Annual Meetings

Minutes of the 1997 Annual Meeting (20 Aug)

Annual Meeting -- Wednesday, August 20, 2000

President: James Storey
Vice President: Ruth Westphal
Secretary: Margaret Cox
Treasurer: Bruce Komusin

The first item of business was selection of new officers. The V.P. Ruth Westphal and Treasurer Bruce Komusin agreed to stay on in their jobs.  Susan White was nominated as the new president, and Janet Roberts as the new secretary.  Both were elected unanimously.

The retiring president said that the most important future business was the location of a home for our island's historical material.  He urged that the new president look into the possibility of space in the now half empty schoolhouse.  As soon as a place can be found, we can encourage donations of documents and artifacts of historical interest.

The speaker for the evening was Hugh Dwelley, who seven years ago founded the Islesford Historical Society, which resulted in much research and many publications.  His topic was "Our Islands after 1762."  A complete copy of his text can be found in our files.  A brief summary of his very interesting talk must mention the earliest settlement on Little Cranberry in 1759, the arrival of farmers and fishermen after the British seizure of Quebec made it safe to move to the islands, the arrival of the Bunkers, Stanleys, Gilleys, and Hadlocks around 1770 on both islands.  In the 1800s, both islands sailed the triangle of trade-fish to Portugal, lemons, oil and salt to Marblehead and manufactured goods to Cranberry.  The arrival of roads ended the pattern around 1900.

Attendance at this meeting was the best ever.

Respectfully submitted
Janet Roberts