Annual Meetings

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Year Presentation
2015 Video: Ralph Stanley: An Eye for Wood
2014 Video: CIRT Affordable Houses and GCI Tour (via drone)
2013 Archival Talk and Slide Show by Anne Grulich
2012 Video: Dancing at the Mill
2011 Video: Building & Launching the Cap'n B, 1991
2010 Cranberry Isles in 1969 Slides
2009 GCI historical slides of Mickey Macfarlan
2008 Talk by Guy Veillette, last Bear Island lighthouse keeper
2007 Video: Hidden Trail to the Western Way
2006 Videos: Robert Cumming and Rachel Field Recites
2005 Video: Moving Cranberry House
2004 Talk by Hugh Dwelley: Beyond God's Pocket
2003 Video: "Waddy"
2002 Video: Marjorie Phippen
2001 Play: Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry
2000 Play: Bits and Pieces by Lesley Horvath
1999 Play: An Evening with Rachel Field & Sammy Sanford
1998 Music: Ralph Stanley and Wilbur Wolff
1997 Talk: Our Islands, 1762 'til Now, by Hugh Dwelley
1993 First Official Meeting when a framework was established
1992 First Meeting when a Historical Society was proposed