Annual Meetings

Minutes of the 2004 Annual Meeting (18 Aug)

President Wini Smart welcomed those attending.

Bruce Komusin gave a financial report.  Grants amounted to $20,000, other donations were $27,876.  Cash on hand Aug 2003= $17,953, plus income of $59,849 less expenses of $22,658 left us with $55,144-8/18/04.

Wini gave a building committee report in Phil Whitney's absence.  For the Historical Society's proposed permanent museum, contracts has been signed with Eva Gaylean to purchase the building "the Mountain View Inn," and with John Goodwin to clear the lot and build a foundation.  Goodwin gave us a large discount.

Permission has been given to trim trees along the moving route.  Blair Colby has been hired to trim before and during the move.

Program Chairman Charlotte Harlan's report was read of "Christmas in July", a successful program for children.

A fund raising program "Once Upon an Island" - a Bit of Broadway was given by Kristien Blodgett and David Jackson, much enjoyed by a full house.

"Summer Cocktails" was an event chaired by Susanne Shoemaker, where the Board introduced Cranberry House plans to the members.  This event was held under a tent complete with music by Geoff Wadsworth and Audrey Noether.

The president's report mentioned plans for the building, need for a structural engineer and architect.  She and Bruce plan to ask for additional grants.

Next year's Museum exhibit will be "The Sea Around Us".

Nominating committee chairman, Sarah Newell, read the proposed slate.  For reelection of Board of Trustee member: Susan White; to fill a vacancy: Sharon Wadsworth; and reelection of Secretary: Susanne Shoemaker.

This slate was accepted unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned for a program: "Beyond God's Pocket" given by Hugh Dwelley, president of the Islesford Historical Society.  It was about his search for facts in Labrador, Germany, and Peak's Island, Maine.  Audrey Noether sang her original song written about Capt. Hadlock's last ill-fated trip to Greenland.

Refreshments were served in the Ladies Aid Building.

Respectfully submitted, Susanne Shoemaker