Annual Meetings

Minutes of the 2006 Annual Meeting (18 Aug)

The Annual meeting was held August 18, 2006 at the church after a walk through of Cranberry House.

1.  Wini Smart gave her President's report

2.  Phil Whitney told of progress of the building.

3.  Bruce Komusin in his treasurer report noted we needed $166,000 to complete the project.  We have so far raised $244,000.

4.  Publications for 2006 were "Boat Dog Bess" and a quilt pamphlet.  Several new DVDs have been released and some new interviews filmed.

5.  Charlene Allen reported $ 900 donations received at the museum.

6.  Charlette Harlan hosted a Hitty Tea for children, with stories and art projects, held at the museum.

7.  Fund raiser is to be held on Cranberry Island next year.

8.  Nomination and election of two new board members: Dr Paul Lebow and Mary Corley

9.  Showing of new videos, "The Good Old Days? with Robert Cumming" made by Smart and Komusin, and "Rachel Field on the Radio" edited by Daniel Maslan.

10.  Meeting adjourned with refreshments served at the Community Center.