Annual Meetings

Minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting (16 Aug)

Beverly Sanborn read the minutes from the annual meeting of 2006, and they were approved.

Wini Smart gave a presidents report, summarizing the accomplishments on Cranberry House for the year, with thanks to grants from Louise Marr, the Commonweal Trust foundation, and private smaller donations.  The success of the Garden Party Auction will enable the Historical Society to finish the building enough to open next spring.  The Vision committee suggested that local talent be used the first year and programs geared to Cranberry History.  She announced gifts promised for next year for furnishings and display. An anonymous donor has given money to install 2 gas heaters for the basement and first floor, which will keep the water in the sprinkler holding tanks from freezing.

Treasurers report: Bruce Komusin Total income for Jan to Aug 19, 2007 was $161.683 total expenses were $175,716.  This was possible due to money in the bank from the previous year.

Phil Whitney gave a Building Committee report: landscaping has been started with a garden, the sprinkler system is installed and in running order, electric is nearly finished inside and out, bathroom toilet and sink is working, the fire escape is finished, and this week the floors are being laid and finished with varnish.

Wini announced this summer's theme of the Museum was "The Prebles of Cranberry Isle," made possible with the many artifacts given by Louise Marr.  Museum hostesses for the summer were: Charlene Allen, Maryanne Avery, Louis Frank, volunteers: Bruce Komusin, Phil Whitney, Louise Strandberg, Karin Whitney and Mickey Macfarlan

Charlene Allen said attendance was about the same, however income was greater.

Contest- Bruce Komusin announced there was only one winner, Gaile Colby, by default.

Mention was made of negotiations with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, about the proposed trails.  The Board has voted to proceed with a preliminary agreement.  The video was made to explain the plan.

Nominating Committee chairman- Charlene Allen

Slate to be: President- Wini Smart, First Vice president- Phil Whitney, Second- Vice President- Beverly Sanborn, Secretary-Mary Corley, Treasurer- Bruce Komusin.

Sharon Wadsworth to be re-elected as Trustee, and to replace Kathy Graven and Susanne Shoemaker, who both resigned, nominations were made for Vicky Johnston and Alice Murphy Bancroft.

The slate was received with applause and unanimously voted to be accepted.

There was no new business, so the meeting was adjourned with the video, "In search of the Hidden Trails to the Western way", filmed by Wini and edited by Bruce Komusin, was shown.

Refreshments were served in the Community Center, hostesses were Karin Whitney, Beverly Sanborn and Wini Smart.