Memorial Plaque

For a donation of $1000, have your name, or a suitable remembrance, displayed on a durable marker outside Cranberry House, as a permanent reminder of your generous support.  An inscription of your choice, up to five lines, is laser-fused on an 8" x 10" stainless steel plate, mounted on a flat stone.  The inscription, in black, is a permanent ceramic glazing; it will not chip or fade.

Memorial Rock

Similar to a memorial plaque, but smaller.  For a donation of $500, your inscription can be up to three lines, on a 4" x 8" stainless steel plate.

Sponsored Memorials

Type Inscription click to enlarge
plaque In Loving Memory of
Harvey and Jennie Stanley
Trudy and Alvin Schmidt
From Jeannie, Kathe, Ken, Lisa, Albert,
Melissa, Jenny, Julie, Annie, Sam, Joey, RJ, Marsha
plaque Charlene Bunker Allen
1929 - 2010
She Made History Come Alive
plaque Cranberry House Garden

Paolo Bertin
Blair Colby
Polly Saunders
Donna Sonday
Clay Taylor
Russell Wedge
plaque Betty Eversman Hartley
Memorial Garden
Given by her Daughters
plaque Louise Hampton Marr
1910 - 2009
Dedicated Teacher & Family Historian
Cranberry House Benefactor
plaque If once you have slept on an island...
In memory of
Dr. W.G. Blodgette
rock Barbara Spurling Brooks
Born Great Cranberry Island
rock Nancy H. Lea