much better if the weather hadn't been so terrible. Bruce added 24 braved the rain to hike to Sammy's cabin. A $600 grant from Bar Harbor Bank helped with our concert income. We had a professional video made for fund raising, Unity College students came Aug 21-25 to work. They helped dig a pond, and added a irrigation hose to Clay's garden. Individual art exhibits were added with 3 artists showing. CIRT hopes to get State aid to build 2 homes for “Affordable Housing” on land donated by Bruce behind the museum property. They would be using a right of way in our driveway. $3000 was donated from the town, with thanks to Mary Wallace for her remarks at Town meeting. O.P. Jackson, Northeast Harbor, met with Phil, Bruce and Wini at Cranberry House last week to finalize plans to give Sammy's Cabin to GCIHS and a 12x24 ft building which he will pay to have moved to our property. Efforts will be made to keep costs down, add more benefits for members while increasing membership, also trying to add new endowment donors. Phil thanked the many people who worked so hard for the museum and especially the generosity of O P Jackson.

Nancy Wood and Kitty Pierson were on the nominating committee and they selected the following officers: Pres- Phil Whitney, 1st VP- Bruce Komusin, 2nd VP- Beverly Sanborn, Treasurer- Jim Bradley, Secretary- Wini Smart, and Board member- Vicky Johnston,. There were no nominations from the floor. Leslie Watson moved we accept the slate, seconded by Chris Johnston, motion passed unanimously. Wini reported 25 proxy votes approved the slate.

Fred Quackenbush explained the changes to the bylaws to help encompass the full range of activities of the Historical Society: Changes in the definition of mission statement, term limits of 2 terms of 2 years each for officers, Board members serve 2 year terms, no limits. A conflict of interest clause, spouses can't both serve at the same time, checks of $1000 or more need two officer's signatures; and in the case of no funds, museum shall be open by volunteers a minimum of 1 day a week in summer months to qualify as open. Chris moved, Kitty seconded to accept the new by-laws, motion carried. 20 proxy votes agreed to accept the new by-laws, 5 had no opinion.

Vicky moved, Kitty seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:55PM. A movie taken by Emily and Lynn Colby was shown of the finishing and launching of the Capt B in 1991.

Submitted by Wini Smart