Annual Meetings

Minutes of the 2005 Annual Meeting (11 Aug)

Before the formal meeting at the church, a "walk through" was held at the Cranberry House at 6:30.  Acting as hosts and guides were the building committee members: Phil Whitney, Sarah Newell, Bruce Komusin, and Wini Smart.  They were assisted by Owen Roberts, Mickey Macfarlan, and Heartwood Builder's owner Ben Fulves.  Members were shown the interior, work progress, and future plans for the building.

The Annual Meeting was held at 7:30.  President, Wini Smart welcomed the guests and explained why an old building was selected, the need to change windows to make best use of the building, and the interior changes made that were necessary to meet State Fire Marshall requirements.  She also spoke of next year's plans.

The Building and Finance Committee members were asked to stand for applause of gratitude for their year of hard work.  Leslie Watson, who was not present, was thanked for all her work to make the auction a success.  It was mentioned that 158 items were in the auction for sale, and 33 volunteers helped make it run smoothly.

Bruce Komusin gave his treasurer's report. $26,418 was realized from the auction with expenses of $3,699 realizing a net profit of $22,719.

Our financial picture is: Cash, Aug 2004 = $55,144 plus total income of $173,305 making total of $228,449.  Expenses were $180,429 leaving a balance of $48,020.  However we have an outstanding loan of $25,000.

Charlene Allen gave a report on the Museum's attendance.

Owen Roberts gave a report on the financial Committee.  $4600 has been raised plus $1000 for the "Buy a Window" campaign.

Charlotte Harlan, chairman of the nominating committee presented a slate as follows:

1 President: Wini Smart
2 Vice President: Phil Whitney
3 Vice President 2: Beverly Sanborn
4 Treasurer: Bruce Komusin

Board of Trustees
1 Mickey Macfarlan
2 Hal Newell, Jr.
3 Leslie Watson
4 Owen Roberts
5 Kathy Graven (NEW)

There were no nominations from the floor and the vote was unanimous.

Ben Fulves of Heartwood Builders was introduced by Phil Whitney.  He spoke on the methods used in the construction of the Cranberry House renovation.

Bruce Komusin showed the edited video: "Moving the Cranberry House"