The GCIHS Finding Aid

The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society's Preble-Marr museum includes an archive of documents, photographs, artifacts, and genealogical information about the life and times of those living on the Cranberry Isles (especially Great Cranberry Island) from the early 1800s to the present.   The archive contains photographs, film, video, digital media; paper, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, and cloth items; and varied works of art, including:

This Finding Aid lists the 2,200 catalogued items in the collection.   It describes each item, and provides an image when available.   (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image.)   GCIHS images may be used for non-profit purposes provided the Historical Society is cited as the source.   Use in commercial endeavors requires written permission from GCIHS.   Citations should read: Courtesy Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, Cranberry Isles, Maine, - with the catalogue number of the item/photo you're using.   Contact us at or 207.244.7800 for more information.

Initial funding for this Finding Aid was provided by an Archival Grant from the Maine State Archives, under the New Century Community Program (January 2002).   At that time 738 items were listed.   About 1200 additional items were added in 2013, and the catalogue continues to grow and improve.   Since it´s a work-in-progress, we welcome your suggestions and any information you can provide to enhance our collection.

1 1000.1.1 Photo, Outdoor concert on Cranberry Island, by Ed Elvidge, at Moss house 1987, 1988 calendar (Eugenia Zukerman, flute; Sara Lambert Bloom, oboe; performing Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf with Robert J. Lutsema (WGBH) narrating c. 1987.
2 1000.2.2 Invitation, Cranberry Club 75th. Anniversary (1969)
3 1000.3.3 Business receipt, 17 Apr 1876, bought of Heath & Grier, Boston, by Schooner M.L. Rodgus???, Asa D. Stanley (master), items for voyage, $54.53
4 1000.3.4 Business receipt, 25 Aug 1898, E.L. Rowe & Son, Gloucester MA, sold to Schooner S.L. Foster, (owner Enoch Stanley) sails made to order, $158.70
5 1000.3.5 Business receipt, 26 July 1876, Bought of Thomas Chase & Co, Portland, by Schooner Rozella (owner Enoch Stanley) fish, $112.97
6 1000.3.6 Collection, business bills, Eastern Steamship Lines to W.F. Stanley
7 1000.4.7 Bear Island Deed,.5 Nov 1884 (modern photocopy)
8 1000.5.8 Clipping from Wall Street Journal, 24 Nov 1975, Cranberry Club (modern photocopy)
9 1000.5.9 Poster, ""Cranberry Club Rooster Division"", the Rooster Club (local spoof of Cranberry Club), 2 posters, 1 hand-colored, 1 not.
10 2000.132.10 Collection, documents on history of Ladies Aid (all modern photocopies or wordprocessed reprints). (Documents are from the Ladies aid 2000.)
11 1000.7.11 Booklet, ""A Souvenir of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island"" published by W.H. Sherman, Printer and Stationer, Bar Harbor, ca. 1903-1905, with 66 b&w photos, and several ads
12 1000.7.12 Collection, misc. advertising cards: Philip Douglas, ship smith & machine forger; Wm. Prior, Jr. & Co., fresh & pickled fish, clams & oysters; Walker & Rich, fresh and smoked fish, lobsters, clams, cod liver oil, &c; ""Gloucester"" Copper Paint; The First National Bank of Ellsworth, Maine; Bethel Church, Portland; Hood's Sarsaparilla; ""Untold Secrets"", a booklet of jokes published by Pabst Brewing Co.; J.H. Connors & Co., liquor dealers; John Linscott, boots, shoes, & rubbers; J. Burns & Co., fresh, salt, and pickled fish; C.F. Eaton, dealer in flour, west india goods, ship stores, wines, liquors, &c.; H & G.W. Lord, nets, seines, and twine; F.W. Morrill, butter, cheese, & eggs; ""The Acme Club"" a booklet advertising the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. of Newark, New Jersey; F.H. Johnson, fresh, smoked, and pickled fish; ""Between Ourselves"" July 1926, a flyer by the New England Telephone & Telegraph Co.; ""3 Pounds of Tea"" a label from a tea package made by Baird & Peters, ""THE tea people.""
13 1000.7.13 Collection, misc. newspaper clippings
14 1000.0.14 Booklet, ""Cranberryana"" by Mary Frances Parkman, 1926, about the founding of the Cranberry Club, with membership list. Also see 1944 reprint, item 607.
15 1000.0.15 Document, 2 typewritten pages, ""Some Memories of the Cranberry Club"", by Elinor M. Parker, Sep 1985
16 1000.0.16 Document, photocopy, 2 typewritten pages, ""The Cranberry Club 50th. Anniversary"", by Mary Huntington Thompson
17 1000.0.17 Newspaper clippings, ""Down East in Maine, The Cranberry Club Is for Brahmins Only"", by Liz Roman Gallese, Wall Street Journal, 24 Nov 1975
18 1000.0.18 "Document, 1 sheet, Public Notice, handwritten draft, Selectmen William E. Hadlock and W.A. Spurling propose to consider Cranberry Club's application to build 219-foot Wharf on Fish Point, 25 Mar 1899. It was later approved, obviously. This item has penciled draft on one side, and identical pen draft on the other. Transcribed as: ""Notice is hereby given that it is the intention of the Municipal Officers (Selectmen) of Cranberry Isles, upon the application in writing of the President and Others of the Cranberry Club , (so called) for License to Erect and Extend a Wharf, off Land leased of William Stanley at the Fish Point, (so called) on Great Cranberry Island. Said proposed Wharf to extend into tide waters Two Hundred and nineteen feet from low water mark, at low tide; and that they will meet for the purpose of examining the location proposed at said Fish Point on Saturday the twenty fifth day of March, A.D. 1899, at three o'clock in the afternoon, and all persons interested will govern themselves accordingly. Given under our hand, this 20th. day of March, A.D. 1899. William E. Hadlock,
19 1000.0.19 Special License to Navigate, Vessel ""B499"", to Lewis G. Stanley, 12 Dec 1918. (See item 1000.0.25 and 1000.0.26 for letter and envelope that accompanied license.)
20 1000.0.20 Business Bill, Maine Central Railroad charges W. Stanley 66 cents to deliver 1 ?gallon of paint from Boston to Southwest Harbor, 16 Apr 1926
21 1000.0.21 Collection of 15 greeting cards, most of which seem to be birthday greetings to Arthur Bunker
22 1000.0.22 Clippings, about island life
23 1000.0.23 Misc. correspondence ""Monday Morning; Dear Dad, Aunt Elmi died this morning with her old trouble and heart failure""
24 1000.0.24 Document, photocopy, 7 sheets, ""50th. Anniversary of the Cranberry Club"", by Eufrasia A.W. Tucker
25 1000.0.25 Letter, accompanying Special License to Navigate (See item 1000.0.19 for license)
26 1000.0.26 Envelope, accompanying Special License to Navigate (items 1000.0.19 and 1000.0.25 for license and letter)
27 1000.3.27 Business receipt, 8 Oct 1878, To Sidney W. Oakes, from Schooner S.L. Foster, to paint outside & name, $16.62
28 1000.3.28 Business receipt, 1877, James Wilson sold to E.H. Chase, fish, $29.98
29 1000.3.29 Business receipt, 30 Nov 1877, Asa D. Stanley bought of Perley, Russell & Co., Portland, 1 tub (24 lbs.) butter, $7.20
30 1000.3.30 Business receipt, 26 Oct 1898, Schooner S.L. Foster bought of Henry Clark, Southwest Harbor, 1 pair of 8 ft. oars, $1.12, signed H. Clark by hand of J. Parker
31 1000.3.31 Telephone bill, 30 Jun 1926, New England Telephone & Telegraph Co., bill to W.F. & L.G. Stanley, Northeast Harbor, ME, $22.15 for 5 months season service
32 1000.3.32 Hospital bill, 2 Jul 1953, Mt. Desert Island Hospital to Perley D. Stanley, 7 days, $71.95
33 1000.3.33 Telephone bill, Jun 1975, New England Telephone & Telegraph, to ???, $0.75
34 1000.18.34 Sheet Music, 8 pieces, originally belonging to Alice M. Stanley, found in Ruth Westphal's house
35 1000.18.35 Sheet Music Books, 7 pieces, originally belonging to Alice M. Stanley, found in Ruth Westphal's house
36 1000.19.36 Book, Great Cranberry Island History Project, done by College of the Atlantic, 1992, mostly photos with some text
37 2000.132.37 Book, ""Book of Remembrance"", by Velma Teel, history of the church and ladies aid. Also included, 3.5"" floppy diskette perhaps by Sarah Newell, with, presumably, transcriptions of some parts. (From Ladies Aid 2000)
38 2002.20.38 Certificate, Appointment as State of Maine Fish Inspector, of William P. Preble, 26 June 1854. (Transcribed.)
39 2002.20.39 Collection of photos. (Scans of photos perhaps located 2002\photos\mickey Macfarlan.)
40 2002.20.40 Document, 1 handwritten sheet, copy of Maine State Bill Proposal, Bear Island to be annexed to Cranberry Isles, 14 June 1849. Envelope item 693 contained items 692 and 40. Transcribed: State of Maine/In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine. An Act to set off Bear Island in the town of Mt Desert and annex the same to Cranberry Isles. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows: From and after the passage of this act, ""Bear Island,"" in the town of Mount Desert is hereby set off from that town and annexed to the town of Cranberry Isles. In the House of Representatives, June 11, 1849. This bill having had three several readings, passed to be enacted. Samuel Belcher, Speaker. In Senate, June 12, 1849. This bill having had two several readings, passed to be enacted. William Tripp, President. June 13, 1849. Approved. John W. Dana
41 2002.20.41 Booklet, ""Constitution and Founders of the Cranberry Isles Temperance Society circa 1840"". Note: Macfarlan says the red bordered label is new, in his father's hand. See related item #898.
42 2002.20.42 Document, 2 sheets, Patent, #199,568, ""Lasting-Hammer"", 1878. Mickey Macfarlan wrote on it ""A shoemaker's hammer found in Capt. Bert's house"" (See hammer item 2002.20.1241)
43 2002.20.43 Photo, picnic on Baker Island, with Bulger, Macfarlans, Nelsons, and Sherman present - annotated by Mickey Macfarlan. See also item 695
44 2002.20.44 Navigation Chart, Norway, possibly belonging to Sam Hadlock, Jr., with a faint, barely legible handwritten list in center. [Best guess at written list: ""Fren Cape, Nsor 8am, point 21+ NorW, from Stan point, to Cape Jack(?) 21+, N(illegible symbols), Way-and give Sun, Point 1/2 mile -, From Cape Jack(?), to Cape George or, Cape Laieu(?) NW (and then some illegible letters)"" (See also another navigational chart of coast of Ireland with handwritten notations in possession of donor 2014. Digital photos taken. And see 2015.315.2076 set of ten 19th century charts.) A note attributed to ""The Maine Islands in Story and Legend"" by Dorothy Simpson says: ""Capt. Samuel Hadlock in 1807, during Napoleonic wars, took load of fish to Spain, with good profit and returned with load of salt and lemons. He built a store on Little Cranberry. He built ships too, captained by his five sons. His third son was Samuel who lived on Great Cranberry...."". Could this have been Samuel Jr's chart? Samuel Hadlock, Jr., built the 1826 house that became the Preble House. Samuel Hadlock, Jr.'s adventures were subject of Rachel Field's book.
45 2002.21.45 Collection of photos of Harding, Bulger, Stanley families
46 2000.233.46 Magazine, ""The Cosmopolitan"", May 1889
47 1000.7.47 Photo album of Addie Duren
48 1000.7.48 Deed, From Frank Stanley to Addie Duren, 14 Sept 1930, property: what is now the Mountain house
49 1000.7.49 Deed, From Eben C. Rosebrook to Joseph S. Spurling, 16 Apr 1866: land
50 1000.0.50 Speech, to Ladies Benevolent Society, by A.C. Preble, President, 1863 (first draft)
51 1000.0.51 Speech, to Ladies Benevolent Society, by A.C. Preble, President, 1864
52 1000.0.52 Speech, to Ladies Benevolent Society, by A.C. Preble, President, 1865
53 1000.7.53 Collection of Postcards
54 1000.7.54 Collection of Newspaper clippings, Maritime Disasters, probably collected by Addie Duren
55 1000.23.55 Map, (3 copies), Cranberry Isles, Colby's Atlas, 1881
56 1000.24.56 Document, ""Remembrances of Mount Desert"", by Mrs. Charles Hamlin, 1943, Bruce Komusin's transcription of original (item 151)
57 1000.0.57 Certificate, Intention of Marriage, Frank L. Stanley & Maggie M. Harding, both of Cranberry Isles, 13 Dec 1890, George W. Bulger, Town Clerk. On back, note that parties were duly married 23 Dec 1890 at Cranberry Isles, William P. Preble, Just. Of Peace
58 1000.0.58 Certificate, Intention of Marriage, Gillman J. Stanley & May Florence Stanley, both of Cranberry Isles, 7 Nov 1885, Charles E. Spurling, Town Clerk. On back, ""Married by me 17 Nov 1885"" William P. Preble
59 1000.0.59 Receipt, Received from Wm. P. Preble, Auctioneer, $821.92 for salvage items from Brig Aerolite of St. John, N.B., 20 Jan 1869 -- H.G. Bunker
60 1000.0.60 Document, ""Opinion"", by H.D. Hadlock, on whether A.C. Fernald, elected Town of CI selectman March 1879, but moved to Town of MDI June 1879, should still be allowed to preside over and vote at CI Town meetings, 23 Feb 1880. Ambiguous answer.
61 1000.25.61 Biography of William Goldberg
62 1000.25.62 Catalog, Music available from Cormorant Press (William Goldberg owner)
63 1000.26.63 Program, Memorial Service for Lindon H. ""Tud"" Bunker (b 12 Jun 1909, d 22 Nov 2000), 12 Aug 2001
64 1000.26.64 Program, Memorial Service for Arthur Henry Bunker (b 18 May 1938, d 15 Aug 2000), 18 Aug 2000
65 2000.233.65 Letter, from David Bunker to the town about expanding the firehouse, 17 Jul 2000
66 1000.27.66 Newspaper Clipping (copy), Construction of the original firehouse, 15 Jan 1952
67 1000.22.67 Newspaper clippings, Decoration of deceased Korean War hero, Edgar Bunker, Aug 2000
68 1000.28.68 Program, ""Cranberry Clam Diggers' Cabaret"", musical fund raiser, 28 Jul 1995, to benefit the library
69 1000.0.69 Newspaper clippings, fight to save the Post Office, Feb 1986
70 1000.0.70 Certificate, Appointment of Postmaster Joseph S. Spurling, 29 Apr 1862
71 2000.233.71 Photos, of quilts, Gertrude ""Trudy"" Bancroft quilts, and women quilting
72 2000.233.72 Directions, how to make a quilt
73 1000.0.73 Book, ""Mrs. Winslow's Domestic Receipt Book for 1863"" (containing homely advice and cooking recipes)
74 1000.5.74 Newspaper clipping, ""Cranberry Island model maker carves boats for many mantles"", Bar Harbor Times, 17 Jul 1980, about Herman Savage
75 2000.233.75 Essay, ""Cabin in the woods"" by Wini Smart, July 2000, about Sammy Sanford's house
76 2000.233.76 Photocopy of Photo, Sammy Sanford, Osgood Studio, Ellsworth
77 1000.7.77 Souvenir, School #2, 1899, student list of 23 pupils, Charles Spurling, etc. (See prop copy 1000.0.1319)
78 1000.2.78 School Report Card, Public Schools Union 98, GCI School, Town of Cranberry Isles, Arthur H. Bunker, grade 6
79 1000.0.79 School Report Card, Public Schools Union 98, Pemetic High School, Southwest Harbor, Richard Phippen, class 1956
80 1000.19.80 Newspaper clippings, about island and school, found in school
81 1000.19.81 Booklet, ""Longfellow School Poetry"", Feb 1993
82 1000.0.82 Letter, unsigned, Great Cranberry Island, 15 Jan 1830, complaining of turning 21-year-old students out of school on GCI. The back was re-used, mentions bills against the Brig Beaver at Halifax and elsewhere. Letter quoted in Gerry Noether's booklet 1976
83 1000.29.83 Notice to Mariners, Atlantic Coast, #114 1889, #131 Aug 1890, #132 Sep 1890, #133 Oct 1890
84 1000.29.84 Booklet, ""Seaboard's Digest of U.S. Senate Bill # 1755 -- New Inspection Law"" (from weekly marine magazine ""Seaboard"", no date, but must be 1892 or later since on back page it mentions magazine was established in 1871 and has championed the cause of the Merchant Marine Academy for 21 years)
85 1000.0.85 Collection of records about the Brig Beaver. Ships. Maritime.
86 1000.29.86 Document, Sutton Island Houses, by George L. Paine & Hoyt Hottel, 1963. (See also item #834)
87 1000.0.87 Collection, Spurling Cove Corporation papers, 1983
88 1000.0.88 Stock Certificate, Spurling Cove Corporation, for 3 shares, 11 Aug 1981
89 2000.132.89 Minutes of Ladies Aid Meetings, 1931-1936, taken by Rose Wedge. (From Ladies Aid 2000)
90 2000.132.90 Collection of letters & recipes to the Ladies Aid. (From Ladies Aid 2000)
91 1000.30.91 Manuscript. Transcripts of three interviews with Ralph Stanley by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS. Interview dates: January 15, 1994; January 22, 1994; and February 12, 1994. (See audio cassette recordings 1000.30.452.)
92 1000.0.92 Booklet, ""Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book, Designed for Farmers, Mechanics, and All People"", for taking daily notes, with quaint information
93 1000.29.93 Indenture papers, servant George W. Colby indentured to A.C. Fernald, 20 Mar 1861
94 2000.233.94 Photo, Edna Andrade painting, 8"" x 10"" color (Wini Smart probably has original digital image file from which this was printed -- which would be better quality rendition.)
95 1000.31.95 Document, Report on Anne Eisner (Putnam), synopsis of her career as a painter, author, & ethnographer (Eisner was either wife or sister-in-law of John McDonald)
96 2000.233.96 Newspaper clipping, Feature article about artist Cory Alley, who lives on Islesford, Bar Harbor Times, 9 Oct 1986
97 1000.1.97 Collection of photos, Sara Lambert Bloom & her husband Robert Bloom
98 1000.32.98 Collection of 8 photos, Island party, Aug 1991, with various people, mostly the Blooms, but also Bob McShea, Hal Newell Jr, Jim Gertmenian
99 1000.18.99 Ledger, School accounts, kept by Alice Bulger 1906-1907, found in Ruth Westphal's house. With note from donor: ""This book keeping exercise book belonged to Alice Bulger (Stanley) at a time when there evidently was a high school here on Great Cranberry in 1906-1907. Alice married Richard Stanley and they moved into the then new in 1910 home which now is the Westphal home.""
100 1000.18.100 Poem, written by Alice (Bulger) Stanley, dated 25 Jun 1935, and found in the ledger (item 99)
101 1000.1.101 Document, biography of Sara Lambert Bloom
102 1000.1.102 Collection of photos, showing concerts at the church, town hall, and outside
103 1000.1.103 Document, Committal service of Robert Bloom, held at Cranberry Island church, 27 Aug 1994 (two copies)
104 1000.2.104 Newspaper clipping, ""A Tribute to Tinker Colby"" by Gerry Noether, Bar Harbor Times, 23 Jun 1977.
105 1000.7.105 Wedding Announcement, William E. Duren & Addie E. Stanley, 10 Oct 1906
106 1000.7.106 Wedding Invitation, J. Holger Anderson & Lucille Stanley, 15 Jan ????
107 1000.7.107 Divorce Attachment, William E. Duren vs. Addie Duren, 3 Jan 1922, Addie to pay $100 to William
108 1000.7.108 Note, stating W.E. Duren born in Bangor, 28 Dec 1881
109 1000.7.109 Summons, Addie Duren to appear in court 3 Jan 1922 to answer William Duren
110 1000.7.110 Bill, to Addie Duren, $107.50 for casket, plate, and funeral for Ellen Maria Stanley (Addie's mother), 14 Nov 1929. (See also 1000.7.111, likely for Ellen Maria Stanley burial, too). Per, Ellen Maria Stanley is buried in Spurling Cemetery #3, 1929.
111 1000.7.111 Memo, mother's funeral expenses, totaling $247.50. ""Mother"" could be Mrs. Ellen Maria Stanley, died 1929, Addie Duren's mother. (See also 1000.7.110)
112 1000.7.112 Collection of bills, 4 bills for household expenses
113 1000.7.113 Letter, 22 Sep 1931, from Frank Bartlett, Town Clerk, to Mrs. Duren, notifying that permit for disinterment of Arthur P. Stanley has been sent to Charles Stanley. (See for Spurling Cemetery #2 note that Arthur P. Stanley was buried in the 2nd Spurling cemetery but then his stone and remains were transferred to the 3rd Spurling cemetery.)
114 1000.7.114 Love letter, from William E. Duren to Addie Duren, 10 Dec 1928 (6 years after divorce)
115 1000.7.115 Collection of letters, to Addie Duren, from lady friends
116 1000.7.116 Photo of Ma, Elva (Lagoutte), and Gram
117 1000.7.117 Photo of Elva (Lagoutte)
118 1000.7.118 Photo, studio photo of Elva Lagoutte
119 1000.7.119 Photo, man and baby, labeled ""Omar"", (probably the baby is Omer Mountain)
120 1000.7.120 Letter, 20 Nov 1967, from Law Office of Fenton, Griffin, and Chapman, asking Addie about the heirs of Benaiah Benjamin Bunker
121 1000.33.121 Reproduction of ""From Under Plum Trees"", 1998 (two identical reproductions)
122 1000.34.122 Script of play ""An Evening with Rachel Field and Sammy Sanford"", copyright Dec 1998 by Hugh Dwelley
123 1000.36.123 Newspaper clipping, review of Rachel Field's book ""God's Pocket"", from NY Herald Tribune 29 Apr 1934
124 1000.36.124 Newspaper clipping, review of Rachel Field's book ""God's Pocket"", from NY Times 29 Apr 1934
125 1000.36.125 Newspaper clipping, review of Rachel Field's book ""God's Pocket"", from NY Sun 28 Apr 1934
126 1000.30.126 Collection of copies about Rachel Field publications
127 1000.35.127 Document, ""Cranberry Isles Benediction"", 1982 (distributed on Forrester's retirement as summer minister) (2 copies)
128 1000.0.128 Document, ""The Gilley Family of Mount Desert"", by William Otis Sawtelle
129 1000.36.129 Newspaper clippings (copies), articles written by Harold Hartley for the Indianapolis Times
130 1000.36.130 Letter, remembrances of Great Cranberry Island, written by Betty Hartley, 2000
131 1000.36.131 Manuscript, ""Campobello"", written by Harold Hartley
132 1000.0.132 Letter, handwritten, from Carrie Richardson to the Editor of ""The Enterprise"", 6 May 1897, asking him to insert a memorial tribute to Rev. Charles Elliot Harwood in his paper for free. The letter contains her copy of the tribute to be inserted, written by Rev. Joseph R. Norwood of Northeast Harbor. The last 1/3 of the tribute (probably one page of the letter) is missing. However, it appears to be the same text as item 133. (See scan in 2000>photos>Hazel Brooks Peterson.)
133 2000.38.133 Newspaper clipping (copy), ""In Memoriam, A tribute to the late Rev. Charles Elliott Harwood"", by Rev. Joseph R. Norwood, St. Mary's by-the-Sea, North East Harbor, 19 Apr 1897
134 1000.7.134 Deed, Joseph S. Spurling to Asa D. Stanley, 20 Mar 1866, with stamps (probably the land on which A.D. Stanley built his house, currently occupied by Omer & Annette Mountain)
135 1000.7.135 License, State of Maine Hunting License, for Addie Duren, 25 cents, 1919
136 1000.7.136 Bill of sale, handwritten, for land, from Joseph S. Spurling to Asa Stanley, 11 Jan 1859
137 1000.7.137 Receipt, for recording quit claim deed, between Joseph S. Spurling & Asa D. Stanley, 50 cents, 18 Apr 1903
138 1000.7.138 Letter, typed, from George Hadlock, Registry of Deeds, Hancock Country, to Elva Lagoutte, about re-deeding A.D. Stanley house to Addie Duren, after fire in courthouse destroyed original deed
139 1000.7.139 Receipt, from George Hadlock, Registry of Deeds, for recording deed, Stanley to Duren, 75 cents
140 2001.39.140 Memo, handwritten, containing record of donation request letters sent and donations received (probably written by Carrie Richardson, see handwriting of item 141) (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001). (See scan in 2000>photos>Hazel Brooks Peterson.)
141 2002.40.141 Letter, handwritten, 1 sheet of paper, to Rev. C.N. Davie, Cranberry Isles, 4 Jun 1900, from C.M. Richardson (Carrie Richardson), 4 pages, about history of the Union Meeting House
142 2002.40.142 Notice, handwritten, 4 sheets of paper, 4 pages per sheet, 14 pages total, to the voters of the Union Meeting House, from William Preble, by Carrie M. Richardson, clerk, about legal meeting of the stockholders, 18 Jun 1897
143 2001.39.143 Poem, handwritten, ""The old-fashioned bible"", (probably written by Carrie Richardson) (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001) (See scan in 2000>photos>Hazel Brooks Peterson. Transcribed.)
144 2001.39.144 Envelope, sent to Carrie Richardson, bearing 5 cent stamp, with religious notes (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001)
145 1000.28.145 Video. Two DVDs made by Northeast Historic Films in Bucksport, ME, of a 16MM film and three documents. A letter from David Wesphal, Acadia Film/Video, GCI, ME, 17Feb1989 to Robertina (Bobby) Gray, Cranberry Island Library President; and a newspaper clipping dated Feb. 16, 1989 (newspaper unidentified) discussing the Northeast Historic Film archive in Blue Hill; and a film log for each of the seven reels. Westphal's letter speaks about the sugar tin can that Gray brought to him containing seven 400-ft reels of film which Wesphal titled Sugar 1, 2, 3 etc. Westphal suggests the film go to the Blue Hill Film depository for long term storage. He says the whole film runs about 1 and a half hours, was shot at slow speed (silent speed). Reel 1: Lobster-Herring (some on CI). Reel 2: Duck Island, A Few Yachts, Robinson Mtn. Reel 3: Bob in Punt, Al and Rene, Yojo, Bathing Group, Lorae, Isl and Pine Isl, Bob in Lorae. Reel 4: Morse, Panoram, Reception, Picnic Bakers, Anna Arm. Reel 5: Valley Cove, Teacup Inn, Mt Road, Jordan Pond, Grand Pre, Lena at Bakers. Reel 6: Bemesa and Yacht Races. Reel 7: Bathing, Sammy Sanford, Natives on Wharf, Eber at P.O., Enoch, Capt Rice, Kelly and Boy Radts. The leader on the digital copy of the film reads: The David Westphal Collection, Acc 0702, Browning Home movies, transferred from 16mm master by Northeast Historic Film 12 June 1996. At GCIHS this film is called the Lloyd Hayes-Bob Browning video and is believed to have been taken ca. 1929-1931; Bob Browning donated home movies made by Lloyd Benjamin Hayes (1880-1943), and that Lloyd and Rachel Hayes bought and refurbished the old Spurling home, ran a boarding house 1934-1937, and made these home movies.
146 1000.28.146 Letter, typed, from Franklin Roosevelt to Lloyd B. Hayes, 26 Jul 1933, about FDR's passing by Great Cranberry Island in his boat
147 1000.28.147 Document, typed, biography of Lloyd and Rachel Hayes
148 1000.28.148 Photos, 2 of Rachel Hayes, 1 of Rachel & Lloyd Hayes with camera, 1 house interior, 3 views of Cranberry Island
149 1000.28.149 Document, ad for room and board in Lloyd Hayes house on Great Cranberry Island, 1934-1937
150 1000.27.150 Instruction sheet, immersion suit donning, found 25 Aug 2002 on shore near, and presumed to be from, the wreck of the Donbhe, which occurred 5 Mar 2002
151 1000.24.151 Document, ""Remembrances of Mount Desert"", by Mrs. Charles Hamlin, 1943, the original
152 1000.5.152 Bumper sticker, Rooster Club
153 1000.5.153 Newspaper clipping, NY Times, 11 July 2000, about author Tom Clancy's Kyle Foundation named after Kyle Haydock
154 1000.0.154 Speech, to Ladies Benevolent Society, by A.C. Preble, President, 1863 (revised version)
155 1000.7.155 Certificate, ""Certificate of exemption for a drafted person on account of disability"", for Asa D. Stanley, due to disease of the right lung, 28 Aug 1863
156 1000.7.156 Newspaper clipping, ""Hundred-year old essay tells of progress in America"", describes essay written by Lt. Col. William E. Hadlock in some time between 1870 and 1889. clipping from Bangor paper, 20 Jul 1968
157 1000.7.157 Letter, from Almena Baker to unknown person, apparently comforting them after death in the family (first page(s) seem to be missing). Transcribed.
158 1000.0.158 Business receipt, dated 24 Sep 1910, E.B. Stanley bought of Nettie Stanley, pair of rubbers, ticking, pork, pepper, wire, etc., total $34.50, dated
159 1000.0.159 Booklet, ""Pilot Rules for certain inland waters of the Atlantic and Pacific coast and of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico"", about ship navigating, dated 1910
160 1000.0.160 Booklet, ""Pilot Rules for Atlantic and Pacific coast inland waters"", about ship navigating, dated 1906
161 1000.7.161 Newspaper clipping, ""Cranberry Isles firemen erect new headquarters"", 15 Jan 1952
162 1000.7.162 Newspaper clipping, (top half missing) about building the Union Meeting house, from The Island Herald, 25 Aug 1903
163 1000.7.163 Collection of newspaper clippings, obituaries, probably collected by Addie Duren
164 1000.7.164 Certificate, Sugar purchase certificate, authorizing Addie Ethel Duren family to accept delivery of 25 pounds of sugar, dated 13 Aug 1942
165 1000.0.165 Certificate, Post Office Appointment as postmaster of Joseph S. Spurling, Esq., 29 Apr 1862
166 1000.5.166 Collection of Photos, building the Rooster Club clubhouse and various people
167 1000.0.167 Album, collection of autographs and sentiments written by various people, with dates 1885-1887
168 1000.32.168 Biography of Jack Murray, teacher and artist, taken from the Groton School Quarterly, May 1998 (only page 1)
169 2000.233.169 Newspaper clipping, about the death of Carl Nelson, Bar Harbor Times, 18 Aug 1988
170 1000.41.170 Document, news release about retrospective exhibit at Carl Nelson's house, highlighting his art. Dated Aug (1988)
171 2000.233.171 Newspaper clipping, about retrospective exhibit at Carl Nelson's house, highlighting his art. From Bar Harbor Times, 25 Aug 1988.
172 1000.0.172 Newspaper clipping, Appreciation of Carl Nelson, from Boston Globe
173 2000.233.173 Brochure, from the exhibition of Carl Nelson art at Schoolhouse Gallery, Sanibel Island, FL, 28 Dec (probably 1989)
174 1000.0.174 Newspaper clipping, about exhibition of art by Emily Nelligan, from NY Times, 30 Jul 2000
175 1000.18.175 Notebook, ""United States History"", with blank pages for notes and partial maps for coloring and annotation, copyright 1903, belonging to and filled in by Alice Marion Bulger (found in Ruth Westphal's house)
176 1000.7.176 Booklet, ""The Audubon Magazine"", Feb 1887
177 2001.39.177 Business receipt, attesting Capt. J. Richardson of American schooner C.F. Young, delivered 100 boxes of sugar weighing 42,108 pounds from Cardenas (Cuba) to New York, 14 Dec 1871 (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001)
178 1000.42.178 Letter, from Carrie Richardson to her father (Enoch Stanley), on Saturday morning Nov. 18 [18]76. Transcribed. Subjects: price of Hake sounds at .75 cents a pound (hake fish swim-bladders used in isinglass - a transparent gelatin used as a clarifying agent.); various family and Islanders whereabouts including Robert Spurling, Preble, Holmes, Reverend Augustus Smith, George Gilley, Ed Bunker, Asa, Hayes, Tilden, and Ed Truworthy giving her lessons on Mary's Melodeon (a small organ or possibly accordion). She mentions her husband Meltiah Richardson (Mell) in New York and how she may not go on the next trip unless he takes a load of Coal on somewhere.
179 1000.42.179 Poem, written in Boston, Nov 1864, by Carrie Stanley (later Carrie Richardson) ""Remember me when far away."" Transcribed.
180 1000.42.180 Envelope, addressed to ""Capt. Enoch B. Stanley, Portland, Maine"", with 3-cent stamp, franked 12 Dec 1876, apparently the envelope that letter item 178 was delivered in
181 2001.39.181 Collection of Business receipts, mostly for Stanley family, referring to schooners (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001)
182 2001.39.182 Telegram, from Benj. Spurling, Somesville, Maine ?Apr 4? 1877, to Perley Russell, Portland Me, ""Send by boat to SW Harbor Friday three lbs each no eighteen twelve and six and four of nine seine twine"" (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001)
183 2001.39.183 Telegram, blank, for use in the 1870s, dated 187_ (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001)
184 2001.39.184 Receipt from builder Samuel S. Newman, for a 1/16 share in the Schooner Carrie M. Richardson, to Capt. E.B. (Enoch) Stanley, for $945.66 and 3/8 cents, Dec 17th, 1874. This half-page, handwritten ledger entry was found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001. Barn was on the property Enoch B. Stanley owned in the 19th century. Transcribed: ""Rec from Capt E B Stanley 945.66 3/8 Nine Hundred forty-five 66/100 Dollars in full for 1/16 of Schr Carrie M Richardson. [Illegible: For? Fox?] Bills not included. Tremont- Dec 17th/74 [1874]. Samuel S. Newman. Paid up to Dec 950:00/945.66, amt of 1/16 over paid 4:34. 10,00-8,68= 1:32""
185 1000.7.185 Newspaper clipping, obituary of Charles (""Peter"") Richardson, printed 14 Jul 1971
186 1000.7.186 Newspaper clipping, obituary of Boynton Stanley, (son of Lewis & Leah Stanley), printed 13 Jan 1969
187 1000.7.187 Newspaper clipping, obituary of Lewis G. Stanley, died 29 Jan 1957
188 1000.28.188 Document, handwritten, constitution of the Mutual Improvement and Benevolent Society
189 1000.0.189 Notice, written 19 Feb 1854, of Town Meeting to be held 1 Mar 1854, with 25 articles
190 2001.39.190 Ship's log, used as child's notebook, by Emery Richardson, poor condition (found in Bob LaHotan's barn when he cleaned it 2001)
191 1000.18.191 Dinner ticket, for Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid dinner
192 1000.2.192 Photo. Copy of an 8"" x 10"" black and white photo of Charles Emery ""Peter"" Richardson in The Pool on Great Cranberry Island, believed to have been taken about 1893 by Frederick Wesley Morse (1870-1929). (This photo and two others (1000.2.193 and 191) are accompanied by a note: ""Merry Christmas 1990, Dear Gaile - I thought you might like to have copies of the three photos that I found in Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast. The little boy in the hat is, I believe, Peter Richardson. The photos were taken about 1893. Have a wonderful Christmas! All our love to you both, Jim & Isabelle"" Storey. (See also Memories of a Maine Island by Marie Locke and Nancy Montgomery, Maine Fokllife Center, 1998.)
193 1000.2.193 Photo. Copy of an 8"" x 10"" black and white photograph of Charles Emery ""Peter"" Boynton Richardson (1885-97`) (in the flat hat) and John Billings Steele, Jr. (1880-1911) in The Pool on Great Cranberry Island, taken about 1893 by Frederick Wesley Morse. (This photo and two others (1000.2.194 and 192) are accompanied by a note: ""Merry Christmas 1990, Dear Gaile - I thought you might like to have copies of the three photos that I found in Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast. The little boy in the hat is, I believe, Peter Richardson. The photos were taken about 1893. Have a wonderful Christmas! All our love to you both, Jim & Isabelle"" Storey. (See also Memories of a Maine Island by Marie Locke and Nancy Montgomery, Maine Fokllife Center, 1998.)
194 1000.2.194 Photo, Copy of an 8"" x 10"" black and white photograph of Jimmy Storey's house on Great Cranberry Island, taken about 1893 by Frederick Wesley Morse. (This photo and two others (1000.2.193 and 192) are accompanied by a note: ""Merry Christmas 1990, Dear Gaile - I thought you might like to have copies of the three photos that I found in Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast. The little boy in the hat is, I believe, Peter Richardson. The photos were taken about 1893. Have a wonderful Christmas! All our love to you both, Jim & Isabelle"" Storey.
195 2000.233.195 Exhibition ad from Bowdoin College Museum of Art, exhibition of Emily Nelligan art, summer 2000
196 2000.233.196 Postcard, with photo of ""Untitled, Cranberry Island"", from Bowdoin College Museum of Art, announcing reception 22 Jun 2000 for exhibition of Emily Nelligan art, summer 2000
197 2000.233.197 Newspaper clipping, ""Fine art is Smart"", about Wini Smart, from The Island Guide, Aug 1988
198 2000.233.198 Brochure, advertising the Smart Studio in Northeast Harbor
199 2000.233.199 Postcard, invitation to exhibition ""Garden Glory 2"" of Wini Smart art, 23 Aug 1990
200 2000.233.200 Postcard, invitation to exhibition ""Mainly Mountains"" of Wini Smart art, 21 Jul 1997
201 2002.44.201 Brochure, 1988, advertising The Tidal Press book offerings (Charles Wadsworth's publishing business)
202 2002.44.202 Brochure, 1979, advertising ""The Prince of Peace"" by Carl G. Nelson, and ""Death is a Kind of Love"" by Chrisopher Fry, both publications of The Tidal Press
203 2002.44.203 Letter and envelope, both blank, with logo of The Tidal Press
204 1000.45.204 Report card of Stephen Spurling, for primary school, teacher Miss Theolyn Rumill (Steve went to public school on Great Cranberry Island)
205 1000.45.205 Promotion card of Steve Spurling, promoted out of third grade into fourth, 5 June 1931
206 2000.233.206 Brochure, advertising show of John Heliker art at Kraushaar Gallery, New York, 1 Apr 1989 ( 2 identical brochures)
207 2000.233.207 Brochure, advertising show featuring retrospective of John Heliker art 1950-1990 at Museum of Art of Ogunquit, Maine, 1990
208 2000.233.208 Program of memorial service on GCI, for John Heliker, 5 Aug 2000
209 1000.7.209 Booklet, religious, from Eleanore Mildred Joy to Gramie, 25 Dec 1914
210 1000.7.210 Diary, printed date 1914, with ads for paint and varnish, filled in with entries of expenses, most all seem to be for boat repair. Work done for Frank Stanley, Walter Eversman, C. Rice, A. Alley, D. Hodgkins.
211 1000.7.211 Booklet, ""The Most Wonderful Collection of Famous Recitations Ever Written"", with humorous poems
212 1000.7.212 Booklet, funeral memory book, for Addie Duren, with cards describing delivered flowers and their givers, Fernald Funeral Chapel, Mt. Desert
213 1000.7.213 Booklet, ""Old Time New England"" Apr 1937, with long story ""The Steamer J.T. Morse, Her History and Adventures"", with ten illustrations. Other stories too.
214 1000.7.214 Booklet, ""Minerva Style Book"" 1934, with styles for knotting, and photos of models wearing the finished pieces
215 1000.7.215 Newspaper clipping, ""A new Superhighway"" about new Bluenose ferry terminal and service from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
216 1000.7.216 Newspaper clipping, ""Pilots forced to abandon plane: rescued by Bass Harbor Lobstermen"", Bar Harbor Times, 14 Jan 1971
217 1000.7.217 Newspaper clipping, Bar Harbor Times 25 Jun 1970, about Wedding of Joseph Klausky and Elizabeth Marshall
218 1000.3.218 Business receipts, 1878 (A) and 1898 (B). 1000.3.218(A) is from Potter and Wrightington, Boston, to Enoch Stanley for the schooners S.L. Foster, Rozella, Sea Bird, and Relief: $2553.89 for fish. 1000.3.218(B) is a receipt for the Schooner S.O. Foster bought of Sw. Newman, Manset Maine 1898 various items like rope, sail line, nails, knife, keg, coffee and tea pots, spoons etc purchased March through September 1898 total $34.82.
219 1000.3.219 Business receipt, from Perley Russell & Co. Portland, 16 Apr 1875 for schooner Sea Bird, food and supplies, $360.54
220 1000.3.220 Business receipt, from Perley Russell & Co. Portland, 2 Dec 1875 for apples, W.W. Young, $7.00
221 1000.3.221 Business receipt, from Waldron and True, Portland, 9 Apr 1877, to Capt. Stanley, for midlings, $14.15
222 1000.3.222 Business receipt, from Perley Russell & Co. Portland, 29 Nov 1875, to Capt. E.B. Stanley, for food and supplies, $154.07
223 1000.3.223 Business receipt, from Perley Russell & Co. Portland, 3 May 1871, to Josiah Spurling, for food, $3.54
224 1000.3.224 Business receipt, from Perley Russell & Co. Portland, 17 Oct 1876, to E.B. Stanley, for sugar, oil, cheese, $8.74
225 1000.3.225 Business receipt, from Perley Russell & Co. Portland, 2 Dec 1875, to D.K. Stanley, for crackers and twine, $8.80
226 1000.3.226 Business receipt, from Charles F. Guptill & Co. Portland, 2 Jun 1902, to Capt. E.B. Stanley, for merchandise as per bill, $21.55
227 1000.3.227 Letter, from Charles F. Guptill & Co. Portland, 6 Jun 1902, to Capt. E.B. Stanley, acknowledging receipt of $2.20, and asking why he didn't buy Russell pump
228 1000.3.228 Business receipt, from John Blair, manager of Townsend Marine Railway, 30 Mar 1878, to schooner S.L. Foster, for hauling boat and painting bottom, $31.50.
229 1000.3.229 Business receipt, account of mackerel packed for schooner Rozella, 26 Jul 1876, $782.40
230 1000.3.230 Business receipt, account of mackerel sold, Eli Willard, for schooner Rozella, 26 Jul 1876, $708.22, also on the same sheet, account of mackerel sold Thomas Charles for the schooner Rozella, 26 Jul 1876, $90.26
231 1000.3.231 Business receipt, on Gilbert Graves paper, from Henry Clark, 10 Dec 1887, to Asa D. Stanley, for a ton of coal, $5.50
232 1000.3.232 Certificate of discharge in good standing of Asa D. Stanley, 41 years old, from schooner Vineyard, 215 tons, from Goldsboro Maine, E.C. Rosebrook, Master, Asa D. Stanley, Steward, signed by E. Pendleton, Shipping Commissioner, 29 Mar 1875
233 1000.3.233 Business receipt from Symmes Eaton to Enoch Stanley, Boston 7 May 1851, food, $2.11
234 1000.3.234 Letter from Potter and Wrightington, Boston, to Enoch Stanley, 2 Aug 1881, complaining that Enoch sent fish to them without notice and thus they had to sell at poor market.
235 1000.3.235 Letter from Reading Brokerage, Reading Pennsylvania, to Enoch Stanley, 24 Aug 1900, asking him to offer fish and state his price
236 1000.3.236 Business receipt, from Lewis Stanley, Islesford, 8 Sep 1936, to Walter Stanley Estate, for 1/2 interest at dock, $800
237 1000.3.237 Business receipt, from Alfred G. Bulger, Cranberry Isles, 18 Nov 1877, for labor on graveyard, District No 1, with list of labor and supplies; and names of those who paid on reverse (probably graveyard by Sue Lyman's house a.k.a. Stanley cemetery).
238 1000.7.238 Certificate of promotion to the Cranberry Isles High School, Addie E. Stanley, 8 Dec 1899, repaired with cellophane tape
239 1000.3.239 Letter, from John S. Emery & Co. Boston, 15 May 1884, to Capt. M.J. Richardson, accompanying a payment of $75
240 1000.3.240 Telegram from Potter and Wrightington, Boston, 20 Jan 1880, to Capt. Enoch Stanley, care of Perley Russell & Co., Portland, advising of sale at 40 cents per hundred count
241 1000.3.241 Business receipt, Perley Russell & Co., 18 Jul 1870, received $60.00 from Enoch Stanley
242 1000.3.242 Business receipt, C.H. Farley received $0.50 to repair a compass, from schooner Sea Bird, 16 Aug 1875
243 1000.3.243 Business receipt, William Taylor received $2.00 for a jib block, for schooner S.L. Foster, 31 Jul 1871
244 1000.3.244 Business receipt, Eber Phillips received $73.80 for oil, from Capt. Stanley, 30 Nov 1878
245 1000.3.245 Business receipt, Enoch Stanley received $34.86 from G. Hadlock, 12 Jul 1864
246 1000.3.246 Business receipt, from Perley, Russel & Co., Portland, list of supplies bought by schooner Rozella
247 1000.3.247 Document, promisary note with stamps, William P. Preble, William H. Preble, Charles Guptill, and Enoch B. Stanley promise to pay Alfred H. Gilley $150 on 1 Jan 1870, signed 1869
248 1000.3.248 Note, from Enoch Stanley to Garent, asking to sell 5 barrels of oil and keep the account of the barrels separate, 5 Sep 1855
249 1000.3.249 Note, Howard Norwood's share of fish caught on board schooner Rozella is $15.55, signed by E.B.S. (presumably Enoch B. Stanley)
250 1000.3.250 Note, death dates of Grandma Spurling 29 Jul 1912, Uncle Charles Spurling 28 Jan 1925, Aunt Loulla Stanley 14 Jan 1932, Ella St. Janes 28 Aug 1931, Mrs. Charles Spurling 22 Feb 1934
251 1000.0.251 Newspaper clipping, ""The Subway Sailors Who Saved New York"", Saturday Evening Post 13 May 1944, about John Stanley being decorated for bravery aboard blazing ammunition ship. (3 pages)
252 1000.46.252 Document, handwritten, District 1 list of voters 1893, with 25 entries
253 1000.46.253 Letter, from ???, 4 Jul 1903, to Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Wheelwright, N.E. Harbor, asking permission to use union meeting house on GCI for funeral of John B. Steele (who died on 3 July) on 5 Jul 1903
254 1000.46.254 Poem, handwritten, ""In Memorium"", by Elmenia T. Preble, Chicago, in praise of a woman who was first to suggest the building of the church on GCI. (probably in praise of Abigail C. Preble)
255 1000.46.255 Poem, handwritten, ""The Unfruitful Tree""
256 1000.46.256 Letter, from Elvie Holmes 10 Aug, to Mrs. Richardson, Mt. Desert, enclosing old deed that Mrs. Richardson asked about. Then someone (probably Mrs. ?Carrie? Richardson) further wrote a curious note about this business. Transcribed.
257 1000.46.257 Document, by Mary C. Richardson 21 Mar 1905, witnessed by 7 people, promising to sign quitclaim deed for no more than 0.5 acre of land, to be used as house lot, to any & all heirs of Enoch B. Stanley. Transcribed.
258 1000.46.258 Note, birth and death dates of Stanley kin: William D. b. 27 Oct 1855, Ada C. b. 18 Apr 1857 d. 18 May 1857, Charles H. b. 13 Nov 1859 d. 3 Aug 1871, Albion M. b. 2 Jun 1862, Arno P. b. 8 Aug 1865, Lewis G. b. 16 May 1869
259 1000.46.259 Letters and deed. Collection of documents relating to inheritance of Enoch Spurling property. (A) one original letter from C.M. Richardson 12 Mar 1906, to Moorfield Storey, Boston, describing circumstances surrounding her father, Enoch Spurling's, death, his estate, and the Stanley graveyard (a.k.a. Stanley cemetery), and asking for his legal help, for free. (See transcription 100.46.259.txt.). (B) Scanned print of letter from Carrie Richardson to Moorfield Storey April 2, 1906. (C) Scanned print of a handwritten statement by Carrie M. Richardson about the will of her father and inheritance of nine house lots. (D) Scanned print of a handwritten note appointing Lewis Stanley to act for them until March 3rd 1906, continuing his duties as administrator of the will which expired March 3, 1905. (E) Scanned print of a handwritten Warranty Deed given by John Stanley 2nd and Lucinda G. Stanley to Leonard Holmes March 5th 1866 referring to the Stanley burial ground January 19, 1870, Vol. 135/Page 504. (F) Deed Book 0135 Page 505 Stanley to Holmes 1870 which refers to the ""family's burying ground"" (i.e. the Stanley cemetery).
260 1000.46.260 Letter (possibly from C.M. Richardson) to Rev David P. Hatch 25 Feb 1898, explaining somewhat the church pew and ownership problem
261 1000.46.261 Page from scrapbook, with one photo of Abel Harwood (b. 30 Mar 1792 d. 4 Oct 1849) gravestone, and three photos of ?churches?
262 1000.46.262 Newspaper clipping about Eber Spurling carrying passengers, freight, and mail to Cranberry Isles (beginning of article is missing)
263 1000.46.263 Note, handwritten, summary of last service of Mr. Davie, 6 Nov 1904
264 1000.46.264 Document, (copy), handwritten, signed by wife & children of Enoch B. Stanley, to avoid probate court, drawn up by George R. Fuller, signed & sent to probate court, 12 Apr 1904, to the effect that they can agree among themselves about the estate
265 1000.46.265 Document, handwritten, minutes of district meeting of selectmen, 16 Mar 1893, with 15 articles
266 1000.46.266 Collection of 4 newspaper clippings: social news, poem by George W. Bunker from Mt. Desert Herald, obituary of Minnie Ethleen Sherman d. 6 Jul 1907, ad for 7-piece toilet set $2.79
267 1000.46.267 Poem, handwritten, (possibly by Carrie Richardson), ""A House of Glass Shall Come to Pass"", with lines like ""In 1891, the world unto an end shall come""
268 1000.0.268 Document, undated, typewritten copy of quitclaim deed from Spurlings, Stanleys, and Richardsons to Charles E. Spurling of 11 lots of land all previously belonging to Joseph S. Spurling. (Location of lots in county record books are listed (1847-1854) properties of Joseph S. Spurling.)
269 1000.46.269 Collection of cards and envelopes sent to Carrie M. Richardson
270 1000.46.270 Card, memorial, for Cora E. Stanley (sister of Carrie M. Richardson) d. 4 Nov 1892 age 7 mo. 15 dy.
271 1000.0.271 Business receipt, showing reckoning of accounts between Sammy Sanford and William P. Preble, 19 Oct 1898
272 1000.0.272 Bill of paint for schoolhouse, 2 pounds of green, 50 pounds of lead (probably white), umber & red lead, oil & boiled oil, total $9.06
273 1000.46.273 List, handwritten, 16 Women's names and amounts of money (perhaps what their items sold for at Ladies Aid Fair)
274 1000.46.274 Business receipt, Caroline Stanley 7 Sep 1899, $1 for the Bangor Weekly Commercial for 1 year
275 1000.46.275 Business receipt, received of Express (probably the schooner Express) $49.75 on account of E.B. Stanley, signed T.D. ?Aemond? for Nichols
276 1000.46.276 Cargo Manifest, schooner S.L. Foster, master Enoch B. Stanley, navigated by 4 men and no boys, from Boston to Cranberry Isles, 3 Dec 1878, cargo: 24 barrels flour, 15 brls apples, 2 tons coal, 52 bushels corn, 30 bshls meal, 4 brls beef, 4 pcs furniture, 1 stove
277 1000.46.277 Cargo Manifest, schooner Rozella, master E.B. Stanley, nav by 4 men and no boys, from Boston to Cranberry Isles, 12 Nov 1875, cargo: 20 bhs salt, 20 brls flour, 24 bshl corn, 2 brls onions, 3 brls apples, 1 brl molasses, 1 brl sugar, 10 oil brls, sundries
278 1000.0.278 List, handwritten, ""Annual Return of the Enrolled Militia"", 62 people listed, 14 Jun 1854, signed by A.C. Fernald, assessor, and William E. Hadlock, assessor
279 1000.0.279 List, handwritten, ""List of Voters in the Town of Cranberry Isles"", 75 people listed, 5 Aug 1854, signed by A.C. Fernald and William E. Hadlock, selectmen of Cranberry Isles
280 1000.0.280 Chart, genealogical, Stanley family, top: Enoch Boynton Stanley & Caroline H. Stanley, and Nancy ?Lopad? & Abraham Richardson
281 2002.47.281 Bill of sale, 20 Apr 1855, Schooner Express, from Samuel S. (3/8), William P. (2/8), and Benaiah Bunker (0/8), to Jonathon, Thomas, and John Stanley, all of Cranberry Isles, for $847
282 2002.47.282 Document, Probate order, with official stamps, sale of estate of Justus W. Gilley late of Cranberry Isles, to raise $170, sale to be 14 Aug 1865
283 2002.47.283 Document, 6 May 1851, last will and testament of Thomas Manchester, signed X, giving all real estate, buildings, cattle, sheep, farming tools to Jonathan Stanley, except ""the point"" going to Thomas M. Stanley, & assorted household goods to Mary Moore
284 2002.47.284 Document, 3 Jun 1861, officially recognising the attached will as the will of Thomas Manchester (item is glued to item 283)
285 2002.47.285 Document, 19 Jun 1861, officially assigning Jonathan Stanley as executor of the estate of Thomas Manchester (item is glued to item 283)
286 2002.47.286 Envelope, ""Thomas Manchester's Will"" written on it, and holding same, writing probably by Marjorie Phippen, her sister Hilda, or Lena Stanley
287 2002.47.287 List, handwritten, inventory of the estate of Thomas Manchester, by appraisers William P. Preble, Thomas Bunker, & Joseph S. Spurling
288 1000.0.288 List, Assessed value of vessels as of 1 Apr 1885 (1865 also written), giving vessel name, owner's name, owner's parts, tonnage, value, & remarks, by William P. Preble, George W. Bulger, Samuel S. Brooks, assessors
289 1000.0.289 Document, copy of request to Maine Senate & House of Representatives in Portland, Enoch Spurling & others asking for establishment of Town of Cranberry Isles, with reasons, 1 Jan 1830
290 1000.49.290 Collection of photos
291 1000.0.291 Letter & envelope, from Margaret Booth, Ridgewood NJ 2 Dec 1905?, to Capt. Lou Stanley, personal greetings
292 1000.0.292 Receipt & envelope, from Charles F. Guptill & Co., Portland, 14 Dec 1905, $36.58 food for the Schooner Rena A. Percy, to Capt. Lewis Stanley
293 1000.0.293 Receipt, post office registry return receipt, indicating mail sent by Lewis G. Stanley to William B. Campbell was recv'd by him
294 1000.0.294 License, Navigation, Lewis G. Stanley for vessels not more than 65 feet in length, 27 Feb 1922
295 1000.49.295 Funeral card, E.S. Fernald d. 4 Jan 1894 age 53, with envelope indicating Jean gave this item to Ruth Westphal to give to Historical Society
296 1000.18.296 Newspaper sheet, Maine Coast Fisherman, Feb 1956, with interesting stories (lobster 8 cents each, etc.)
297 2001.39.297 Ledger, Pocket, with records of work, fishing, cleaning fish, fish shares sold from Schooner Rozella, found in Bob LaHotan's barn, and probably kept by Enoch Stanley
298 2001.39.298 Receipt, from Perley Russell & Co., Portland, 17 Apr 1878, to Schooner Sea Bird, for food and other items, $345.95
299 2001.39.299 Receipt, from Sargent Lord & Co., Portland, 22 Apr 1876, to Capt. E.B. Stanley, for paint and other items, $59.66
300 2001.39.300 Receipt, tied with string, for fish
301 2001.39.301 Receipt, from O.M. & D.W. Nash, Portland, 29 Nov 1876, to E.B. Stanley, for stove parts, $5.25
302 2001.39.302 Receipt, James Parker, dealer, Southwest Harbor, bought of E.B. Stanley, 15 Jun 189_, cod, haddock, livers, $15.85
303 2001.39.303 Receipt, handwritten, Perley Russell & Co., Portland, 8 Apr 1879, sold to Freeman Stanley, Schooner S.L Foster, flour, beef, molasses, $15.80
304 2001.39.304 Bill, overdue reminder, from Arnold and Winsor, Boston, 1 Jul 1905, to L.G. Stanley asking for $25.26 due since 27 Jul 1894
305 2001.39.305 Receipt, Perley Russell & Co., Portland, 8 Apr 1879, sold to schooner S.L. Foster, food & supplies, $393.78
306 2001.39.306 List, handwritten, 18 Nov 1882, ""Gauger's Returns"" listing barrels of oil from ships, SLF (probably S.L. Foster) and R (probably Rozella), Capt. E. Stanley, S.L. Foster, signed by J.G. McKerson, Gauger
307 2001.39.307 Letter from Ben Spurling, Cranberry Isles, 17 Dec 1876 to Capt. Stanley, making arrangements to sell part of Spurling's vessel and to order coal
308 2001.39.308 Letter and envelope, from Charles H. Bain, Portland, 8 Jul 1893, to Capt. E.B. Stanley, Schooner S.L. Foster, Cranberry Isle, Maine, sending receipts
309 2001.39.309 Letter from J.R. Hamor, CI, 1 Nov 1876, to Capt. Stanley, asking Capt. to pay and settle bills and fetch items
310 2001.39.310 Letter and envelope from C.J. Guptill Winter Harbor, 14 Feb 1879, to Capt. Stanley, friendly business letter about fish & visit
311 2001.39.311 Bill, handwritten, from Mitchell & Fowler, Portland, 1 Jun 1893, to Schooner Rozella, Stanley, for making staysail and duck canvas material, $24
312 2001.39.312 Bill, from Lyman Toby & Co., Portland, 6 Sep 1876, to Schooner Rozella, for manila sail yards, $8.70
313 2001.39.313 Bill, from Perley Russell & Co., Portland, 26 Dec 1876, to Joshua Dodge, for tobacco, oil, and food, $65.19
314 2001.39.314 Letter, handwritten ad for Erie Medical Co., 21 Feb 1893, to Enoch B. Stanley
315 2001.39.315 Advertisment in printed envelope, for baker's supplies made by Baker Extract Co., Portland, with coupon to win a free trip to World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893, to Enoch Stanley
316 2001.39.316 Letter, from W.H. Jones & Co., Boston, 12 Apr 1895, to S.G. Stanley, dunning letter for $5.05 of liquor bought in 1894
317 2001.39.317 Letter, handwritten, from M.L. Peterson, Cambridge MA, 7 Mar 1905, to Capt. Stanley, asking about Emy Bunker
318 2001.39.318 Envelope with advertising cards, from Tarr and Wonson Ltd., Gloucester MA, 9 Mar 1893, to E.B. Stanley, for boat paints
319 2001.39.319 Letter and envelope from Treasury Dept, Port of Ellsworth ME, 12 Jan 1905, to Enoch B. Stanley, asking for acknowledgement of receipt of book ""Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1904""
320 2001.39.320 Letter and envelope, handwritten, from John D. Snow, Wellfleet MA, 4 Nov 1882, to Enoch.B. Stanley, offering vessels for sale per Stanley's request (no stamps -- letter not mailed, but rather handed on)
321 2001.39.321 Advertisement for Doan's Kidney Pills, Jan 1904
322 1000.3.322 Official Document, ""Regulation of Motor Vessels"", 8 Jun 1906
323 1000.18.323 Collection of Photographs of CI and people
324 1000.18.324 Church Bulletin, with memorial service for Frank H. Nelson, minister, Easter, 6 Apr 1947
325 1000.18.325 Booklet, comedy play ""In Broad Daylight"" by Lyn Blanning, 1928, owned by Alice Marion Stanley, about a sewing circle, listing women who played the six parts, all GC Islanders
326 1000.18.326 Church program of testimonial meeting in honor of Mr. Daniel H.E. Fox, 12 Aug 1935, retiring as pastor of GCI after serving 1933-1935, with photo of Mr. Fox
327 1000.18.327 Program of Annual Meeting of the Mt. Desert Island Federation of Women's Clubs, 25 May 1935, apparently held at ""Mother's Club"" of GCI, with song ""Pines of Maine"" by Elizabeth Powers Merrill
328 1000.18.328 Program of Maine Summer Visitor's Day, hosted by the Abbe Museum at its location at Sieur de Monts Spring in Bar Harbor, 16 Aug 1935, listing acts in an historical pageant performed during the height of the Great Depression to promote Maine tourism. (Both sides of program scanned.)
329 1000.18.329 Ticket, two Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid Dinner Tickets, with envelope and letter from Nancy Jones to Ruth Westphal
330 1000.18.330 Composition book, minutes of Ladies Aid meetings, 5 Jun 1989 through 5 Dec 1992
331 1000.18.331 Composition book, minutes of Ladies Aid meetings, 12 Nov 1999 through 17 Mar 2001
332 1000.18.332 Bumper sticker, ""Great Cranberry Island, 100th Anniversary Fair, August 9 2000"" with town logo on left
333 1000.0.333 License, Special, Lewis G. Stanley for 29 foot sloop ""no name"" gas motor, for fishing, port of Southwest Harbor, 6 Dec 1918
334 1000.0.334 Letter, official, from Dept. of Commerce, 3 Dec 1918, to Lewis G. Stanley, awarding number ""B437"" to 29 foot open launch, and explaining how to mount the number
335 1000.0.335 Tax form, blank, for vessels
336 1000.0.336 Check, blank, from Bunker Boatyard, Charles E. Rice, Eugene R. MacAllister, Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co.
337 1000.18.337 Bill, from Beal & Bunker, 4 Apr 1973, to D. Westphal (David Westphal), for 100 gallons of K (kerosene) $24.50
338 1000.7.338 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Bunker family
339 1000.7.339 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Beal family
340 1000.7.340 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Birlem family
341 1000.7.341 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Gilley family
342 1000.7.342 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Hadlock family
343 1000.7.343 Newspaper clippings, obituaries for Krantz family: Oscar O. Krantz age 79, Mrs. Inez I. Krantz age 65.
344 1000.7.344 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Fernald family
345 1000.7.345 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Stanley family
346 1000.7.346 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Spurling family
347 1000.7.347 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Hamor family
348 1000.7.348 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Hardy family
349 1000.7.349 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Ober family
350 1000.7.350 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Phippen family
351 1000.7.351 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Alley family
352 1000.7.352 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Carroll family
353 1000.7.353 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Wedge family
354 1000.7.354 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Rice family
355 1000.7.355 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, Bracy family
356 1000.7.356 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, miscellaneous families
357 1000.50.357 Collection of letters to Walter K. Shaw Sr. family by Samuel C. Sanford and Chris Swenson, 1928-1933. Transcribed.
358 1000.29.358 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1927, Town of Cranberry Isles""
359 1000.29.359 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1937, Town of Cranberry Isles""
360 1000.29.360 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1938, Town of Cranberry Isles""
361 1000.29.361 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1939, Town of Cranberry Isles""
362 1000.29.362 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1940, Town of Cranberry Isles""
363 1000.29.363 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1941, Town of Cranberry Isles""
364 1000.29.364 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1942, Town of Cranberry Isles""
365 1000.29.365 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1943, Town of Cranberry Isles""
366 1000.29.366 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1944, Town of Cranberry Isles""
367 1000.29.367 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1945, Town of Cranberry Isles""
368 1000.29.368 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1946, Town of Cranberry Isles""
369 1000.29.369 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1947, Town of Cranberry Isles""
370 1000.29.370 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1948, Town of Cranberry Isles""
371 1000.29.371 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1949, Town of Cranberry Isles""
372 1000.29.372 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1950, Town of Cranberry Isles""
373 1000.29.373 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1951, Town of Cranberry Isles""
374 1000.29.374 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1952, Town of Cranberry Isles""
375 1000.29.375 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1953, Town of Cranberry Isles""
376 1000.29.376 Ledger, Tax records, ""Valuation book for the year 1954, Town of Cranberry Isles""
377 1000.29.377 Ledger sheets, ""Records of orders drawn on the treasurer, Town of Cranberry Isles"", 1938-1954 (ledger book cover discarded because of rusty hinges)
378 1000.29.378 Poster, on cardboard, ""Concert benefit Cranberry Isles Volunteer Fire Department, Monday, August 13th 4:30 p.m. fire house, Robert Bloom, oboe; Charles Bruck, conductor; Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, oboe; Susan Freed, violin, with members of Pierre Monteaux Festival Orchestra"" with abstract painting of rocks
379 1000.29.379 Poster, on cardboard, ""The Great Cranberry Library presents Two Poetry Readings with musical interludes, 10th of August 1990, reading from their work Sam King, Irene Turner, Don Wellman, Music by Susan Story Frank and Bill Goldberg, then on Wednesday august 22, 1990, reading from their work Carl Little, Charles Wadsworth, Music by Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, Susan Story Frank, and Bill Goldberg, at the church""
380 1000.29.380 Poster, on cardboard, decorated, ""Amernet String Quartet with Susan Storey Frank, soprano, Sara Lambert Bloom, oboe, Edna Andrade, reader, held on Islesford, 14th. August at the Neighborhood House, held on Great Cranberry at the church August 15th.""
381 1000.29.381 Poster, paper, ""Arcady on Great Cranberry, August 10th 1986"" with list of musical performers at this chamber music concert
382 1000.29.382 Poster, on cardboard, ""Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid will hold its annual Fair Wednesday August 6th""
383 1000.29.383 Poster, on cardboard, ""Concert today, 7:30 p.m.""
384 1000.0.384 Ribbon, pin-on, double sided, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Pemetic Lodge #135, Southwest Harbor
385 1000.3.385 Bill from I.L. Snow & Co. Rockland ME, 17 May 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for ship repair, $80.23, with nice photo of Rockland Harbor printed on the bill. Also, slip acknowledging payment for same on 1 Sep 1898. Both were attached together with steel straight pin, which had rusted.
386 1000.3.386 Bill from Wilbur H. Smith Dr. (dealer) Manset ME, 26 Oct 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for misc. merchandise, $2.90 Paid in full the next day.
387 1000.3.387 Bill from Wilbur H. Smith Dr. (Dealer) Manset ME, 26 Aug 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for misc. merchandise, $0.60 Paid in full the next day.
388 1000.3.388 Bill from Wilbur H. Smith Dr. (dealer) Manset ME, 27 Jun 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for misc. merchandise, $1.60 Paid the next day.
389 1000.3.389 Bill from Wilbur H. Smith Dr. (dealer) Manset ME, 2 Apr 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for misc. merchandise, $10.15 Paid 13 Apr 1898.
390 1000.3.390 Bill from James Parker Tremont ME, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for misc. merchandise, no total but we calculate $80.55
391 1000.3.391 Bill from G.H. Gilley Dr. (dealer) Southwest Harbor ME, 4 Aug 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for pipes, $3.29
392 1000.3.392 Bill from S.S. King Manset ME, 29 Aug 1898, to James Parker for the Schooner S.L. Foster, for tar and painting, $30.25
393 1000.3.393 Bill from Willis Watson, Dr (dealer) Bass Harbor ME, 1 Aug 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for wire and rope, $4.08
394 1000.3.394 Bill from Richard J. Pike (handwritten), 29 Sep 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for six hours repairing foresail at 20 cents per hour, $1.20
395 1000.3.395 Bill, handwritten, from Richard J. Pike, 30 Mar 1889, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for labor cleaning vessel 20 cents per hour, $16.45
396 1000.3.396 Bill, handwritten, from Richard J. Pike, no date, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for work on bait and ice pens, $1.00
397 1000.3.397 Bill, handwritten, from John S. Moore, Southwest Harbor ME, 17 Oct 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for labor, $1.00
398 1000.3.398 Bill, handwritten, from Clark Hopkins Dr (dealer), Southwest Harbor ME, 27 Jun 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for canvas, rope, repairing jib, $7.23
399 1000.3.399 Bill, handwritten, from Clark Hopkins Dr (dealer), Southwest Harbor ME, 23 Aug 1898, to Schooner S.L. Foster, for repairing sails, $24.17
400 1000.28.400 Newspaper clipping, Boston Globe, 5 Aug 1955, ""John Saltonstall, 77, kills attacking shark"", with photo of John Saltonstall, also with envelope that held the clippings
401 1000.28.401 Newspaper clipping, 5 Aug 1955, ""Shark bites boat"" (see items 400-406)
402 1000.28.402 Newspaper clipping, ""Shark crashes hole in side of cabin cruiser"" (see items 400-406)
403 1000.28.403 Photo, 8"" x 10"", dead shark hanging at dock on Great Cranberry Island (see items 400-406)
404 1000.28.404 Photo, 8"" x 10"", boat with patched hole caused by shark attack (see items 400-406)
405 1000.28.405 Letter, from Henry B. Bigelow, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard College, Cambridge MA, 1 Sep 1955, to John L. Saltonstall, asking for sample teeth from shark that attacked boat (see items 400-406)
406 1000.28.406 Letter, from Henry B. Bigelow, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard College, Cambridge MA, 6 Sep 1955, to John L. Saltonstall, identifying man-eating shark that attacked boat (see items 400-406)
407 1000.51.407 Collection of recipes, original 53 recipe cards and proof pages for Ladies Aid booklet ""Favorite Island recipes collected and compiled by the Ladies Aid Society of Cranberry Isles, volume 1, winter 1973""
408 1000.51.408 Notes, three pages, on people working at the Ladies Aid Fair, 1973
409 1000.51.409 Booklet, album published by Grit of needlework patterns, 1972
410 1000.51.410 Insurance Policy and envelope, Clarence F. Joy Co., insurance 29 Oct 1972 through 29 Oct 1973 for Ladies Aid Building, $29 per year
411 1000.51.411 Program for service of commemoration, 27 Oct 1940 at the Ladies Aid building, including song, with words by Mrs. E.T. Preble, written for dedication of Ladies Aid house in 1908, sung to ""America""
412 1000.1.412 Document, Memorial service of Geraldine Noether, 23 Jul 1994, with poem ""Thank You"" by Gerry Noether
413 1000.1.413 Newspaper clipping, Bar Harbor Times, 15 Aug 1991, ""Islesford"" column by Irene Bartlett, mentioning concert on Great Cranberry Island the previous Thurday evening
414 1000.1.414 Newspaper clipping, Bar Harbor Times, 16 Jul 1987, ""Library Benefit Schedule"" about Sara Lambert Bloom, William Goldberg, and Susan Storey Frank concert on 22 Jul 1987
415 1000.1.415 Notes, typed, 3 pages, from John McDonald, 1 Sep 1987, to Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, about their joint rehersal, and with personal observations
416 1000.1.416 Program, Chamber Music Concert and Reception to benefit the Arcady Music Festival, 10 Aug 1986 on GCI
417 1000.1.417 Program, Music from Cranberry Isles, special guest Ashley Bryan, 8 Aug 1987 at the church
418 1000.1.418 Program, Music from Cranberry Isles, 28 Jul 1996 at the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor
419 1000.1.419 Document, Memorial service for George Bunker, at Cranberry Island church, 24 Aug 1991
420 1000.1.420 Document, Gathering to remember John Heliker, at Cranberry Island church, 5 Aug 2000
421 1000.1.421 Notes regarding music played at various regular GCI church services, presumably by Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, 1984-1995
422 1000.1.422 Document, promotional article about Sara Lambert Bloom, oboist, with good photos
423 1000.1.423 Catalog and order form for Robert Bloom Collection of CDs of his music (a set of which has been donated to the GCI Library)
424 1000.1.424 Document, 5 pages, explaining the Robert Bloom Collection
425 1000.1.425 Document, 1 page, collection of reviews of oboe performances by Sara Lambert Bloom
426 1000.1.426 Document, Gathering to remember Bob McShea, at Cranberry Island church, 7 Aug 1998
427 1000.1.427 Photo, Robert Bloom, 1988, age 80
428 1000.1.428 Photo, picnic of trustees of the Arcady Music Festival, 1984
429 1000.1.429 Photo, Robert Bloom, Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, James Storey, Marilyn Neuman, 1985
430 2005.52.430 Photo, Sam Chapman, 3 Jul 1961
431 1000.7.431 Newspaper clippings about Sam Chapman
432 1000.7.432 Newspaper clipping, Ellsworth American, 1941, obituary of Cora Chapman, wife of Sam Chapman
433 1000.7.433 Newspaper clipping, 14 Jun 1963, about fire in Sherman residence (currently the Ward residence) William E. Sherman and daughter H. Elizabeth Sherman both died
434 1000.30.434 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview with Charles & Ada Rice by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 19 Mar 1993 (see item 435)
435 1000.30.435 Audio cassette tapes (set of 2) of interview with Charles & Ada Rice by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 19 Mar 1993 (see item 434)
436 1000.30.436 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview #1 with Marjorie Phippen by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 5 Nov 1993 (2 copies) (see item 437)
437 1000.30.437 Audio cassette tapes (set of 2) of interview with Marjorie Phippen by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 5 Nov 1993 (see item 436)
438 1000.30.438 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview #2 with Marjorie Phippen by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 17 Dec 1993
439 1000.30.439 Audio cassette tapes (set of 2) of interview with Marjorie Phippen by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 17 Dec 1993
440 1000.30.440 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview #3 with Marjorie Phippen by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 22 Jan 1994
441 1000.30.441 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview with Wesley Bracy Sr. by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 18 Feb 1993
442 1000.30.442 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview #1 with Ruth Sylvester Stanley by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, before Nov 1993 (Ruth was first wife of Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker)
443 1000.30.443 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview #2 with Ruth Sylvester Stanley by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 17 Feb 1993 (Ruth was first wife of Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker)
444 1000.30.444 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview #3 with Ruth Sylvester Stanley by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 19 Feb 1993 (Ruth was first wife of Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker)
445 1000.30.445 Manuscript, transcript of audio interview with Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 18 Mar 1993 (this interview GCIHS published 2001 as ""Riding With Tud"") (might be connected with item 457)
446 1000.30.446 Script for the play ""Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry"" by Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin, first performed 8 Aug 2001 (3 copies, 1 copy has the actors' names). (See also items 446-450 and online at A video was made of this play and offered for sale at the museum - Catalogue # 2013.265.1998 – Box 45.
447 1000.30.447 Playbill for the play ""Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry"" (see item 446) (3 copies)
448 1000.30.448 Notes of the historical facts used when writing the play ""Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry"" (see item 446)
449 1000.30.449 Scripts, old versions with revisions, for the play ""Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry"" (see item 446)
450 1000.53.450 Document, 2 pages, description of Carrie Richardson's special dishes, used as background info for writing play ""Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry"" (see item 446)
451 2000.233.451 Document, ""History of Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley"" by Wini Smart, July 2000
452 1000.30.452 Audio cassette tapes (set of two) recording three interviews of Ralph Stanley by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS. Interview dates: January 15, 1994, January 22, 1994, and February 12, 1994. (See transcript of the three interviews 1000.30.91.)
453 1000.27.453 Audio cassette tape of interview with Donna Alley and Cleo Alley by Bruce Komusin, 3 Oct 1999
454 1000.30.454 Audio cassette tape of interview with Charlotte Harlan, in her house, by Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin, 24 Jun 2000
455 2000.233.455 Audio cassette tape of interview with Annette Mountain, in her house, by Wini Smart, Jun 2000
456 2000.233.456 Audio cassette tape of interview with Steve and Arleen Spurling by Wini Smart, 30 Jun 2000
457 1000.30.457 Audio cassette tape of interview with Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker by Jeff Weisbruch, paid for by GCIHS, 12 Oct 1992 (might be connected with item 445)
458 2000.233.458 Audio cassette tape of interview with Robin Richman by Wini Smart, 10 Jul 2000
459 2002.54.459 Audio cassette tape of interview with Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley by Georgie Ware, 13 Aug 1984, ""Houses of Great Cranberry""
460 2002.54.460 Audio cassette tape of interview with Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley by Georgie Ware, Sep 1984 (might be continuation of item 459)
461 2002.54.461 Audio cassette tape of interview with Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley by Georgie Ware, 14 Oct 1984
462 2002.54.462 Audio cassette tape of interview with Hilda Spurling by Georgie Ware, 8 Oct 1984
463 1000.30.463 Audio cassette tape of interview with Isabel Seimer by Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin, 1 Jul 2000
464 ..464 Notebook, Minutes of meetings of the Ladies Aid taken by Rose Wedge, 1942-1945, with some loose (not 3-ring bound) pages. (From Ladies Aid 2000)
465 1000.0.465 Document, 1 page, Civil War announcement aimed to encourage recruitment into Maine Sharpshooter's Battalion, 26 Sep 1864
466 2003.56.466 Minidisc, audio, interview of Ella Bates Spurling (""Nana"") by Deane Whitney, 20 Dec 1972, about old school she taught at on GCI, (See 2003.56.467 transcript)
467 2003.56.467 Manuscript, transcript of audio recording 2003.56.466, interview of Ella Bates Spurling (""Na Na"") by Deane Whitney, 20 Dec 1972. Spurling reminisces about her old school days on GCI as teacher, the building, and times.
468 2003.56.468 Minidisc, audio recording, interview of Ella Bates Spurling (""Nana"") by Deane Whitney, 4 Mar 1973, interview prompted by an old Cranberry Island map; various houses and inhabitants discussed including Bulger, Ladd, Donald, Storey, Stanley, store, Wedge, Burlem, Hamor, Holmes, Crosby, Red House, Haydock House, Russell, Winslow, Bunker, Preble. (See 2003.56.469 transcript.)
469 2003.56.469 Document, transcript of Tape 3 (2003.56.468) interview of Ella Bates Spurling by Deane Whitney, 4 Mar 1973, interview prompted by an old Cranberry Island map, various houses and inhabitants discussed including Bulger, Ladd, Donald, Storey, Stanley, store, Wedge, Burlem, Hamor, Holmes, Crosby, Red House, Haydock House, Russell, Winslow, Bunker, Preble. (See also 468 and 467.)
470 2003.57.470 Minidisc, audio, copy of NEH Library tape #CO23, ""A History of the Cranberry Isles"" by Ted Spurling
471 2003.57.471 Minidisc, audio, copy of NEH Library tape #CO34, ""Life on GCI, Past & Present"" by Tud Bunker
472 2003.57.472 Minidisc, audio, copy of NEH Library tape #CO59, ""A Visit Among Islanders""
473 2002.54.473 Minidisc, audio, (copy of deaccessioned item 459), interview with Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley by Georgie Ware, 13 Aug 1984, ""Houses of Great Cranberry""
474 2002.54.474 Minidisc, audio, (copy of deaccessioned item 460), interview with Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley by Georgie Ware, Sep 1984
475 2002.54.475 Minidisc, audio, (copy of deaccessioned item 461), interview with Ruth Sylvester Bunker Stanley by Georgie Ware, 14 Oct 1984
476 2003.59.476 Minidisc, audio, recording of 78rpm records in Richard Cox Victrola, made Aug 2003 by Bruce Komusin
477 2002.54.477 Minidisc, audio, (copy of deaccessioned item 462), interview with Hilda Spurling by Georgie Ware, 8 Oct 1984
478 1000.27.478 Minidisc, audio, GCI Church Service, Easter 20 Apr 2003. Also see item 664.
479 2003.60.479 Document, handwritten, ""History of Cranberry Isles before 1900"", unsigned, 6 loose lined sheets, (text similar to that in book ""1906 MDI Census"")
480 2003.61.480 Map, modern copy of US Coast & Geodetic Survey, ""Mount Desert Island Maine, 1882"", 2 loose sheets: legend sheet and map itself (only the Cranberry Isles depicted). Envelope & short note from Hugh Dwelley also included. (Scans affiliated with this catalogue number were made from some iteration of the 1882 map at an unknown date discovered 1/19/15.)
481 2003.61.481 Document, transcript of taped interview of Ted Spurling Sr. by Jane Moran Porter, 17 Nov 2001, 16 loose sheets, some with handwritten corrections. Envelope & short note from Hugh Dwelley also included.
482 2003.62.482 Wedding Certificate, with engraved wedding scene, William P. Spurling to Dorcas Bunker (both from Cranberry Isles) 12 Dec 1869, married by Gilbert Hadlock, Justice of the Peace, in the presence of 2 witnesses, both named Howard, very faded writing
483 2003.62.483 Wedding Certificate, with engraved wedding scene and 2 cutouts for photos but no photos, George W. Douglass (Eden, Maine) to Lucy R. Spurling (Eden, Maine) 15 Dec 1882, married by J.H. Mooers, witness E.C. Mooers
484 2003.62.484 Book, hardcover, ""The Original Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, The Dickerman Reprint - An American Dictionary of the English Language"" by Noah Webster, published by H.A. Dickerman & Son, Boston, ca. 1847. ""August 1847"" handwritten on inside cover.
485 2003.62.485 Sunday School Attendance Record, printed in 1951, said by Lucille Sayre to be for GCI Church where her mother Alice White taught Sunday school, with full names of 15 children, and stars indicating their attendance during 14-week period (item rolled into cylinder shape)
486 2003.62.486 Sunday School ""Roll of Honor"", printed in 1951, hand dated 1956, said by Lucille Sayre to be for GCI Church where her mother Alice White taught Sunday school, with full names of 13 children, and stars indicating (probably) their attendance during 15-week period (item rolled into cylinder shape)
487 2003.62.487 Christmas Card, 1956, to Alice White (Sunday School teacher on GCI) from 12 of her young pupils, and from (apparently) the new teacher, Gladys Muir
488 1000.23.488 Ledger, handwritten, school records, titled ""Records of District No. 1 Organized 1858"", first entry is 12 Mar 1858 by Warren R. Bunker, last entry is 18 Mar 1893 by Willis E. Bunker
489 1000.46.489 Photo album, miniature, clasp closure, with metal tintype photos, Inscription on first page: ""Presented to Sarah M. Bunker by her brother Thomas J. Bunker 1862"", some photos labeled with names.including: George Bulger, George Bunker, Clara Richardson, Harriet Bunker, Julia Bunker. Last page, handwritten: Joanha, Joanah, Johana""
490 2000.63.490 Stereoscope viewer (a.k.a. Stereopticon viewer). This wood and aluminum viewer with two magnifying-glass lenses is a 1901 Underwood & Underwood stereoscope hand-held stereoview card viewer. ""Man'f'd by Underwood & Underwood New York; Patented June 11, 1901 Foreign Patents Applied for"" stamped into metal base. Stamped into brass flange of wood handle: ""Patd June 14, 1881 (or 1891)"". Stamped into the metal bracket on the slide mechanism: ""Pat June 18, 1907"". With a stereoviewing card inserted, images appeared three dimensional. (See 2000.63.491, the stereo viewing cards used with this device.) Stereoscope viewer was given to donor by Addie Stanley Duren, Ron Mountain's aunt, who lived in the house before it became Ron Mountain's property.
491 2000.63.491 Photos. 28 stereoview images on thick cardboard for use with the stereoscope viewer (a.k.a stereopticon) 2000.63.490. Viewed through the stereoscope, the photos take on a three-dimensional quality. Regional, local and other scenes, including one of Mount Desert Island.
492 2003.64.492 Autograph Album, belonging to Gilbert M. Stanley, ca.1883, signed by Jennie O'Brien, Richard Perkins, Charles Harding, Fanny Stanley, May Stanley, Julia Jarvis, Cora Harding, Ida Steele, Henry Spurling, & Josie Stanley
493 2003.64.493 Book, miniature, ""The Polite Letter Writer - Business, Etiquette, and Courtship"" published by G.W. Cottrell, Boston, ca. 1859, owned by William J. Spurling
494 2003.64.494 Book, miniature, ""The Book of Common Prayer"" published by the Protestant Episcopal Church, London, England, 1868
495 2000.65.495 Autograph Album, probably belonging to Addie Duren, ca.1908, signed by ""your brother"" Harry Duren, Ida Stover, Ella Stanley, Nelly Rosebrook, Ethel M. Stanley, Velma M. Stanley, Alma Wilson, A.E. Ladd, Alice Lord
496 1000.1.496 Audio cassette tape ""Cranberry Benefit Arcady Music Festival"" 4 Aug 1985, Robert Bloom conductor
497 1000.1.497 Audio cassette tape, Side 1: Benefit Concert Cranberry Isles Aug 1974, Robert Bloom oboe, The Monteaux Festival guests, Eugene Vance host, playing Bach & Beethoven. Side 2: Church Service 1977, Robert Bloom oboe, Bill Goldberg, organ, playing Mozart & Handel
498 1000.1.498 Audio cassette tape, Side 1: Eugene Zuckerman, Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, G. Figeroa, Wm. Goldberg, Cranberry Island, 1985, playing Telemann. Side 2: R. Bloom conductor, Sally Bloom oboe, Arcady Musicians on clarinet, horn, bassoon, cello, playing Bach, Mozart 1985
499 1000.1.499 Audio cassette tape, Cranberry Island Church service, a typical morning at church, Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom oboe, Susan Storey Frank soprano, Bill Goldberg piano, playing Mozart, Bach, Amazing Grace, & Jim Gertmenian's Hymn, 26 Aug 1990
500 1000.1.500 Audio cassette tape, Robert Bloom funeral, Donald Wells celebrant, Cincinnati 17 Feb 1994
501 1000.1.501 Audio cassette tape, Benefit for College of the Atlantic, commisioned by music from Cranberry Isles, Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom oboe, Susan Storey Frank soprano, Virginia Murray piano, Beatrice Weinreich mandolin, poetry & narration by Ashley Bryan
502 2002.44.502 Audio cassette tape, poetry reading ""Goldfinches and Dandelions"" by Charles Wadsworth, music by Geoff Wadsworth copyright 1996
503 2002.44.503 Audio cassette tape, poetry reading ""Views from the Island"" by Charles Wadsworth, music by Geoff Wadsworth copyright 1989
504 2002.44.504 Audio cassette tape, poetry reading ""Weathers"" by Charles Wadsworth, music by Geoff Wadsworth copyright 1998
505 1000.0.505 Video tape, VHS, of play ""An Evening with Rachel Field & Sammy Sanford"" by Hugh Dwelley, recorded at Annual Meeting of GCI Historical Society, 11 Aug 1999.
506 1000.1.506 Audio CD, ""Music From Cranberry Isles"" played by Julius Baker flute, Sara Lambert Bloom oboe, Susan Storey Frank soprano, Benjamin Karp cello, Peter Sykes organ, William Winstead bassoon, Paul Wolf violin.
507 2000.65.507 Ration Books, World War II, with stamps, 3 books used by Addie Duren, 2 books used by Samuel E. Chapman, ca. 1943
508 2000.65.508 Card & Envelope, Card lists Addie Duren's Identification Number for Ration Book use, postmarked 4 Oct 1943
509 1000.1.509 Booklet, ""The Collected Preface"" from The Robert Bloom Collection, Solo Works and Chamber Music for Oboe
510 1000.1.510 Booklet, ""G.F. Handel Aria from the Watermusic Suite, 1998"" from The Robert Bloom Collection, Solo Works and Chamber Music for Oboe
511 2003.66.511 Documents. Two booklets and one CD. Booklet 1: Finding Aid for Cranberry Isles Collection, 1596-1982, mostly 1800s, (2003-2006); with letter explaining same. Collection housed at Acadia National Park Headquarters in Bar Harbor, ME, in the William Sawtelle collection. Booklet 2: Finding Aid for Islesford Wharf Collection, Islesford Collection Inc. Collection, U.S. Lifesaving Station Collection (2003-2008); artifacts housed at Acadia Nationa Park Headquarters as above. CD contains digital versions of the fining aids. (See copy of CD and Cranberry Isles Finding Aid in admin file cabinet.)
512 2003.68.512 Book, paperback, ""Maine Remembers Those Who Served"", published 2001, listing tributes to Maine servicemen in various wars
513 2003.69.513 Collection of photos, Marjorie Phippen's Family
514 2003.69.514 Collection of photos, Boats and Shore Scenes
515 2003.69.515 Collection of photos, Florida
516 2003.69.516 Collection of photos, Animals
517 2003.69.517 Collection of photos, Phippen's Children and others
518 2003.69.518 Collection of photos, Hilda Spurling & Elmer Spurling
519 2003.69.519 Collection of photos, Summer People
520 2003.69.520 Collection of photos, Phippen's Friends
521 1000.18.521 School Souvenir, in black wooden frame, fall term 1906, Teacher Eunice Coggins, Superintendant Frank B. Stanley, 18 students
522 2003.70.522 Records, audio, 78rpm, Decca, ""I Woke Up with a Teardrop in My Eye"" by Herb Jeffries, and ""All The World is New"" by Herb Jeffries
523 2003.70.523 Records, audio, 78rpm, Decca, ""You Must be Blind"" by Ida James, and ""I Won't Say I Will, But I Won't"" by Ida James
524 2003.70.524 Records, audio, 78rpm, Decca, ""Wabash Cannonball"" by Terry Shand, and ""The New River Train"" by Terry Shand
525 2003.70.525 Leaflet, Islesford Ferry Schedule, 1952, stopping at Seal Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Asticou, Southwest Harbor, Manset, Cranberry Isles
526 2003.70.526 Newpaper clipping, ""27 Men Sworn Into Army Here"", with story and photo of Edgar Bunker being sworn into Army, Bangor Daily News Monday 18 Sep 1950. (Edgar is in middle of front row, wearing dark jacket, with his left hand in his pocket.)
527 2003.70.527 Newspaper clipping, double obituary of Elisha Bunker and Edgar Bunker, with photo of each, Bangor Daily News, 5 May 1952
528 2003.70.528 Newspaper clipping, obituary of George E. Raymond 12 Jul 1969. Transcribed: GEORGE E. RAYMOND/ CRANBERRY ISLAND--George E. Raymond, 64, of Rochester, N.Y., died here Saturday while visiting. He was born in Westbrook June 28, 1905, the son of William and Addie (Durrell) Raymond. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Retha (White) Raymond of Cranberry Island and Rochester, N.Y.; one daughter, Mrs. Jane Wicks and two sons, Richard and Kenneth, all of Rochester. Funeral services were held Tuesday in Rochester. (handwritten: ""died on Cranberry July-12-69 Sat. 4:10 a.m.)
529 2003.70.529 Newspaper clipping, obituary of James F. Bracy 31 Jan 1958. Transcribed: JAMES F. BRACY/CRANBERRY ISLAND, JAn. 31/--James F. Bracy, 86, died today in a Bar Harbor nursing home after a short illness. He was born on Cranberry Island, October 3, 1871, the son of Lewis and Cynthia Howard Bracy. He was a member of the Cranberry Island Fire Department. Surviving are four grandchildren, Leslie Wedge of Prospect Harbor, Harold Wedge of Moody, Estella Forcetano of Chelsea, Mass., and Norman Wedge of Cranberry Island; several great grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the Cranberry Island Congregational church, the Rev. George McDonald of the Mt. Desert Larger Parish officiating. Burial will be in the Bunker cemetery here. (handwritten: ""1958"")
530 2003.70.530 Newspaper clipping, obituary of Oscar O. Krantz 29 Jul 1968. Transcribed.
531 2003.70.531 Newspaper clipping, obituary of Morris P. Alley, died ""early this week"", Bangor Daily News, Saturday-Sunday, May 23-24, 1953. Transcribed.
532 2003.70.532 Newspaper clipping, obituary of Royal ""Tinker"" Colby, died 25 May 1977, Bar Harbor Times, Thursday 2 June 1977. Transcribed.
533 2003.70.533 Booklet, ""Green Mountain Pomona Grange, P of H, Yearbook 1953""
534 2003.70.534 Book, hardcover, miniature, ""The Wonderful Works of Jesus - A Question-Book for the Young"" by Mary Latham Clark, published by D. Lothrop & Co., Boston, 1870. ""S.S. Union Library, Cranberry Isle No. 3"" handwritten on inside front cover.
535 2003.70.535 Book, hardcover, ""Hymns for the Living Age"" presented by the Sunshine Sisters to the Cranberry Isles Church Sept 1927, published by The Century Company, New York, 1923, initials ""E.R.B."" on the front cover.
536 2000.65.536 Ledger, handwritten, probably by William Preble, various records kept. Schooner Quickstep business and voyages, 1858-1866. (There is a xerox copy of this Schooner Quickstep ledger made by Omer P. Mountain kept with the ledger.)Town of Cranberry Isles records, 1859-1875. Meeting House 1866-1874. Schooner Circe 1857. Enoch Stanley, W.E. Hadlock, G.L. Hadlock. Cash advances for Wrecks. M.L. Bunker. Schooner Sea Queen 1871. Schooner Intrepid 1871. Schooner Transfer 1867-1870. E.B. Stanley. Estate of Thomas Stanley 1879. Wrecked Schooner William Hone 1872. Wrecked Schooner Rosilla B. 1871. Wrecked Brig. Edward Delisle 1869. Wrecked Brig. Aerolite 1869. Wrecked Brig. Charlotte 1867. Wrecked Schooner C.D. Horton 1867. Wrecked Schooner Alice T. 1867. Wrecked Schooner Jessie 1867. Post Office Records 1848-1855, 1857-1896. Marriages (weddings) 1880.
537 2003.71.537 Book, hardcover, ""Maine Townsman, or Laws for the Regulations of Towns"" published by Bailey & Noyes, Portland, 1872.
538 1998.72.538 Flag, 48-Star U.S. flag. Ruth Westphal says, ""Found in the home of Alice & Richard Stanley when we purchased it in July 1970. Home was built in 1910 by the Stanleys.""
539 2003.73.539 Notebook, handwritten, ""Hilda Spurling's Recipes"" including meat, desserts, cookies, pudding, stew, cake muffins, etc.
540 2003.73.540 Booklet, ""Favorite Island Recipes"" printed by the Ladies Aid Society, winter 1973. Officers: Pres. Polly Storey, V.P. Gaile Colby, Sec'y Mary Anne Bunker, Treas. Margie Phippen, Sunshine Committee Norma Bunker, Chaplain Ruth Westphal.
541 2003.73.541 Booklet, ""Favorite Recipes of Great Cranberry Island Summer People"" printed by the Ladies Aid Society, summer 1974. Officers same as item 540.
542 2003.73.542 Booklet, ""Favorite Island Recipes"" printed by the Ladies Aid Society, 1988. Officers: Pres. Gaile Colby, V.P. & Sec'y Beverly Sanborn, Treas. Margie Phippen, Sunshine Committee & Chaplain Ruth Stanley.
543 2003.80.543 Booklet, ""Souvenir of the Hamor House, Cranberry Isles, Maine - 40 tested and practical recipes""
544 2002.75.544 Booklet, 2 copies, ""Cranberry Isles - Glimpses of Island Life"" by Geraldine ""Gerry"" F. Noether, 1976. Excerpts of columns which first appeared in the Bar Harbor Times. One copy signed by the author. (For pdf version with transcription see 2013>photos>Chris Johnston.)
545 2003.64.545 Book, miniature, ""The Silent Comforter - Companion for the Sick Room"" by Louisa Payson Hopkins, published by Gould Kendall and Lincoln, Boston, 1848.
546 2000.65.546 Booklet, miniature, ""Personal Bible Verses of Comfort, Assurance, and Salvation"" published by Little Bible Ministry, Sanatoga, Penn.
547 2003.70.547 Book, hardcover, ""Uplifting Songs - For Praise, Revival Meetings, and Sabbath School"", edited by C.C. Case and J.R. Murray, published by The John Church Co., New York, 1896. Belonged to Carrie M. Richardson. Seven newspaper clippings pasted inside the covers, mostly poetry, one dated 11 Apr 1900.
548 2003.70.548 Book, hardcover, ""The Cherry Stones"" a novel partly from the manuscripts of the Rev. William Adams, published by the General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union, New York, 1851. Belonged to Carrie M. Richardson, handwritten inside: ""25 Sep 1901, number 16""
549 2003.70.549 Book, hardcover, ""Arbell - A Tale for Young People"" by Jane Winnard Hooper, with 4 illustrations, published by C.S. Francis & Co., New York. Belonged to Carrie M. Richardson, handwritten inside: ""25 Sep 1901, number 10"" Back of book includes ads for other books by same publisher, with 6 sample engravings.
550 2003.70.550 Photograph, b&w, Edgar N. White with handwritten note: ""July 1970. He died 7 Jan 1972."" (Edgar was second husb. Of Alice White, and Lucille Sayre's step-father.)
551 2003.70.551 Photograph, b&w, Alice White with handwritten note: ""11 Nov 1977, Singer Island, Florida. Home for winter."" (Alice was Lucille Sayre's mother.)
552 2001.76.552 Document, 2 pages, Recent Reviews of the Robert Bloom Collection compiled by Sara Lambert Bloom, 2 pages.
553 2001.76.553 Document, 3 pages. 1st: ""Other Publications"" being a list of 3 publications by Sara Lambert Bloom. 2nd: biography of Sara Lambert Bloom. 3rd: biography of Robert Bloom, 1908-1994.
554 2001.76.554 Document, 2 pages, photocopy of newspaper article ""Au Revoir, not goodbye"" by Gordon Emerson, written around March 1980, about retirement of Robert Bloom. Annotated with note by Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom saying the job of assembling and publishing Bob Bloom's music, mentioned in the article, took longer than expected.
555 2003.77.555 Ledger page, loose, school and property tax info, no date, typical names listed: William Preble, Lew Ladd, Thomas Bunker, Gilbert Family, John Steele, etc.
556 2003.77.556 Invoices, blank, ten, ""Northeast Harbor, Maine, 189_ / To Arno P. Stanley Dr. / Fresh Fish Market"" ""Dr."" probably means ""Dealer"".
557 2003.77.557 Ledger page, loose, both sides used, school and property tax info, no date, appears to be a working sheet, in pencil, 9 names: Arno P. Stanley, Lewis Ladd, George Bulger, Edwin Spurling, William Bulger, Thomas Bunker, Leonard Holmes, Sam Bunker, William Bunker. Poor condition.
558 2003.77.558 Ledger page, loose, both sides used, school and property tax info, no date, appears to be a working sheet, in red pen, 8 names: Arno P. Stanley, Lewis Ladd, George Bulger, Edwin Spurling, Sam Bunker, William Bunker, Thomas Bunker, Leonard Holmes. Poor condition.
559 2003.77.559 Document, 1 sheet, Longfellow School Commencement Program, held at the Cranberry Isles church, 1 Jun 1944. Graduates are: Charlene Louise Bunker, Sheila Louise Spurling, Ethel Nancy Spurling, Allison Sylvester Bunker.
560 2001.76.560 Audio cassette tape, Music from Cranberry Isles, 28 Jul 1996, Radio Edition, Robert Bloom ed., Chorale Cantata 1994, poetry by M. Luther, M. Fried, A. Block, and Ashley Bryan.
561 2001.76.561 Audio cassette tape, Cranberry Arcady, musicians E. Zukerman, Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom, G. Figersa, Goldberg-trio, Telemann Concerto, Bach, Dvorak Serenade, Mozart Serenade.
562 2001.76.562 Audio cassette tape, Church service 2 Aug 1972, Sara Lambert ""Sally"" Bloom oboe, Bill Goldberg organ, Robert Bloom recording engineer. Mozart, Handel.
563 1000.23.563 Boats. Looseleaf Binder, ""Cranberry Island Notes"" by Charles Liebow. Contains maps 1607-1881, ""List of Vessels From Notes made by Chuck Liebow (Typed & some notes added by Hugh Dwelley 11/1994"" (also on website), 1912 petition to establish boundaries of roads, census data 1839-1860, the cranberry register 1909-1910, boat building, Liebow's notes on books and articles, miscellaneous, photos, houses showing owners then and now, families, deeds.
564 1000.0.564 Document, both sides of 1 typewritten sheet, poem ""Grandfather's House"" (inscribed to Uncle Enoch) by E.T. Preble, Chicago, 1 Jan 1900.
565 1000.0.565 Document, both sides of 1 typewritten sheet, poem composed by ELP for Mrs. CMR to recite at a concert Oct 1895 in the old Union Meeting House. First line: ""Beautiful Isle by the old open sea""
566 1000.0.566 Document, 1 handwritten sheet, poem ""I Like a Window Looking Out Upon the Sea""
567 2002.78.567 Document, 3 laminated pages, copied from a book, ""Introduction, by Robert G. Wheeler, Vice President"", being a history of Edward Sands Frost, creator of the Frost hooked rug stencils and patterns, in 1868, with photo of Edward Sands Frost and Mrs. Charlotte K. Stratton (pg 4 & pg 5 from book) plus Pattern numbers 53, 126, and 101, all depicting horses (pg 14 from book).
568 2000.79.568 Wallpaper, three remnants of wallpaper (A), (B), and (C), from the Dowling/Meyers house recovered from under the floor during renovations in 2000. (This house was previously owned by Edith Drury and Sam Chapman and dates to ca. 1840.) Remnant A: (10"" L x 5.5"" W) the top layer is a beige, textured felt-like daffodil-and-leaf pattern of yellow, red, blue, brown, and green with a striped border piece applied at one edge. One corner lifts up to reveal two earlier layers of wallpaper. The middle (second) layer is yellowish-green with gold lines. The bottom (third) layer is a bright greenish wallpaper pattern on linen backing. (The bottom layer of Remnant A matches Remnant C and the middle layer of Remnant B.) Remnant B: (9.5 L x 3.5"" W) is the same as the top layer of Remnant A, and has one sub-layer visible at corner. This sub-layer is a greenish tan pattern of plants on paper with linen backing and matches Remnant C. Remnant C: (11"" L x 5"" W) is a green and gold clover, flower, fleur-de-lis, textured pattern with linen backing. There are no sublayers on Remnant C. (See 1000.27.734 for matching wall paper from the nearby Ladies Aid building.)
569 1000.0.569 Newspaper complete page, Ellsworth American 1 Jul 1971, ""Cranberry Tales"" by LaRue Spiker. About the Hadlock family, Capt. Sam Hadlock, Jr., with photos of Arthur Spurling, the old Ben Spurling house, Islesford Museum, Old Wm. Preble House, Church.
570 2003.69.570 Photo, 8x10 b&w, ""Cranberry Isles 191_"" (probably 1910 or 1913), showing teacher George Hadlock and students at side of Longfellow School. Georgie Ware says people are: 1st row, from left, 1) unknown boy. 2) Elmer Spurling - son of Ben Spurling - who lived in the Cumming house. 2nd row, 1) Elva Spurling (married name Beal) Elmer Spurling's sister. 2) Elva Bunker (uncle Ben's daughter. Ben built the Keinbusch house out of hemlock boards), 3) Lena Wedge (married name Stanley) Harold Stanley's wife, they lived in house that Days own now. 4) Esther Stanley (married name Spurling) Francis Spurling's wife. Lived in Ginny's house. 5) Hazel Bunker (married name Hardy) Andy Bunker's dau. Lived in Keinbush house. 6) Vincie Bunker (married Hurlbert) Tud Bunker's sister. In 1991 she was 92. 3rd row, 1) unknown boy. 2) Inie Bunker, married Harold Stanley's brother. 3) ???, Gib Stanley's dau. (Gilbert Stanley's dau.) Finkelstein house. 4) Jan Stanley, Arno Stanley's son. 5) unknown boy. 4th row, 1) teacher George Hadlock. 2) Cliff Stanley, Harold's Brother. 3) Arno N ??? Birdie Stanley???
571 2003.69.571 Photo, 8x10 b&w, Air force crew holding sign ""U-TAPAO'S 50,000th B-52 Sortie"". Arthur Bunker is second from right.
572 1000.22.572 Brochure, 4 pages, from the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, summer 2001, mentions ""Mosquito Cove"" and Horton P. Jackson, Jr. putting his 64 acres on GCI into the trust in 1998, retaining title to the land and 2 rustic cabins on it.
573 1000.26.573 Photo, b&w snapshot, Elisha Bunker playing horseshoes, on back ""Game horseshoes - Cranberry Isles Maine, Elisha Bunker (pitching horseshoes), Sawtelle Teel (sitting), Walter Wallace, Holbrook Mass., Audrey Wallace, Holbrook, Mass. looking on at the game""
574 1000.0.574 Photo, b&w snapshot, Pink Stanley and 3 children, on back ""Captain Pink Stanley showing how to tie knots to Larry Williams (beside Pink), Tommy Williams (next), Jimmy Williams (standing), August 1958""
575 2000.233.575 Folder containing spare reprints of image files that we have on file on CDs, DVDs, etc.elsewhere.
576 2003.70.576 Newspaper clipping, double obituary of Elisha Bunker and Edgar Bunker, Bar Harbor Times, Thursday 8 May 1952
577 1000.22.577 Program, Memorial Service for Ada B. Rice (b 5 Dec 1910, d 29 Nov 2002), 21 May 2003
578 2003.81.578 Print, French fashions, dog with woman wearing bustle and fancy hat, hand-colored blue and gold in spots
579 2003.81.579 Print, French fashions, woman with walking stick and fan, tall hairdo, hand-colored blue and gold in spots
580 2003.81.580 Print, Franch fashions, ""Godey's Americanized Paris Fashions"" 1857, five girls holding hands in a circle, hand-colored blue and gold in spots
581 2003.81.581 Print, Franch fashions, ""Godey's Americanized Paris Fashions"" 1 Oct 1849, two girls and two boys wearing coats, playing Blind Man's Buff, hand-colored gold in spots
582 1000.19.582 Album of 57 color snapshots of school students and projects, ca. 1988. Some names mentioned: Patrick Allen, Amy Russell, Martha Gray, Mandy Bracy, etc.
583 2003.81.583 Document, 1 sheet, copy of map ""Bedrock Geology of Mount Desert Island, Maine"" by Carlton A. Chapman, 1962,1970, showing types of rock found at various places.
584 1000.0.584 Photos, 6 color snapshots and 35mm negatives of students at Longfellow School sleepover, developed 6 Jan 1996
585 1000.0.585 Newspaper clipping with photo of Capt. Eber Spurling and his wheelbarrow, when he delivered mail 1925-1937. Also picture of Sutton Island, where he used to stop.
586 1000.0.586 Newspaper page with article ""God's Tugboat - News for the Seacoast Mission boat Sunbeam"" by Edith Drury, about activities of the Seacoast Mission, with photo of Capt. Bert Stanley. From Maine Coast Fisherman, Oct 1949.
587 2001.82.587 Document, typewritten, 2 copies, plus envelope, History of the Ladies Aid of Cranberry Island, sent from unknown person, 4 Amherst St, Augusta ME to Mrs. Harold Stanley, Cranberry Isles, ME, 2 Dec 1957, annotated by Georgie Ware ""would be 140 years in 2001""
588 2002.83.588 Composition book, Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid Fair Receipts from Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid Fair, summary of receipts 1941-1942, then itemized receipts 1943-1965
589 2002.83.589 Composition book, Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid Parsonage Rent Receipts itemized by month 1977-1978, and Fair Receipts and Expenses from Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid Fair, itemized 1977-1980
590 2002.83.590 Composition book, Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid honorary & active membership list 1956-1957, income and expenses itemized by year, 1956-1970, including Parsonage rent and Fair income and expenses
591 2002.83.591 Composition book, Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid income and expenses itemized by year, 1970-1977, including Parsonage rent and Fair income and expenses
592 1000.0.592 Letter and envelope, handwritten, sent by Julia Parker (Manset Union Church) to Alice M. Stanley, Cranberry Isles, 25 Jun 1956, ""The Manset Union Church to the Cranberry Cong. Church certifies Hope Bulger Bradford was received into Manset Church 20 May 1956""
593 2002.86.593 Newpaper clipping, Memorial tribute to Rev. Charles Elliott Harwood by Rev. Joseph R. Norwood, St. Mary's by-the-sea, 19 Apr 1897
594 2003.69.594 Document, 2 handwritten pages, Food for the Town Meeting 1983, listing dishes that people will bring
595 2003.69.595 Document, 1 handwritten page, Food for the Town Meeting 1985, listing dishes that people will bring
596 2003.69.596 Receipt from The Four Seasons Market, Cranberry Isles, 11 Mar 1985 listing food purchased for the town meeting
597 2003.69.597 Document, 1 handwritten page, Food for the Town Meeting 1987, listing dishes that people will bring
598 2003.69.598 Document, 1 handwritten page, Food for the Town Meeting, listing amounts of food for unknown year, perhaps 1987
599 2002.85.599 Documents relating to Spurling Cove Corporation 1980-1984: putting together the corporation, proposal for operation of the store, list of shareholders, financial statements, shareholder meetings, board meetings, etc.
600 2002.85.600 Documents relating to Cranberry Island Tennis Club 1982-1990: bylaws of 1983, list of members, rules of the court, activities, minutes of meetings, etc.
601 2002.85.601 Documents relating to Spurling Cove Corporation 1983-1984: employees 1983, payroll, tax forms, stock certificate of 5 shares for George and Yvonne Hite, stock certificate of 10 shares for Lauren & Audrey Noether, etc.
602 1000.30.602 Document, 2 sheets, playbill for ""Bits and Pieces"" by Leslie Horvath, performed at Annual Meeting of GCI Historical Society, in GCI church, 16 Aug 2000
603 1000.30.603 Poster, announcing ""Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry"" (by Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin) to be performed at Annual Meeting of GCI Historical Society, in GCI church, 8 Aug 2001
604 1000.30.604 Poster, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing Ladies Aid Fair, 6 Aug 1997
605 1000.30.605 Poster, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing Ladies Aid Fair, 12 Aug 1998
606 1000.30.606 Poster, laminated, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing 100th annual Ladies Aid Fair, 9 Aug 2000 and 1999
607 1000.0.607 Booklet, ""Cranberryana"" by Mary Frances Parkman, 1944, about the founding of the Cranberry Club, with membership list. Appears to be reprint of 1926 edition, item 14, but with memberhip list updated to 1944, and with date of membership included.
608 2003.71.608 Document, 1 sheet, legal contract dated 27 Mar 1874, by Joseph Perley and John Russell, partners in ""Perley & Russell"", to sell ""certain real estate"" on Cranberry Island to John E. Bunker for $525, payable in two notes of $262.50 each, at 7.5% interest, one payable in 1 year, the other in 2 years. The land was previously sold to Perley & Russell by Bunker himself. Transcribed.
609 2003.71.609 Letter, 1 sheet, folded, apparently a copy of one sent from William P. Preble, Chairman of Selectmen & Assessors, to Howard P. Robbins 25 Jul 1890, complaining that Robbins, as US Government employee appointed to post on Cranberry Isles (probably at Lifesaving Station on Islesford) refuses to pay poll tax and yet sends his 3 children to school in District 5, thus causing expenses to town. Transcribed.
610 2003.71.610 Document, 1 sheet, unsigned draft, ""Indentures of Smith E. Spurling by Overseers of the Poor of Cranberry Isles"". Transcribed.
611 2003.71.611 Document, 2 sheets, 4 sides, handwritten letter from E.E. Small, fish dealer, to William B. Preble, 9 Feb 1882, about not going into partnership with Preble but instead taking on by himself the plan to build a weir and fish business in the Cranberry Isles. Transcribed.
612 2003.71.612 Document, 1 sheet, 2 sides, ""School Agent's Census Return, 1878"" for Cranberry Isles District 4, filled out by William A Rice, witnessed by William P Preble, 19 students' names and ages listed: Loring E Rice, 16; Carrie E Rice, 18; Sophia A Rice, 13; Herbert A Rice, 9; Seth H Rice, 6; Walter L Fernald, 20; R H B Fernald, 18; A C Fernald, Jr, 17; Cora M Fernald, 8; Gilbert A Rice, 7; Cora A Richardson, 9; Eugene P Stanley, 19; Hettie M Gilley, 18; Laura A Gilley, 15; Mary E Gilley, 11; John Pung, 19; Sarah P Smallidge, 8; Ida K Smallidge, 7; Augusta A Smallidge, 4. Transcribed.
613 2003.71.613 Document, 1 sheet, 2 sides, ""School Agent's Return, No. 2"" for Cranberry Isles District 2, 1878, filled out by Asa D Stanley, 45 students' names and ages listed: Frank L Stanley, 12; May F Stanley, 10; Josie L Stanley, 7; Flevie? L Stanley, 6; John M Bunker, 9; Charles A Bunker, 7; Leander R Bunker, 5; Frances J Jarvis, 10; Oscar E Jarvis, 8; Charles S Jarvis, 4; Rose P Stanley, 15; Smith S Stanley, 14; Albion M Stanley, 16; Arno P Stanley, 12; Lewis W Stanley, 8; Emery W Richardson, 4; Etta Richardson, 14; W P Richardson, 17; Carrie E Stanley, 17; Gilman J Stanley, 13; Gilbert M Stanley, 9; Maggie M Harding, 6; Edwin H Harding, 15; George H Bunker, 7; Charles H L Harding, 18; Willie P Harding, 11; Samuel D Harding, 4; Oscar S Bulger, 5; Mary E Rosebrook, 14; Gilbert M Rosebrook, 11; Everett L Spurling, 19; Archie S Spurling, 16; Edward A Spurling, 14; Freddie R Spurling, 9; Sarah A Spurling, 6; Nettie A Spurling, 16; Henry E Spurling, 6; Grace M Spurling, 6; Cora L Spurling, 14; George W Spurling, 8; ??? S Trussell, 9; Charles W Trussell, 7; Francis E Trussell, 5; Dorothea R Trussell, 15; George H Ceitahell?, 17. Transcribed.
614 2003.71.614 Document, 2 sheets, 1 side, glued together end-to-end, handwritten, ""List of Persons Between the ages of 20 and 45 years liable to pay the Tax of $50.00 voted in Town Meeting Jan 23d 1865"" and signed and paid that same day, apparently a special Civil War tax. Signed by William P Preble, William H Preble, Samuel S Bunker, Assessors of Cranberry Isles. Transcribed.
615 2003.71.615 Document, 2 sheets, 1 side, glued together end-to-end, handwritten, ""Copy of An Appraisal of the Estate of Robert Spurling late of Cranberry Isles"", including dwelling house, barn, 2 fish houses, smoke house, shed, privy, 26 acres of land, livestock, boats, personal effects, furniture, etc. Unsigned and undated, but probably compiled by William P Preble
616 2003.71.616 Document, 1 sheet with 1 small slip glued onto it, handwritten, ""Report of the Overseers of the Poor of the Town of Cranberry Isles for the current year or 1867"", detailing the sad case of William P Pung and family, and the efforts of the overseers of the poor to supply food for them and place the children in other homes. Transcribed.
617 2003.71.617 Document, handwritten letter, 1 sheet, copy of letter from J.T. Hartley, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, to Collector of Customs, Ellsworth, Maine, rejecting application of William P Preble to transfer wrecked & salvaged Schooner C. Hood from British to American Registry. Items 617 & 618 are a pair. Transcribed.
618 2003.71.618 Document, handwritten letter, 1 sheet, 2 sides, letter from Charles D. McDonald, Custom House, Ellsworth, to William P Preble, sending Preble item 617 (a copy of the rejection of his application) and explaining what it means and how to get around the rejection. Items 617 & 618 are a pair. Transcribed.
619 2003.71.619 Ledger, handwritten, inscribed ""William P. Preble, Property, Cranberry Isles 1839"" inside front cover, records 1838-1845 are mostly running expenses and payments, apparently at a store, for various accounts: Esaias Preble, Horace Duryan, Thomas Bunker, Harriet Rosebrook, John Pung, Michael Green, Winchester Whitney, Abigail Spurling, South (school) District Cranberry Isles, Thomas Manchester, Nathaniel Gott, Edwin Hadlock, Enoch Lurvy (or Lurvey), John Dow, Capt. L.W. Gilley, B. Bunker, Edward Burroughs, Rev. Micah Strickland, Miss Mary Preble, Justis W. Gilley, John Brown, Messrs. Symms Eaton & Co., David Thompson, Haskell Lancaster, Benjamin Moor, Thomas Newman, Josiah Young, Henry Fernald, Town of Cranberry Isles To William Preble, William Pung, expenses of Estate of Benjamin Spurling, Richard Higgins, George N. Spurling, Eunice Keef, Ivory Joy, Esther Eaton, North (school) District, Thomas Marks, Schooner Brainerd (or Brainard), Elisha Young, Bills against the Brigantine Factor for repairs, Michael Bulger, Samuel Farnham, Sans Stanley, Briant Hodgkins, James Mayo, Schooner Harriet, Estate of Robert Spurling, David Winsey, William Richardson, Charles Bunker, Andrew Frisbee, William Rice, Estate of Samuel Spurling, Schooner Eastern Star. Several scraps of note paper with writing and figures also in ledger.
620 2003.87.620 Newspaper clipping, ""Bar Harbor residents fleeing famed resort town feared doomed by forest fire"", with picture of different fire, from West Palm Beach, FL newspaper, 24 October 1947
621 2003.87.621 Newspaper clipping, in two pieces, ""Hot, boiled, or newburgh?"", with photo of 32-pound lobster caught by Linwood Wedge, Southwest Harbor, ME, Bangor Daily News, 12-13 July 1952
622 2003.87.622 Letter, airmail, from Mrs. Edgar White to Corporal Edgar Bunker, stamped ""return to writer"" postmarked 10 Oct 1951, mentions the tractor, people having children, buying cars, hunting, and chicken business
623 2003.87.623 Certificate from the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, to Cynthia W. Bracy, 11 Sep 1891, telling her that she will be getting a pension
624 2003.87.624 Document, graduation program, 2 sheets, Cranberry Isles School, 30 May 1957, Joyce A. Bunker and Joanne L. Beal, graduating
625 2003.87.625 Document, State of Maine Hunting License, 1954, for Mary Alice White, for deer
626 2003.87.626 Document, State of Maine Hunting License, 1955, for Mary Alice White, for deer
627 2003.87.627 Booklet, ""Bylaws and Form for the Reception of Church Members"", for the Congregational Church of Cranberry Isle, incorporated 1906, with short sketch of church history
628 2003.87.628 Ticket, for the seventh annual Firemen's Ball, Cranberry Isles, 5 Aug 1947
629 2003.87.629 Postcard, unused, ""Jordan Pond Lovers Retreat"", showing photo of bridge over Jordan Pond
630 2003.87.630 Postcard. Used. ""Christmas Greeting"", showing holly and bows, sent from Gladys to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson, 916 Broadway, Chelsea, Mass. ""A Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you and all. hope you are well as we are all fine. come home soon as we miss you very much. lovingly Gladys""
631 2003.87.631 Postcard, used, with German writing, religious theme, dated 1917 on front
632 2003.87.632 Postcard, used, with German writing, apple design and town name
633 2003.87.633 Postcard, used, photo of a young woman, postmarked Berlin Germany 1912
634 2003.87.634 Postcard, used, cut in half, photo of young woman, postmarked Berlin Germany 1915
635 2003.87.635 Postcard, used, cut in half, with German writing, photo of young woman and flower
636 2003.87.636 Postcard, used, cut in half, with German writing, photo of young woman with hat, postmarked Berlin Germany 1915
637 2003.87.637 Postcard, written but not sent, English writing, design is couple in front of Christmas tree
638 2003.87.638 Letter, 1 sheet and envelope, from John D. Rockefeller, Jr. at The Eyrie, Seal Harbor, ME, to Captain Bracy, 15 Sep 1939, ""Thank you for letting me look at the book entitled 'The Making of a Messiah' which the author Mr. William W. Harvey gave you. I have been interested in glancing at this book and am returning it to you herewith. Very Sincerely,""
639 2003.87.639 Document, official looking German form card with stamps from Berlin inside, person it refers to was born 1888,
640 2003.87.640 Newspaper clipping, ""Cranberry Isles"" by Gerry Noether, from Bar Harbor Times, 11 Dec 1975, about the history of the church, and also local gossip
641 2003.87.641 Booklet, gas ration stamps for non-highway use, for Victor White, good from 22 Jul 1942 to 22 Jan 1943. With 42 remaining stamps and 6 missing (used) stamps.
642 2003.87.642 Calendar page, Sep and Oct 1906, with design of young woman with hat
643 2003.87.643 Calendar page, Jan and Feb 1957, Coca-Cola ad, woman with skis, ""the pause that refreshes""
644 2003.87.644 Calendar page, Mar and Apr 1957, Coca-Cola ad, woman with cat and ball of yarn, ""just what I need""
645 2003.87.645 Poster, ""Cranberry Club Rooster Division"", the Rooster Club (local spoof of Cranberry Club), hand-colored
646 2003.87.646 Poster, ""Andy is Brave"", showing little boy pointing to apples on apple tree, owned by ""Mrs. White""
647 2003.87.647 Newspaper clipping, ""Bangor Seminary Baccalaureate to be held at chapel Sunday"", with photo of Dr. Charles G. Cumming, Bangor Daily News, 27 May 1958
648 2003.87.648 Photo, b&w studio photo, Leslie D. Spurling, 28 Nov 1957, graduating class of of 1958
649 2003.87.649 Book, paperback, ""Griswold's Life of Henry Ward Beecher"", with selections of his sermons, published by Griswold, 1887. With 2 engravings, Plymouth Church and Beecher's Brooklyn Residence. Owned by Alice White, Lucille Sayre's mother.
650 2003.87.650 Book, paperback, ""Livestock in the East"" by Philip R. Park, published by the Park and Pollard Co., Buffalo NY, 1924. With photos of cows and bulls.
651 2003.87.651 Book, clothbound, ""Get Tough!"" by Captain W.E. Fairbairn, published by D. Appleton-Century Co, NY 1942. Illustrated with insturctions on hand to hand combat
652 2003.87.652 Booklet, day planner, 1955, with occasion entries by Alice White, especially April 1955 she lists her ""assits"" or stock in trade, and some sales to island people
653 2003.87.653 Ledger, appears to be accounts from Edgar White and Victor White's fish market, fish and lobsters caught & sold, 1947-1948
654 2003.87.654 Ledger, Edgar White accounts of bait, gas and oil, boat expenses, gear for fishing, fish and lobsters caught & sold, 1946-1947
655 2003.87.655 Booklet, cover missing, Almanac for 1871, mostly advertising Plantation Bitters and popular Sea Moss remedies, also includes horoscopes, moon phases and tides
656 2003.87.656 Booklet, ""Old Farmer's Almanac 1960"" published by Yankee Inc., Dublin NH
657 2003.87.657 Photo, b&w studio, two children, Janice MacAllister and Lorraine MacAllister (now Bracy)
658 2003.87.658 Photo, b&w studio, Mildred Rice Wedge, ""a beautiful girl"" was written on the paper frame which we threw away
659 2003.87.659 Photo, b&w studio, unknown woman, with writing on front: ""a friend Rex""
660 2003.87.660 Photo, b&w studio, husband, wife, and little girl, ""Raymond Bunker and family"" was written on the paper frame which we threw away
661 1000.27.661 Poster, ""Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, at the Cranberry Isles Manset Lot, 15 May 2003 at 1 p.m."" Also see item 662
662 1000.27.662 Artifact, ribbon from ribbon cutting ceremony 15 May 2003 at Manset. See item 661
663 1000.27.663 Document, 1 sheet, Memorial service program for Jeanne Goldberg (5 Aug 1922 - 16 Jan 1994), 14 Aug 1994
664 1000.27.664 Document, 2 sheets, Easter Service program for 20 Apr 2003. See also item 478
665 1000.27.665 Document, 1 sheet, Memorial service program for Ada B. Rice (5 Dec 1910 - 29 Nov 2002), 21 May 2003
666 1000.27.666 Document, 1 sheet, Memorial service program for Mary Pauline Forbes-Johnson ""Polly"" Storey (7 Apr 1916 - 31 Oct 2002), 15 Aug 2003
667 1000.27.667 Document, 1 sheet, ""Invitation to Fund Raising Breakfast for the Cranberry Connector Project"", 6 Aug 2003
668 1000.27.668 Document, 7 sheets, 7 color photos, and 1 envelope, description of the Red House and its Barn, and photos of same, for posting on web site with intent to rent, 12 Jan 2000
669 1000.27.669 Poster, 1 sheet, ""Open House, Historical Museum, Great Cranberry Island, Thursday July 3, 1-3 p.m. Sheep Tales and Adventures, also a spinning demonstartion by Gail Grandgent"" with Wini's photo of sheep tails (2003)
670 1000.27.670 Document, 3 sheets, 1 envelope, sent to Bruce & Margarite Komusin, ""February 2000 Newletter, We have Great News, we now have a home!"" about opening the Historical Museum
671 1000.27.671 Newpaper, ""The Working Waterfront"" Aug 2001, see page 10, article ""Great Cranberry Island Historical Society Builds a New Museum from Scratch""
672 1000.27.672 Document, 8 unbound sheets, collection of 8 poems by George E. ""Ted"" Harlan: Waiting for the Bluefish, Island Spring, Island Fisherman's Funeral, Island Dusk, Ledges, Firehouse Pool, Back Shores, Granite Lecturn
673 1000.27.673 Document, 4 unbound sheets, advertisement for show ""Recent Work"" of paintings by David Little, 11 Jul - 15 Sep 2002, with 4 photos of paintings, map to his gallery in Freeport, copy of newspaper clipping about the show
674 1000.27.674 Sketchbook, newsprint pad with pencil drawings by unknown woman artist found for sale at Ladies Aid Fair 2003. Also has notes about dieting and favorite songs. Probably from the 1960s or 1970s.
675 2000.233.675 Greeting Cards, blank, set of 10 published by The Tidal Press. Reproductions of art by Charles Wadsworth: Rock Pool #2, Chickadees, The Rose and the Hand, Cambridge Backyards, Swans, Tern Island, Blind Horse. And by Jean Howard: Wild Anemones in Earthen Bowl, Cosmos and Snapdragons. And by Donald Stoltenberg: Barn.
676 2003.71.676 Ledger, handwritten, probably by William Preble, mostly running expenses and payments, apparently at a store, for various people, 1853-1857
677 2003.71.677 Ledger, handwritten, probably by William Preble, mostly running expenses and payments, apparently at a store, for various people, 1849-1851
678 2003.71.678 Ledger, handwritten, inscribed ""Property of William P. Preble"", mostly running expenses and payments, apparently at a store, for various people, 1857-1862
679 2003.88.679 Photo, b&w snapshot, the vessel Restless, apparently an island ferry
680 2003.88.680 Photo, color snapshot, all colors faded except blue, unknown vessel
681 2003.88.681 Photo, color snapshot, Walter Eversman, Betty Hartley's father, on board his sailing vessel. On back: ""Kodacolor print made week of July 20, 1953""
682 2003.88.682 Photo, b&w snapshot, Wilfred Bunker (looking up) and Clarence Beal on board their lobster smack, Silas McLoon. Per Ralph Stanley August 2016: The Silas McLoon was built for the A. C. McLoon Co. in Rockland. They were lobster dealers. Beal & Bunker bought the boat in the 1950s. They had the wet wells plugged and used it as a freight boat. They caught hake fish at GCI and took it to Vinalhaven for sale. Buster Rice was the captain. Beal & Bunker sold the boat to Arnold Allen who had a seining outfit. Ralph Believes the boat went ashore and might be beneath the sewer plant in Southwest Harbor.
683 2003.88.683 Photo, b&w snapshot, Maynard Murch on board his sailing vessel Sudron. On back: ""Mr. Murch on Sudron summer 1957""
684 2003.88.684 Photo, b&w snapshot, Maynard Murch on board his sailing vessel Sudron. On back: ""Mssrs. Murch and Dale (Pres. Whirpool) 1957""
685 2003.88.685 Photo, B&w snapshot, harpooner Harold Alley, brother of Harry Alley
686 2003.88.686 Photo, B&w snapshot, harpooner Harold Alley, brother of Harry Alley
687 2003.88.687 Photo, B&w snapshot, harpooner Harold Alley, brother of Harry Alley
688 2003.88.688 Photo, B&w snapshot, harpooner Harold Alley, brother of Harry Alley
689 2003.88.689 Photo, b&w snapshot, 2 unknown women, one in automobile, in front of clubhouse. on back: ""Thought you may like to see the Club I am in the machine""
690 2003.88.690 Photo, b&w studio, unknown man with remarkable pencil-thin mustache
691 1000.0.691 Document, photocopy, 2 sheets, essay starting ""My mother's interest in Cranberry..."", by Mary Cabot Wheelwright, about Mrs. Andrew C. Wheelwright's efforts for GCI, including donating to the church the Sarah Whitman stained glass window, the bell, and the parsonage; paying to restore the pulpit and chairs, helping to settle the site of the Town Dock, and hiring Mrs. Schrifgrisser to teach the children games and handcrafts. Transcribed.
692 2002.20.692 Document, 1 handwritten sheet, letter from J.G. Lauyer to W.P. Preble on annexing Bear Island to Cranberry Isles, 27 Feb 1850. Envelope item 693 contained items 692 and 40. Transcribed.
693 2002.20.693 Envelope, contained items 692 and 40
694 1000.27.694 Photo, scanned copy of February 1944 photograph of Longfellow School students with teacher Eleanor Bealor, taken on Dog Point Road. One of the buildings on the right has since been moved and became part of Charlene's house. Wesley Bracy Jr. holds the Abe Lincoln silhouette, to his right is his brother who died. Arthur Bunker is to Wesley Jr.'s left holding the 1944 sign. Teacher is in center, back row. (Original photo from Wesley Bracy Jr. scanned as ""wb02"" in the year 2000.) One printed copy of photograph has all the names written in by Bruce Komusin per Charlene Allen, including: Lena Spurling, Louise Phippen, Allison Bunker, Charlene Bunker Allen, Eleanor Bealor (teacher), Louise Thompson who used to live in the Wellman house, Annie Alley Rice, Leroy Alley, Nancy Spurling, Morris Alley, Louis Bracy, Lester ""Bumpy"" Bracy, Dickey Phippen, Gaile (Bunker) Colby, Arthur Bunker, and Wesley Bracy, Jr.. (1000.27.694 (B) is cleaned-up, retouched version of the original scan.)
695 2003.88.695 Photo, picnic on Baker Island, with persons present annotated by Mickey Macfarlan. See also item 43
696 1999.90.696 Art, 2 sheets, b&w silhouettes of Rachel Field and Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr., drawn by Janet Roberts for 1999 production of play, ""A Night with Rachel Field and Sammy Sanford"", by Hugh Dwelley
697 1999.91.697 Photo, 2 copies, one annotated, houses as seen from Schoolhouse Hill, annotated by Ruth Westphal. Original photo from Ruth Westphal scanned as ""view from schoolhouse hill"" in the year 1999
698 2000.92.698 Photos, 5 color snapshots, 3 of Ladies Aid Fair 2000, 1 of scarcrow in Steve Bradley's garden, 1 of old plow. All taken by Charlotte Harlan
699 1000.27.699 Booklet, advertising Lisa Hall Seaglass Jewelry, 2000, and showing available designs. In original envelope, with separate price list sheet
700 1000.27.700 Booklet, 4 pages double-sided, ""Cormorant Press Music Catalog, Fall 1994, Piano & Vocal"" by Bill Goldberg
701 1000.27.701 Booklet, 4 pages double-sided, ""Cormorant Press Music Catalog, 1998, Piano & Vocal"" by Bill Goldberg
702 1000.27.702 Document, original of ""A Cranberry Isles Benediction"" by Arthur Forrester, along with short note from Art to Bruce Komusin on how he wanted it printed, and also a proof of Komusin's design. It was distributed on GCI in late July 1995, on the occasion of Arthur Forrester's retirement as summer guest minister of the Congregational Church
703 1000.27.703 Booklet, 1 folded sheet, The Cranberry General Store 1995 flyer, showing custom made deli sandwiches, meat & eggs, fish, milk, beer & wine, bread & baked goods, telephone number and opening hours. Designed & printed by B. Komusin
704 1000.27.704 Poster, laminated, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing Fireman's Potluck Supper, 21 Aug 1998
705 1000.27.705 Poster, laminated, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing GCI Historical Society Annual Meeting, 19 Aug 1998. (The Moose Mound Memorial was a hoax on us, we did not find out until after poster was displayed.)
706 1000.27.706 Poster, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing GCI Historical Society Annual Meeting, 22 Aug 1997?
707 1000.27.707 Poster, designed by Bruce Komusin announcing release of ""An Interview with Tud Bunker, October 12, 1992"", by Patti D'Angelo, published July 1994, the first popular publication of the Historical Society
708 1000.27.708 Booklet, 1 folded sheet, program for the ""Cranberry Clam Diggers' Cabaret"", 28 Jul 1995 to benefit the Library. Also see items 709, 710, and 728
709 1000.27.709 Document, 1 sheet, for the ""Cranberry Clam Diggers' Cabaret"", with sing-along words for ""Getting to Know You"", ""Bye-Bye Blackbird"", Tomorrow"", ""Swanee"", and ""As Time Goes By"". Also see item 708 and 710
710 1000.27.710 Document, 2 sheets, for the ""Cranberry Clam Diggers' Cabaret"", draft copy of sing-along words for specially-written song ""Cranberry"", to be sung to the tune of ""Swanee""
711 1000.27.711 Document, 1 folded sheet, ""Recital by William Goldberg, piano, and Nick Humez, tenor-baritone"", 6 Jul 1995, to benefit the Library
712 1000.27.712 Document, ""Musical Mixtures"", ""A gala program of chanties, folk songs, Broadway and operatic highlights, instrumentalists galore!"" to benefit the Library, 22 Jul 1998
713 1000.27.713 Newspaper clipping, very delicate, mentions: Miss Mary A. Carroll's school in district No. 1 closed June 23; scholars Elwood J. Spurling, Percy E. Bunker, Frank Wedge, Oscar Wedge, Ernest W. Spurling, Willie F. Spurling; Rev. B.F. Stinson used to preach at Cranberry Island until he died 19 Nov 1887; Rev. Charles Whittier trying to restart preaching there. Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them. Transcribed.
714 1000.27.714 Document, photocopy of two items: 1) newspaper clipping about General Andrew B. Spurling, Civil War Medal of Honor, 2) business receipt, William P. Preble pays $1 on 7 Sep 1899 for 12 months subscription to ""Bangor Weekly Commercial"". Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them.
715 1000.27.715 Document, 1 sheet, 2 sides, ""School Agent's Census Return, 1888"" for Cranberry Isles District 3, filled out by George H. Fernald, witnessed by George J. Joy, 35 students' names and ages listed, youngest Abie Stanley, 5, oldest Hallie M. Gilley, Fannie M. Stanley, and John D. Phippen, all 20. Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them.
716 1000.27.716 Document, 1 sheet, ""State of Maine Examination Questions. Winter term 1887-8"", for teachers, with 10 questions in each of the subjects: arithmetic, geography, grammar, history, physiology, book keeping, spelling, and ""theory and practice"". Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them.
717 1000.27.717 Document, 1 sheet, ""A Proclamation"" issued by Samuel Cony, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the State of Maine, 13 Jul 1864, inviting men to enter military service and promising extra pay for those who leave the state in order to drive back the rebel hordes from Washington. Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them.
718 1000.27.718 Document, 1 handwritten sheet, apparently by William P. Preble 1898 or after, listing sources of income: $200 to administer Thomas Stanley estate, $440 from Post Office for years 1893-1897, $500 from sale of Union Meeting House in 1896, $50 for sale of land to William P. Richardson. Also lists all his farming & animal husbandry activities. Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them. Transcribed.
719 1000.27.719 Document, 1 handwritten sheet, 2 sides, side 1 is copy of original deed giving pew #19 in Union Meeting House to Mary L. Bulger, 25 Aug 1866. Side 2 is assigning Mary bulger 1/44 share of proceeds of sale of Meeting House, 26 Feb 1897. Item given by Dot & Andy McSorley to Komusin, when he bought his land from them.
720 1000.27.720 Document, photocopy of William P. Preble's tax bill of $3.90 for the year 1897; and the envelope it came in. Item given to Komusin by Dot & Andy McSorley, when he bought his land from them.
721 1000.27.721 Brochure, 1 sheet, 2 sides, tri-fold, for ""The Red House Bed & Breakfast, Great Cranberry Island, Maine"", run by Dot & John Towns until around 2001
722 1000.27.722 Brochure, 1 sheet, 2 sides, tri-fold, for ""The Red House Bed & Breakfast, Great Cranberry Island, Maine"", with prices, run by Dot & John Towns until around 2001
723 1000.27.723 Business card, Cranberry Cove Boating Co. run by Charles Liebow, with 1998 ferry schedule and fares from Southwest Harbor
724 1000.27.724 Brochure, 1 sheet, 2 sides, tri-fold, for the ""Seawich Cafe"", in the Cranberry General store, sandwiches, sweets, and salads, with prices, for 1996
725 1000.27.725 Business card, ""The Whale's Rib Gifts of Maine - Art Gallery"", run by Polly Bunker
726 1000.27.726 Program, Memorial Service for Harry Ashley Alley (b 1 Jul 1921, d 10 Sep 2000), 15 Sep 2000
727 1000.27.727 Program, Memorial Service for John McDonald (b 5 Dec 1906, d 23 Dec 1998), 22 Aug 1999
728 1000.27.728 Brochure, 1 sheet, 2 sides, ""A Tribute to the life of Hal Harker Newell"" b 3 Nov 1917, d 1 Jun 1998
729 1000.27.729 Program, Memorial Service for Robert McShea (1917 - 1997), 7 Aug 1998
730 1000.27.730 Business postcard, The Islesford Dock Restaurant, Cynthia and Dan Lief. Painting is ""The Islesford Dock, 1994"" by Edith R. Wright
731 1000.27.731 Wedding invitation, Lesley Ann White and Edward Lawrence Horvath, 16 Aug 1998 at the Cranberry Island church
732 1000.27.732 Wedding reception invitation, Horvath wedding, 14 Aug 1998
733 1000.27.733 Poster, made by Ruth Westphal, for one of her annual 4th of July picnics, year unknown
734 1000.27.734 Wallpaper, uncovered behind old cabinets during renovation of Ladies Aid building, July 2000. Green and gold and tan textured pattern on paper. (See also 2000.79.568 (A) and (C) from the nearby Dowling/Meyers house; same pattern but with linen backing.)
735 1000.27.735 Poster, Open House 9 Aug 1998 at Jim Gertmenian and Sam King's house, to celebrate Sam's 50th. birthday and 10 years in their house
736 1000.27.736 Photo, copy of photograph 1000.123.994, annotated with names of school children standing outside the old school house on Schoolhouse Hill ca. 1892 or 1893.(The Malcolm Donald house.) (See 1000.123.994 for original photograph with teacher and children's names.) Compare with 2018.272.2018.
737 1000.0.737 Document, 2 handwritten sheets, an early church history, mentioning the Benevolent Sewing Circle (1860-1866), the secession of members, selling of pews Aug 1866 and dedication of Union Meeting House 11 Sep 1866, revival and sale to Rev. Harwood 1896, and then raising subtle legal questions. Perhaps written by Abigail Preble?
738 2000.92.738 Photos, 14 color snapshots, 6 of Ladies Aid Fair 9 Aug 2000, 1 of new Museum sign, 7 (1 duplicate) of crowd at Historical Society play ""Bits and Pieces"" 16 Aug 2000
739 2004.93.739 Brochure, ""The Town of Cranberry Isles"" by Ted Spurling, includes 12 black and white pages with illustrations, copyright 1979
740 2004.93.740 Book, hardbound, ""John Gilley: Maine Farmer and Fisherman"" by Charles W. Eliot, 72 pages, copyright 1899, reprinted 1947, describes life on the Cranberry Isles
741 2004.93.741 Manuscript. A xerox copy of a collection of materials gathered in memoriam related to the military career of Lieutenant Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General Andrew Barclay Spurling who served during the Civil War and died August 22, 1906. [Spurling is the son of Abigail Cobb Hadlock Spurling who was widowed and married William P. Preble. Spurling's boyhood home was the Preble House on Great Cranberry Island, Maine.] Spurling was in the 2nd Maine Cavalry Union Army and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor March 3, 1863. This packet of materials was given to GCIHS by Hugh Dwelley in 2004 and contains copies of documents outlined in a letter to ""Cara and Ted"" (probably Ted Spurling, Sr. of Islesford, Little Cranberry Island, ME) from ""Marianne and Rene"" dtd June 1st (no year). Marianne and Rene had requested the Spurling records and received them for the cost of $32.00. Documents explain Andrew Spurling's heroism and exploits, contain copies of military records, and include statements by other Mainers who served with him. There are also three typewritten pages of text written by Ted Spurling Sr., Islesford, Maine, summing up Andrew Spurling's life, including Ted Spurling's handwritten note: ""Gen. Andrew Spurling's father was Samuel Spurling. Andrew's mother was Abigail Hadlock (of Little Cranberry Island.) Gen. Andrew was a first cousin to my great grandfather, George N. Spurling and also a first cousin to my Great Grand Father, Gilbert T. Hadlock - Ted Spurling Sr. 7/8/2002. *Benjamin Spurling was a Rev. War veteran as well. Ted"" The last few pages include copies of newspaper articles: one describes the the discovery of 1864 graffiti etched into the wall of a home in Bagdad, Florida, where Spurling and his troops apparently stopped. Graffitti has been preserved in-situ by the homeowner. Another article tells about the end of his life in Chicago investing in real estate and a rawhide manufacturing company, and mentions his unfortunate investment in the Spurling Block in Elgin just at the Panic of 1893. The last page is a letter from ""Bud"" to Ted [Spurling] thanking him for his copy and inserting his thoughts, dated September 9, 1994. [Perhaps the original copies of these documents are in the Sawtelle collection at Acadia NPS or in the Islesford Historical Society? TBD]
742 1000.0.742 Digital Photo, The Bloom Property, assessed at $585,000.00 with Carter's Real Estate, shows backside of property, advertises claw foot tub
743 2004.94.743 Quilt, postage stamp style of various colors including double pinks and brown madders with solid brown backing brought around to front with mitered corners creating a brown binding. Quilt is 97"" x 75"" with 1 3/8"" squares. Handwritten note attached: ""Quilt top pieced by Ladies from our 'Aid' in 1903 as a welcome home gift to Cara (Carrie) Richardson who had been her own captain and navigator on her second trip to the Orient in Peter's boat which she inherited on his death. Her house is near Carolyn Liebow's."" Mary Katherine ""Carrie"" Stanley Richardson (1848-1920) was the daughter of Enoch B. Sr. and Caroline H. (Guptill) Stanley. Capt. Lewis G. Stanley was her brother. She was the second wife of Capt. Meltiah Richardson (1828-1901) and mother of Emery Willard Richardson (1873-1883) and Charles Emery “Peter” Richardson (1885-1971). She attended higher education in Boston. She traveled with her husband on his vessel the Carrie M. Richardson and was an expert celestial navigator. Carrie is buried in the Stanley Cemetery. In 2001, the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society wrote and produced the original play, Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry.
744 2004.95.744 Series of documents (""Bar Harbor Times"" article, letters and drafts of letters of protest to President Reagan, letters in response from House of Representatives, petitions) regarding possible close of Cranberry Isles Post Office in 1985, replacing it with a CPO (Community Post Office)
745 1000.0.745 Photo, black and white, taken no later than 1940, with note that reads ""Georgie [Ware] thinks maybe this is Marnie Harding""
746 2004.94.746 Bible, soft cover with leather binding, color photographs, with inscription ""Mrs. Harold Stanley, Cranberry Island Me,"" distributed by Bible Society of Maine
747 2004.96.747 Photo card, Happy Holiday, depicting children playing on newly cemented playground, bikes in foreground, inscription reads ""Thank you! Longfellow School Playground Committee."" Back reads ""new basketball court -1989. Josh Gray, Hannah Gray, Brendan Westphal, Scott Bracy, Christina Bracy, Gabriel Westphal, Mandy Bracy, Brandon Russell, Heath Wedge on jungle gym, Abigail Leibow + Adrian Savage""
748 2004.101.748 Book, hardbound, ""The Island of Mount Desert Register with The Cranberry Isles 1909-10"" compiled by Lawton, Jordon, & Maddox, 1910, 334 pages. Includes advertising in first segment, church and island history, and 1909 Census of Eden, Mt. Desert, Southwest Harbor, Tremont, Cranberry Isles, with people and their occupations.
749 2004.96.749 Brochures: 3 different Beal & Bunker boat schedules: 1987 Sea Queen from NEH; date unknown Sea Queen from NEH; date unknown Island Queen from SWH
750 2004.99.750 Digital photo, Sammy Sanford's cabin, north side
751 2004.99.751 Digital photo, Sammy Sanford's cabin, south side
752 2004.97.752 Scrapbook with cards, newspaper articles, pictures, announcements, a collection of blank checks, calendar photos, and holiday prints by the Wadsworth family can be found pasted in this wallpaper print book. Scrapbook ranges from the 1940's to the late 1950's album was put together by Lulu Steel Alley, Louis Alley's wife and resident of what is now the Horvath house. From the Horvath house
753 2004.98.753 Poster for ""Once Upon an Island"", a benefit for GCIHS featuring David Jackson and Kristen Blodgette, held 14 July 2004
754 2004.98.754 Poster (3 copies) for ""Christmas in July"", a GCIHS event 21 July 2004. Flyer reads ""Free - for the kids - Story Time, Fun, Gifts, Activities, Treats""
755 2004.98.755 Poster for Historical Museum Opener, featuring 2 videos: ""Fishing with Wesley Bracy, Jr."" and ""Ice Harvesting"", plus ice lecture by Bill Lawler, held 7 July 2004. (video of lecture on miniDV tape #2004-0004, and see 2013.265.1998 and all years>video)
756 2004.98.756 Poster (2 copies) ""Home Sweet Home: 1900-1940"" representing the historical museum exhibit theme for 2003
757 2004.99.757 Manuscript: ""A Cabin In The Woods"" by Wini Smart. Notes on Sammy Sanford's Cabin made immediately after touring it, courtesy of Gordon Shaw who has the nearby cabin.
758 2004.99.758 Document (2 copies) Rachel Field's poem ""And the Place Thereof..."" which refers to Sammy Sanford's cabin
759 2004.99.759 Two Documents: Wini Smart letter to Gordon Shaw, owner of Sammy Sanford's cabin and the surrounding land, 29 July 1999, thanking him for a tour of the cabin. Also, his e-mail reply, 13 Aug 1999.
760 2000.100.760 Booklet, ""Annie the Chamber Maid"", published by Islesford Historical Society, Copyright 1994, 7 pages, photocopied (black and white) handwritten letter
761 2004.102.761 Photos printed from Hazel ""Snooks"" Peterson's album (see 1000.0.833 for some of these photos), with Wini Smart's explanatory notes made during interview with Hazel. (See 2013.265.1998 for collection of recorded interviews.)
762 2003.103.762 Photos, color, of islanders at Grand Opening of GCI Historical Museum, 6 August 2000
763 2004.104.763 Memorial of John McDonald, Delivered 22 August 1999 at his memorial service, Great Cranberry Island
764 2004.105.764 Document: Appreciation of John McDonald by James M. Storey, biographical, probably published in alumni magazine
765 2004.106.765 Laminated poster (2 copies) for Historical Museum Grand Opening, August 6, 2000
766 2004.107.766 Documents about our video ""Fishing with Junior Bracy"": transcript (29 pages), questions to ask (2 pages), dialog (5 pages). See also 2013.265.1998 for DVD information.
767 2001.108.767 Letter and 2 photos of drawings depicting Eskimo Culture: hunting, fishing, from German source
768 2007.109.768 Photos, eleven, color, ""Christmas Eve 1990"" taken in church, showing Martha Gray, Martha Bunker, Jeremy Gray, Hannah Gray, Lisa Summers, Bobbie Gray, Arvard Savage, Molly Gray, Gabriel Westohal, Josh Gray, James Bunker, Angela Wellman, Brenden Westphal, Abigail Liebow
769 2007.109.769 Photos, fifteen, color, ""Cranberry Island Playground 1985"", showing construction of playground by schoolhouse, with Charlene Allen, Don Wells, Jeremy Wells, Jim Gertmenian, Harold Wedge, Jennifer Westphal, Colleen Allen, Patrick Allen, Paul Allen, Mike Westphal
770 2007.110.770 Christmas Postcards, six, sent to Bulger, the previous owner of the Harlan's house.
771 1000.0.771 Booklet, ""Christmas 1918 - At Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida"", describing the air base with humorous text and actual photos pasted on the pages
772 1000.0.772 Booklet, ""Americans All, A Service for Children's Day"", (baptism of children, story, and presentation of Bibles) with hymns, prayers, and responsive readings, published by The Sunday School Extension Society of the Congregational & Christian Churches, 287 Fourth Ave, NYC, 1941
773 1000.27.773 Photo (postcard), Old Preble House -Cranberry Isles, postmarked Cranberry Isles 22 July 1947, 1 cent stamp, postcard reads ""This is the house mentioned in ""In God's Pocket"" by Rachel Field. We must get the book & read it. 7/22/47"" sent to Mrs. John E. Nichols, Route 3, Quakertown, PA.
774 2006.8.774 Booklet ""Ralph Stanley"" (notes used by Ralph Stanley as speaker at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Islesford Historical Society) with two vivid descriptions of the sinking of the two-masted schooner KATE NEWMAN after its collision with the three-masted schooner STEPHEN HARDING off of Long Branch, NJ during a severe storm Feb 1880. One description is by Capt. Stephen Harding of the STEPHEN HARDING, the other by William H. Rea, sole survivor of the KATE NEWMAN crew. The crew apparently was from Tremont. Booklet also contains article (published between 1999 and 2006) ""Maritime Museum showcases Stanley"" Great Harbor Maritime Museum (Northeast Harbor) honors Ralph Stanley with an exhibit ""Ralph Stanley: Retrospective of a Wooden Boat Builder. Acquistion number 346 with Islesford Historical Society.
775 2006.8.775 Booklet, Genealogical notes by Ted Spurling titled ""Pinpointing Ben Bunker's Arrival at Cranberry Islands, Mt. Desert, ME."" Newspaper article ""Betsey's Maiden Dip"" about moving the Betsey Bunker with one hundred oxen from Charleston, ME twenty-five miles to the Penobscot River in Bangor in 1840. Article, Down East Magazine, ""Captain Jack's Exploit,"" by Robert L. Smallidge, Description of Captain Jack stealing a British supply vessel during the Revolutionary War. Booklet cover is a copy of a line drawing of the Bunker Garrison in Durham, NH, 1652. Acquistion number 0106 with Islesford Historical Society.
776 2008.9.776 Newsletters: ""The Bunker Banner,"" 1995-2013, published each Feb, May, Aug, and Nov by the Bunker Family Association of America. Collection includes all of 1995 through 2013 EXCEPT 1995 (Feb & May), 1999 (Aug & Nov), 2005 (Nov). See item 784 for earlier issues. See Box 36 for Feb 2009-2015 issues.
777 1000.0.777 Gazettes, ""War Cry,"" Official Gazette of the Salvation Army in the United States. Six issues: 1902 (8 Nov, 18 Oct, 21 June, 31 May, 10 May, and Christmas 1901.
778 1000.0.778 Magazine, ""Ladies Home Journal,"" Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia. Issue of 15 May 1911, ""The Girls Mid-May Number"", with postal label addressed to Mrs Wm Bulger, Cranberry Isle, Maine.
779 1000.0.779 Magazine, ""Ladies Home Journal,"" Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia. Issue of March 1908, ""The Spring Fashion Number with 100 Fashion Pictures.""
780 1000.0.780 Magazine, ""The Modern Priscilla, Home Needlework and Everyday Housekeeping,"" Priscilla Publishing Company, Boston. Issue of Apr 1918. Includes embroidery patterns and many wartime recipes.
781 1000.0.781 Magazine clippings, photos & articles on coronation of Queen Elizabeth II: Star Weekly (Toronto, Can.) 6 June 1953 (pp. 1-4, 7-10); Life 27 Apr 1953 (cover page only, with address label ""Capt. Frank L Stanley, GCI); Sunday News (New York) 31 May 1953 (complete photo section, pp 1-20).
782 1000.0.782 Newpaper clipping, Bangor Daily News, 6 June 1956, pp. 17-18 & 21-22, ""Maine Greets Opening of Yarmouth-Bar Harbor Ferry,"" about the new ferry terminal in Bar Harbor, and the Bluenose ferry.
783 1000.0.783 Newspaper supplement to the Bar Harbor Times, 1987, ""The Fire of '47; Remembering - 40 Years Later."" With photos and remembrances.
784 2008.9.784 Book, hardbound, ""Bunker Banner, The First Twenty Five Years, 1971-1995"" by Ruth Bunker Christiansen, Edward F. Cooper, Gil Bunker, and Carole R. Bunker; published by The Bunker Family Association of America. See item 776 for newer issues.
785 1000.0.785 Booklet, ""The Sweetest Story Ever Told, A Christmas Service"" by Chas H. Gabriel, Alice Jean Cleator, and Edith Tillotson. Published by Hope Publishing Co., Chicago & NY, Copyright 1907. Free sample booklet. Penultimate leaf removed, and two poems (#23 & 24) cut out from last page.
786 1000.0.786 Booklet, ""King of the Ages, a Sunday-School Service"" by C. Austin Miles. Published by Hall-Mack Co., Philadelphia, Copyright 1915. ""Alice Stanley"" hand-written on page 14.
787 1000.27.787 Newspaper page, MDIslander, 19 July 2007, with article ""Auction set to help historical society"" about GCIHS ""Painted Pieces"" art auction to be held 22 July.
788 1000.27.788 Newspaper 1st section, MDIslander, 21 June 2007, with 2 articles: ""Carolyn Gott Liebow"" obituary, died 12 June 2007, and ""Yard to launch Western Way 19"" about Barbara Stainton running Cranberry Island Boatyard after David Stainton died (31 July 2006.)
789 1000.27.789 Newspaper clipping, MDIslander, 19 Sept 2002, ""The great Cranberry cat caper"", about Sally McShea losing Noah, the cat of Bob LaHotan (died 30 Aug 2002), while bringing it to NYC, then Jennifer Cook and Ginger Cook later driving to NH and finding it. Transcribed.
790 1000.27.790 Booklets, ""Where on Cranberry Island 2007"" contest (a.k.a. ?CI) created by Bruce Komusin. Some blank entry forms, Bruce's master form with the correct answers, and Gail Colby's winning form. She got most but not all answers correct, and won by default, being the only entrant to submit a form. Charlotte Harlan also paid to enter the contest but never submitted her entry. Conceived as a fundraiser, the contest was a failure.
791 1000.27.791 Newspaper clipping, MDIslander, 25 May 2006, ""Finding the silver lining"", about jewelery making of Barbara Fernald of Little Cranberry Island; also ""Islander House of the Week"", about Ed & Lesley Horvath house on GCI for sale.
792 1000.27.792 Map, Great Cranberry Island, with tourist information, made as souvenir for guests of the marriage of Ed & Lesley Horvath, 1998.
793 1000.27.793 Newspaper clipping (copy), MDIslander, obituary of Marjorie E. Phippen, b. 15 July 1904; d. 20 Mar 2002. She was daughter of Oscar & Millie (Harding) Bulger, and was married to Leslie ""Phip"" Phippen for 65 years. Transcribed.
794 1000.27.794 Collection about ""Once Upon an Island"" fundraising event for Cranberry House, 14 July 2004, starring David Jackson (singer) and Kristen Blodgette (piano.) Collection includes handwritten letter from Larry Allen, with bios and 8""x10"" glossy publicity photos of the stars; also includes several copies of the program handed out at the event.
795 1000.27.795 Letter (copy) sent by Hugh L. Dwelley to Mildred Cole Peledeau, about Cranberry Island Rugs. Hugh's letter includes several patterns for rugs: ""Jefferson's Fancy"", ""Dimond Diaper"", ""Rose of Sharon"", and some unlabeled. The patterns are also labeled ""Mrs. Eliza Murray"", ""1840"", and ""1844"". A photo of some samples made form the patterns in 1999.
796 1000.27.796 Brochures (6 copies): ""Arts - Creative Works of the Cranberry Isles"" art exhibit, silent auction, and fashion show fundraiser for Cranberry House, 20 July 2006. Lists sponsors, people who loaned artworks for exhibit, fashion show models, musicians, donors of items for sale, workers who helped, and on the back, a blurb and artist's conception of Cranberry House, and the officers and directors of GCI Historical Society.
797 1000.27.797 Brochures (3 copies): ""Historical Museum"" about the museum when it was located in the Longfellow School, 2000-2007. This was the standard hand-out during that time.
798 1000.27.798 Brochure: ""Cranberry Isles Phone Book"", June 1991"" previously owned by Bruce Komusin and annotated by Margarite Komusin, his mother. Includes people & their telephone numbers on GCI, Islesford, Sutton, and Bear.
799 1000.27.799 Brochure: ""Island Adventure"", a tourist handout and schedule of the Cranberry Cove Boating Co., 1993, when it was owned & run by Charles ""Chuck"" Liebow (before being sold to Steve Pagels.)
800 1000.27.800 Rubbings from some grave stones in the Preble Cemetery, made by Bruce Komusin for his report on that cemetery, first published 1993. This report was never a big seller and is now available for free on the web (with added photos) at
801 1000.27.801 Booklet, ""Cranberry Quilts"" by Charlotte Harlan. Photos and descriptions of 27 quilts shown at ""Arts: Creative Works of the Cranberry Isles"" exhibit, 20 July 2006, in Northeast Harbor Neighborhood House, as a Cranberry House fundraiser.
802 1000.27.802 Signs (5), Historical Museum 2005 Exhibit: The Sea Around Us"", made by Bruce Komusin, featuring a photo of Charles Rice rowing toward GCI town dock. The photo is probably from the mid 1960s, based on cars in the background, and the appearance of the dock (no angled extension.)
803 1000.27.803 Magazine clipping, ""Establishing Your Own Gallery"" by Wini Smart, from American Artist magazine, March 1996. Features photos of 3 of Wini's paintings, including ""House of Fables, 1993"" a depiction of the Preble house on GCI.
804 1000.27.804 Brochure, ""The Wind & the Wood,"" promoting Ralph W. Stanley Inc., Boat Building business in Southwest Harbor. With his thoughts about wooden boat building, and photos of him, his shop, and his boats. Brochure probably from the mid 1980s.
805 1000.27.805 Price List, GCIHS publications and their prices, sold at the museum in the Longfellow School, 2006.
806 1000.27.806 Telephone Book, Cranberry Isles, Maine 1997-98, ""The DELIGHTful Phone Book"", compiled by Hugh Dwelley of Islesford. Includes Town Officials, Great Cranberry Island, Islesford, Sutton, and Bear Islands, local ZIP codes, useful numbers, emergency numbers, and services. Also a short note from Hugh thanking Bruce Komusin for his help with the GCI portion.
807 1000.27.807 Booklet, GCI Congregational Church Christmas Service program, 23 Dec 2006. Rev. Rob Benson from Maine Sea Coast Mission presided. Phil Whitney, Mickey Macfarlan, Beverly Sanborn, Sonja Colby, Karin Whitney, and Hal Newell presented different sections.
808 1000.27.808 Manuscript, transcript of Tud Bunker interview 18 Mar 1993, recorded and transcribed by Jeff Weisbruch, hand edited by Dorothy Silvers. Illustrated by Bruce Komusin. The first four pages are missing; blown into the sea! This was made into the publication ""Riding With Tud"" released in 2001. The audio tape is item 445.
809 1000.27.809 Collection, papers about GCIHS Cranberry House fund raiser, July 22, 2007: 1) list of live auction items, who bid highest, and the bid, 2) list of silent auction items with donor and value, 3) all silent auction bid sheets, 4) page of questions and problems.
810 2001.111.810 Document: Assessor's Report, October 2, 1946: Francis Marr's 4 lots of land and 1 house assessed at a total of $1250 by Leslie M Rice, Chairman of Assessors. Transcribed.
811 2001.111.811 Deposition: Sanford vs Preble, of Dr. Chas. M. Sawyer, taken 26 Nov 1898. Transcribed.
812 2001.111.812 Deposition: Sanford vs Preble, of Dr. Joseph D. Phillips, taken 26 Nov 1898
813 2001.111.813 Direct Interrogation: Sanford vs Preble, of Nettie A Stanley, undated, probably taken during trial which was supposed to start 3 Jan 1899 according to text of items 811 & 812
814 2001.111.814 Direct Interrogation: Sanford vs Preble, of William P. Preble, undated, probably taken during trial which was supposed to start 3 Jan 1899 according to text of items 811 & 812
815 2001.111.815 Envelope and 2 Letters from Attorney John A. Peters Jr. to his client, William P. Preble, about Sanford vs Preble. Envelope postmarked 16 Apr, letters dated 15 Apr 1901 and 20 Dec 1901. Peters thinks he arranged favorable settlement with Sanford, and his remarks seem to indicate that Preble (age 90) is slightly confused about the settlement.
816 2001.111.816 Document: Auditor's Report to the Court No.2, Sanford vs Preble, made from a meeting of the parties 19 Nov 1899, giving a summary of the facts of the case, the various amounts owed by each party, and concluding that Preble owes Sanford $284.14
817 2001.111.817 Document: Auditor's Report to the Court No.1, Sanford vs Preble, made from a meeting of the parties 24 Apr 1899, giving a summary of the facts of the case, the various amounts owed by each party, and concluding that Preble owes Sanford $1617.88
818 2001.111.818 Document: List of items & expenses that Sanford owes Preble up to date 20 Oct 1898, probably prepared by Preble in preparation for the trlal Sanford vs Preble. Transcribed.
819 2001.111.819 Ledger. Part of a ledger probably kept by William P. Preble, of the accounts of G.N. Spurling (1888-1899), Mrs. L.G. Fernald and the Estate of E.S. Fernald (1896-1905), William H. Preble (1899), William P. Preble (1898-1905, and much the longest), and a list of various deeds,1835-1902, some naming William P. Preble as buyer or seller, and the rest probably passing through his hands, as a trusted local advisor
820 2001.111.820 Letter: perhaps partial, from George B. Preble to William P. Preble, 18 Jan 1901, telling of George's lean winter, and including a list of Prebles and Spurlings on the back (purpose unstated). Transcribed.
821 2001.111.821 Letter: partial, from Samuel C. Sanford to William P. Preble, listing Sanford's personal property, ca. 1898. Transcribed.
822 2001.111.822 Receipt: William P. Preble paid in full $31.22 for state, county, town, and highway taxes for 1873; William H. Preble paid $3.76 for same. Dated 5 Jan 1874; signed William P. Bunker, Collector. Transcribed.
823 2001.111.823 Map: Showing William P. Preble's ""The Old Home Lot"" and the previous lots around it (some of which presumably Preble bought) extending from the main road to what we now call Preble Cove. Date unkown
824 2001.111.824 Letter: G.M. Richardson to William Preble's daughter, Fannie, 14 Apr 1901, relating that Richardson feels the opposing lawyers took advantage of Preble's age and blindness in the settlement of Sanford vs Preble. Transcribed.
825 2001.111.825 Letter: W.P. Preble (grandson) to William P. Preble, undated, about grandson's search for letters his grandfather asked for, and mentioning that the grandfather said in 1898 that he was ""...unable to attend to business any longer, my strength is failing and I am wasting away, and ... I just put everything in your hands, and cannot attend to it any longer."" Transcribed.
826 2001.111.826 Letter: William P. Preble to Wm. H. Preble (son), 7 Nov 1898, putting his entire affairs into his son's hands, and complaining of Samuel Sanford's recent change to ungratefulness. This is the letter referred to in item #825. Transcribed.
827 2001.111.827 Receipt: 23 Apr 1859, Sarah H. Richardson sells her father's estate to William P. Preble for $25 plus all debts and demands. Transcribed.
828 2001.111.828 Letter: William P. Preble to Wm. P. Preble (Grandson), 21 Sep 1900; suggesting that some lots the senior Preble had previously deeded to Wm. H. Preble, his now dead son, be sold by the grandson, his father's Illinois estate administrator, to effectively prevent trespassing by Sam Sanford and A.B. Birlem. Transcribed.
829 2001.111.829 Letter: Lulina? M. Harding to Mrs. Richardson, 30 Oct 1904, confirming Harding's ownership of the schoolhouse lot (one of the two in use before the current school was built in 1904 - most likely the lot now owned by Malcolm Donald across from Cranberry House.) Transcribed.
830 2001.111.830 Letter: Cassius C. Roberts to Mrs. B.H. Spurling, 3 Sep 1906, describing the death of General Andrew Barclay Spurling (a Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor winner) in Chicago. Transcribed.
831 2001.111.831 Letter: Samuel E. Spurling to Mrs. A.C. Preble (son to mother), 30 Jun 1850, about his plan to stay five years at the mines in California, this being the end of his first year. He also asks his father, William P. Preble, to pay the next installment of his insurance, as he himself apparently cannot. Transcribed.
832 2001.111.832 Letter: Sarah (daughter) to William P. Preble, 15 July year unknown, asking how & why Preble lost his case vs Sanford. Transcribed.
833 1000.0.833 Photo album, owned by Hazel ""Snooks"" (Stanley) Peterson, probably donated by Louise H. Millar, with photos of her and Ruth Alley, Doris ""Dot"" Peterson (a.k.a. Dorothy Fitch), Philmore Peterson, Paul Peterson, Morris Alley, Inez Krantz, Oscar Krantz, Emory Krantz, Wilder Stanley, Helen Stanley, William Stanley, Enoch Stanley, Carl Hardy, Hillard Hardy, Junior Hardy, Rose Wedge, and Lew Stanley. (See scans and description of photos in: ...>2000>Photos>Hazel Brooks Peterson.) (See also 2004.102.761.) Transcribed with IDs.
834 1000.112.834 Document: The History of Sutton (or Sutton's) Island, 32 pages, by Anne Namnoum of Sutton; a draft manuscript (also see item #86); with historical narrative, and descriptions and photos of the houses: The Richardson House ""twin Tops"", Moore House, Bunker House (the old Post Office) built by William Richardson, The Boathouse, White Hen owned by Lancasters and Rices, Gilley House a.k.a. Lyman, A.C. Fernald House, Harvard/Kendall House owned by Albion Moore, The Schoolhouse, Bunchberry Bungalow or cottage owned by Woodworth and Fernald, Windemere owned by Burnham and Stimsons, Rice Cottage, Church/Lange House owned by Charles Church, Memhard and Chatfields; The Teahouse owned by Wheelrights, Rockefeller and Hopkins, Farmhouse owned by Wilbert Rice; Rachel Field House, Afterglow, The Log Cabin, The Cow Barn, Harvard/Paine House, Little Gilley/Lyman House, Fir-Lee, Talley House, Lamb House/Sunset Point, The Dory, Twin Tops II. Additional documents discovered July 2015 and added to folder: about 50 pages of printed text about houses on Sutton no dates or names of author(s).
835 1000.0.835 Map: Topo map of the Cranberry Isles (with lines of equal height, but not including Bear Island) and with cemeteries marked in yellow highlighter, as mentioned in Tom Vining's book ""Cemeteries of MDI & the CIs""
836 2005.113.836 Photos: 3 snapshots of Hitty ladies including Virginia Heyerdahl (editor of Friends of Hitty Newsletter), who visited the schoolhouse museum in November 2005. Photo 1: blank. Photo 2: Hitty Ladies & Bruce Komusin. The women include Virginia Heyerdahl - they donated some Rachel Field books shown on the table. Photo 3. Sarah Newell in schoolhouse museum behind Rachel Field books, some just donated.
837 1000.27.837 Bookmark: Two blue paper bookmarks with cranberry design in dark red and green, and with legend ""Great Cranberry Library - Libraries are not made; they grow. A. Birrell"". One bookmark has the cranberry leaves hand-colored green. The library was started 1986 or 1987, the bookmark was made about 1990 by Jeanne Goldberg, and Ruth Westphal started 1999 as librarian.
838 1000.53.838 Newspaper photo: Beal & Bunker ferry Sea Queen pulling out of Northeast Harbor to the Cranberry Isles; Bar Harbor Times, 1 Sep 1994
839 1000.53.839 Newspaper article: ""New Cranberry 30 features old-time styling""; Bar Harbor Times, 1 Sep 1994; 2 photos: The Cranberry 30, and Newman and Gray's new facilities on Cranberry Island
840 1000.53.840 Newspaper article and Letter: ""The Master Plan, Acadia National Park""; 8-page supplement to Bar Harbor Times, 28 Apr 1983; on a proposed Federal law to set a fixed boundary (and thus limits) to Acadia National Park, which so far had grown haphazardly as random pieces of land were acquired. The letter, sent by the Town of Cranberry Isles Selectmen 27 May 1983, apparently accompanied the newspaper article, which the Selectmen thought important enough to send to all residents and taxpayers.
841 1000.0.841 Newspaper photo: Volunteers gather around the newly-built playground near the Longfellow School and the Great Cranberry Library; with a list of names, some unknown. Transcribed - names.
842 1000.0.842 Booklet: ""Narramissic Notebook, Pictures, poems and stories from neighboring towns""; Number 7, 2006; with poems by islanders Paul Liebow, Carl Little, Emily Roberts, and Susan White, also with a memorial remembrance and photo of Emily and her dog Rosey; also 3 separate pages of poems, author unknown, on loose sheets stuffed in the Notebook
843 1000.114.843 Papers: Artist's Resume (1 sheet), Artist's Statement (1 sheet), and ""Ancestors"" an explanation of her collage (1 sheet); Susan (Donald) Michalski is the sister of Malcolm Donald and Peter Donald
844 2007.115.844 Photo & Note: Thank you note from Sueanne Glidden to Karin and Phil Whitney after she visited the island, staying overnight, to see our Hitty collection. As ""Sue in Maine"" she is well-known in Hitty collector's circles. She donated a Cranberry House window and arranged for her local Hitty club to donate a door. The photo shows some of her Hitty dolls, including Hitty Colleen.
845 1000.27.845 Document: Memorial service program for Emily Winthrop Roberts held at the Great Cranberry Island Congregational Church, 17 Aug 2006. Includes sheet music and words for ""Lord of the Dance"" one of the hymns on the program.
846 1000.18.846 Document: Some of Emily Roberts' favorite quotes, sent to Rob Benson (island minister of the Seacost Mission), which he read at Emily's memorial service, and later emailed to Ruth Westphal (Cranberry Librarian) (see item 845)
847 1000.27.847 Document: Eulogy, ""Remembering Emily Roberts"" written and read by Cyrus Moulton (Island Institute Fellow 2005-2007) at Emily's memorial service (see item 845). Transcribed.
848 1000.0.848 Collection of printed items about the fundraiser ""Arts - Creative Works of the Cranberry Isles"" held 20 July 2006 at the Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor, which included an art show, quilt show, fashion show, quilt raffle, and live and silent auctions. Incudes: postcard announcement of the event, program, signs, newspaper clipping, ""Cranberry Quilts"" guide to the quilts on display, facility use agreement with the Neighborhood House, internal notes of the various committees involved, and thank-you sign posted after ther event.
849 1000.27.849 Document: Great Cranberry Island Phone List & Map, 1997-1998: a list of people on the island, with their telephone number and house number (going by telephone poles) and with the map showing the location of their house on the island.
850 1000.0.850 Newspaper clipping, ""Island writer reels in the lore of fishing"" by Carl Little, Bar Harbor Times, 21 Nov 1996: about John McDonald of NYC, who summered on GCI in the small white house opposite the Preble house. He wrote several important books about angling, as well as ""My Years With General Motors by Alfred Sloan."" (Scanned, clear copy also made.)
851 1000.0.851 Newspaper obituary, Warren Everett Fernald, b 17 Jul 1927, d 14 Jun 2005. Transcribed.
852 1000.0.852 Newspaper obituary, Charles E. Wadsworth Jr, b 3 Mar 1917, d 21 Aug 2002. Transcribed.
853 1000.0.853 Newspaper obituary, Marjorie E. Phippen, b 15 Jul 1904, d 20 Mar 2002. Transcribed.
854 1000.0.854 Newspaper obituary, Marvin Harris, d 25 Oct 2001, age 74. Transcribed.
855 1000.0.855 Newspaper obituary, Ada B. Rice, b 5 Dec 1910, d 29 Nov 2002. Transcribed.
856 1000.0.856 Document: Memorial service program for Ada B. Rice held at the Cranberry Island Congregational Church, 21 May 2003
857 1000.0.857 Newspaper obituary, Barbara Brooks, b 12 Feb 1912, d 28 Dec 2003. Transcribed.
858 1000.0.858 Newspaper obituary, Carl G. Nelson, b 1898, d 6 Aug 1988. Transcribed.
859 1000.0.859 Document: Memorial service program for Carl G. Nelson held at the St. Paul Lutheran Church, Villa Park, IL, 9 Aug 1988. Transcribed.
860 1000.0.860 Newspaper obituary (copy), Frederick Moss, b 1 Mar 1929, d 27 Jul 2001. Transcribed.
861 1000.0.861 Document: Memorial service program for Frederick Moss held at the Great Cranberry Island Congregational Church, 18 Aug 2001
862 1000.0.862 Sign: Memorial service for Frederick Moss, 18 Aug 2001
863 1000.0.863 Newspaper obituary (copy), Robert LaHotan, b 8 Apr 1927, d 30 Aug 2002. Transcribed.
864 1000.0.864 Sign: Memorial service for Robert LaHotan, held at his former home, the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation, 27 Jul 2003
865 1000.0.865 Document: Memorial service program for John McDonald (b 5 Dec 1906, d 23 Dec 1998), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 22 Aug 1999
866 1000.0.866 Newspaper obituary (copy), Emily Colby, d 2 Jun 2007. Transcribed.
867 1000.0.867 Document: Memorial service program for Arthur Bunker (b 18 May 1938, d 15 Aug 2000), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 18 Aug 2000
868 1000.0.868 Document: Memorial service program for Harry Alley (b 1 Jul 1921, d 10 Sep 2000), held graveside at the Preble Cemetery, 15 Sep 2000
869 1000.0.869 Document: Memorial service program for Rhonda Colby King (b 1 Jul 1960, d 16 Jan 2001), held at Jordan Funeral Home, Ellsworth, 20 Jan 2001
870 1000.0.870 Document: Memorial service program for Stan Seimer (b 28 Dec 1918, d 10 Mar 2007), held at the Great Cranberrry Congregational Church, 13 Aug 2007
871 1000.0.871 Document: Memorial service program for Dorris ""Dot"" Rice (b 2 Jul 1912, d 27 Jun 1994), held at the Bunker Cemetery on GCI, 5 Jul 1994
872 1000.0.872 Document: Memorial service program for Samuel Adam Michalski (b 14 Sep 1965, d 13 Apr 2005), held at the South Egremont Congregational Church of South Egremont, MA. Interrment in Stanley Cemetery, GCI. Samuel was the son of artist Susan Michalski, Malcolm Donald's sister.
873 1000.0.873 Newspaper obituary, Hazel ""Snooks"" Peterson (b 23 Jun 1920, d 8 Jan 2006). Transcribed.
874 1000.0.874 Document: Memorial service program for Elizabeth Hartley (b 27 Nov 1914, d 30 Mar 2009), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 12 Aug 2009. Transcribed.
875 1000.0.875 Document: Memorial service program for William Goldberg (b 24 Jan 1917, d 7 Jun 2008), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 13 Aug 2008
876 1000.0.876 Document: Memorial service program for Capt. Norman Sanborn Sr. (b 1941, d 2008), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 19 Aug 2008
877 1000.0.877 Newspaper obituary, David Stainton (d 31 Jul 2006, age 72). Transcribed.
878 1000.0.878 Newspaper obituary, John Heliker (b 16 Jan 1909, d 22 Feb 2000). Transcribed.
879 1000.0.879 Document: Memorial service program for John Heliker, held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 5 Aug 2000
880 1000.0.880 Document: Memorial service program for Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker (b 12 Jun 1909, d 22 Nov 2000), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 12 Aug 2001
881 1000.0.881 Document: Memorial leaflet for Lindon ""Tud"" Bunker graveside ceremony, held at the Bunker Cemetery, GCI
882 1000.0.882 Document: Memorial service program for Jean Wadsworth (b 22 Oct 1921, d 28 May 2001), held at the Great Cranberry Congregational Church, 26 Aug 2001
883 1000.0.883 Newspaper obituary (copy), Gertrude Storey ""Trudy"" Bancroft, b 1923, d 2002. Transcribed.
884 1000.0.884 Document: Memorial service program for Gertrude Storey Bancroft, held at the First Parish Church of Brookline MA, 7 Sep 2002
885 1000.0.885 Newspaper obituary, Edna Andrade, b 25 Jan 1917, d 17 Apr 2008. Edna summered on GCI.
886 1000.0.886 Document: Memorial for Hal Newell Sr., b 3 Nov 1917, d 1 Jun 1998. Transcribed.
887 1000.0.887 Document: Memorial for Hal Newell Jr., b 30 Oct 1946, d 10 Nov 2007. Transcribed.
888 1000.0.888 Document: Memorial service program (copy) for Hal Newell Jr. (b 30 Oct 1946, d 10 Nov 2007), held at St. Christopher's-by-the-River Church, 16 Nov 2007
889 1000.0.889 Document: Words of Donald Mann at the funeral of Hal Newell, Jr., 16 Nov 2007. Transcribed.
890 1000.0.890 Document: Email with a copy of obituary , Betsy Wells, b 27 Jun 1939, d 1 May 2008. Don Wells was a long time summer minister at GCI. Transcribed.
891 1000.0.891 Sign: Announcment of memorial service for Bea (Beatrice) Weinreich, held at the Great Cranberrry Congregational Church, 18 Aug 2008
892 1000.0.892 Booklet: ""A Tribute to Robert Bloom, in honor of his 80th birthday; Presented by his pupils, colleagues and friends; Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, Sunday, May 15, 1988 at 2:00 pm"" With the program, many photos, and appreciations by his friends and colleagues.
893 1000.0.893 Document: Memorial service program for Emilia Royco (b 31 Jul 1909, d 11 Nov 2005), held at Emmanuel Luteran Church, Bethesda, MD, 3 Dec 2005
894 1000.0.894 Newspaper obituary (copy), Emilia Royco, b 31 Jul 1909, d 11 Nov 2005. She was Emiline Ott's mother who came to GCI for many years.
895 1000.0.895 Newspaper obituary, Robin Richman, b 21 Jun 1944, d 5 Feb 2009
896 1000.0.896 Newspaper article, ""Longfellow School hangs by a thread"", mentioning only two pupils projected for the school year 1997-1998. Transcribed.
897 2004.96.897 Brochure, ""Cranberry Isles Maine; The Town of Five Islands"", a 1-page fold-out tourist brochure created by the town, with photos of both Cranberry and Islesford attractions, and the poem ""Cranbery Isles"" by James Belcher Ford (who was a minister on GCI.)
898 1000.116.898 Booklet, ""Constitution and By-Laws, Merrymeeting Lodge No. 134, Independant Order of Geed Templars, Bowdoinham, Me."" 1868, Article II is the ""Pledge: No member shall make, buy, sell or use, as a beverage, any spiritous or malt liquors, wine or cider, and members shall discountenance the manufacture and sale thereof in all proper ways.""
899 1000.117.899 Newspapers, ca. 1905, stained and in poor condition, with a note ""Historical Society - Old newspapers from the walls of the Blue Buckets home! - Janice"" Blue Buckets being Janice's house at the end of Dog Point Road, previously occupied by Al and Bobbie Gray.
900 1000.118.900 Collection of 9 Hazel Brooks ""Snooks"" (Stanley) Peterson items: a) negative plus printed image of Hazel holding fish at the Stanley Fish Wharf in Manset; b) letter (1943) invitation to spaghetti dinner from her WAC commander; c) memo (1943) from her WAC commander describing Hazel as loyal, intelligent, efficient, and cooperative; d&e) personal letter (1956) from her friend Ruth ""Haydy"" Haydock; f&g) photo (1966) of Hazel (caretaker) with members of the Cranberry Club (names on back); h) certificate (1974) of six weeks' training in Alcoholism Counseling; i&j) photo (ca. 1974) Hazel at LSU where she attended classes; k) certificate of appreciation (1979) for volunteer work with the aging; l) letter (undated) of thanks for her participation in Food with Friends program. (Some transcribed.)
901 1000.116.901 Collection of Hazel Brooks ""Snooks"" (Stanley) Peterson's photos: a red photo album, plus the box the album came in, both full of photos
902 1000.118.902 Photo wallet, leather, ""Y.W.C.A. / U.S.O. / COL'S, OHIO"" (meaning Columbus, Ohio) owned by Hazel (Stanley) Peterson, containing 2 photos of her family: a) Mimi, her grandmother; b) Bea Stanley, her mother
903 1000.118.903 Photo of Hazel Brooks ""Snooks"" (Stanley) Peterson in WAC uniform
904 1000.118.904 Birthday card sent from Mimi (Hazel Peterson's grandmother) to Bea (Beatrice Stanley, Hazel's mother). Transcribed.
905 1000.118.905 Photo, Enoch Stanley family portrait: (l to r) Nina, Bea (Beatrice, mother), Emma (with toy), Malcolm (known as Mac), Mae, Enoch Stanley (father, also known as E'en), Hazel Brooks
906 1000.0.906 Collection of 3 misc. articles pertaining to Rachel Field and Hitty Preble. 2 copies of an article copied from Down East Maine Magazine detailing Rachel Field's life and her connection to Cranberry Isles. 1 copy of ""The Friends of Hitty"" Newsletter edited by Virginia Hyardal containing a compilation of Rachel Field's works. 1 News release from the Cranberry House detailing plans to create and continue a Rachel Field and Hitty exhibit within the museum.
907 1000.0.907 Collection of materials pertaining to the July 28, 2005 GCIHS Exhibit and Silent Auction fundraiser.
908 1000.0.908 Collection of correspondence between Owen Roberts, Jeff Weisbruch and Hugh Dwelley pertaining to the ethnographic interviews of ""Tud"" Bunker, Ada Rice, Ralph Stanley and Marjorie Phippin. Letters ranging between September 1993 and July 1994
909 1000.0.909 Background information of Arno Preston Stanley with information and documents supplied by Phil and Karin Whitney and Ralph Stanley. Contains a restored version and a copy of the original marriage proposal letter of Arno Preston Stanley and the acceptance of Maybelle Stanley in the form of the same letter.
910 1000.0.910 Correspondence between Wini Smart, Joan Webb, and Jeremy D'Entremont regarding Elisha Bunker as a lighthouse keeper in August 1992
911 1000.0.911 A copy of ""An interview with Tud Bunker: Lifetime Resident of Great Cranberry Island"" Interview and transcription by Patti D'Angelo and edits by Bruce Komusin of GCIHS published by GCIHS July 1994
912 1000.53.912 Playbill and ticket for ""The Sabbatus Extinction"" as produced by the Red Hand Collective in 2005. Matt Nelson, grandson of Hazel Peterson and ""Snooks"" Philman Peterson performed as Gunther Sabbatus in the show
913 1000.0.913 Islesford Historical Society publication of ""Reflections of a Winter's Night: Growing up on Islesford in the 1940's & 1950's"" By Hugh Dwelley November 1995
914 1000.0.914 A collection of items donated and bought from the 1995 Art exhibit and Silent Auction.
915 1000.0.915 A write up of Patti D'Angelo's work on Cranberry Island with the elementary school and interview with Tud Bunker as well as an explanation of her affiliation with the College of the Atlantic.
916 1000.0.916 Sketch of Rachel Field's house on Sutton Island
917 1000.0.917 Correspondence between Hugh Dwelley and Bruce Komusin regarding an Audrey Nother concert with a PS pertaining to sending a copy of Hannah Caroline's lament to Ulf Bankmann
918 1000.0.918 Photo. A Labeled photograph of the children of Great Cranberry Island from 1944
919 1000.0.919 Photograph of Richard Beal clipping the hoof of a sheep on shearing day
920 1000.0.920 A copy of the 1995-1996 ""The 'DELIGHTful' phone book""
921 1000.0.921 Bruce Komusin's notes on interviews with Ralph Stanley, Ada Rice, Tud Bunker, and Marjorie Phippen
922 1000.27.922 Carter's Real Estate listing from 2005 detailing Bear Dog Boat Yard and house
923 1000.0.923 Newsletter sent out by Gary Allen pertaining to the first Great Cranberry Ultra Marathon held on July 28, 2007 the letter details how islanders can help and calls for volunteers and donations.
924 1000.0.924 Newsletter from Board of Selectman Daniel Lief announcing the first high speed internet to be available on the Cranberries to be available the summer of 2007
925 1000.0.925 Rough copies of the publication ""The Preble Cove Cemetery: Great Cranberry Island, ME"" Compiled by Bruce Komusin of GCIHS in August of 1994
926 1000.0.926 Collection of notes and interview notes from ""Fishing with Wesley Bracy, Jr."" from 2001
927 1000.0.927 Notes taken by Charlene Allen in 2003 counting visitors and donations to the Museum while it was still located in the Long fellow school.
928 1000.0.928 Collection of islanders' recipes with color photos.
929 1000.0.929 Buoys. Graphic - Heraldry of Great Cranberry Island Working Lobstermen's Colors Summer 2000
930 1000.0.930 Photo of Summer ladies in a row boat heading towards Sutton Island
931 1000.0.931 Photo. Labeled photo of attendees of Annie Alley's birthday party on Oct. 5 year unknown.
932 1000.0.932 Legend for Washington school field trip
933 1000.0.933 Tud Bunker's photograph list from 1991
934 1000.0.934 Transcriptions. Collection of transcribed documents from Great Cranberry Island sea captains for possible use in video adaptations. They are excerpts of entries from a William P. Preble ledger/journal of ship's protestations owned by and transcribed by Mickey Macfarlan. (See 1000.116.1080 for full transcription and possible scans, and online at>history>preble.) (Complete scan of 75 page journal perhaps located 2002\photos\mickey macfarlan.)
935 1000.0.935 The Island Reader Volume I: Spring 2006, Volume II: Spring 2007, Volume IV: Spring 2009, Volume III, Spring 2008
936 1000.0.936 Great Cranberry Island Phone List, 2007-2008
937 1000.0.937 Document. Open invitation to the wedding and reception of Emily Gertmenian and Brendan Callahan on August 26, 2007
938 2016.346.938 Furniture. Wooden rug making or weaving frame. With note to Bruce Komusin dated 30 March 2006. ""This frame was given to Irene Bartlett by Louise Sorenson (Barbara Brooks' sister) 1960s or 70s (along with lots of wool) when she was clearing things out of the house. If you can use it at the new Historical Center and/or your craft demonstration/fundraiser I would love to donate it to the center. Frances [Bartlett]""
939 1000.0.939 April 2002 newsletter from the Great Cranberry Community Center
940 1000.0.940 1998 Card with Henry Finkelstein's oil on canvas ""From Under the Plum Trees"" print featured on the front
941 1000.0.941 Short description of Charles and Ada Rice's home written by Tom and Leslie Watson
942 1000.0.942 Rough copies of an interview with Tud Bunker by Jeff Weisbruch
943 1000.0.943 Letter, March 29, 1914 Letter from Sara Mayo, Baker Island school teacher to her Mother Catherine Pye Mayo.
944 1000.0.944 Letter from Hugh Dwelley to Susan White explaining the enclosed copy of the Great Cranberry Island's church deed from 1897, Includes a copy of the original church deed.
945 1000.0.945 Map. Copy of an old Great Cranberry and Suttons Map (date not specified)
946 1000.0.946 Sammy Sanford and Peter Richardson from the Grotonian Articles
947 1000.34.947 Article from the 8/15/1919 Vincent Bowditch Journals describing the Great Cranberry whale.
948 1000.0.948 Two copies of articles describing the 1916 Firebug on the Cranberry Isles with a summary provided by Bruce Komusin
949 1000.0.949 The first minutes of the first meeting of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society held on 7/28/93
950 1000.0.950 Collection of items pertaining to the Great Cranberry Island Crantini fundraiser held on 8/4/2004
951 1000.0.951 Newspaper article. Anecdotal article called ""Horse Ate at Table with Family"" describing the Stanley's horse's mannerisms and fondness for hot biscuits.
952 1000.50.952 Photos, and a short note from Gordon Shaw explaining them: a) 1912 photo of Samuel Sanford outside his cabin on GCI, and b) photo of Captain Hadlock. Photos taken by Walter K Shaw, Sr.
953 1000.0.953 Memorandum of the June 23, 2009 meeting at Acadia National Park Headquarters in order to decline the offer of purchasing the lighthouse located on Baker's Island.
954 1000.34.954 Memories of Duck and Bakers Island circa 1891. Gifted by Hugh Dwelley in Summer 2007. The bulk of the document is a copy of a letter to the Ellsworth American written by Rufus George Frederick Candage. The letter was written in 1891, but in the letter he is reminiscing about a two-week vacation to the Duck and Bakers Island in 1841. He writes about a barn, cattle, vegetables, hay, butter, cheese, eggs, fowls on Great Duck, and sheep on Little Duck. At that time the family of John Bartlett was living on Duck Island, although the Duck Islands were claimed by Mr. Gilley. Candage also remembers a trip to see the Bakers Island lighthouse. The letter is preceded by an excerpt from the book ""The Descendants of James Candage/Cavendish of Blue Hill, Maine"" and some notes on the Bartlett family and the letter made by Ralph W. Stanley. The document also includes a letter from Hugh Dwelley as President of the Islesford Historical Society to Mr. Gil Bunker in reference to a visit that the Bunker Family Association of America planned to make to the Cranberry Islands.
955 1000.0.955 Megan Denver's (daughter of Bob Denver, actor in the TV show Gilligan's Island) Sunday school attendance record book from 1974-1975
956 1000.0.956 Photographic journal of the May 24, 2000 move of Cap Kaine's recently donated house to the CIRT from its original location on The Lane to the home's current location on Cranberry Road.
957 1000.0.957 Collection of House Histories on Sutton's Island until 1963
958 2001.111.958 Copy of ""Uncle Edgar's Lobster Boat"" By Deig Marie. Presented to the Islesford Library in the Summer of 2001
959 1000.0.959 Notes from the first Great Cranberry Island Historical Society Meeting. List of attendees, ideas, and the role the Historical Society could play within the community are included.
960 1000.0.960 Photo. Matted photo of a house possibly on Cranberry Island. A mystery house.
961 2005.119.961 Magazine, ""America"", in Russian, from 1971. Article with photos concerning Cranberry Island on pages 6 and 7
962 1000.0.962 962 A-E, Newspaper articles pertaining to GCIHS
963 1000.0.963 Newspaper articles. Article 963 A ""Maine's Misty Kingdoms"" NY Times August 26, 1984; Article 963 B about the boat ""Hurricane"" aground on GCI (no date).
964 1000.0.964 964 A-C Newspaper articles. Article 964 A concerning the closing of Longfellow School in 2000 highlighting Deborah Wedge, Keith Wedge, and Heath Wedge (June 12, 2000). Article 964 B closing the GCI Post Office, article highlights Joy and Jasmine Samuel (Islesford residents) and Leigh Liebow (September 12,1985). Article 964C: the building of the Longfellow School playground, pictures of Mike Westphal, Ada Rice, and Jennifer Westphal (September 5, 1985).
965 1000.0.965 Newspaper articles. 965 A-D Newspaper articles articles pertaining to arts and trades found on Great Cranberry, articles highlight Mike Westphal and Janet Roberts as table makers and table top artists (965-A) September 1, 1994. Wini Smart as an artist (965-B) August 3, 2000; Smart and daughter Gail Cleveland (965-C) July 13, 2000; Polly Storey as a seed collector (965-D) (October year unknown). (Note: Storey's collection of seeds still to be catalogued.)
966 1000.0.966 Photo. Margie Phippen and her son Shirley Phippen, by Millie Olsen's house. Shirley Phippen was Bonnie Phippen's father - Bonnie married John Goodwin Junior.
967 1000.0.967 Post Card addressed to Sammy Sanford sent by Henry P. Wright about planting flower seeds. Postmark 1918(?)
968 1000.0.968 Photo. Carl Hardy Jr. in front of Elisha Bunker's store with Elisha's house (now the St. Germain house) in the background
969 1000.0.969 Photo. Polly or Ada Bunker sitting by a friend's pool in Florida.
970 1000.0.970 Photo taken from the porch of the Cranberry Cove Restaurant showing a planter tub in the front. First boat on the left is the Island Queen, the Island Queen was run 1963-1973 as the year round mail boat. This photo was taken during that time frame.
971 1000.0.971 Photo. Alice White, Edgar White's wife, sister-in-law to Victor White. Photo probably taken in front of Lucille's house
972 1000.0.972 Photo. Cranberry Cove Restaurant (Now Wini Smart's house) on Spurling Cove. Picture most likely taken before Polly Bunker's shop was built nearby. Also Edgar's tractor is not visible. The Jarvis + Newman Boatyard is shown to the left and the Beal and Bunker dock is visible in the foreground.
973 1000.0.973 Photos. Collection of photographs given by Louise Marr's sister's daughters. Folder contains 29 photos (973 a-z + 973a1 - 973e2) featuring Dot McSorley, Andy McSorley, Louise Marr, Joe Simmon, and perhaps Missy Simmons, Arvard Savage, and the construction of I-95 on the island.
974 1000.0.974 Christmas card sent by Hal and Sarah Newell to Wini Smart Winter of 2000
975 2010.120.975 Photos. 29 photos featuring Dot and Andy McSorley, Louise Marr, and Joe Simmons the realtor. Photos feature pictures of building I-95 on the island, the McSorley's cabin, Preble cove, and scenes from GCI. Included are the archival meeting notes of the discussion of the photos as well as the deed of gift. Also, scans of a burgundy colored MethotWebster photo album that had also been loaned in 2010 were made in 2016. Since the majority of photos in this album are of these same subjects, the digital images were incorporated into this accession October 2016. Album was returned to donor 2016 and scans saved on DVD.
976 2010.120.976 Photos from Louise Marr: Photo A - From left to right Louise Marr, Dot McSorley, Andy McSorley circa the 1940's. Photo B - Louise Marr pouring tea at the YW on Boyleston St. in Boston in 1946. Photo C - (L) Andy McSorley & (R) Bruce Komusin circa 1985. Photo D - Margarite Komusin in front of the old Preble house, now Mickey Mcfarlan's house. Photo E - Cabinet card photo identified in modern script handwriting on reverse as the ""Prussian Lady""/Sammy Sanford's grandmother - Hanna Caroline Dorothea Russ Hadlock Haines (1803-1889), but it could actually be the ""Prussian Lady's"" daughter, Jane Matilda Hadlock Sanford Preble (1826-1898), Sammy Sanford's mother, the second wife of William Pitt Preble. The cabinet card is from B. H Joy, Ellsworth, ME, copyrighted 1889. The ""Prussian Lady"" died in 1889 at age 86 (notice the copyright date is 1889). [Did they make copies of older photos and put them on cabinet cards?] (B.K.: An anecdote relates that when Sammy Sanford passed away he froze in his cabin sitting in a chair. In order to fit him into a coffin they had to break him into 3 pieces in order to have a service at the church.) Photo F - from left to right Dot McSorley, Margarite Komusin, Louise Marr, & Andy Mc Sorley.
977 2010.120.977 Collection of photos of Louise Marr. Photo A - Louise Marr playing pool, Photo B - May of 1976. Photo B - Louise Marr at her retirement ceremony in May of 1976. Photo C - Louise sitting in a chair. Photo D - Portrait of Louise taken in the 1980's. Photo E - Portrait of Louise Marr taken May 27, 1954 at the Rodman Photo Studios in Boyleston, MA
978 2009.121.978 A pair of old eyeglasses found in Sam Bulger's house, now the Barbara Donald trust house
979 1000.0.979 Photos on a DVD from Pablo Ocampo from 2008. One of the pictures is of Polly Bunker's shed, this shed used to belong to Sadie Bulger and was located between the Cox house and Eva Gallean's house. Sadie Bulger used to sell small things like pastries, soda, and snacks here. The narrow part of the building used to face towards the road. In order to get her to come out to buy something you had to knock on her door, this always made Mickey feel like he had to buy more than a nickel's worth! Phil thinks the shop closed sometime around 1950, and Mickey believes it closed sometimes around WWII. All the photos are artistic and would make a good slideshow.
980 2010.120.980 Newspaper articles. Three photocopied articles which mention Cranberry Isles, Benjamin Spurling, Samuel Spurling and a payment receipt from William Preble.
981 1000.0.981 Photo of Steve Spurling in his WWII uniform. Printed on hard cardboard by the Smart Studio
982 1000.0.982 Photo of Tud Bunker wearing a hunting outfit and suspenders holding up his breaches. Photo was taken around 1938 near Patton, Maine. Photo printed on hard cardboard for display purposes.
983 1000.0.983 Photo, framed, of Carl Hardy Jr. and Betty Hardy with their dog taken in the 1970's. They lived in the house that is now the Donald trust house.
984 1000.0.984 Photo, framed, of Mrs. Muir, one of the school teachers who taught at the Longfellow School. David Bunker and Lyn Colby were students of hers in the 1960's.
985 2005.122.985 Ledger, William Preble, 1845-1849, mostly store accounts listing customers and items and services they bought, apparently at Preble's store. Items referred to both food and nautical hardware with prices listed. Purchases listed by day and date, interspersed with records and values for Preble's business and personal services as executor, town agent, etc. Names include: John Pung, Edward Spurling, Michael Bulger, the schooner Harriet, Elisha Young, Henry Neuman, Freeman Gubtil, Estate of Nicholas Tucker.
986 1000.0.986 Photocopy. Printed copy of Eskimo drawing with lock of hair in green frame, 8""x10""; connected with ""God's Pocket"" and Samuel Hadlock, Jr.
987 2011.155.987 Letter from Rachel Field Pederson to Mrs. Eversman (Betty Hartley's mother), dated 26 Aug 1940, apparently from Hollywood, CA, in which Rachel mentions that Mrs. Eversman visited Rachel's mother on Sutton Island and found her well, which Rachel was worried about; also Rachel mentions putting the Sutton cottage on the market.
988 2011.155.988 Letter from Rachel Field Pederson to Mrs. Greenhalgh, dated 30 Nov 1938, from Hollywood, CA, thanking her for copies of ""All This and Heaven Too"" and mentioning Mrs. Eversman and Tony McCormick.
989 1000.27.989 Magazine. First edition of a St. Nicholas Magazine, published in 1924. Poem written by Rachel Field located on page 969
990 1000.27.990 Book. 1941 Edition of Hitty's First One Hundred Years by Rachel Field, signed by the author. (See also Field collection of books 2014.168.2004)
991 1000.0.991 Photo, framed, of Edgar Bunker in his military uniform. Edgar served and died in the Korean conflict.
992 1000.18.992 Spectacles. A pair of old reading glasses found in the Richard and Alice Stanley home.
993 1000.0.993 Photo, framed, of Emmy Bulger standing in front of the CIRT Rice home. She lived in Clara and Karl Wedge's home next door. Was the mother of Alice Bulger Stanley, Roy Bulger, Oscar Bulger and Harvey Bulger
994 1000.123.994 Photo, black and white, wood and glass frame. School children standing outside the old school house on schoolhouse hill ca. 1892 or 1893. (This old school house is now Malcolm Donald's house on Cranberry Road across from the GCIHS.) Donor related, ""This picture was found behind the eaves of an upstairs closet where it had no doubt accidentally fallen many decades ago. Our house was formerly owned by Eber Spurling. The names of the people are written (in good handwriting!) by pencil, as follows, on the back of the picture frame. It would be interesting if those with local knowledge could calculate the approximate year of this photograph, and recall the married names of the girls and young women in the picture."" Inscription on back of frame (B) reads - ""Back row left to right: 1. Lena Ladd, 2. Miss Rich - teacher, 3. Millicent Harding - Frank Bunker, 4. Sadie Harding, 5. Brother Spurling, 6. Sadie Bunker, 7. Lena Spurling, 8. Annie Bunker, 9. Millard Spurling, 10. Perly Stanley, 11. Elma (or Elna?) Stanley, 12. Maurice Stanley. Second Row: Ida Stover, Alfred Ladd, Addie Stanley, Vida Stanley. Third Row: Roy Bulger, Charles Richardson, Johnnie Steele, Philmore Steele, and Harvey Bulger."" (A second print of this photograph in poor condition was discovered in March 2014 and is stored with framed copy as (C).) (Compare with 2014.272.2018.)
995 1000.18.995 Photo, framed, from Hilda Bulger Spurling's house before it was torn down in the early 1990s. Hazel ""Brooks"" Peterson said this is Mrs. Del Harding with her children. The girl on the right is Millie ""Pink"" Harding who later married Oscar Bulger, and was the mother of Hilda Spurling and Marjorie Phippen. The other two children could be Sadie Harding Bulger and a son who was killed in WWI. (The image in the frame is a scan of a photo, not the actual photo 2016.)
996 2005.119.996 Photo. Negative and 8x10 photograph of Hilda Spurling in the post office. Hilda was the Post Mistress in the 1960s.
997 1000.0.997 Plaque from The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution presented to Nelson Eliot Spurling
998 1000.27.998 Magazine. March 1942 American Magazine. Article by Rachel Field on page 26 titled ""Beginning of Wisdom"" Illustration by Norman Rockwell.
999 1000.27.999 Magazine. January 1941 American Magazine. Story by Rachel Field on page 16 and continues on pages 96-98. Illustrations by Norman Rockwell
1000 1000.22.1000 Collection of ""Friends of Hitty Newsletters"" Published quarterly by Virginia Ann Heyerdahl. Collection contains each issue from January 1995 - Fall 2002
1001 1000.124.1001 Collection of items from Alice White from 1955, included are postcards from Gott's Island from 1912 and several receipts. One book: Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-saving Service for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1879. Book stamped with ""Custom House Portland ME Sep. 27, 1880"" and has inscription on the first page ""Alice White 1955"". Includes services rendered by various crews 1879.
1002 2006.125.1002 Geneaology from James Buncker [Bunker] beginning in 1576 and ending in 1824. Included are photos of John Franklin Hodgkins and Luhama S. Bunker Hodgkins as well as their obituaries.
1003 1000.27.1003 Postcard from Rachel Field to J. Stuart Groves about a signature he wished to have in one of his books. Postcard is dated from 9/16/1935 from Sutton's Island
1004 2005.119.1004 Magazine ""Maine Life"" with article about the Ladies Aid and the Cranberry Quilters Gaile Colby, Beverly Sanborn, and Ruth Westphal are featured
1005 1000.27.1005 Magazine ""The Saturday Review"" Remberance article about Rachel Field on page 10.
1006 1000.27.1006 Magazine ""Childlife"" March 1931. Poem by Rachel Field and illustration by Dorothy Lathrop on page 111
1007 1000.0.1007 Photo, framed, of Harold and Lena Stanley in front of their house in Northeast Harbor
1008 1000.27.1008 Magazine ""Childlife"" October 1934. Rachel Field poem on page 437. Illustration by Dorothy Lathrop.
1009 1000.0.1009 Journal of the board of selectmen for the town of Cranberry Isles from 1935-1970, Mickey was a selectman in the 1960's he said that he was appointed as the sealer of weights and measures, he was supposed to make sure that cords of wood were the correct size and that the scales at stores were correct. However he was never called upon to perform this duty.
1010 1000.27.1010 Magazine ""Child Life"" November 1934. Poem ""Snow by Night"" by Rachel Field, illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop, located on page 485
1011 1000.27.1011 Magazine ""Child Life"" September 1935. Article ""The Bookcase Apartments"" by Rachel Field on page 410.
1012 1000.27.1012 Magazine article from ""Down East"" Magazine August 1971. Rachel Field and the Cranberry Isles on pages 70-73. Photographs of Great Cranberry, Sutton, Rachel Field and Arthur Pederson are included. (See 1000.0.1381.)
1013 1000.27.1013 Magazine ""Child Life"" August 1936. Large illustration by Dorothy Lathrop (the original illustrator of Hitty's First One Hundred Years) on the first page.
1014 1000.0.1014 Menu from Hitty's Cafe summer season 2009, when Kasey Burgess was the manager.
1015 1000.0.1015 Report cards, school, six of Hillard Hamor and George Hamor's report cards ranging from 1908-1910. A couple of them are signed by John Hamor as a parent's signature
1016 2010.126.1016 Photos and postcards. Collection of photographs and postcards related to the Hamor family and Cranberry Island, many are labeled and those that aren't were unable to be identified at the first archival meeting of Winter 2010. Included in the collection is a news article about Austus B. Hamor retiring from the Owl's Head lighthouse where he was the keeper for 15 years. Sarah B. Hamor obituary. Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Hillard Hamor in Charlotte, NC, from Bar Harbor, ME 1943. Series of photos of ""Mrs. 'E' - mother'. (See also 2010.126.1017 and 2013.214.1913)
1017 2010.126.1017 Photographs. Four black and white (A-D) . 1017A= Photo of Mabel Hamor, Hillard Hamor, Shirley Hamor, Josephine Hamor, John Hamor and Sadie Hamor. Original photo in an original frame folder and scanned version with names included. 1017B= Photo of young Hillard and Shirley Hamor, in cardboard frame with studio identified: ""J. C. Ralph, South West Harbor, Me."" with faded pencil writing including year 1909. 1017C= Photo of young Hillard M. Hamor in a hat with sword, wig, and ruffled shirt with sleds in background. 1017D= Photo of ""Em Birlem: Pups sister"" by Ballard in cardboard folder. (See 2010.126.1016 and 2013.214.1913)
1018 2010.126.1018 Art, original watercolor seascape painting by Scott White (one of the ""Three Islesford Painters"" or TIPs.) Scott White used to spend summers at the Hamor House. Inscription on the back of the painting: ""This painting was done by an artist who spent summers on Cranberry Island at the Hamor House. This was given to Mabel by Mr. White on her birthday.""
1019 1000.0.1019 Printed picture for display in museum of Seth Rice, Annie Alley's grandfather in a double ended boat. He and his wife Ida Bunker Rice used to live in the Rice CIRT house. Seth Rice built one of the homes on Sutton Island but was a boat builder by trade, all 4 of his sons were born on Sutton before Seth and his wife moved to Cranberry.
1020 1000.0.1020 Printed picture for display in museum of Ada Bunker Rice on her horse May Ann. Ada's sister Leona also had a horse named Daisy. Annie Alley told an anecdote that one time during the Spring she couldn't remember what year, the horse May Ann got really sick and couldn't even stand up. A vet told the family that a vaporizer would help and Annie let them borrow hers. It helped tremendously and the next day the horse was able to stand again. Both of the horses were retired race horses and when they came to the island in the 1930's it was the first time either of them had been near or seen cars. Both horses are buried on the right side of The Point across from the apple trees.
1021 1000.0.1021 Image, printed for exhibit. Charles Rice rowing up to the town dock sometime in the 1960s
1022 1000.0.1022 Image, printed for exhibit. From left to right Lucille Fawkingham Hardy, unknown, and Hillard Hardy. Hillard and Lucille were married and lived in what is now the Noether's house on Harding Point Rd. Hillard was the captain for Margaret Hoffman. The picture was taken either in 1947 or 1948. Hillard passed away in 2007.
1023 1000.0.1023 Image, printed for exhibit. Front row from left to right Charlene Bunker Allen,Cocoa the dog, Leona Bunker Macallister, Brownie the dog, Ada Bunker Rice, Pauline Bunker. Back row Victor White, Elisha Bunker, Edgar Bunker, Annie Bunker
1024 1000.0.1024 Image, printed for exhibit. The Connecticut Chamber Orchestra. Robert and Sara Bloom used to summer on Great Cranberry Island. Annie Alley used to work for them one day a week and when he passed away Annie was given a cupboard that Bob had built
1025 1000.0.1025 Exhibit. Previously used museum display about Ice Harvesting on Cranberry Island. Included in the publication ""A Day on an Ice-Field"" by Alvaro Adsitt.
1026 1000.0.1026 Newspaper articles and brochures. Collection of Newspaper articles and brochures from the July 28th Art of the Cranberry Isles Past and Present Exhibit and Silent Auction at the Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor.
1027 1000.0.1027 Newspaper. Laminated display of the newspaper article ""The Bunkers of Cranberry Isles"" photos of Raymond, Tud, and Wilfred Bunker included.
1028 2010.127.1028 Photo, framed, of a printed picture of Lyn Colby. Scanned version located on ""The Wall of Fame"" in the museum
1029 1000.0.1029 Recording. CD version of the radio show ""Rise and Recite"" March 29, 1939 featuring Rachel Field reciting the poem ""Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod"". (Note: see also 2016.340.2106 An audio cassette tape of Rachel Field radio show #27045, ""Rise and Recite, March 29, 1939, Mutual net. Grown men & women recite poems. Author Rachel Field recites."" Letter with cassette was mailed to Bruce Komusin from J. David Goldin of Newtown, CT 2/10/2005.)
1030 1000.128.1030 Medal. Participation medal from the 2009 Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathon
1031 1000.0.1031 Artifact, 1031a-b. (a) and (b) are two types of paper trash bags bought at the old Cranberry Island General Store
1032 2013.248.1032 Badge. Metal constable badge used for a museum display. Phil Whitney may have the rest of the outfit at his home.
1033 1000.0.1033 Magazine ""Port City Life"" July/August 2009 with article about Rachel Field's home, Cranberry Isles, and Hitty at Cranberry House by Robin Wood on pages 35 and 36
1034 1000.0.1034 Newspaper articles (A-C) featuring the Cranberry Isles and the Cranberry House
1035 1000.0.1035 Books. Collection of music books (A-C) used for a previous display in the Museum
1036 2010.129.1036 Photos, 1036a-d. (a) Henry Bunker, father of Raymond bunker. He died on December 9, 1941 two days after Pearl Harbor. He lived in what is now Louise Stranberg's house on Cranberry Rd. (b) Alta Spurling Bunker, Henry Bunker's wife and Tud and Raymond Bunker's mother. This is Gaile Colby's grandmother. (c) Alta Bunker, this one is in a leather protective folder. Picture features Alta sitting in the yard of what is now Nancy Wood's house with the old cow pasture behind her. (d) large ornate framed photo inscribed on back ""Raymond Bunker's great grandfather Joseph Wilbur Spurling from Cranberry"". Donor is Raymond Bunker's daughter.
1037 1000.0.1037 Book, The Holy Bible from 1873 in poor condition. Belonged to Carrie Richardson. The GCIHS wrote and directed a play about Carrie Richardson which can be found on DVD in the museum. Carrie Richardson was able to navigate a boat by celestial navigation, she lived down in what is now the Heliker LaHotan foundation. Her husband Meltiah Richardson committed suicide, he tied cod weights around himself and jumped off the dock. Geneaological records that seem to have little relevance can be found tucked into the Bible.
1038 1000.0.1038 Photos (33) found in an old cigar box. Many were unable to be identified at the archiving meeting. Those not identified can be found seperately in folder 1038. Identified photos are as follows 1038A - Photo of the of the old Alley house now the Horvath house for sale on the Lane.1038B Photo of Lulu Steele Alley, sitting on a rock somewhere not on GCI. She lived in the Horvath house and was related to the Wellmans. 1038C Photo from left to right Lulu Steel Alley, Mother Sadie Steele, Unknown boy. 1038D Willie (Age 7) and Margaret Wellman (Age 9) in their first communion clothes outside the GCI church. 1038E photo of Lulu Steele Alley with boyfriend on the Horvath porch. 1038F photo of Donnie (age 14) and Mary Wellman (age 12) outside the GCI Church. All 33 photos are located in folder 1038. 'Sweet and Lovely' Cigar box they arrived in is now located in box 29. At 2nd archive meeting Gaile Colby identified the following pictures. 1038 G-I Chris Swenson, Sadie Bunker Steele's second husband. Chris was from Sweden and had a very thick accent. 1038J Photo of Sadie Bunker Steele around 1912. 1038K photo group photo of people on a boat, Sadie Bunker Steele is the first woman on the right side of the boat wearing a hat. 1038 Francis Wellman on her wedding day. 1038M-Family photo Sadie Steele in the middle and Lulu Steele Alley on the left other two people are unkown.
1039 2009.130.1039 Book, ""The Progressive Practical Arithmetic"" Robinson's Mathematical Series, copyright 1871
1040 2009.130.1040 Book, ""The Red Sox, The Bean and the Cod"" by Al Hirshberg. Copyright 1947
1041 2009.130.1041 Book, ""Everyday Arithmetic"" by John B. Gifford. Copyright 1914
1042 2009.130.1042 Book, ""Primary Arithmetic"" by Samuel Hamilton. Copyright 1909. Inscription on front cover ""Property of Town of Cranberry Isles Hazel Bunker""
1043 2009.130.1043 Book, ""Outlines and Experiments in Botany"" by J.M. Callahan, copyright 1892.
1044 2009.130.1044 Booklet, ""Annual Report (1936-1937) Town of Cranberry Isles, ME (See also collection of Town Reports in 2015.336.2102.)
1045 2009.130.1045 Booklet, ""Annual Report (1913) Superintendent of Schools""
1046 2009.130.1046 Book, ""Assembly Songs and Choruses"" by Randall Condon, Helen Leavitt, Elbridge Newton.
1047 2009.130.1047 Book, ""Music Primers and Educational Series, Harmony"" by Dr. Stainer
1048 1000.131.1048 Photo, George Savage standing in front of the Helen Parker House (on Cranberry Rd. across from Bruce Komusin's) with his horse Star Summer 1945. 1048B George in back of the Parker house with his horse Star. 1048C photo taken from The Pool. 1048D George Savage's boat. 1048 E Arvard Savage and others with Hillard Hardy's boat. Photo featured on Fall 2010 Cranberry Chronicle.
1049 1000.0.1049 Collection, Hamor info 1049a-b. (a) Newspaper clipping from November 1971 Maine Life Newspaper article titled ""The 'Hamor House' on Cranberry Island"" written by Ethel Galbraith article mentions Sadie Hamor, John Hamor, and their sons Hillard and Shirley Hamor. (b) Envelope and stationary from the ""Hamor House"" with Sadie Hamor's name position and the address of the ""Hamor House"" printed on both.
1050 1000.0.1050 Photo, Blair Colby and his dog Alfred taken in 1975. One time Alfred hurt his leg and Blair pushed him around the island in a baby carriage.
1051 2000.132.1051 Photos, 1051a-u. (a) 3 photos of the town dock from different perspectives. (b) 5 photos of Lee Klausky and Lovie Klausky. (c) Preble Beach. (d) Spurling Point. (e) Hamor Beach, now the Oppenheimer's. (f) Ida Higgins. (g) Ida Higgins. (h) Three people walking towards Lew Stanley's (Now Heliker LaHotan) to go clamming in The Pool. (i) ""Hauling Boats"" in front of what is now Wini Smart's house. (j) From Cranberry Island looking to Seal Harbor. (k) Jennie Antonson sitting on the front of what is now Gaile Colby's home. (l) Sherwin and Lucille Stanley as young children. (m) Three people going on a picnic from left to right: unknown, Ida Higgins, Dorothy Higgins. (n) Inscribed ""Captain George Lagoutt (sp?) and friend"" no one at archive meeting knew either or their relationship to the island. (o) The old Ladies Aid Barn (Now Janice Murch's chicken coop) at fair time in August. (p) Unknown woman. (q) Unknown woman. (r) Mary Stanley, wife of Gilman Stanley, and daughter of Mr & Mrs Asa Stanley. (s) May Stanley. (t) Sherwin Stanley (sp?). (u) Preble Beach.
1052 1000.0.1052 Collection, GCIHS info. 1052a-c. (a) November 2009 Issue of the Cranberry Chronicle. (b) Summer 2009 Events calendar. (c) Laminated copy of notes from the GCIHS 2000 Annual Meeting
1053 2000.132.1053 Photographs. Photo album (1), small photograph (2); and two postcards (3) and (4). Album is leather bound, with 42 portraits, mostly tintypes inserted into cardboard pages. Four white, marble-like feet on back and front covers support the album. Brass hasp closure with decorative leaf, the word ALBUM written in gold acrss spine. Page edges have impressed floral design. Half of brass hasp is missing. All photos scanned 7/23/2013 and labeled with catalogue numbers plus letters A-Z etc. Labeled photos: Matilda Young Spurling (A); Lucy Spurling Douglas (B); Josie S. Stanley_(.M.) Bunker (H); Luella Stanley (J); Ara D. Stanley (R); Dr. Spears (T); Uncle Charles Spurling (U); Lucy Spurling (Arigtan Spurling Wife (Zf); Tead_Spurling Trussice married second husband Gougins (Zn). The album most likely comes from Addie Stanley Duren, the previous owner of the Mountain house. And one small black and white photo on paper (2) shows Addie Duren's snowy property with house and barn and two trees, inscription on reverse ""all plowed out untill next time"". Two postcards (3) and (4). Postcard (3): the GCI church with 3/4 view of parsonage on right and two people walking on street, unused. Postcard (4): Boat landing, Islesford, ME. 162, ""Genuine photographs from Studio of Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co., Belfast Maine."" It is from donor's grandmother, Addie E. Duren to Mrs. Josie S. Bunker, Cranberry Isles, ME, postmarked Islesford, Aug 8 a.m. 1915. ""Monday morning, Dear sister, [xxx] a got a quilt there is a party would like to share the darkest quilt you have send it soon as you can From A.S.D"".
1054 2000.132.1054 Photos, 23 photos featuring locations near Cranberry Isles, people with no connection to Cranberry Isles and unidentified people.
1055 2000.132.1055 Photos, 1055a-e. (a) Sherwin Stanley. (b) Vida and Ernest Stanley, children of May and Gilman Stanley. (c) Lyle Stanley son of Frank Stanley. (d) Wallace Klausky eldest brother to Lee and Bully Klausky, inscribed ""Love to Addie from Wallace"". (e) Younger photo of Wallace Klausky, faint writing on the back of carboard envelope reads ""Wallace Klausky July -9-"".
1056 2000.132.1056 Photos, 1056a-n. (a) Snowy picture taken from what is now the Wood house, showing David Bunker's home. (b) Vessel Christine Sue viewpoint looking towards Islesford shore. (c) May Gilman (also known as May Gim to distinguish between the two Mays) and Ida Higgins on Harding Point Rd. in front of the turn towards Heliker LaHotan property, May Gilman lived in the Finkelstein house. (d) Inscription ""Clara D Nell, 2-Sisters"". (e) Lena Stanley and Lulu Alley. (f) Cora Rosebrook Chapman. (g) May Gilman on the shore with friends. (h) Postcard photo of Sherwin Stanley, son of Lena and Perly Stanley, Christmas 1917. (i) Lee Klausky as a child. (j) Harding Point, Long Ledge navigational landmark before they replaced the barrel with the orange triangle. (k) Young Omar Mountain taken by May Gilman; inscribed ""just as aunt may snapped he put his hand up with his rattle in it but it looks cute though"". (l) Inscribed ""this is Lovie [Klausky] and Rebecca's children and myself taken last summer when she was here"" (m) Postcard photo of the Post Office in its current location. (n) Trees in the snow on Cranberry taken on February 12, 1934.
1057 1000.0.1057 Primer Cards, box of Basic Primer Cards from the old Longfellow School after it closed for lack of students in 2000
1058 2010.135.1058 Book, German pocket dictionary from 1823. Inscribed on first page ""Mrs. Caroline Hadlock her book"" According to the deed of gift this dictionary originally belonged to ""The Prussian Lady"", wife of Samuel Hadlock Jr. The book was given by Sammy Sanford to Barbara Shaw Weickent (sp?) (W.K. Shaw, Jr.'s daughter) and Gordon H. Shaw. The book was purchased along with the land and Sammy Sanford's cabin by Walter and Mary Shaw, grandparents of Gordon Shaw. See entry 357 for further letters between Sammy Sanford and Walter K. Shaw
1059 1000.0.1059 Book, Guest book from the GCIHS museum from 9/26/2000-8/9/2005
1060 2010.133.1060 Photos, 1060a-f4. (a) Clarence Beal at the helm of a vessel. (b) Clarence Beal in uniform. (c) Clarence Beal in uniform, just his head. (d) Clarence Beal at the helm of a vessel; inscribed ""Clarence Beal Sept. 1973"". (e) Reataurant on the old Beal and Bunker Dock on GCI. Loaned by Tiffany Tate
1061 2010.133.1061 Photo album loaned by Tiffany Tate.
1062 2010.134.1062 Photo of Halloween party held at the Firehouse in 1973. Label on back of people from left to right 'Joan Westphal, Rebecca Sanborn, Rhonda Colby, Rolf and James Westphal, Kitty Peterson Around apple bobbing tub Nancy Savage, Mark Alley, Gretchen Westphal, Tonya Colby, Cherie Sanborn, Norman Sanborn'
1063 1000.0.1063 Box. Ballot Box, large wooden, from June 16,1952 for Natalie H. Beal clerk of Cranberry Isles. Box includes numerous unused nominating ballots
1064 1000.0.1064 Graphic. Logo for the Cranberry House Crantini Party held on 8/4/2004. Logo created by Suzanne Shoemaker long time summer visitor
1065 1000.0.1065 Image, printed two picturs printed on large paper for display purposes of boats by young Alton Bunker, brother of Tud Bunker. Alton had the mailboat contract for a few years around 1939, he ran the contract with his boat a Novia
1066 1000.0.1066 Photo album covered in red velvet with mostly cabinet card photographs; some tintypes .Elaborate red velvet cover with brass floral and wilderness scene. Brass hasp. Album includes photos of William Pitt Preble's extended family, many with no relation to Cranberry Isles. Some names: One loose portrait photo: T.E. Welles; Uncle Gen. Andrew Spurling (General Andrew Barclay Spurling was Civil War Medal of Honor) (1066G); William Pitt Preble, Esq., Matilda Sanford Preble; Uncle William Preble; Elmenia Spurling Preble; William Pitt Preble II; Lizzie Preble; Capt. Horace G. Bunker; Wilhemenia Bunker; Minnie E. Bunker; Lena Bunker Webb; Chester Raymond Bunker; Abbie Maude Spurling Ware; Abbie Maude and Harold Benjamin Spurling; Uncle Harold; Frances Marion Spurling; Auntie Maude; Uncle Harold; Mother age 7-8; Horace Edgar Bunker; Mrs. H. E. Bunker 1895; Myra Bunker; Mr. Jones; Carrie Celeste Richardson Jones; Addie Neville; Carrie Rice; Agnes Hadlock Spurling; Alfretta Brewer; Mrs. George Bunker; Lizzie Preble; Josephine Thorndike; Minnie Spurling; Judge William Pitt Preble; Abigail Preble; Grampie Spurling; Auntie Maude; Evie Preble; Uncle Willl; Aunt Min; Horace Bunker; Aunt Meanie; Willie; Aunt Lucinda G. Fernald; Preble Richardson. (See 1066A digital scan in museum photos folder, picture of William Pitt Preble. 1066B digital scan in museum photos folder photo of Matilda Sanford Preble.) There is also a tintype of ""Judge Preble: William Pitt,"" and a tintype of elderly woman ""Prebles 1st Wife Abigail."" (See 1000.0.1066E and 1000.0.1066F in museum photos.)
1067 2011.136.1067 Scans A-F. 1067A - News Article describing a 32 lb. lobster caught by Linwood Wedge (Karl Wedge's older brother by 14 years) while trauling. The lobster was displayed in Town Hill in the Sunset Club. 1067B - From left to right Rose Wedge, Norman Wedge Ethel Wedge, and Oscar Wedge in front of the Goldberg house which used to be owned by Merrill Stanley. Photo most likely taken in the late 1940's to early 1950's. 1067C - Photo of Ruth Alley standing in front of what is now Sonja Colby's house. Ruth's father built the house and it has only been out of the family's ownership once, sold to a summer family and then resold back into the family to Sonja Wedge Colby. Ruth Alley used to run a taxi on Cranberry which was eventually taken over by Hazel ""Snooks"" Peterson. 1067D - Photo of Oscar and Ethel Wedge parents of Linwood and Karl Wedge. Photo taken in the kitchen of what is now Kevin Wedge's home. Ethel used to run the post office out of this home when she was postmaster. After Oscar passed away Ethel moved to Southwest Harbor behind Shirley Phippen. Gaile Colby remembers Oscar Wedge's nickname was Okky Tooman but isn't sure why. 1067E - Karl Wedge in his military uniform. Originally enlisted in the Air National Guard and then when his 4 years of service were up he once again enlisted with the army. Clara said his reasoning was even if he didn't rejoin he would get drafted, and this way he was able to choose where he went. 1067F - Photo of Linwood Wedge and his wife Bertha.
1068 1000.27.1068 Book ""Come Christmas"" by Eleanor Farjeon and illustrated by Rachel Field. (See also 2014.268.2004 Field Collection)
1069 1000.0.1069 Books, Copy A - Book ""Upton Fuller Arithmetic Grade 8"" Book from Cranberry Grammar school, was loaned to David Bunker, Eileen Colby, and Larry Allen during the school years. Copy B - Desk copy of the ""Upton Fuller Arithmetic Grade 8"" book.
1070 1000.0.1070 Ledger of School Accounts for the Town of Cranberry Isles from 1937-1938
1071 1000.0.1071 Photo of Edna Andrade printed on a board by Smart Studio in Northeast Harbor. Photo shows Edna Andrade painting a picture of rocks in what is now the Encarnation home.
1072 2005.52.1072 Photographs, framed. Four small black and white photos and one tintype framed in a wood/glass frame. Bayview Farm owned and operated by Jim Crosby; now ""The Red House"" presently owned by Judi Towns Lim and Chong Lim, a.k.a. the Towns house. James C. Crosby and Cora Almeda (Pressey) Crosby are the couple in the tintype. Their son, Clarence, is shown in the photo with the barn. The houses seen in the background of the geese photo are ""Haydy's house & Arno Stanley's"" per donor. (See scans in 2000\photos\dorothy towns and note explaining images.) (See
1073 1000.137.1073 Photo, framed, picture taken from the Murch's looking toward Northeast Harbor. Fish Point on the right.
1074 1000.0.1074 Photo of unknown children. Photo typical of the time period
1075 2002.78.1075 Wall Hanging gifted to Jan Moss from Gaile Colby in 1992 to celebrate Jan's first Grandchild.
1076 1000.27.1076 Postcards, collection of three black and white photo postcards. 1076A: ""Congregational Church, Cranberry Isles, Me. 13119 Mrs. E.A. Stanley, Publisher"" shows the Great Cranberry Congregational Church with original steeple and parsonage house with its additional wing visible to right. Photograph taken between 1898 when bell was installed and 1922 when original steeple was replaced. Nothing written on postcard except small ""PBN"" on lower right. 1076B: ""Mountain View from Cranberry Isles, ME. 23"", 1 cent stamp, postmarked Cranberry Isles Maine, July 3, 1915. Addressed to Miss Maria H. Newman, Salem, New Jersey. Sender unknown. Difficult to read message as postcard had been pasted onto thicker paper at some point in its history, perhaps an album or scrapbook. Image is silvering and fading. 1076C: ""Spurling's Cove, Cranberry Island, ME. 135."" View of what may have been the first town dock with horse and load waiting patiently. One cent stamp, postmarked from Cranberry Isles, Maine, probably August 24, 1915, addressed to Mrs. J. E. Upham, 137 Central St., XXX, Mass, dated August 22. ""Dear Nettie: I never saw time pass so fast. We are having a great old time and the weather has been pleasant every day so far - quite warm today. Wish you could see the surf on the rocks. Had some lovely trips in motor boat. Bar Harbor one day. Mabel"".
1077 1000.0.1077 Photos, 1077a-c, all 3 printed on cardboard for display purposes. (a) horseshoe game held in front of Gaile's trailer, people from left to right: Victor White, Sawtelle Teel, Hillard Hardy, Lucille Hardy, Elisha Bunker, and Edgar Bunker throwing the horseshoe. (b) Edgar Bunker, Edgar before the war worked at the boatyard down on the pool that is now know as Cranberry Island Boat Yard as well as the boatyard that is now Ed Gray's. (c) all people are labeled, the question mark is Lewis Alley.
1078 2005.138.1078 Report. 1078A-Report of the Maine Seacoast Missionary Society for the year ending 1927. 1078B(1-9) - Nine separate correspondence pertaining to the Cranberry Island Hooked Rugs program started by the Seacoast Mission, letters date from 1901-1902. The hooked rug program was one of the first cottage industries, the Seacoast Mission took completed rugs to New York for sale
1079 1000.34.1079 Comb Hanger; tag inscription reads ""From the Cranberry Isles. A Sailor's Comb Hanger. Using the ""Hackamore"" Knot And an Irish Pennant.""
1080 1000.116.1080 Transcription. 38 page transcription of the protestations of ships from an original ledger/journal written by William P. Preble. Journal owned by and transcribed by Michael Macfarlan; he retains original ledger. (See also 1000.0.934: selections from 1080 - sea captain's transcribed broadcasts for possible video production; and see also online at>history>preble.) (Complete scan of 75 page journal and transcription are located on NAS in Museum Photos.)
1081 2007.139.1081 Clothing. Shirt, work, worn by Jean Howard (Mrs. Wadsworth) during the building of the Charles & Jean Wadsworth home
1082 2007.139.1082 Book, ""MT Desert in 1873"" Published by J.R. Osgood & Co, Portrayed in Crayon and Quill. Inscriptions on first pages read ""Mrs .... H. Howard with the compliments of Mr. Lawerence Sprague 1874"" second inscription reads ""Given Sept. 1950 by John K Howard Mrs Howard's youngest son to his daughter Jean Gaston Howard Wadsworth.""
1083 1000.140.1083 Collection of miscellaneous items in a box sent by Louise Marr from Boca Grande, Florida. Box contains a note addressed to Wini Smart. Box includes. 1 Postcard not filled out announcing the birth of a baby. 2 Glasses cases, one containing two pairs of glasses from Richard B Frohork, Optometrist, room 301, old YMCA bldg, Portland, Maine and one containing one pair of glasses. 1 golden picture frame case with no picture. 1 Tintype photo album containing five pictures. One pair of intricately knit mittens, probably knit by a member of Louise Marr's family. 1 Black sequined purse (clutch). 1 hand beaded glass purse. 1 book titled ""The Little Folks""
1084 2008.141.1084 Publication. ""Who Owned Baker's Island?"" Written and compiled by Hugh Dwelley of the Islesford Historical Society
1085 2008.141.1085 Publication ""Cranberry Islands, Maine - Family Lists"" Written and compiled by Hugh Dwelley of the Islesford Historical Society
1086 2008.141.1086 Publication ""The Cranberry Island Families. Compiled by William Otis Sawtelle with further research by Lesley Victor Stanley & Dorothy Parker Phelin 1965"" Copied from the Bangor Public library in February 1952.
1087 2008.141.1087 Publication ""The Stanleys of the Cranberry Islands - Genealogical notes of William Otis Sawtelle Volume 1: Little Cranberry Island"" With an index by Hugh L. Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society transcription from 1996
1088 2008.141.1088 Publication ""The Stanleys of the Cranberry Islands - Genealogical noted of William Otis Sawtelle Volume 2: Great Cranberry Island"" With an index by Hugh L. Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society transcription from 1996
1089 2008.141.1089 Publication ""The Stanleys of the Cranberry Islands - Genealogical noted of William Otis Sawtelle Volume 3: Mount Desert Island, Maine"" With an index by Hugh L. Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society transcription from 1996
1090 2008.141.1090 Publication ""The Stanleys of the Cranberry Islands - Genealogical noted of William Otis Sawtelle Volume 4: Swans Island"" With an index by Hugh L. Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society transcription from 1996
1091 2008.141.1091 Publication ""Record in Cranberry Isles of Births and Deaths 1770-1890"" Photocopied pages of handwritten records
1092 2006.142.1092 Photos of Carl Nelson Day held in August of 1985. Carl was in his 90's when these pictures were taken and moved off island shortly after Carl Nelson Day. Package includes notes from Jan and names of people in photos by Ruth Westphal. Scanned photos can be found in _BACK UP -> _public -> 2006 -> Photos -> Ruth Westphal -> carl nelson day aug 1985
1093 1000.140.1093 Photos, 1093a-f. (a) Glamor shot of Louise Marr. (b) left to right Dot McSorley, Andrew McSorley, Louise Marr. (c) Louise Marr front right. (d) Louise Marr with teaching award. (e) Louise Marr in the middle with mother (?) on right. Inscribed on back ""PHOTO BY FRED HESS & SON 166 S. VIRGINIA AVE. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (f) Louise Marr on right and mother (?) on right. Inscribed ob back ""ADDITIONAL PRINTS MAY BE ORDERED BY REFERRING TO NUMBER FRED HESS & SON 166 SO. VIRGINIA AVE. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.
1094 2011.143.1094 Documents. Collection about Rice family, 1094a-i. (a) Note from Beth describing her relation to the island as well as those pictured in the photos. (b) Poem titled ""The Death of Herbert Rice"" taken from Minstelsy of Maine. The remaining items are photos: (c) Gilbert Rice taken in 1899. (d) George Rice. (e) Maud (Rice) Stanley before she was married. (f) Eva Leona Mayo Graduation from Boston Conservatory of Maine. (g) Earnest Young, cousin of the Rice Family. (h) Chester Rice, youngest brother drowned in March 1908. (i) Most likely Warren Gilbert Rice
1095 1000.144.1095 Photo of Marilyn Fredrickson from August 2, 2006 at the Ladies Aid Fair. Note from Leslie Watson enclosed. Print out of Marilyn's obituary not from Leslie Watson also enclosed
1096 1000.0.1096 Posters, 1096a-e. Promotional posters for the 2010 artist series at the Heliker-Lahoten Foundation
1097 1000.0.1097 Posters, 1097a-s. Posters of events held at Cranberry House Summer of 2010. [See 2014.274.2011. These events posters were combined with those of other years.]]
1098 1000.0.1098 Collection of Rachel Field/Hitty items, 1098a-g. (a) News article ""Hitty Comes Home"" Bar Harbor Times May 27, 2004. (b) News article ""Children's books Include Rachel Field favorite"" Mount Desert Islander May 18, 2006. Apparently, ""Grace for an Island Meal"" was her favorite. (c) 3 different printed copies of ""Big Hitty"" postcards. (d) Two-page genealogy ""The Field Family of Stockbridge in the 1800s"" covering 1781-1942, and ending with the death of Rachel Field. (e) Two writings by Rachel Field. ""A Valentine for Old Dolls"" and ""Acceptance Paper"", which she read after winning the Newbery Medal for ""Hitty"" in 1030. (f) Article by the Macmillan Company ""Dorothy P. Lathrop"" illustrator of Rachel Field's works. (g) Article from COMPASS, Aug 31, 2006, ""Do You Know Who Hitty Is? If So, We've Got a Weekend for You"", with announcement of ""All this and Hitty too: a doll, a book, a seminar"" held in Stockbridge, MA September 15-17, 2006. Also one-page ""Looking Back at Hitty's Second Hundred Years"" a talk by Margaret Chang, Delivered at the ""all this and Hitty Too"" Seminar of the Stockbridge Library Assocition, September 16, 2006. Actually, items d-g probably were all distributed at this seminar
1099 1000.0.1099 Collection of GCIHS's Home and Garden Tour, 1099a-f. (a) Brochure handed out to Home, Art, and Garden Tour visitors. (b) Photo of Ticket selling station set up in Southwest Harbor. (c) Newspress release announcing the HAGT. (d) Thank you note posted by Phil Whitney after the event. (e) Laminated Poster of HAGT. (f) Save the date.
1100 1000.0.1100 Documents. Collection about Charlene Bunker Allen's death, 1100a-d. (a) Obituary and announcement of the death of Charlene Bunker Allen. (b) Charlene Allen Memorial Service Announcement. (c) Charlene Allen Memorial Celebration Announcement. (d) Order of Service Pamphlet
1101 2011.145.1101 Photos, mostly of people and places on GCI found by Cindy Thomas in the Islesford Historical Society. Find scanned copies in items folder. A-Ruth Westphal's house. B-Velma Teele; C-Sadie Fernald; D-Mrs. Bulger. E-Erwin Leslie Spurling age 3 months August 1911. F - W.L. Judkins Lawerence Massachusetts. G - Delia MArie Mahan, 128 Brattle St. Cambridge Mass. Oct. 24, 1907. H - Bert Spurling at Islesford dock. I - Alfred Ladd. J - Louise Hampton Marr 14 Months 29 Days old. K - Earl Spurling. L - Rosebrook children Nellie (oldest) Jennie (died young) Harley (Died young) Mildred (Died young). M - Mrs. Sadie Trussell, Cranberry Isles, Maine. N - Emma Bulger. O - ""Taken at Club House (Cranberry Club) on Big Island on Dolly Hill Afternoon Tea for Island People"" with list of names including: Holbrook, Steele, Spurling, Stanley, Howard, Bunker and Stover; P - Virginia May Spurling aged 3 months. Q-Dora M Grrenlaw. Francis M Spurling, Rebecca I Lorne. R - Willie Callahan age 19, Oct 25, 1905. S - William S Terris. T - Mamie Birlem. U - Sherwin Stanley 14 months old, Addie Duran's brother. V - Ida Steele Stanley. W - Ruth A + Ethel Wedge. X - Ida Steele, married Bon Stanley her daughters are Ethel and Ruth.
1102 2011.145.1102 Books, 5, found in the Longfellow School House. A - ""The Children's Primer"" copyright 1891. B - ""Eclectic Readings Child Literature"" Inscription on inside page ""Property of Cranberry Isles No. 4"" signed out to ""Madeline Bracy Spring 1913, Edith Bracy, Eleanor Bracy, Jean R. Stanley"" C - ""Champion Spelling Book Part Two by Warren E. Hicks. D - ""Rose Leaves"" inscription on front cover ""To Madeline from Grandma Blake"" E - ""Primary Arithmetic by Milne""
1103 1000.146.1103 Photos of Islesford. A - Photo of man rowing a dory, in the background shows Sandbeach Rd. house pictured to the right was the Hadlock's and was burned down by the firebug in 1915. B - Postcard with photo of Islesford with Mt. Desert in the backgroundduring the mid 1970's. Postcard promotes Hugh Dwelley's publication ""A History of Little Cranberry Island, Maine"" C - Postcard of Church Hill on Islesford caption reads ""Church Hill 100 Years Ago""
1104 1000.0.1104 Collection of Louise Marr related items and donations, and the Preble House, 1104a-d. (a) Photo of Louise Marr. (b) Inventory of items donated by Louise Marr February 2006. (c) Transcription of William Preble's income. (d) Write up used for the Preble display in museum
1105 1000.0.1105 Collection related to the 'Ship' display exhibit in the museum, 1105a-e. (a) Photo of Herbert A. Whitney and Captain Harold Whitney. (b) Photo of Coasters in the GCI Harbor. (c) Labels for donated and loaned objects related to ship building. (d) Write up describing the ship model ""The Islander"", owned by Phil Whitney. (e) Museum display text ""Cranberry Vessels and Shipbuilding"" pages 1-8
1106 2011.147.1106 Photo of (l to r) Harold Wedge, Tud Bunker, Elwood Spurling, and Alton Bunker standing in front of five deer hanging from a rack. The house visible in the background is now Cameron & Nancy Wood's. The barn was Elwood Spurling's but is no longer there. The main road separates the barn and the house.
1107 2011.148.1107 Photo of Gaile & Lynn Colby sitting at table around 1969-70 with their children: baby Eileen (only high chair and arm visible), Blair, Blair's girlfriend opposite him, and an unknown girl.
1108 2011.148.1108 Printout of poem by Paul Liebow, ""Namaste For Victor"", about Victor White.
1109 2011.147.1109 Photo of Renna S. Colby holding a dalmation puppy. Renna is pronounced as ""Ren-nay""
1110 2011.149.1110 Photo. Slide looking across Preble Cove and Wharf Head, over Western Way, at sunset.
1111 2011.149.1111 Photo. Slide of Michael Macfarlan's house at Christmas time with 'blue lights' in each window
1112 2011.149.1112 Photo. Slide looking across Preble Cove at sunset. Taken in 1971 or 1972
1113 2011.149.1113 Photo. Slide from Lindon H. 'Tud' Bunker and Michael D. Macfarlan's trip to Matinicus and Monhegan Islands. Person depicted is unidentified
1114 2011.150.1114 Photo of Harold ""Harry"" Alley with red lobster buoy
1115 1000.0.1115 Tool, spoke shave, metal, similar to a plane, for scraping thin shavings off irregular wooden objects such as spokes of a wheel; makers mark: MADE IN USA, NO 151
1116 1000.116.1116 Tool, ""worm"", an iron tool, similar to a large corkscrew, but lacking a handle, used for inserting or removing wadding from a tube, perhaps even the barrel of a cannon that has been loaded but not fired; found by the donor in Ruth Freeman's barn across from Preble House.
1117 1000.0.1117 Model, 4-masted wooden schooner in a molded glass bottle with cork; it looks old but commercial, not a handicraft object
1118 1000.0.1118 Lock, keyed padlock with protective keyhole cover and no key; makers mark: (crown) W.R PATENT
1119 1000.0.1119 Tool, wood and brass folding ruler; makers mark: STANLEY No 54
1120 1000.0.1120 Tool, rasp, two-sided, flat and curved; makers mark: (worn away) USA
1121 1000.154.1121 Tool, triangular pointed boatbuilding tool apparently for making small holes
1122 1000.154.1122 Tool, gouge used in boatbuilding; makers mark: BUCK BROS (head of buck deer) CAST STEEL
1123 1000.116.1123 Scale, the arms part of a balance weighing scale. Item was dug up close to Mickey Macfarlan's shed (the old Post Office in Preble's time) ca. 1970
1124 1000.27.1124 Tool, lobster gauge, brass, used to determine whether a lobster is of legal size to be kept. From the lobster's eye socket notch to the end of its carapace, it must be no larger than 5"" and no smaller than 3-3/16"". This guage has those two dimensions built in
1125 1000.154.1125 Tool, awl (small), wood and metal
1126 1000.154.1126 Tool, awl (large), fancy bone handle, brass ferrule, steel point
1127 1000.154.1127 Tool, caulking iron, used to drive fiber caulking into the seam between planks on a boat
1128 1000.0.1128 Tool, knife with wooden handle and broken off blade, handle is wrapped in braided twine for a better grip
1129 1000.0.1129 Tool, wood chisel with wood handle, fancy brass ferrule; makers mark: (illegible)
1130 1000.116.1130 Tool, ""Tommy Sticker"", a brass candle holder with metal spikes on the bottom and side, to be forced into a wooden wall, beam, etc. to provide light while leaving hands free
1131 1000.153.1131 Tool, medical, lancet, spring loaded, for bloodletting or lancing boils; previously owned and used by the donor's father, an apothecary. Item #1215 is custom box for it
1132 1000.0.1132 Tool, wooden mallet, large, commercially made handle with replacement homemade head, used in boatbuilding
1133 1000.0.1133 Tool, wooden mallet, small, commercially made handle and heavy and hardwood head, used in boatbuilding
1134 1000.0.1134 Tool, compass, with pencil, used to draw arcs and perhaps measure distances on maps; makers mark: S. COPELAND, PAT. MA???
1135 1000.0.1135 Peg, wooden peg intended to hold two or more items together, with small hole for pin (missing) to prevent the peg from pulling out
1136 1000.140.1136 Photograph. Dagurreotype of man believed to be William Pitt Preble ca.1850-1855, in hinged, gilt-edged, leatherbound, wood case. Plush green velvet with impressed scroll design lines the interior of the cover; thin brass/metal mat has green corrosion spots. From the Louise Marr collection of items recovered from the Preble House. William Pitt Preble (1811-1905) was the second owner of GCI's historic Preble house. He exemplified the industrious ingenuity needed to succeed in homesteading and developing a community on this rugged island in the early 19th century. Preble was the son of the Mount Desert Rock lighthouse keeper, a descendant of an influential Portland family. He came to Great Cranberry as a teacher, and became a church elder, selectman, justice of the peace, tax appraiser, postmaster, storekeeper, shipbuilder, and shipwreck appraiser. He outlived both his wives and raised nine children.
1137 1000.140.1137 Photo. Ambrotype in folding wooden case with two metal hasps showing a woman in dark dress, probably Abigail Cobb Hadlock Spurling Preble ca. 1855-1860. She was William Pitt Preble's first wife. He was her second husband; her first husband was Samuel Spurling. Inside: plush, burgundy, velvet lining with with floral design, photo in brass matte with fairly intricate preserver. From Louise Marr collection of artifacts recovered from the Preble House. (See also Maine Memory Network online exhibit and General Andrew Barclay Spurling, Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, research at GCIHS. Abigail Hadlock and Samuel Spurling were his parents.
1138 1000.140.1138 Quilt. Known as a ""crazy quilt"", this quilt was recovered from the Preble house on GCI and is believed to be over 150 years old. Quilt is bordered in velvet with silk and other types of multi-colored, geometric and free-form fabric pieces and a wide variety of fancy stitching; reverse is green silk. The quilt has three sets of fancy-script initials in different areas interpreted as: ""A"" ; ""J"" or ""T""; and ""JSM"". (See also quilt 2014.270.2007 from same location and donor.) (Note: Lynne Birlem (donor 343) has a very similar framed crazy quilt at her home that is from her great grandmother Hamor's house on GCI.)
1139 1000.140.1139 Wallet, brown leather tri-fold with tongue & strap closure, repaired and well worn, inked inside:"" William P Prebles Property, Cranberry Isles 1836."" From Louise Marr collection of items recovered from the Preble House.
1140 1000.140.1140 Spoon, silver plated, makers mark: (star) ROGERS & BRO. A1, with daffodil motif on bowl and handle and engraved italic M on handle, from Preble house
1141 1000.140.1141 Spoon, silver plated, makers mark: 1847 ROGERS BROS. A1, with floral motif on handle, from Preble house
1142 1000.140.1142 Eyeglasses, small gold wire bifocals, probably a woman's, for farsightedness, faint makers mark inside nose piece. With leather covered metal case, purple velvet inside, trademark on case: Stag above circle with words H.E. MURDOCK, Y.M.C.A. BUILDING, PORTLAND MAINE; from Preble house
1143 1000.140.1143 Eyeglasses, very small metal wire single prescription, probably a woman's, broken with only one earpiece, without case, from Preble house
1144 1000.140.1144 Eyeglasses, small metal wire single prescription. With leather covered metal case, blue velvet inside, from Preble house. Separate broken earpiece found entangled with the glasses
1145 2011.151.1145 Photos. Collection of four photos from winter of 1965, showing snow on the main road: A-woman pulling child on sleigh away from camera (toward town dock), and in background, man plowing snow toward camera with small green bulldozer; B-same scene but camera is closer to womand and child, and plower is also closer; C-man with bulldozer goes off to the side (quite close to the camera) to let a dark Buick pass; D-the house of Elton ""Buster"" and Doris Rice, porch covered in snow, with a two-story water tower next to it.
1146 2011.151.1146 Photo, the old pier on Fish Point, date unknown
1147 2011.151.1147 Photo, Heliker (Lew Stanley) wharf and boat sheds, winter 1964
1148 2011.151.1148 Photo, Lindon H. 'Tud' Bunker on Matinicus, holding 'Broadway and 42nd Street' intersection sign. Dated 1967.
1149 2011.151.1149 Photos. Collection, three photos of Lindon H. 'Tud' Bunker with an umbrella made from spruce tree branches. A-'Tud' with spruce umbrella, dog with head on ground, boat, and trailer; B-'Tud' covering dog from rain using spruce umbrella; C-'Tud' with spruce umbrella, dog looking backward, boat, and trailer.
1150 2011.151.1150 Photos. Collection, two photos of Keith Wedge, Sr. asleep under Michael D. 'Mickey' Macfarlan's woodstove, named ""Dudley"". Dated March 1964. A-Keith Wedge, Sr. under ""Dudley"", with chair fully visible in background; B-Keith Wedge, Sr. under ""Dudley"", with chair partially visible in background.
1151 2010.152.1151 Booklet. 7 pages single-sided. ""Edward Preble, Hero: An Address"". Written by Colonel Robert R. McCormick. Dated September 27, 1947. Radio broadcast over WGN and the Mutual Broadcasting System.
1152 2010.152.1152 Business receipt. Two sides. Dated April 29, 1899, Boothbay Harbor. Signed by W. H. Preble, a promise to pay $159 to B. H. Spurling for ""value received"".
1153 2010.152.1153 Business receipt. Itemized purchases dated May 4, 5, 11, 18, and 25,188(?). Company name appears as 'Jewett and Brower', at Portland Maine. Made out to Mrs. Spurling. Total amount is for $121. Lines 1, 3, and 5 appear to be haddock.
1154 2010.152.1154 Business receipt. ""525.00 Boothbay, Me. Feb 24th 1885. Received of Benj. N. Spurling Five hundred and twenty five Dollars, On Account payment on Sch[ooner] Lizzie Maud."" Appears to be signed by J.P. Nordstrom. Handwriten on back in pencil: ""Receipt Copy P. Hady""
1155 2010.152.1155 Business receipt. ""Portland, Me Feb 10th, 1885. Received of Benj. N. Spurling Two hundred Dollars on acct of payment of Sch[ooner] Lizzie Maud. $200.00."" Appears to be signed by J.P. Nordstrom. Handwriten on back in ink: ""Receipt on acct vessel. I. and Y. P. Hodgdon Jr""
1156 2010.152.1156 Business invoice (photocopy). ""Portland, Me 189_, Sch {Schooner] Lizzie Maud & Owners, Bought of H.H. Hay & Son, Druggists, Junction Free & Middle Streets."" Stamped May 19, 1892 in bottom right corner. Sixteen items were bought; many are hard to read, but some include ""2 oz. spt. [spirits of] Camphor 8 cents, 2 oz. tinct [tincture of] Rhei [powdered rhubarb] 10 cents, 1 oz. sulph. [sulphuric] ether 8 cents, etc."" The most expensive item bought is ""1 Ritter's Manual 50 cents."" This is a merchant marine oriented first aid manual issued in 1877. A photo of H.H. Hay's Portland store is available at
1157 2010.152.1157 Business receipt. ""Portland, Feb 19th, 1880, Mr. W.P. Preble, A.M. Nickerson & Co, Dealers in All Kinds of Seines, &c., Also Seines Tarred, Hung and Repaired at Shortest Notice. Long Wharf, Portland, ME."" Item bought: ""100 Lbs Porgie Netting $20.00"" Handwritten note ""Rev'd Pay't A.M. Nickerson & Co."" Further note: ""Paid: March 22nd 1880""
1158 2010.152.1158 Document. State, county, and town tax amount for Wm. P. Preble, in the amount of $3.90. John. T. R. Freeman listed as 'Treasurer and Collector', office in SW Harbor
1159 2010.152.1159 Newspaper article, probably September 1909. Title: ""Mackerel in Maine Waters"". Article reports that 20 barrels of mackerel were caught by Eben T. Lewis, Benjamin A. Spurling, and John S. Seavey, near Monhegan. Article lists other ships and captains active in the Monhegan area due to reports of large schools of mackerel.
1160 2010.152.1160 Newspaper article (photocopy, truncated bottom edge), undated, by Fred Humston. Title: ""British Officer Saves Preble While Prisoner"", concerning Edward Preble of Falmouth having been taken prisoner by the British in 1871. Eventually he was aided by a British officer with American sympathies, who arranged for his release.
1161 2010.152.1161 Document. Recommendation from H. H. Hay's Sons, on behalf of Wade H. Marr who is referenced as having been a clerk for over one year. Dated September 12, 1905.
1162 2010.152.1162 Photo. Newspaper photo (reprint), with handwritten date of December 27, 2000. Photo title is ""Civil War veterans"", a group of four men including Joseph Howard Preble
1163 2010.152.1163 Newspaper article. Clipping, undated. Title ""Weapons of the Long Ago: Dueling Pistols and Revolvers Revive Old Memories of the Career of a Maine Captain."" Drawing of sabres and pistols and discussion of revolvers and sabres carried by Andrew S. and Samuel Spurling.
1164 2010.152.1164 Newspaper article (photocopy), undated, Portland Evening Express. Title ""Portland's only likeness of Mary Deering Preble Taken from an Ivory Miniature"". Includes picture. Article discusses how the only known portrait of Mary Preble comes from a photograph of an ivory miniature carved in her likeness at the age of 18.
1165 2010.152.1165 Newspaper article (photocopy, truncated left side), undated, newspaper unknown. Title ""... of Mary Preble Brought ... By Cherished Portrait ... "" Includes picture. Article discusses how the only known portrait of Mary Preble comes from a photograph of an ivory miniature carved in her likeness at the age of 18.
1166 2010.152.1166 Newspaper article (photocopy), undated. Title "" 'Georgie' was Leading Vessel into New York"". Author listed as Fred Humston. Article on right column mentions Benjamin Spurling commissioning the building of the 'Fannie Q. Spurling', a mackeral fishing boat.
1167 2010.152.1167 Photo, undated. Unidentified house. A woman stands on the steps, and three children sit or stand on the lawn. Included in Louise H. Marr accession of 10/1/2010
1168 2010.152.1168 Photo, undated. Stamp on back reads ""F.H. McDougall, artist, Boothbay Harbor, ME. Photo is of a two-masted ship named ""Priscilla"" in a shipyard. Seven men appear on board, about 10 figures near the keel, and a small group gathered at the forefront of the photo.
1169 2010.152.1169 Document. Certificate of Death for ""Mary Chamberlin (nee Marr)"", from city of Boston, issued on July 26, 1977. Date of death listed as June 17, 1977. Cause of death listed as Carcinoid Tumor.
1170 2010.152.1170 Document. Cremation Certificate for ""Mary M. Chamberlin"" (maiden name ""Marr""). Issued by the city of Cambridge Massachusetts on June 20th, 1977. Signed by the superintendent of Mt. Auburn Cemetary.
1171 2010.152.1171 Business Receipt. Undated. Bill to Louise H. Marr in the amount of $2880.50, for funerial services for Frances S. Marr. Services provided by Finley Funeral Service, Inc.
1172 2010.152.1172 Document (2 copies). Certificate of Death Abstract for Frances Marr, from town of Livermore Falls, ME. Date of issue listed as May 6th, 1983. Date of death listed as March 17, 1983. Cause of death listed as Acute Pulmonary Oedema and ASHD
1173 2010.152.1173 Newspaper article. Obituary for Frances Marr. Newspaper unknown. Undated, but presumeably around May 6th, 1983 (see item 1172)
1174 2010.152.1174 Business Receipt. Dated September 24, 1890, Bangor ME, made out to Benj. N. Spurling for $12.00. Company name appears as A. C. Shepley and Son. For work on marble lables for Harvey Spurling.
1175 2010.152.1175 Document. Bachelor of Education degree for Andrew A. McSorley, from The Teachers College of Connecticut. Dated June 15th, 1939.
1176 2010.152.1176 Document (double sided, A and B). A - Teachers 'Limited Special Certificate' for Andrew A. McSorley in any public school system in Connecticut. Dated February 1st, 1941, Harford CT. B - Reverse side of same document, teaching certificate for Andrew A. McSorley. Address listed as 'Lewis High School, Southington CT'. Subject listed is 'General Shop'
1177 2010.152.1177 Document. Letter of hire to Andrew A. McSorley, as the Principal of Plantsville School. Signed by William M, Strong, superintendent of schools in Southington, CT. Dated January 13th, 1944
1178 1000.140.1178 Tea set, silver plated: ""Stevens - Smart Quadruple Plate"" tea set, 5 pieces: lidded teapot #415, cream pitcher, double handled sugar bowl, ""waste "" (used tea leaves) bowl w/lid. Wheat/leaves design cut in, not embossed
1179 1000.12.1179 Fishing gear, 4 wooden buoys (lobster floats) and 8 round net floats strung on a rope; all buoys are shaped like clubs with a hole to attach a rope on one end. all net floats are shaped like beads with a hole through the center. one buoy has carved initials WFS and is 12.5"" L x 4"" W x 1.5"" H; one buoy has carved initial X and is 13.5"" L x 3"" W x 2.75"" H; the other two buoys have no marks and are 10.5"" L x 3.5"" W x 2"" H, and 12"" L x 4"" W x 2.5"" H. the eight round net floats are varying sizes round and oval, from 3"" L to 5"" L
1180 2009.11.1180 Dress. Brown silk ""going away"" outfit of Hannah Corson (nee Dick) Macfarlan (Robin Freeman's great grandmother & Mickey Macfarlan's grandmother) for her honeymoon trip. Married 21 Apr 1869 in Philadelphia. Fitted bodice/jacket and long skirt with slightly bustled overskirt. Lighter brocaded underskirt. Darker velvet trim at neck, cuffs and along skirt panel. See also 2009.11.1942 accessories said to have been worn with this outfit: two pairs of kid gloves, parasol, white shoes, and hat. (See also photo 2009.11.1180B from ""2009 photos>Robin Swain"", for a picture of Hannah Corson Dick Macfarlan: b. 1850-d.1913 in Philadelphia. Note from donor: ""15 oct 2009 I am attaching a photo to this email of my great-grandmother, Hannah Corson Dick Macfarlan, who wore the brown dress I gave to the GCIHS. She lived from 1850 to 1913 in Philadelphia. She married Dr. Malcolm Macfarlan on April 21, 1869, when she wore the dress. She had nine children, seven of whom lived to adulthood. Of the seven children, one was a girl and six were boys! One of the boys was Douglas Macfarlan, Mickey's father.""
1181 2009.11.1181 Fan. Woman's hand fan, silk with ivory spreaders, apparently worn with ""going away"" skirt and jacket outfit (see 2009.11.1180 and 2009.11.1942). One of the accessories said to have been worn with the ""going away"" outfit of Hannah (nee Dick) Macfarlan for her honeymoon trip. Married 21 April 1869 in Philadelphia.
1182 2004.164.1182 Fishing gear, large herring net on metal hoop with wooden handle. The net itself is 11' long, the metal hoop 5.5' in diameter, the wooden handle 10' long, the overall length (hoop + handle) is 15.5'. Net was found upstairs in Wesley Bracey Sr.'s workshop (before the building was moved and became the Cranberry House).
1183 1000.0.1183 Model, model wooden lobster boat, white with black hull bottom, orange rudder, cloth sail and cabin hood, handcarved by George Savage, named GEO. SAVAGE, CRANBERRY ISLES; contains two tiny round top lobster traps
1184 2016.360.1184 Model, wooden, of a boat once owned by Tud Bunker (named Thetis II); and later by Parky Shaw (re-named Lucia Cutts); white with tan trim and green bottom and rudder, metal propeller, pale green cloth cabin cover, blue interior; hull registration number ME 1983A, ""Lucia Cutts, Cranberry Isles, Maine"" on stern. This model was made by Herman Savage for Parky Shaw in 1983. Info from Willie Granston 2016 (Great Harbor Maritime Museum provided donor and other pertinent facts: ""The Model of the Lucia Cutts was exhibited at GHMM in Northeast Harbor, loaned by Polly Bunker and was made by Herman Savage (of GCI). Lucia Cutts (also called Thetis at some point) was Tud's boat. It was built by Will Frost and was built with a skeg, but Arvard told me that Tud didn't like skeg boats and had it cut off and rebuilt at Cranberry. I think he sold it to Parkie Shaw, and last I knew it was over in the Blue Hill area, owned by a woman named Melissa Guiness (ca. 2006). There was a flag staff on the stern that I made for it (the original one was long gone) and which stayed with the boat until the last couple of years, but as I showed you, it seems to be gone now."" [Note by GCIHS 2013: Herman Savage, now in his 80s and living in Southwest Harbor, is making a duplicate of this model for Andy Pew September 2013. Boat photographed and measured for Savage 9/3/13. Stern to bow point: 22 1/4"" long. Athwart midsection: 6 1/4"" wide. Stern (widest part): 4 1/2"" wide. Stern (vertical): 2"" high. Side rail to keel bottom: 3 1/2"" high] (Previously catalogued as 1000.0.1184)
1185 2003.165.1185 Artifact, Pump Organ, made in Foxcroft Maine by Dyer and Hughes; played by Carrie Richardson
1186 2003.165.1186 Artifact, organ stool red brocade top
1187 1000.0.1187 Book, Palmer's Book of Gems, Sunday School Hymns
1188 1000.167.1188 Artifact, hand cranked console Victrola (record player). Returned to donor.
1189 1000.0.1189 Book, Hymnal
1190 1000.0.1190 Lampshade, 8 oval panels of taut waxy paper with lace applique roses on each, all fringed. From a GCI home.
1191 1000.166.1191 Tool, boat compass in wooden binnacle box with window (brass, wood, paper, iron and glass). Compass card diameter 3.5"", gimbal ring 5"", interior box: 6.25"" x 6.25""; exterior box: 7"" x 11"" x 8.5"" H. North arrow has fleur d' lis motif. Compass was used by Wilfred S. Trussell (1869-1911) and/or Harvey (Harry) Everett Bulger (b.1883-d.<1911), who were husbands of Sadie Anna Harding (b.1879- d. after 1911) who once lived in the Cox now Dalton house (2016) on GCI. Sadie Harding married Trussell 1898 and Bulger 1919. No visible manufacturer or maker marks. Ralph Stanley examined this compass 2016 and believes it's a liquid (alcohol) compass after locating the corroded nut covering the fill-hole in the rim of the compass bowl. He also noted the quadrant markings on the sides of the compass. Per Stanley, Trussell had a sloop and this type of compass was used in boats of that size. It may indeed have been the compass that guided Trussell home during one particular storm (see Stanley's forthcoming book 2017). Stanley thinks it's a liquid compass about 100 years old and could have been purchased at any local marine goods store, but the box was specially made perhaps by Leslie Rice. Michael Macfarlan believes this could be a Ritchie compass and the hole in the wooden case with the shield above it would have been for a battery-powered light (not a candle). One or two large batteries would have been housed in the box's rear compartment. (Box hardware is too corroded to remove and investigate.) Stanley believes a wire to the light would have been wired to the engine. By email 2016, Ben Fuller at Penobscott Marine Museum suggests this compass would be suitable for small schooner or sloop large enough to be sailed at night, suggesting the Smithsonian's NMAH website: for further investigation. NMAH Website states: ""Simple marine compasses have a magnetized needle attached to the bottom of a paper card, and are inherently unstable. Since the 1850s, scientists and instrument makers have struggled to solve this problem. One solution, pioneered by E. S. Ritchie in the United States, was to float the magnetic needle in a bowl of liquid...."" (For genealogy see 2016.337.2103 Index p. 3 and p. 15, records p. 400 and 400A) (See also 2015.350.2115 for possible photo of Wilfred Trussel.)
1192 1000.0.1192 Fishing gear, large hand line with weight (for fishing)
1193 1000.0.1193 Bucket. Unknown object, a red bucket repurposed for an unknown use
1194 1000.0.1194 Barrel, wooden
1195 2009.168.1195 Model, three masted schooner ship model built by Herbert and Harold Whitney, 10' long, dubbed ""The Islander"" by Phil Whitney when it was put on display. Owned by Phil Whitney
1196 2010.152.1196 Document. Retirement contract for Andrew A. McSorley from the State of Connecticut State Teachers' Retirement Board. Retirement date effective as of July 1st, 1973, with an annuity of $124.33 and a pension of $692.51. Creditable service time totaled 37 years and 4 months.
1197 2010.152.1197 Document. Teachers certificate for Andrew A. McSorley, from Connecticut State Board of Education. Certificate denomination is 'Vocational Evening', and subject is ""Industrial Arts""
1198 2010.152.1198 Document. Bachelor of Science degree for Doris Preble Marr, from the State Teachers College. Awarded for having completed a four year course in ""High School Teaching and Administration"". Dated June 11th, 1934
1199 2010.152.1199 Document (double sided, A and B). A - State Teachers Certificate for Miss Dorothy Preble Marr, for studies completed at Harrisonburg State Teachers College. Certificate authorizes the teaching of high school English, Geography, History, Social Science, and all elementary school subjects, for a period of 10 years. Dated July 1st 1934. B - Record of training for Doris P. Marr at Harrisonburg State Teachers College. Breakdown of credit hours by subject.
1200 2010.152.1200 Document. Statement of Qualification for Mrs. Doris McSorley, to teach English and History in grades 1-6 in the state of Connecticut. Dated May 24th 1937.
1201 2010.152.1201 Document (double sides, A and B). A - 'Teachers Certificate, Permanent' for Doris P. McSorley, granting permanent license to teach in 'Junior High School' in any public 'School System' in the state of Connecticut. Dated July 1st, 1945. B - Includes McSorley's address as 41 Oak Street, Southington, CT. Lists certificate subjects as ""Grades VII and VIII"", and ""Endorsed for Elementary Grades I - VIII""
1202 2010.152.1202 Document. Employment offer addressed to Mrs. Andrew McSorley, from the Board of Education of Southington, CT. Offer is for the school year of 1942 - 1943 at a pay rate of $1250 per year, teaching in 7th grade at Plantsville School. Dated October 15, 1942
1203 2010.152.1203 Document. Teacher's contract for Doris P. McSorley with the Board of Education of Southington, CT. Rate listed is $1250 per year. Dated October 26th, 1942.
1204 2010.152.1204 Document. Letter addressed to 'Plantsville School Teachers', reporting 'Mrs. A. McSorley' as the acting principal at Plantsville School for the remainder of 1944. Letter is dated January 13, 1944.
1205 2010.152.1205 Envelope addressed to 'Mrs. Doris P. McSorley', with letterhead from the State of Connecticut Teachers' Retirement Board. Stamped January 27th, 1960, in Hartford, CT.
1206 2010.152.1206 Document. Letter addressed to 'Mrs. Doris P. McSorley', in reply to a communication submitted on February 1, 1973, declaring her intent to retire from the Southington, CT public school system. Letter expresses positive sentiment over Mrs. McSorley's performance at the Plantsville School.
1207 2010.152.1207 Document. Retirement contract with Mrs. Doris P. McSorley from the State of CT State Teachers' Retirement Board. Annuity is listed as $91.84, and pension is listed as $681.75. Dated October 10, 1973
1208 2010.152.1208 Newspaper Article. Title is ""Doris McSorley Acting Head of Grammar School"", accounting Mrs. McSorley's new post as principal of the Plantsville School, after the old principal was drafted into the army. Dated January 14th, year not listed but is likely 1944 as reflected in inventory number 1204.
1209 2010.152.1209 Document (three pages, A, B, and C). A - letter signed 'Bro Will' (likely William P. Preble) and addressed to 'Sister Lucinda', regarding papers received from Peter, and making sure 'Father' has copies of them. Mention of having to 'make up a new account = since 1892'. Dated Chicago, October 21, 1898. B - Copy (handwritten) of letter sent to 'Father', regarding a matter with Mr. Peters and getting 'your acct all right'. Mentions details of 'Sam' (likely Sammy Sanford) suing the Preble's, and that 'his account rendered only goes back to 6 years'. Dated Chicago, October 21st, 1898. C - at head of letter is written 'Copy of declaration in Sanford's suit'. Written to William P. Preble, with dollar amounts of medical attendence, food and clothing, and services rendered between 1892 and 1898, totaling $2200.
1210 2010.152.1210 Document (three consecutive pages, A, B, and C. Likely that one or more pages are missing). Letter addressed to 'Father Preble, Cranberry Isles', dated February 12th, 1899, from Seawall ME. Author (Sammy Sanford?) is discussing the repair of various tools and furniture, presumeably belonging to 'Father Preble' (William P?). Third page ends with a reference, '... the next time I come on The Island'.
1211 2010.152.1211 Document (two consecutive pages, A and B). Transcribed report of a deposition given by Asenath Spurling, dated November 25th, 1898, regarding the case between Samuel C. Sanford (plaintiff) and William P. Preble (defendant). Questions were asked by Sanford's attorney, whose name appears as 'L.B. Deasy'. Deposition concerns Asenath Spurling's contact with Sammy Sanford, and the sale of certain materials to him. References a Supreme Judicial Court date in Ellsworth, set for January 3rd, 1899.
1212 2010.152.1212 Document (six consecutive pages, A, B, C, D, E, and F). Transcription of court proceedings, with 'Wm P Preble' being questioned regarding the case with Samuel Sanford. Document is possibly from the January 3rd, 1899 court date referred to in inventory number 1211, as the name 'Deasy' appears in the upper left hand corner, who was Samuel Sanford's lawyer. Questions include receipts for work and room/board between 1894 and 1897, of Samuel Sanford's mood, of certain properties owned by or sold to Sanford, and work on certain vessels.
1213 2010.152.1213 Document. Letter from B.H. Spurling to J. A. Peters Jr., dated Boothbay Harbor, ME, February 19th, 1900. Letter is regarding the death of William H. Preble and any possible changes in the court dates or proceedings between William P. Preble and Samuel Sanford.
1214 2010.152.1214 Document (three consecutive pages, A, B, and C)
1215 1000.153.1215 Box, small wooden box carved from one piece of wood, and with separate sliding cover, for lancet (item #1131)
1216 1000.0.1216 Ceramic jug with handle and cork, approx. 11.5""
1217 1000.0.1217 Ceramic jug with handle, approx. 10""
1218 1000.0.1218 Ceramic widemouth container, approx. 11""
1219 1000.0.1219 Ceramic jug with handle, approx. 10.75""
1220 1000.0.1220 Ceramic pitcher, approx. 9.75""
1221 1000.0.1221 Ceramic jug with blue flower motif, approx. 9""
1222 1000.0.1222 Ceramic, Williamsburg pottery pitcher, approx. 8.5""
1223 1000.0.1223 Artifact, lantern
1224 1000.0.1224 Fishing gear, large fishing hand line with weights, wrapped around a wooden frame
1225 1000.0.1225 Fishing gear, large handline with weights, wrapped around a wooden frame
1226 1000.0.1226 Artifact, large hand line with weights and initials JLS
1227 1000.0.1227 Artifact, large bundle of fishing twine
1228 2009.188.1228 Barrel, large wood barrel, approx. 20"" height/ 19"" diameter
1229 1000.0.1229 Artifact, round wood and cardboard case, perhaps for cheese or cake, top and bottom wood, sides cardboard, handwritten ""J & Petal"" or ""J & Pural"" on top
1230 1000.0.1230 Artifact, wooden chest without lid
1231 1000.169.1231 Tool, wood auger with T-shaped handle for making 2"" hole in wood
1232 1000.170.1232 Tool, double handled spoke shave, probably for smoothing a ship's mast
1233 1000.171.1233 Artifact, smelting ladle with spout, for melting and poring molten lead etc.
1234 1000.172.1234 Tool, wooden mallet
1235 1000.173.1235 Tool, rasp 18""
1236 1000.174.1236 Tool, boat building tool (?)
1237 1000.175.1237 Tool, wood plane, used to make smooth, or remove thickness, of boards and planks
1238 1000.176.1238 Tool, wooden level, on brass plate ""STANLEY / RULE & LEVEL CO / NEW BRITAIN CONN USA / PAT 6-2-91 6-2-96""; on the bubble level inserts ""STANLEY ADJUSTABLE PATENTED MAR 25 90""
1239 1000.0.1239 Tool, ice tongs, used for carrying block ice in the early 1900s
1240 2002.20.1240 Tool, Shoemaker's Last, approx. 6"". Found in the old Lewis Ladd barn, a.k.a. Spurling home, and Freeman home (across from donor's home). Lewis Ladd died in 1912 at 88 years old.
1241 2002.20.1241 Tool. Shoemaker's hammer 8.5"". See also 2002.20.42 patent for this hammer. Hammer recovered from Captain Bert's house - Bert Spurling, a.k.a. Freeman home (across from donor's home). (This is the same house where the shoe lasts were found - see items 1240, 1242-1245.)
1242 2002.20.1242 Tool, Shoemaker's Last, approx. 10"". Found in the old Lewis Ladd barn, a.k.a. Spurling home, and Freeman home (across from donor's home). Lewis Ladd died in 1912 at 88 years old.
1243 2002.20.1243 Tool, Shoemaker's Last, approx. 7.5"". Found in the old Lewis Ladd barn, a.k.a. Spurling home, and Freeman home (across from donor's home). Lewis Ladd died in 1912 at 88 years old.
1244 2002.20.1244 Tool, Shoemaker's Last, approx. 9"". Found in the old Lewis Ladd barn, a.k.a. Spurling home, and Freeman home (across from donor's home). Lewis Ladd died in 1912 at 88 years old.
1245 2002.20.1245 Tool, Shoemaker's Last, approx. 8.5"", and a small last, about 4"" - Plus cast iron post to support lasts as cobbler works on them with an additional small last (about 5 inches) atop it. Found in the old Lewis Ladd barn, a.k.a. Spurling home, and Freeman home (across from donor's home). Lewis Ladd died in 1912 at 88 years old.
1246 1000.0.1246 Pitcher, gray metal
1247 1000.0.1247 Ladle. gray metal (goes with gray metal pitcher 1000.0.1246)
1248 1000.0.1248 Pitcher. metal, 9"", stamped ""1 GAL. LIQ'D""
1249 1000.0.1249 Tool, small metal kerosene heater for warming or melting something
1250 1000.0.1250 Tool kitchen, metal meat grinder, molded with ""ENTERPRISE FOOD CHOPPER"", ""ENTRPRISE MF'G CO, PHIL, USA"", AND ""JCO 303"", and on wooden handle ""226""
1251 1000.0.1251 Tool, double pulley, wood body, metal wheels and hook, 5.25"", oval
1252 1000.0.1252 Fishing gear, fishing line weight 2.5""
1253 1000.177.1253 Tool, marking gauge used for lumber marking
1254 1000.0.1254 Tool, kitchen, metal coffee grinder
1255 1000.0.1255 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), bell shaped, black & orange, branded ""CE RICE"" and ""9818"", with iron ring attached with iron staple on bottom
1256 1000.0.1256 Fishng equipment, buoy (lobster float), white & green
1257 1000.0.1257 Tool, leather sailmaker's thimble for pushing needle through heavy canvas.
1258 1000.0.1258 Pot, kerosene pot with fire starter
1259 1000.0.1259 Tool, pulley, round, very open and wide rope surface, probably an outboard pulley for lobster trap pulling
1260 1000.212.1260 Ship hardware. Collection of four large brass/metal artifacts recovered by Wesley Bracy Jr. (a.k.a. ""Junior:) from local waters while scuba diving 1970-1980s. Items were either loaned or donated to GCIHS in 2000. (A): Artifact, letter ""A"" metal plate, from tug Astro an ocean-going tug towing a barge that ran ashore on Mt. Desert Rock 1902. Astro sank but barge okay. (B): Bow bit from the Ara, Deane's ocean-going private yacht that sank 1926 off Little Duck Island; (C): cleat; (D:) fire nozzle possibly from Deane's yacht. (See also 2015.310.2070 digital slides, and DVD interview made in 2003 (2013.265.1998).)
1261 1000.0.1261 Stove, portable metal cooking apparatus for picnics
1262 1000.0.1262 Canteen., metal (Donated 1955, unknown donor)
1263 1000.0.1263 Fishing gear, buoy (lobster float), white, fish shaped, branded ""C. E. RICHARDSON"" and ""900""
1264 1000.0.1264 Shoe horn, metal (National Cloak & Suit. Co.)
1265 1000.0.1265 Tool, round D-shaped knife with wooden handle, perhaps a dough cutter
1266 1000.0.1266 Tool, kitchen, hand-operated kitchen grinder (edge mounted), perhaps for coffee
1267 1000.0.1267 Box, homemade wooden gadget box filled with assorted fasteners (nails, bolts, etc.)
1268 1000.0.1268 Kitchen, cornbread pan with 12 pockets
1269 1000.0.1269 Pipe, tobacco smoking pipe with wooden bowl
1270 1000.0.1270 Tool, weight scale, 26 lb., (Sargent & Co.)
1271 1000.0.1271 Tool. Handle, wood with metal arms
1272 1000.0.1272 Box, metal tobacco box
1273 1000.0.1273 Fishing gear, buoy (lobster float) with black tip, initials B.S
1274 1000.0.1274 Artifact, rope mat (made by eva bracy?)
1275 1000.178.1275 Tool, wood plane, 21"" (Among tools donated by Jim Bradley & Wesley Bracy, Jr.)
1276 1000.179.1276 Tool, specialty wood plane, 14"" . Tool for fashioning trim around doors.
1277 1000.0.1277 Tool, metal boatbuilding tool on wood base, similar to a nut cracker; molded into the metal ""SARGENT & CO"" and ""10""
1278 1000.0.1278 Fishing gear, fishing hand line spool, 14"", with 3 rungs
1279 1000.0.1279 Fishing gear, fishing hand line spool, 13.5"", with 2 rungs
1280 1000.0.1280 Book, Holy Bible (N.Y. Bible Society ,1896)
1281 1000.0.1281 Tool, shotgun shell maker (?)
1282 1000.0.1282 Tool, double-pronged pitchfork, with a short broken-off piece of wooden handle, probably for flipping fish into a boat
1283 1000.0.1283 Decoy. Wood, duck decoy, painted
1284 1000.0.1284 Tool, shotgun shell tamper (?)
1285 1000.0.1285 Tool, large metal C-shaped hook, probably from a peavey or cant hook, for rolling and moving logs
1286 1000.0.1286 Tool, boatbuilding tool or weeder for a garden?
1287 2013.226.1287 Artifact, wine jug in basket
1288 1000.0.1288 Tool, Y-shaped with points on all three ends (unknown name)
1289 1000.0.1289 Tool, turnbuckle for pulling things together, such as the frame of a screen door
1290 1000.0.1290 Tool, wooden tamper (if held on thin end) or sewing needle (if held on thick end)
1291 1000.0.1291 Scale, large spring scale with flat top, maximum weight of 23 pounds
1292 1000.0.1292 Boat hardware, brass oar lock
1293 1000.0.1293 Kettle, kitchen, small copper kettle with lid and with wood handle
1294 1000.0.1294 Box, small wooden box with a divider to form 2 compartments
1295 1000.0.1295 Tool, metal boatbuilding tool with long handle and small metal hook on one end, probably for pulling out caulking from between seams, 13.25""
1296 1000.0.1296 Decoys. Collection of 2 wood duck decoys, very rustic, one with carved ""BS"", the other with carved ""LCS"". (See also two other primitive decoys with B.S. 2016.355.2120. (B.S. could indicate Bert or Boynton Stanley.)
1297 1000.0.1297 Scale, balance scale with 3 hooks for: 1) hanging it, 2) hanging the unknown weight object,and 3) hanging known weight counter balance weights
1298 1000.0.1298 Tool, wooden tool with eyelet (unknown name)
1299 1000.0.1299 Tool, kitchen, apple peeler
1300 1000.0.1300 Pulley, wood with metal hook
1301 1000.0.1301 Fishing gear, buoy, wooden, bullet shaped, with wooden dowel handle, all yellow, carved with ""HA ALLEY"" with attachment hole on bottom; the owner was probably Harry Alley
1302 1000.0.1302 Art, carved wooden laundry stirrer, made by Sam Chapman
1303 1000.0.1303 Artifact, wrench for opening boat hatches
1304 1000.0.1304 Artifact, carved walking stick made by Sam Chapman
1305 1000.0.1305 Tool, kitchen, large food slicer (for cheese?); or a plane for wood?
1306 1000.0.1306 Tool, kitchen, metal colander, strainer
1307 1000.0.1307 Basket, wire metal basket
1308 1000.0.1308 Basket, woven wood-splint basket, rectangular, low
1309 1000.0.1309 Taxidermy, bird, stuffed pheasant, maker unknown
1310 1000.0.1310 Decoy. Wood, Canada goose, written on bottom ""LT WARD + BRO"" and ""Crisfield, MD""
1311 2013.219.1311 Decoy. Wood, goose, made by Wesley Bracy, Jr., carved on bottom ""WB"", written on bottom on paper labels ""Goose $375"" and ""106""
1312 1000.0.1312 Blackboard, school, chalk slate, 15.5""x13.5""
1313 1000.0.1313 Blackboard, school, chalk slate, 9.25""x13.5""
1314 1000.0.1314 Photo, print of front view of Longfellow School house, in blue frame, 8x10"", blk & wht, from scan. (See 2004>photos>bk, possibly made from a postcard: ""School House at Cranberry Isles, Me"" in script.)
1315 2013.227.1315 Flash cards, school, hand-drawn by Gillian Lobkowicz for her students circa 1988; they show each letter of the alphabet with a humorous illustration and phonetic saying
1316 2013.234.1316 Photo, (A) print of side view of Longfellow School house showing the bell tower ca. 1940, in green frame, 8x10"", color; this is a framed print of a scan of Dot Towns' slide #53. And 2013.234.1316 (B) is a framed print of same view of Longfellow School house without bell tower (print of a scan of slide #100 in this same Dot Towns set.) (From 2009\historical soc\slide show\towns slides)
1317 2013.227.1317 Desk, school, wood and cast iron, marked ""SCHOOL FURNITURE CO"" and ""1, PAYNO, G35887, PAT. PDG""
1318 2006.230.1318 Doll, Hitty Thonotosassa, carved from linden (basswood) by Janet Cordell, marked ""Janet Denton-Cordell / L-68 / 2006"", dressed in Swiss batiste ""onesie"" underwear with Hitty cross-stitched in red on the yoke, and a flowered buff-yellow cabbage rose dress by ""Hitty Couture""; sitting in a prop twig nest with three crows, also with an illustration by Dorothy P. Lathrop cut from the book ""Hitty: Her First Hundred Years"", written by Rachel Field, 1929. All donated donated by: Vickie Applegate, Elise Buhn, Susan Duncan, Josie Fuller, Elaine Hill, Sharon Horswill, Jill Hunter, Michelle Kirby, Martha Maxwell, Laurel Parker, Sue Parker, Barbara Polidoro-Conklin, Nancy Schell, Ann Stroupe, Eileen Turner, and TC Vollum; displayed under a glass bell jar. (See GCIHS web page for Hitty doll information.)
1319 1000.0.1319 Prop. Longfellow School roster, printed on two wooden plaques, list of 23 pupils, Charles Spurling, etc. 1899 (copy by Wini Smart); (original is item 1000.7.77)
1320 1000.0.1320 Sign, yellow with black letters ""School""
1321 1000.0.1321 Prop. Copy of school report card, Stephen Spurling, on wooden plaque (copy by Wini Smart). See 1000.45.204 original.
1322 1000.180.1322 Sewing Machine, hand/foot-operated ""A & S"" sewing machine on cast iron stand with three drawers and wooden work surface table and matching wooden box-like cover; the right drawer is loose and not attached to the base; all three drawers are filled with sewing notions; the sewing machine is from the Moorfield Storey household. Gift of Trudy Bancroft.
1323 1000.0.1323 Tool, clothes iron, small cast iron, with ""6"" molded into the handle. Wire mesh holder below.
1324 1000.0.1324 Model, boat, miniature schooners (two) in glass case
1325 2005.181.1325 Doll. Large, wooden “Hitty”, chainsaw-carved and donated by Michelle DelValle in September 2005, clothes sewn by the artist's mother, and coral bead necklace made by Bruce Komusin. DelValle started out carving bears and figures, and began carving and selling dolls online in 2000. After many requests to carve Hitty and reading Hitty: Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field, which is set at GCI's historic William Pitt Preble house, DelValle began carving small Hitty dolls. In the summer of 2005, work began on a life-size Hitty in the Crazy Mountains of Montana.  Hitty's head and torso were carved from a solid Douglas Fir log, her arms from Lodge Pole Pine, and legs of Douglas Fir. She was sanded, distressed, and hand painted, then drilled and pegged to fit the arms and legs to the torso. (See DelValle's web page: Hitty dolls are usually small and flat; this is the only life-size model. Hitty has a large following including fan clubs with newsletters and websites, newly-made Hitty dolls and furniture, and modern day adventure stories. Devotees visit GCIHS in the summer. (See and
1326 1000.0.1326 Photo. Computer printout of an unattributed black and white photo allegedly of ""the Prussian Lady"", Dorothea Albertina Wilhelmina Celeste ""Hanna Caroline"" (Russ) Hadlock, in green frame. See Samuel Hadlock and Preble house histories.
1327 1000.0.1327 Photo. Copy of portrait of Samuel Hadlock, Jr, 14.5""x17.75"" in blue frame. (See 2014.280.2023 for catalogue entry. This number is a duplicate entry, should be deleted.))
1328 1000.27.1328 Photo. Copy of picture of opera singer Mme. Adelina Patti in plastic gold floral frame. Patti figures in Rachel Field's book, ""Hitty, Her First Hundred Years""
1329 1000.27.1329 Photo. Colorized copy of photograph of Sammy Sanford's Cabin (10"" x 4.5"") Color. Artist: Bruce Komusin
1330 1000.50.1330 Photo. Reprint, framed in white matte board and sealed in plastic wrap, ""Sammy Sanford, Taken on Little Head, Cranberry Is. By Walter K. Shaw Sr"".
1331 1000.0.1331 Prop. Box. Wooden Jewelry Box with Hitty Memorabilia.
1332 2000.233.1332 Fishing gear. Early Fishing Rod
1333 2000.233.1333 Fishing gear. Green fishing kreel (fish basket)
1334 1000.182.1334 Dress. Black (wedding?) dress with cape said to be from 1800s. (A 2014 visitor to the GCIHS museum, a costume conservator herself, feels this dress dates to the 1920s.)
1335 2007.185.1335 Book, blue cloth-bound album in memory of Diane Barrow-Clark, prolific blogger on the HittyGirls and HittyForEveryone Yahoo groups; the first half of the album records many of Diane's Hittys, and where they were sent after her passing; the second half records items donated to GCIHS, including Hitty Cranberry and Hitty Diane, and their all their accessories donated in Diane's memory to the museum (see item 1340 and 1928).
1336 2006.184.1336 Doll, Hitty Rachel carved and hand painted by Robert Raikes; Suanne Glidden suppied the doll, plus her dress, plastic case ""apartment"", and accessories; Ryan Jones supplied the petticoat; Julie DeGroat supplied the hat. Donated by Suanne Glidden in 2006. (See GCHIS webpage for Hitty doll information.)
1337 1000.0.1337 Bird nest. Real bird nest under a glass bell-like jar, with smaller than official size paper Hitty in the nest (no crows). Nest probably a prop collected by Wini Smart.
1338 1000.0.1338 Doll. Cloth, stuffed doll, Mother and Baby Mouse under a glass bell-like jar
1339 2012.201.1339 Artwork. Small painting, Hitty Dances, in starched lace frame signed ""Spirit was willing - I. Wolf"" lower right corner.
1340 2007.185.1340 Doll, Hitty Cranberry, cloth and painted stuffed doll, clothed in tan dress with cranberry motif, cranberry colored knitted shawl, and white pantaloons; face hair, arms, legs, and shoes painted on cloth; written on back of doll ""In Memory of Diane Clark / Hitty / By / Nancy / Schell / 2006""; Hitty Cranberry was made by Nancy Schell; donation also includes a 2-level doll house, plus Hitty Diane (item 1928) and a blue cloth-bound memorial book in honor of Diane Barrow-Clark (item 1335); Hitty Cranberry was donated in 2007 by Nancy Schell and the HittyGirls Yahoo Group. (See GCIHS web page for Hitty doll information.) Two additional dresses: blue floral pattern with red shawl; grey dress with white shawl and cap. One doll-sized book, two crocheted blankets, 1 bed, 1 clothes rack and rug.
1341 1000.0.1341 Broom. Household hearth Broom
1342 1000.0.1342 Tool, Tin Oil Can for Sewing Machine
1343 1000.0.1343 Jug. metal jug, sides and bottom wrapped in wood, with cork, on metal bottom ""BOSTON CAN CO""
1344 1000.0.1344 Pitcher. Large Enamel Pitcher (5 Gallon?)
1345 1000.0.1345 Jug. Large Glass Jug with a screw-on metal top containing a spring-activated valve to release the contents, which was probably kerosene
1346 1000.186.1346 Spinning wheel. Wooden, small, four-legged flax spinning wheel with flat table, grooved wheel. ""FARNHAM Near Owego"" impressed into base. This four-legged wheel is missing part(s). [Note: says Joel Farnhan was a wheelwright and cabinet maker who moved from PA to Owego NY in 1794.By the 1820s he had a well-established milling and wheelwright business which passed on to his youngest son Frederick, who began producing his own wheels by the 1840s.]
1347 2005.113.1347 Games. Wooden Croquet Set with case, from Bruce Komusin's parents' summer home on Long Island NY
1348 1000.0.1348 Pot. Iron Cauldron. Approximately 12"" in diameter
1349 1000.0.1349 Photo of 8 racing I.O.D.s (International Class sloops); approximately 5"" x 8"" black & white, in a wood frame. Caption taped to back of frame: ""Full or Collapsed, Spinnakers Reveal Skippers' Skill and Luck in Catching Light Breeze off Mount Desert Island, Maine. One sail (third from left) droops while a rival, 100 feet directly ahead, balloons with a fortunate puff. Hand on sheet, a crew member (second yacht from right) jockeys his sail as he would a horse's reins. Compact and sturdy, these are International Class sloops all built in Norway before the war. Here the Northeast Harbor fleet nears the finish line after an eight mile race. Four years of war have not stopped such races. (Courtesy Main Development Commission)"" No date.
1350 1000.0.1350 Clothing, Straw Hat with colored tassel. (Probably a prop)
1351 1000.0.1351 Clothing, Woman's Straw Hat with 3/4"" black band. Prop?
1352 1000.187.1352 Clothing. Parisian dress - outfit with eggplant-color skirt and jacket. Worn by Mrs. Gertrude Cutts Storey, wife of Moorfield Storey (1845–1929), the first Rusticator on Great Cranberry Island. Storey was a prominent Boston lawyer who was nationally known. He was president of the American Bar Association, an active member of the Anti-Imperialist League, and the first president of the NAACP. He was also active in gaining independence for the Philippine Islands. Storey arrived in Northeast Harbor after the Civil war, building a house there. In 1887 he built a house on Great Cranberry that eventually became the property of his grand daughter, Trudy Bancroft, who donated this outfit.
1353 1000.0.1353 Clothing, Black Velvet Woman's Dress Hat
1354 1000.0.1354 Clothing, Woman's Walton Pierce Hat, navy with flower
1355 1000.0.1355 Clothing, Woman's Lace Hat
1356 1000.0.1356 Clothing, Woman's Flowered Hat with netting
1357 1000.0.1357 Clothing, Woman's Red Felt Hat with metallic applique
1358 1000.0.1358 Artifact, 2 Italian Buttons
1359 1000.0.1359 Photograph. Black and white. Mary Teel Pratt in white dress with pearls. Mary Teel was born about 1912, daughter of Velma and Sawtelle Teel. Mary grew up in what is now (2013) David Bunker's house where Velma and Sawtelle once lived. She died in her sleep in November 1998. Phil Whitney has videos of Mary Teel reminiscing and walking with his mother on GCI.
1360 1000.0.1360 Card. Christmas card in wood frame. From Annie Blake (Teacher) to Addie Stanley
1361 1000.0.1361 Frame. Ornate Metal Picture Frame for 4"" to 6"" pictures
1362 1000.0.1362 Umbrella. Light Brown Parasol with brown tassels (silk?) It is possible that this parasol goes with item #1180 on Accession # 11 per Bruce Komusin
1363 1000.0.1363 Umbrella. Beige Parasol (silk?); probably a gift of Mrs. Dunbar from the attic of the Dunbar house on Bear Island
1364 1000.0.1364 Umbrella. Green Parasol (silk?); probably a gift of Mrs Dunbar from the attic of the Dunbar house on Bear Island
1365 1000.0.1365 Pitcher. Blue with Wash Bowl and Vase. Labeled ""Ada Rice Set""
1366 1000.0.1366 Lamp. Kerosene Lamp- metal, silver color with pillowy milk glass ""shade""
1367 2000.38.1367 Model, naive handmade blue sailboat with white cotton sail. ""Miss Cranberry Isles"" incised on the rear deck
1368 1000.0.1368 Record player. Portable, hand-crank Victrola. Tan snakeskin-like exterior, metal arm. Turntable speed control marked ""Birch"". No other markings on it.
1369 2000.293.1369 Doll, 'common hair china doll', 22"" tall with underclothes, pink skirt and shirt, leather arms andn cloth body. Ceramic head is cracked and mended, leather hands frayed, underclothes probably original; donor believed the pink floral, ruffled skirt and top were original and the doll was at least 100 years old. This doll is from the Towns house, a.k.a. Crosby farm, Bayview Farm, or Red House.
1370 2013.228.1370 Furniture. Sitz Bath 27"" diameter; belonged to Moorfield Storey
1371 2007.237.1371 Doll, Hitty Greene, wood, hand carved by David Greene, and donated by his widow, Gaye Greene; donation arranged by Virginia Heyerdahl, editor of the Friends of Hitty Newsletter; doll is outfitted in a floral patterned dress with a blue background and a white collar, made by Carolyn Roth (label), a white petticoat with ""HITTY"" stitched on the front bib, and white pantaloons; the undergarments were probably also made by Carolyn as the snap fasteners are the same as the dress; written on back of doll: ""#91 / David R Greene / 2000"". Displayed in a light-up plexiglass and wood case with pink and white floral wallpaper, and is furnished with bench, desk,and student's chair/desk also made by David Greene, and miscellaneous garden tools. (See GCIHS web page for Hitty doll information.) Doll Castle News 2003 with letter and article on Hitty Greene.
1372 1000.0.1372 Decoy. Eider duck decoy made by Wesley Bracy, Jr., carved on bottom ""WB"", written on bottom on paper labels ""107""
1373 1000.0.1373 Doll. Furniture - Wicker Doll's Chair (4"" x 5"")
1374 2007.229.1374 Doll, Hitty Willow Thompson, wood, carved by Pat Thompson in 2005, in green dress with white smock; donated by HittyforEveryone Yahoo group in memory of Diane Barrow-Clark. Diane was caretaker of the imaginary ""Lake Thonotosassa Boarding School"" in Florida (LTBS, as she referred to it) where Hitty Willow Thompson was Head Mistress. Accessories with doll: yellow-walled apartment box, hanging on its wall is a picture of Diane, a picture of the students that were at LTBS, and also a picture of Jacques, the last doll purchased by Diane and donated to the HittyforEveyrone group to use as their travel doll. Further accessories: red cotton dress, doll quilt white squares and green squares with brown star, light yellow knitted doll afghan, blue wool cape, knitted white shawl, knitted mustard-color shawl, knitted mustard-color handbag, ceramic cup and saucer white with orange-colored decorative decal, coffee pot with spout and orange colored decorative decal, orange carrots in a green bowl (all one piece plastic), green plastic caricature turtle, teddy bear with red ribbon neck kerchief, tiny ""Hitty, Her First Hundred Years"" book, clothes chest with one (inoperable) drawer, round coffee table, and wooden round-top treasure chest with leather straps and buckles (made in China). All these items were donated by HittyforEveryone group members: Kathie Baxter, Linda Bennett and the Yabba Dabba Doo Hittys, Elise Buhn, Sharon Horswill, Linda Knott, Judy Millman and the Sherman Oaks Hittys,and Sue Parker. (See GCIHS web page for Hitty doll information.)
1375 2010.152.1375 Doll, Wooden Male Doll dressed in South American or Spanish style
1376 1000.0.1376 Doll, Clothespin doll reminiscent of Hitty in pink dress with black apron and cap on white metal stand.
1377 2013.228.1377 Towel. Hand Towel (white) with monogram ""M. Storey""; belonged to Moorfield Storey
1378 2011.156.1378 Booklet, ""The Most Wonderful Collection of Famous Recitations Ever Written"", with humorous poems
1379 1000.27.1379 Document, program list of creative works by Gretchen Westphal, and a short biography ""What I Did With My Lawn Mowing Money"", for her exhibit at the GCI Library, 5 July 2009
1380 2011.157.1380 Document, ""Boatbuilding During World War II, M.D.I., Ellsworth, Stonington, and Bluehill"" by Ralph W. Stanley, 12 pages. Ralph was 12 years old on 7 Dec 1941, and gives his personal reminiscences of that period and the war effort. He mentions the Manset Boatyard, Henry Hinckley Co., Southwest Boat, and the Mount Desert Yacht Yard, all on MDI, the Webber's Cove Boat Yard in Bluehill, and the Stonington Deer Isle Yacht Yard. He lists many vessels built at those places, and throws in a few humorous anecdotes too. Ralph lists his sources at the end. (Document transcribed as .txt and saved as html.)
1381 1000.0.1381 Magazine, Down East, August 1971, with article ""Rachel Field of the Cranberry Isles"" by Herbert Edwards. Also a letter to the editor by Senator Leverett Saltonstall about the J.T. Morse article in the June 1971 issue. (See 1000.0.1012.)
1382 2011.158.1382 Book, ""The Old Oaken Bucket"", poem by Samuel Woodworth (1785-1842), drawings by Miss L.B. Humphrey, engraved by W.B. Closson, printed by D. Lothrop & Co., Boston, 1881. First edition. The name Velma M. Stanley inscribed on the first page.
1383 2011.159.1383 Document, genealogy records and family tree leading to Marguerite MILLY dit Le Croix, who married John Stanley (aka Standley) of Islesford. The lines go back to the mid 1500s in France. There is also a note by the donor noting there are errors and requesting it not be used for publication or sale. Email correspondence with donor 2012. (All pages scanned.) And (B):Hugh Dwelley's 2012 Islesford Historical Society Occasional Paper ""Genealogical lines for Marguerite (Milly) de La Croix et al with introduction by Ralph Stanley - blue booklet published August 2012, which may be the genealogy in question.
1384 1000.27.1384 Newspaper article, ""Living on Island Time"", by Alexandra Zuckerman, The Bar Harbor Times, 3 Aug 2000; about Wini Smart & The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society creating a Museum in the schoolhouse, to have its grand opening 6 Aug 2000. Includes photo of: Wini Smart, the schoolhouse exterior with lambs, Wini Smart's Nature mural, Bruce Komusin installing a mural, and a display on homemaking.
1385 1000.160.1385 Receipt (copy), U.S.P.S. receipt for two first class registered letters sent by Postmaster William P. Preble of Cranberry Isles, on 21 Feb 1888 to Ellsworth. The letters could have been written by him, or any other person on Cranberry. The letters were to 1) Ellsworth American or editors of the American, and 2) First National Bank, Ellsworth chain. The Ellsworth Postmaster, A.V. Greely, received them, stamped his name on the return receipt, and returned it to Preble.
1386 2011.161.1386 Photo, color, Edith Drury picnicking on her rocks on Cranberry
1387 1000.0.1387 Poster, made by Wini Smart for the museum. ""Native Americans""
1388 2011.162.1388 Book, ""God's Pocket"" by Rachel Field, Macmillan April 1934, inscribed by author ""For William C. Bullitt This early American gesture to a far-away friend - with always pleasant remembrances. Rachel Field 1934"" Also included with the book is a printout from wikipedia about William Christian Bullitt, Jr., presumably the person the book is inscribed to, who was about 43, and U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1934. (See also Field collection of books 2014.168.2004)
1389 2011.158.1389 Newspaper clipping, Mount Desert Islander, 17 Jun 2004, ""Heck of a Halibut... Cranberry Isles fisherman Junior Bracy caught this nearly 200-pound halibut while out fishing off Duck Island on June 7. It dressed out at 154 pounds. Mr. Bracy and his sternman, son Scott, are third and fourth generation fishermen from Cranberry Island.""
1390 2011.163.1390 Ticket, Mail Boat, 10-Trips for $5, all punched out (used). Polly said while donating it, ""An example of the 'Good Old Days.'""
1391 2012.13.1391 Fishing gear. Metal Fishing Buoy, round. It is stamped on one side PHILLIPS PATENT GUARANTEED LIGHTWEIGHT MODEL. and on the other, PATENT No 331163 NOTICE OF INFRINGEMENT REWARDED. The patent number is from Great Britain.
1392 2012.13.1392 Fishing gear, Metal Branding Iron to burn ""7327"" onto lobster floats or buoys, presumably.
1393 2012.13.1393 Artifact, Wooden Scythe Handle with two grippers but no blade
1394 2012.13.1394 Iron. Electric Clothes Iron Set consisting of electric iron and matching base stand. Iron is 400 Watt ""UNIVERSAL"" model made by Landers, Frary & Clark, New Britain, Conn., USA. There is no matching electric cord. Base stand is unmarked.
1395 2009.188.1395 Fishing gear, hand line
1396 2011.189.1396 Light fixture. hanging chandelier in good working condition circa 1928 (in association with item #1397 (estimated total value of items # 1396 & #1397 on 8/7/2011 is $100.00). First year of electricity on the island.
1397 2011.189.1397 Lighting fixture. oval shaped ceiling fixture- circa 1928 (in association with item #1396)
1398 2010.190.1398 Shoes. Ladies Shoes- 19th Century-Macfarlan Family. (See also 2009.11.1942 for possible shoes.)
1399 2010.190.1399 Clothing. Ladies Feather Fan-19th Century-Macfarlan Family. (Duplicate of 2009.11.1181?)
1400 2010.191.1400 Loom. Wooden Weaving Loom. Given to McShea Family by Weinrich Family. History unknown. With two skeins of thread and off-white thread on loom. Perhaps from Bea Weinrich's home when she lived across from the Parsonage house on GCI.
1401 2010.192.1401 Documents. Collection of Old Futures Group Records- 1996 & 1997-2002
1402 2012.193.1402 Photo, Charles & Ada Rice - Christmas 1987 (Church)
1403 2012.193.1403 Photo, Unknown, Charles Rice, Doc Haydock-1977
1404 2012.193.1404 Photo, Ed Sampson, Carl Nelson- 1977
1405 2012.193.1405 Photo, Carl Nelson, Alice White- 1977
1406 2012.193.1406 Photo, Carl Nelson, Alice White- 1977
1407 2012.193.1407 Photo, Mrs. Haskell, Stan Haskell (Sunbeam Minister), Al Gray- Ed/Jane Gray Wedding 8/13/1977
1408 2012.193.1408 Photo, Victor White
1409 2012.193.1409 Photo, Charles Rice, Doc Haydock- 1977
1410 2012.193.1410 Photo, Mary Gray, Ed Gray, Alice White-1977. Ed/Jane Gray Wedding -8/13/1977
1411 2012.193.1411 Photo, Charles Rice, Wilfred Bunker, Charlene Allen-Cranberry General Store
1412 2012.193.1412 Photo, GCI School Teacher Shannon Shannon, Ellen Savage, Hannah Gray, Alicia Sporacio, Christina Bracy, Candy Wedge, Chris Sporacio, Molly Gray, Audra Wellman, Megan Liebow, Scott Bracy, Mandy Bracy-1987 (1st day of school)
1413 2012.193.1413 Photo, Candy Wedge, Becky Sanborn, Corey Alley, Katrina Pickering
1414 2012.193.1414 Photo, Santa Claus (George Sporacio) and Scott Bracy-Xmas 1987
1415 2012.193.1415 Photo, Teacher Barbara Stainton, Abby Liebow, Christina Bracy, Audra Wellman-1987
1416 2012.193.1416 Photo, Christina Bracy, Molly Gray, Hannah Gray, Alicia Sporacio, Mandy Bracy, Megan Liebow, Scott Bracy-1987
1417 2012.193.1417 Photo, Chris Sporacio, Audra Wellman, Hannah Gray, Candy Wedge, Megan Liebow-Church Christmas Program
1418 2012.193.1418 Photo, Valentines Day-1987, Josh Gray, Alicia Sporacio, Molly Gray, Hannah Gray, Martha Gray, Chris Sporacio, Mandy Bracy, Scott Bracy, Christina Bracy, Audra Wellman, Candy Wedge, Teacher Barbara Stainton
1419 2012.193.1419 Photo, Alicia Sporacio, Barbara Stainton-Valentines Day 1987
1420 2012.193.1420 Photo, Valentines Day-1987 Kandy, Chris, Scott, Christina, Molly, Abby, Audra, Mandy, Megan, Hannah, Elysia (Alicia), Josh
1421 2012.193.1421 Photo, Christmas 1987- Hannah, Becky, Kandy, Scott, Christina, Chris, Elysia (Alicia), Teacher Barbara Stainton
1422 2012.193.1422 Photo, Halloween 1986- Fire Hall. Hannah Gray, Christina Bracy, Alicia Sporacio, Molly Gray, Becky Sanborn
1423 2012.193.1423 Photo, Scott Bracy, Cary Samuel, Teacher Julie Veilleux (?), Hannah Gray, Christina Bracy, Jeremy Alley- Islesford School
1424 2012.193.1424 Photo, Halloween 1986. Megan Liebow, Molly Gray
1425 2012.193.1425 Photo, Halloween 1986. Barbara Stainton, Rene Colby, Angela Wellman, Donna Wellman, Willie Wellman
1426 2012.193.1426 Photo, Halloween 1986. Jennifer Westphal, Brendan Westphal, Gabriel Westphal, Lorraine Bracy
1427 2012.193.1427 Photo, Halloween 1986. Molly, Mandy, Angela, Audra, Scott, Megan, Abbie
1428 2012.193.1428 Photo, Pauline Bunker, Molly Gray, Audra Wellman, Chris Sporacio, Scott Bracy, Megan Liebow, Abby Liebow, Adrien Savage, Cherie Sanborn
1429 2012.193.1429 Photo, Chris Sporacio, Josh Gray, Alicia Sporacio, Hannah Gray, Molly Gray-1987
1430 2012.193.1430 Photo, Rebecca Sanborn, Joey Wedge, Christina Bracy, Hannah Gray, Chris Sporacio, Cheri Sanborn, Paul Allen
1431 2012.193.1431 Photo, Chris Sporacio, Paul Allen, Hannah Gray, Heather Mc Cafferty, Unknown child
1432 2012.193.1432 Photo, Chris Sporacio, Joey Wedge, Paul Allen, Hannah Gray, Heather McCafferty, Alicia Sporacio
1433 2012.193.1433 Photo, Scott Bracy, Christina Bracy, Chris Sporacio, Hannah Gray, Candy Wedge
1434 2012.193.1434 Photo, Unknown, Megan Liebow, Unknown, Hannah Gray, Mandy Bracy, Candy Wedge, Scott Bracy, Christina Bracy, Alicia Sporacio, Scott Bracy
1435 2012.193.1435 Photo, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Christina Bracy, Unknown, Unknown, Megan Liebow, Mandy Bracy, Scott Bracy, Unknown, Candy Wedge, Teacher Shannon Shannon
1436 2012.193.1436 Photo, Martha Gray, Unknown, Christina Bracy, Teacher Shannon Shannon, Molly Gray, Hannah Gray, Megan Liebow, Mandy Bracy, Scott Bracy, Alicia Sporacio, Candy Wedge
1437 2012.193.1437 Photo, Megan Liebow, Mandy Bracy, Audra Wellman, Molly Gray-1987
1438 2012.193.1438 Photo, Hannah Gray-October 1987
1439 2012.193.1439 Photo, Carolyn Liebow, Megan Liebow, Mandy Bracy, Audra Wellman, Ada Rice, Molly Gray
1440 2012.193.1440 Photo, Chris Sporacio, Candy Wedge, Christina Bracy, Alicia Sporacio, Unknown, Scott Bracy, Molly Gray
1441 2012.193.1441 Photo, Unknown child
1442 2012.193.1442 Photo, Martha Gray, Hannah Gray, Alicia Sporacio, Megan Liebow, Audra Wellman, Teacher Shannon Shannon, Mandy Bracy, Chris Sporacio, Molly Gray, Scott Bracy
1443 2012.193.1443 Photo, Matha Gray, Hannah Gray, Alicia Sporacio, Megan Liebow, Audra Wellman, Teacher Shannon Shannon, Mandy Bracy, Chris Sporacio, Molly Gray, Scott Bracy
1444 2012.193.1444 Photo, Hannah Gray, Ellen Savage
1445 2012.193.1445 Photo, Megan Liebow, Hannah Gray, Mandy Bracy, Chris Sporacio, Candy Wedge, Christina Bracy, Audra Wellman, Alicia Sporacio, Molly Gray, Ellen Savage
1446 2012.193.1446 Photo, Hannah Gray, Molly Gray, Audra Wellman, Unknown, Ellen Savage, Megan Liebow, Christina Bracy, Unknown, Candy Wedge, Mandy Bracy, Unknown
1447 2012.193.1447 Photo, Megan Liebow, Keith Wedge, Christina Bracy, Molly Gray
1448 2012.193.1448 Photo, Hannah Gray, Christina Bracy, Scott Bracy, Molly Gray, Mandy Bracy, Candy Wedge, Megan Liebow, Alicia Sporacio, Ellen Savage, Teacher Shannon Shannon
1449 2012.193.1449 Photo, Unknown, Christina Bracy, Alicia Sporacio, Candy Wedge, Audra Wellman, Andrew Wellman, Jane Gray, Hannah Gray, Molly Gray, Angela Wellman, Megan Liebow, Leigh Liebow, Katelyn Liebow, Teacher Shannon Shannon-Cleaning School Cellar.
1450 2012.193.1450 Photo, Mandy Bracy, Alicia Sporacio, Audra Wellman, Megan Liebow, Hannah Gray, Christina Bracy, Molly Gray, Candy Wedge, Scott Bracy, Ellen Savage, Chris Sporacio
1451 2012.193.1451 Photo, Megan Liebow, Cary Samuel, Molly Gray, Teacher Shannon Shannon, Audra Wellman, Christina Bracy (note: many unidentified children in photo)
1452 2012.193.1452 Photo, Teacher Shannon Shannon
1453 2012.193.1453 Photo, Hannah Gray, Molly Gray, Audra Wellman, Unknown, Ellen Savage, Megan Liebow, Christina Bracy, Unknown, Candy Wedge, Mandy Bracy, Unknown
1454 2012.193.1454 Photo, Teacher Shannon Shannon, Megan, Molly, Scott, Elysia
1455 1000.0.1455 Photo, This is a picture of Bambi, Chet and Marion's dog January 1943
1456 1000.0.1456 Photo, ""Bo"" Augusta Burlan circa 1922-Mother to Beatrice and Grandmother to Hazel
1457 1000.0.1457 Photo, Russel Bunker's children -circa 1925-1926 (unable to read children's names). Note: August 2016 Ralph Stanley identified these children as the children of Arno Preston Stanley (Ralph's grandfather). Aunt Esther Spurling is the girl standing, Enoch Arno on left. Ralph's father is the child in the dress with curls. Robert is on the right. Leslie is the baby. One other son, John, not born yet.
1458 1000.0.1458 Photo, Miss Katherine Ambrosaic. Summer of 1938
1459 1000.0.1459 Photo, Cranberry Isles Church-1920 Believed to be incorrect label)
1460 1000.0.1460 Photo, Bill, Myrtle and The Studson
1461 1000.0.1461 Photo, Myrtle ""again""
1462 1000.0.1462 Photo, Paul, Lorraine Wilder
1463 1000.0.1463 Photo, Unknown, Enoch and Mac Stanley
1464 1000.0.1464 Photo, Unknown, Helen Leach
1465 1000.0.1465 Photo, Snooks Peterson-January 24, 1945
1466 1000.0.1466 Photo, Philmore Peterson-1936
1467 1000.0.1467 Photo, Great Cranberry Isle Firehouse (in background)
1468 1000.0.1468 Photo, Enoch, Nina, Hazel, and Mac
1469 1000.0.1469 Photo, Unknown, Snooks Peterson, Unknown
1470 1000.0.1470 Photo, Lou Stanley
1471 1000.0.1471 Photo, Carl Hardy, Sr. - 1940
1472 1000.0.1472 Photo, Hazel Peterson (kneeling)-1941
1473 1000.0.1473 Photo, Hazel Peterson-1941
1474 1000.0.1474 Photo, WAC Training-""Marching to Class"" Third W.A.A.C. Training Center, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. (Hazel Peterson)
1475 1000.0.1475 Photo, WAC Training (Hazel Peterson)
1476 1000.0.1476 Photo, Edith Drury House-circa ? (in year 2012 the Meyers/Dowling House)
1477 1000.0.1477 Photo, Cranberry Isles Parsonage
1478 1000.0.1478 Photo, Kitty Peterson
1479 1000.0.1479 Photo, Cranberry Snows-circa 1970
1480 1000.0.1480 Photo, ""Little Durmont"" - Buried in Stanley Cemetery (location in cemetery is 5th row 52r)-Mrs. Balridge (spelling?) is holding him. The child is Dumont Neal Stanley b. February 29, 1928 and d. September 27, 1928. Son of Enoch A. and Emma B. (Bunker) Stanley.
1481 1000.0.1481 Photo, Unknown, Hazel Peterson, Unknown
1482 1000.0.1482 Photo, Paul Peterson-1943
1483 1000.0.1483 Photo, Philmore Peterson-(Northeast Harbor ?)
1484 1000.0.1484 Photo, Northeast Harbor Dock
1485 1000.0.1485 Photo, Hazel Peterson (middle)-1941
1486 1000.0.1486 Photo, Paul Peterson and Snooks Peterson-1965. Beal and Bunker Speedboat ""Rogue""
1487 1000.0.1487 Photo, Aunt Helen S. and Leaner Stanley
1488 1000.0.1488 Photo, Cranberry Club House circa 1910 -man in the middle of photo with cap on is Elwood Spurling, one of the ladies is Mrs. Caroline Stanley (her name is on back of actual photograph) and the rest of people are not identified
1489 1000.0.1489 Photo, Spurling Cove, Cranberry Isles, Maine
1490 1000.0.1490 Photo, Barbara Isabelle- 2 months (the name ""Emma"" is also on the back of the picture)
1491 1000.0.1491 Photo and Birth Registration Card- State of Maine- (the registration card was inside of the photo jacket). Saddie Anna Harding, born October 17, 1879, birthplace Cranberry Isles, Maine-registration card is dated December 12, 1963
1492 1000.0.1492 Photo, Barbara (1 year, 5 months)
1493 1000.0.1493 Photo, Mollie E. Spurling. 119 Monument St., West Medford, Mass.
1494 1000.0.1494 Photo, Cheery Christmas! from the Candid Camera Consorts. On back of picture ""If only one could accuse the camera of belonging to the ""The Amamias Club"".
1495 1000.0.1495 Photo, Rocky Hill School-Carl Hardy's House (later Malcolm Donald's house) ca. 1890. From right: Mamie Spurling Birlem, Charles Spurling, Jr. (brother and sister), Elva Stanley (Addie's Sister), Perley Stanley, Sadie Bulger, Pink Bulger, Sadie Bunker Steele Sevenson, Lena Spurling (Eber's wife), Lena Ladd, Frank Bunker, Annie Bunker Spurling (Millard's wife), Harvey Bulger, Mrs. Rich (Teacher), Roy Bulger, Vida Crosley, Peter Richardson (Charles), Philmore Steele, Addie Duran, John Steele, Ida Stover, Alfred Ladd (note: List of names is on a handwritten note underneath the red cover at back of picture)
1496 1000.0.1496 Photo, Emma Coffin
1497 1000.0.1497 Photo, Alta (Spurling) Bunker, wife of Hen Bunker with Unknown Woman
1498 1000.0.1498 Photo, Vida Joy -July 31, 1907
1499 1000.0.1499 Photo, Marion Spurling? NO!
1500 1000.0.1500 Photo, Unknown boy
1501 1000.0.1501 Photo, Unknown Man in sailor suit and unknown man
1502 1000.0.1502 Photo, Unknown woman
1503 1000.0.1503 Photo, Unknown man and woman
1504 1000.0.1504 Photo, Unknown woman
1505 1000.0.1505 Photo, Unknown young woman
1506 1000.0.1506 Photo, Unknown man and woman
1507 1000.0.1507 Photo, Unknown men (4 men)
1508 1000.0.1508 Photo, Unknown man
1509 1000.0.1509 Photo, Unknown woman
1510 1000.0.1510 Photo, Unknown boy
1511 1000.0.1511 Photo, Unknown man in military uniform
1512 1000.0.1512 Photo, Unknown woman
1513 1000.0.1513 Photo, Unknown child (girl)-holding onto an adult's hand
1514 1000.0.1514 Photo, Unknown child (girl)
1515 1000.0.1515 Photo,Unidentified house
1516 1000.0.1516 Photo, Unknown woman
1517 1000.0.1517 Photo, Unknown young woman in sailor style shirt. (on back of photo is written ""grammie & granpa"")
1518 1000.0.1518 Photo, Picture of boat. (written on photo is ""Idle sse""- rest of writing on picture not able to read ?)
1519 1000.0.1519 Photo, Picture of seagull in flight
1520 1000.0.1520 Photo, Unknown woman
1521 1000.0.1521 Photo, Unknown children (2 young girls) with duplicate picture
1522 1000.0.1522 Photo, Unknown man, woman and young woman
1523 1000.0.1523 Photo, Unknown child
1524 1000.0.1524 Photo, Unknown man
1525 1000.0.1525 Photo, Unknown man
1526 1000.0.1526 Photo, Unknown baby sitting in wicker chair (item #1527 was inside the jacket of this photo)
1527 1000.0.1527 Paper, Hand written -appears to be a family tree- (this note was inside the photo jacket of item #1526)
1528 1000.0.1528 Photo, Unknown elderly woman
1529 1000.0.1529 Photo, Unknown woman
1530 1000.0.1530a Memorial Service on August 14, 2010 for Charlene Louise Allen b. August 7, 1929 d. July 29, 2010. This item consists of 1530a, 1530b, 1530c and 1530d.
1531 1000.0.1531 Brochures and notices from the Home, Art & Garden Tour. Great Cranberry Island Historical Society invites you to attend its first Home, Art & Garden Tour. Wednesday, August 11. The year of tour is 2010. The scanned items are numbered 1531a-1531f. Note: There is additional paperwork that has not be scanned in this folder. These items are: HAGT Guide consists of 4 pages (1531g), Home, Art & Garden Tour (HAGT) Information for Tour Hosts 8-4-10 consists of 3 pages (1531h), Southwest and Northeast Harbor Ticket Sellers consist of 1 sheet (1531i), Great Cranberry Island Historical Society Announces Home, Art and Garden Tour Wednesday, August 11, 2010 consists of 2 pages (1531j), Great Cranberry Island Historical Society Home, Art & Garden Tour (HAGT)--Wednesday, August 11, 2010--Final (Ferry Schedule) 1 page (1531k), HAGT Final Execution Plan dated August 8, 2010 consists of 7 pages (1531l), Home, Art and Garden Tour Action Plan-Draft: July 31, 2010 consists of 13 pages (1531m). From items 1531g-1531m note only the 1st page was scanned - however, the complete document is stored in folder 1531 located at the Great Cranberry Isles Historical Society Archives.
1532 2012.13.1532 Iron. Clothes Iron Set consisting of Flat Iron (two), detachable wooden handle (one), and base stand. Irons are cast iron with writing ""ENTERPRISE MFG CO, PHILA PA, NO 50"", and are intended to be heated on a stove. Handle is interchangeable between both irons, so one iron can be used to press clothes while the other iron is being heated without a handle. Stand is cast iron with writing ""ENTERPRISE MFG CO, PHILADELPHIA""
1533 1000.0.1533 Photo, Polly Storey originally in folder titled ""Wall of Fame Photos"". Photo by Dick Berggren.
1534 1000.0.1534 Photo, Karl Wedge, originally in folder titled ""Wall of Fame Photos""
1535 1000.0.1535 Photo, Marilyn Fredrickson originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1536 1000.0.1536 Photo, Bea Weinreich originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1537 1000.0.1537 Photo, Arthur Bunker originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1538 1000.0.1538 Photo, Winslow Bunker originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1539 1000.0.1539 Photo, Karl and Oscar Wedge originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1540 1000.0.1540 Photo, Marjorie and Leslie ""Phip"" Phippen originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1541 1000.0.1541 Photo, Tud Bunker and Charles Rice originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1542 1000.0.1542 Photo, Andrew Alley originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1543 1000.0.1543 Photo, Eugene ""Red"" MacAllister originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1544 1000.0.1544 Photo, Harvey Stanley originally in folder titled ""Wall Photos""
1545 1000.0.1545 Photo, Ella Stanley
1546 1000.0.1546 Photo, Carl Nelson
1547 1000.0.1547 Photo, William Goldberg
1548 1000.0.1548 Photo, Charles ""Pink"" Stanley and Eliza Stanley
1549 1000.0.1549 Photo, Doris Sanborn
1550 1000.0.1550 Photo, Morris Alley
1551 1000.0.1551 Photo, William ""Billy"" Spurling
1552 1000.0.1552 Photo, Buster Bunker
1553 1000.0.1553 Photo, Eber Spurling
1554 1000.0.1554 Photo, Carl Strandberg
1555 1000.0.1555 Photo, Edna Andrade
1556 1000.0.1556 Photo, Charles Rice
1557 1000.0.1557 Photo, Winslow Bunker (1970's)
1558 2010.194.1558 Photo, Andy Storey. Son of Polly and Dr. Charles Storey. (Associated with item 1558a, letter from photographer, Dick Berggren.)
1559 2012.195.1559 Poster, Cranberry House Cafe'
1560 2012.196.1560 Poster, Cranberry House- Historical Museum, Shore Trail & Gardens. Cafe'
1561 2011.197.1561 Photo, Andrew Alley, Joshie Alley-Transiet sailing. Sailing at Rock End Dock
1562 2011.197.1562 Photo, Burt Stanley's Building. (Site of the present day U.S. Post Office ?)
1563 2011.197.1563 Photo, Harold Alley's 1st boat (Mary A)
1564 2011.197.1564 Photo, Winnie Beal and Leroy Alley. (1932-1933)
1565 2011.197.1565 Photo, Hillard Hardy-Lucille Hardy (Wedding Picture)
1566 2011.197.1566 Photo, Cranberry Island (Picture of unknown house in winter)
1567 2011.197.1567 Photo, Cranberry Island (Picture from vehicle of unknown house in winter)
1568 2011.197.1568 Photo, Harold Alley and Paul Phippen
1569 2011.197.1569 Photo, Beal and Bunker Dock with Restaurant -circa 1960's
1570 2011.198.1570 Photo, Dock at Cranberry Island (winter scene with ice)
1571 2011.198.1571 Photo, Cranberry Island Harbor
1572 2011.198.1572 Photo, Elisha Bunker, Hillard Hardy and Lucille Hardy. (circa late 1940's)
1573 2011.198.1573 Document, Sheet of paper identifying pictures written by Annie Alley at time of donation
1574 1000.0.1574 Newspaper Clipping, Queen Victoria
1575 1000.0.1575 Newspaper Clipping, ""Hitty Heritage"". Dated September 2011- Out & About in Downeast Maine
1576 1000.0.1576 Newspaper Clipping, ""Beloved Author Celebrated on Great Cranberry Island. Dated September 2011 -Out and About in Downeast Maine
1577 1000.0.1577 Poster, Welcome to Whistler Cove Public Trail. Signs placed on trees to mark route of trail.
1578 2008.199.1578 Magazine Article. Havard Magazine, page 32 dated January-February 2008 titled ""Sarah Wyman Whitman by Betty S. Smith- Brief life of a determined artist: 1842-1904"". Associated with item 1578a, page 33 -which is a picture of Sarah Wyman Whitman.
1579 1000.0.1579 Magazine Article. Doll Collector-For the Love of Dolls, page 28-29 dated September 2011 titled ""Hitty Hoopla, a Rachel Field Day"" by Virginia Heyerdahl. Associated with item 1579a which is page 29
1580 1000.0.1580 Magazine Article. Doll Castle News dated May & June 2011 ""HITTY HOOPLA, A RACHEL FIELD DAY by Wini Smart, page 34-35. Associated with item 1580a which is page 35. Item 1580b is a 2nd magazine identical to item 1580.
1581 2012.200.1581 Document, from John and Becky Burnham to Phil & Karin Whitney dated 10/05/2011. Subject: ""Young girls who found dead Navy man"". About 2 young girls, Patsy Smallwood and Mary McAvoy found the body of a sailor dressed in blue on 7/24/1944. Louise ""Twinkie"" Smith also mentioned in document.
1582 2012.200.1582 Document, from Ralph W. Stanley to Phil & Karin Whitney dated 3/4/2010. Subject: ""Jimmy's Point"". Article mentions the house built by Thomas Manchester Stanley, son of Jonathan R. and Irene Lorilla (Ladd) Stanely. Irene Lorilla Ladd was the daughter of Moses and Sarah (Lurvey) Ladd. Sarah was the daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Boynton) Lurvey and Mary who was a sister of Hannah Boynton. Mary was the wife of Thomas Cobb Stanley, Jr. and also sister of Hannah, wife of William Gilley of Baker Island. Sarah Ladd died in 1816. When Irene was 9 years old she went to live with Thomas Manchester and his wife, Hannah Hadlock. Hannah Hadlock was the daughter of William Nathaniel and Mary (Graham) Hadlock. Mary Graham was the mother of Jacob Lurvey. Thomas Manchester and his wife, Hannah, both died in 1861. Thomas Manchester Stanely died in 1913 and probably lived his house in that house. Documents mention Uncle Jimmy, J. L. Stanley and Sons of Manset, Bunkers's Ledge, Aunt Esther Spurling, Aunt Nan, Charles Gilley, Phoebe Jane Stanley (Aunt Nan's sister) , Baker Island, Andrew Alley, Clarence Beal, (who was Andrew's wife's son). Harold Alley, Manset, Fish Point, Manset. There is a grave on the point in the woods where a passing ship passed and buried a man who had died from typhoid fever. Uncle Jimmy's real name was William Doane Stanley (he was also known as ""Pa Jim"".
1583 2012.200.1583 Document, from Ralph W. Stanley to Phil & Karin Whitney dated 4/25/2010. Subject: ""Re: GCI House Information Request. It is believed the Great Cranberry House belonged to John Stanley, brother of Enoch B. It possibly was built by him. John Stanley's wife was Lucinda Gott Stanley, daughter of of Jonathan R. and Irene Lorilla (Ladd) Stanley. The house passed to their son, John Gilman Stanley and his wife, Mary Florence Stanley (daughter of Asa Doane and Maria Ellen (Spurling) Stanley). John Gilman was called by his nickname ""Gim Stanley"". I have seen Lew Stanley referred to as Lewis Gilman Stanley but this is not right- his name is Lewis Gilley Stanley.
1584 2012.200.1584 Document, Downeast Windjammer Cruises dated 3/21/2011 from Captain Steven F. Pagels. Subject: Great Cranberry Island Historical Society. Article mentions the newsletter, Cranberry Chronicles). Capt. Steven F. Pagels owned the ferry, Moleska, for a period of time. Capt. Pagels purchased Moleska from Chuck Liebow where she was lying in his boat house on Great Cranberry. We needed a vessel for a pilot launch as we were then running pilots out to cruise ships entering and leaving Bar Harbor back in the 1990's. I believe the Moleska had been built at Southwest Boat right after WWII. We later sold Moleska and I believe she went down to Belfast.
1585 2012.200.1585 Document, from Ruth (unsure of Ruth's last name) to Wini Smart dated 3/6/2002. Subject: ""Hist. info"" I called Eva and she said the people who ran the boarding house were Annie and Millard Spurling. Carl Brooks says he does not know the exact relationship of Millard and his grandfather Charles but probably cousins. Carl Brooks says all Spurlings on these islands and the mainland-even down by Corea, Maine are decendents of Benjamin Spurling who came over from England in about 1760 with two brothers. One ended up in the Ozarks and two came to Maine via Vermont or New Hampshire probably in the late 1700's. Eber is more distantly related to Charles than Millard. Phil Whitney says his grandmother, Ella Bates Spurling came to the island as the first teacher in the Longfellow School in 1900 and had Phil's mother, Dorothy Spurling Whitney, in 1911. Velma Teel Taught her until 1967. Her daughter, Mary Teel Pratt, became a secretary and lives near Augusta. Ethel Wedge, Karl's mother, ran the U.S. Post Office out of a room off the front porch. Before that Madeline Bracy Worester, later Ford, ran the U.S. Post Office and a library in a building where Debbie Wedges' house is. No one I spoke with could tell me about a Post Office at Moss, the boatyard near Ginna's (Jimmy Stanley's I believe). Carl Brooks is concerned about public rights for Carl's painting and he says he thinks John Lorence who lives near Wiscasset is in charge of this. I will talk to Polly and let you know what she remembers. Love, Ruth. (note: there are some handwritten notes on the bottom and reverse side of paper written by Bruce Kosmusin) Item 1585a is the back of the document showing Bruce's handwritten notes.
1586 2012.200.1586 Document, from ""pad 45"" (Peter Donald) to """" (Phil and Karen Whitney). Subject: ""Donald House"" Document mentions that that Moorfield Storey bought 2 or 3 buildings that were part of the Bulger Farm in the early part of the 1900's when he first came to Cranberry. One was the house that is now the Donald Trust house (Barbara's). The other is the Pressey house next door which the Frank kids now own jointly. We sold it to the Frank family in the late 1980's after Barbara died. The house that Susie and Gidda Bancroft now own were possibly part of the the Bulger Farm and may have been bought from the Bulgers by some member of the Storey family. The Pressey and Trust house were passed on to Barbara by her father, Malcolm Donald (married to Katherine Storey) in the mid-1940's. I don't know much about the Lyman/Storey house on the hill. Bruce Komusin will be asked to investigate as he has organized a lot of the history on these properties. I will also ask my sister, Debbie, when she is there later this month, to take a look at some of the old pictures stored in the house for a picture of Barbara.
1587 2012.200.1587 Document, from Hugh Dwelley to Bruce Komusin, Winnie Smart, and Phil & Karin Whitney, dated 3/22/2011. Subject: ""Cranberry Chronicle"". Documents mentions that Rachel Fields called it Big Cranberry and when Hugh Dwelley was growing up in the 1940's & 1950's, we simply called it ""Big Island"". The memories of Great Cranberry (Big Island) are indeed interesting as they are of Islesford. Document mentions memoirs of Islesford being published and the warm memories of The Grange where Les Rice held the #2 position and came over with Ida, Wilfred, Norma and a few others nearly every Wednesday night for many years. Hugh talks about enjoying photos of the kids at Longfellow School and wishing classes were still in session at the school. Documents mentions Jack Rosebrook moved to Islesford and was a good friend and that Richard Alley is on Islesford now. Hugh remembers Karl Wedge, Allison Bunker, Pauline Bunker and Charlene Allen. Hugh says there were two dozen kids in the Islesford School during my years there (1936-1944). Some of the kids were from Coast Guard families. Hugh mentions the Coast Guard Station where he delivered ""GRIT"" newspapers and sold pull-books. There were as many as 50 men there for a time late in WWII. Hugh also mentions Sadie's Doughnuts and Sadie Fernald frying doughnuts. Lew Stanley and Wilfred & Tud's pictures in younger days are also mentioned.
1588 2012.200.1588 Document, from Phil & Karin Whitney to Winnie Smart dated 4/29/2010. Subject: ""Re: Woods House"". See item 1588a (the questions from Winnie Smart to Bruce Komusin which generated item 1588). ( note: This document is about the Woods house but mostly background on the Richman house.) Key words and names in this document include: Wood's House, Julia Bunker Spurling and her mother, Sydney Hamor. The old Richman house currently owned by Michael Richman and his sister, Wren Richman. Willis & Rena Bunker lived in the Richman house (what is now Dick & Anne Sullivan's house). Percy Bunker & wife Gertrude Bunker moved into the Sullivan house. Sometime in the early 1950's, Winslow Bunker, unmarried, lived in the Richman house. Gaile Colby might remember more specifically about some of this. In 1954, Gertude Bunker died and Percy Bunker moved to Islesford, where he remained until his death. Winslow Bunker got married to Rosie (last name not known) a school teacher in Brewer. Richman house was sold to Robert & Maida Richman of Washington, D.C. in 1954. Winslow Bunker died in 1992, Robert Richman died approximately in 1990, Maida Richman died around 2002 or 2003. My understanding is that the house has always remained the sole property of the Richman family. Clay Taylor has no financial interest in it. Phil Whitney says in the document that when Wini is doing the full history of the Sullivan house (previously the Richman house) that he has more background information and some interesting anecdotes. Phil has very fond memories of ""old Cranberry day"" with Percy & Gertrude and Winslow & Rosie as well. Phil Whitney says "" that the whole family is mostly forgotten now"".
1589 2012.200.1589 Document, from Phil & Karin Whitney to Winnie Smart dated 4/25/2010. Subject: ""Wood House History"". Item 1589a is the 2nd page of this document. The house was built in 1844 on land which had been in the Spurling/Bunker family since the island was first settled in 1762. Joseph Stanley Spurling married Matilda Young in 1844. I believe they were the builders of the house and the first occupants of it. His son, Joseph William Spurling, married Julia Bunker in 1870. They were the next occupants of the house. They had five children, Warren Adelbert ""Bert"" (1871-1965), Arthur Milton ""Chummy"" (1873-1975), Alta Irva (1877-1969), Ernest Wilbur (1880-1935), Joseph Elwood (1882-1960), Joseph William Spurling died suddenly in 1887. Julia Bunker Spurling's mother, Sidney C. Hamor, came to live with her. Sidney died in 1918 (She stood up suddenly, said ""now ain't that queer?"" and fell down dead. Julia died in 1919. Phil Whitney states, ""my grandfather , Joseph ""Elwood"" Spurling, became the executor of the property and sold it out of the family in the early 1920's. Between 1844 and 1919, the property was essentially a farm. Prior to 1900, the main road curved and ran in front of what is now David Bunker's house and the Wood House before curving back to its present day (2010) path. (One can still find traces of this road near the intersection of Dog Point Road. There was a large barn between the Wood house and the Heath, which housed horses, oxen and cows. The farm well is still visible near there. When the road was straightened (date unknown) the house, barn and well were separated by the road. Phil Whitney states, ""the barn was used by my grandfather between 1920-1960."" All the land on the opposite side of the road, including the barn, remained in the family, primarily to store and repair lobster traps. After Joseph ""Elwood"" Spurling's death in 1960, it became derelict and was intentionally burned down in the early 1970's. Julia Bunker Spurling, also known as ""Nanny"", ran a small store in one room of the house during the late 19th-early 20th century to help make ends meet after her husband's death. The room has an alcove and faces David Bunker's house. At one time (date unknown), there was an extra wing on the house, where the garage is now, which was constructed at a right angle to the main house and led towards David Bunker's house. The house was always referred to as ""Nanny's House"" when I (Phil Whitnery) was growing up. (Much information in these paragraphs was related to me (Phil Whitney) by my grandmother, Ella Bates Spurling, and my mother, Dorothy Spurling Whitney). Phil Whitney believes the purchaser of the house in the 1920's was Blanche Atkinson. She owned it until the early 1950's. It wasn't used much and as I (Phil Whitney) understand it , the house became rather rundown. Louise Strandberg's family (Saltonstall/Lobkowicz) owned it in the 1950's-early 1960's using it primarily in the summer months. It was then sold to Burton Jones and his wife. He was the Arts Editor for the Boston Globe in the mid-1960's. They owned it until approximately 1978. (Note; the dates are not exact). Robert and Sarah Bloom then purchased the property from the Joneses. Bob Bloom built the existing garage on the end of the main building during the early 1980's. Bloom died in the late 1980's or early 1990's. Sarah (Salley) Bloom held onto the house until 2007, before selling it to Cameron and Nancy Wood of Virginia, the current owners (2010). Sally lived year-round one year in the house around 2002, before moving away permanently and renting the house seasonally. Around 2004-2005, Sally was in the process of selling the house to a wealthy art dealer from Rhode Island. The individual spent part of one summer living in the house. There were several burglaries of artworks from summer cottages toward the end of the season. An island resident spotted him breaking into a residence. This individual was convicted of the thefts. The sale of the house was never finalized. This house is especially noteworthy, not only because of its age (1844) and beautiful location (outstanding views of the Pool andthe Mt. Desert mountains) but that many of the children born in the house went on to have interesting lives or produce many other well-known island offspring. Bert Spurling moved to Islesford in 1919 and during his long life founded the old Woodlawn Hotel. One son was Elmer Spurling who took over the dock business for many years. One daughter, Elva, married Harvard Beal who founded Beal Fish Wharf in Southwest Harbor which is still in operation today. Chummy Spurling also moved to Islesford and became locally famous for his craftmanship in building skiffs. (He dropped dead saying good-bye to his friends after the completion of his 102nd birthday party). Alta married Henry Bunker and around 1920 moved into the house across the street currently (2010) owned by Louise Strandberg. Her children included, Raymond Bunker (famous boatbuilder), Lyndon ""Tud"" Bunker (famous Cranberry Island icon) and Wilfred Bunker (co-founder of Beal & Bunker). Ernest Spurling committed suicide in 1935 (found in a vehicle on Cooksey Drive, Northeast Harbor). Elwood Spurling , lived in three separate houses during his lifetime on Great Cranberry, all with 200 feet of each other. At various times in his life, he was a farmer, lobsterman, operated herring weirs, summer charter boat captaing, was Road Commissioner for 30 years, owned and sold much land on Cranberry. Phil ends this email by saying, ""Whew! That's probably too much information for this publication, but should be saved for our archives.""
1590 2012.200.1590 Document, written by Phil Whitney. At bottom of paper, ""Gaile's (Colby) mother was Ida Tollman and related to Rachel Field.""
1591 2012.201.1591 Document, Real Estate Listing for Great Cranberry Island lying just off Mt. Desert Island that Bruce Komusin bought in 1989. Photo shows Preble Cove and consists of 275 feet of cove frontage and includes 19.1 acres of woodland, running back up over 1000 feet to the town road (Cranberry Road) with 335 feet on the road itself. Listing price - $135,000. Realtor was Joseph Simmons Realty, Main Street, Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679. Mount Desert Island 207-244-3298. There are 4 copies of the same document (note: one of the copies has the Listing price of $135,000 scratch out and $145,000 is handwritten in with ink is Item # 1591b). Item 1591a is the reverse side of same document Item #1590.
1592 2012.201.1592 Doll. Hitty Pebble (note: Item # 1592a is the back side of the artifact). The Hitty Doll Pebble was hand-painted exclusively for Sirocco Productions, Inc. 5660 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. #103 Norfolk, Virginia 23502. Phone number 757-461-8987 Item #1592a Megan's Raggedy's -Raggedy items created by Megan Keating, great grand-daughter of Johnny Gruelle. Megan Keating 5616 Block House Road, Platteville, WI 53818 (phone number 608-348-6064)
1593 2012.201.1593 Document, Envelope from Ambassador & Mrs. Owen W. Roberts to Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mc Sorley, postmarked Cranberry Isles, ME Sep 16 AM 1985 04625. Item # 1593a is the letter associated with envelope Item # 1593. Letter is dated September 16, 1985. Dear Dot and Andy: ""We arrived yesterday. Weather is beautiful. Great to be at rest after week of travel and rush. Found your letter and sent off the final payment ($3,465) to your sister, Louise Marr. Nice to hear that you have sold the final peices of property and can rest a bit now. We'll be glad to see the new neighbor. Road (McSorley Road; i.e., I-95) seems fine. Can always use a few more loads (rocks?) Much evidence of yours. Best Wishes till next summer."" Signed Owen and Janet Roberts.
1594 2012.201.1594 Document, Post Card dated April 20th, 1906 to Mrs. L. E. Rice, Steuben, Maine from A. This post card is significant because it was mailed from the Post Office on Sutton (Island) and also a picture of the Congregational Church as it was in 1906 (the other side of post card Item # 1594a. The Postcard is a picture of the Congregational Church, Cranberry Isles, Me. (Mrs. E. A. Stanley, Publisher.) Hand writing text reads: Sutton Apr. 30th, 1906. My Dear Hattie: The (?) (?) around here yesterday. O.K. so you will see us soon. All are well. Lovingly A-""
1595 2012.201.1595 Newspaper clipping. From the Bangor Daily News dated Wednesday, July 27, 2005 Regional B5. Article is titled ""Art Show, sale to aid island museum, cultural center"" A portion of the text in the article reads "" Organizers have high hopes for Thursday's one-day art exhibit and silent auction at the Neighborhook House in Northeast Harbor, which will feature artworks inspired by the island's rock-bound beauty."" ""I think it's going to be a real fun time for everyone,"" Wini Smart, artist and president of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, said last week. The article goes on to say, ""some of the better-known expressionist artists whose work will be displayed include C. Scott White, William Kienbusch, Carl Nelson and Dorothy Eisner."" ""Two of Nelson's oil paintings will be auctioned off alongside works by present- day island artists Ashley Bryan, Smart, Gail Cleveland, Sue Hand and David Little, among others. Jewelry by island artists Lisa Hall and Sam Shaw will go on the block, too, and will be joined by handmade quilts, crafts and a plethora of gift certificates. If the fundraising for the $375,000 refurbishment of the historical society's Cranberry House is successful, the island will be even more lively. Plans are under way to turn the old wooden structure into a combination museum and a place for small theater, muscial events, art workshops and a cafe'. Last year, $139,000 was raised for the project. Smart said she hopes that the coming art auction will provide an additional $50,000."" See picture of item #1595 for complete article.
1596 2012.201.1596 Document, Emily B. Newell & Robert A. Howell, Jr. (wedding brochure) dated September 13, 2008 on Great Cranberry Island. Music played by Sally Bloom, Greeting by Minister Rob Benson, Scripture Readings by Jennifer S. Moser and Edward J. McNeenney. Brother and Best Man was John W. Robertson-Howell and Maid of Honor was Hattie Beth O'Neill. (Item #1596a is the other side of the item #1596)
1597 2012.201.1597 Document, from Paypal dated 4/12/2009 generated when Bruce Komusin purchased two postcards items 1597a and 1597b on Ebay. Item 1597a is a postcard of ""Spurling's Cove, Cranberry Isles, Me."" and Item 1597b is a postcard ""Winter Scene, Cranberry's Isles, Me"" There are no dates on the postcards but they both appear to be vintage.
1598 2012.201.1598 Document, papers from Louise Marr when Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin visited Louise at Shell Point, Fort Myers, Florida -November 2007. Item # 1598 (no date on listing -4 copies) is a Hancock-Washington County Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service. The Listing Office is Joseph Simmons Realty. Salesperson is Missy-Joe-Kathie. The property address is Great Cranberry Island (Just off Mt. Desert). Type of property is Shorefront. The List Price is $42,000. The MLS No. 2281. Item # 1598a is a page torn from a magazine (dated September 1970) of the property in #1598 and #1598b is the other side of the magazine page.
1599 1000.0.1599 Post card, Bear Island Light (date unknown), southeast of the entrance to Northeast Harbor, Maine, was established in 1839 and rebuilt in 1889. The Flashing White Light is 100 feet above water. The entrance to Seal Harbor is at the extreme right. Aerial photo by A.D. Phillips. Note: Item #1599a is the other side of post card.
1600 1000.0.1600 Post card, Here are two of the floats at the MARINA, at Northeast Harbor, Maine. Beyond the wharf at left, are the finger floats. Photo by A.D. Phillips (circa 1970's). Item #1600a is the other side of this post card.
1601 1000.0.1601 Post card, The Manset Waterfront is a busy Yachting Center, Across the harbor is the Waterfront of Southwest Harbor, Maine. Western Mountain and Beach Mountain are beyond Southwest Harbor. Aerial photo by A. D. Phillips. (Circa 1962-1967) Item # 1601a is the other side of this post card.
1602 1000.0.1602 Post card, Interior of Great Hall at Stratford Hall, Westmoreland County, Virginia. (Post marked October 1937) Item # 1602a is the other side of the post card. Author-unknown
1603 1000.0.1603 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Parky Shaw (wheelchair), Lisa Shaw, Chris White (back), Josh Gray (Badminton).
1604 1000.0.1604 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Rod Ward, Owen Roberts, Barbara Stainton, Steve Bradley, Jan Moss and Fred Moss
1605 1000.0.1605 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Gabriel Westphal (seated), Judah Rome, Martha Gray, Josh Gray, Brendan Westphal
1606 1000.0.1606 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Owen Roberts, Rod Ward (back), David Stainton, Dick Pierson, Jim Gertmanien, Susan Ward, Ruth Westphal (solid red shirt at far right table-back to camera)
1607 1000.0.1607 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Jan Moss, Dick Cox, Elsa Comiskey & Family
1608 1000.0.1608 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Jim Gertmanien reading the Declaration of Independence
1609 1000.0.1609 Photo, the Westphal 2000 4th of July Party. Sam King -Poetry Reading
1610 1000.0.1610 Photo, the Westphal 1994 4th of July Party. Gina Murray, Fred Moss, Katie Kehoe, Jean Cumming, Edna Andrade
1611 1000.0.1611 Photo, the Westphal 2003 4th of July Party. Matt Buchsbaum (seated), Susan Ward, Joan Shorey, Dick Pierson
1612 1000.0.1612 Photo, the Westphal 2003 4th of July Party. Edna Andrade, Wini Smart
1613 1000.0.1613 Photo, the Westphal 2003 4th of July Party. Annie Alley, Robin Swain, Edward Swain
1614 1000.0.1614 Photo, the Westphal 2003 4th of July Party. Fred and Buzzy Day, Edward Swain
1615 1000.0.1615 Photo, the Westphal 2003 4th of July Party. Bill Goldberg, Omar Mountain, Ev Shorey, Doug Frank
1616 1000.0.1616 Photo, the Westphal 1994 4th of July Party. Bea Weinrich, Gina Murray, Betty Hartley, Jean & Charles Wadsworth, Chong Lim, Parky Shaw Antique Auto
1617 1000.0.1617 Photo, Bruce Komusin (date unknown)
1618 1000.0.1618 Photo, Betty Hartley's 90th Birthday Party. Pauline Bunker, Holly Hartley, Ruth Westphal, Virginia Murray
1619 1000.0.1619 Document, List of description of photos for Items 1599-1618 (note: Item 1619a is the 2nd page of list of picture descriptions. Also, the 1st seven pictures were missing at the time that the pictures were placed in the database.
1620 1000.0.1620 Newspaper clipping, Obituaries-Elizabeth ""Betty"" Hartley (b. 11/27/1914) died Monday, 3/30/2009 at the age of 94. The obituary was in the Mount Desert Islander dated 16th April 2009 (see item #1618 for picture of Betty)
1621 1000.0.1621 Newspaper, The Bar Harbor Times dated 3/15/2007. One of the articles in this particular newspaper is ""New Museum gets 100k in grants"". ""The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society received two significant grants this year for the restoration of Cranberry House-the future home of the Historical Museum, Multimedia Center and a new Cultural Center. (note: item #1621a is the 2nd part of newspaper article)
1622 1000.0.1622 Newspaper clipping, ""Newman and Gray steers a steady course"" article in the Mount Desert Islander, dated Monday, December 25th, 2008 located on page 6, section 2. ""Cranberry Isles: ""The current economic downturn is on the radar of many boatbuilders in Maine. On the island of Great Cranberry, venerable boatbuilders, Newman and Gray, however, have yet to see the effects of the falling tide, due to a consistent current of customer service work. (note: item # 1622a & #1622b are the bottom portions of the newspaper page)
1623 1000.0.1623 Photo, Hannah, Christina, Chris, Megan, Scott, Molly, Mandy, Audra, Shannon Shannon (teacher), Candy Wedge, Elysia Sparacio, Ellen Savage
1624 1000.0.1624 Photo, Hannah, Elysia Sparacio, Mr. Shannon (Teacher), Ellen Savage, Chris Sparacio, Kandy Wedge, Christina Bracy, Molly Gray, Audra Wellman, Megan Liebow, Mandy Bracy, Scott Bracy (photo titled ""1st day 1987)
1625 1000.0.1625 Photo, ""Longfellow School, Washington D.C. Trip"". left to right Brandon Russell, unknown, Patrick Allen, James, Josh (with cap on), Mandy, Molly, Megan, Christina, Abby Liebow, Gabriel, Ellen, Gary (behind), Teacher Ray Chamers, Michael Westphal
1626 1000.0.1626 Photo, Scott, Audra, Hannah, Candy, Megan (date unknown)
1627 1000.0.1627 Photo, Jill Lobkowitz, Jo Aase, Josh (5 years?), Ken Whitney
1628 1000.0.1628 Photo, James Bunker, Christina, Ellen Whitney, Josh, Elysia, Kenneth Whitney, Hannah, Ellen Savage, Mandy, Molly, Scott, Audra, Jill (?), Chris Sparacio, Megan Liebow
1629 1000.0.1629 Photo, ""Church"" (Christmas service 1989). Ruth (at the piano), Angela, Abbie, Audra (behind), Hannah (behind), Martha, Josh(?), James, Scott (behind), Jeremy (behind Martha), girl in front (?), unknown, Gabriel, Molly, Brendan Westphal, Christina, Megan Liebow. (Note: it was hard to read the names of children on donor handwritten note)
1630 1000.0.1630 Photo, Audra, Martha Bunker, Molly, Abbie, Megan (circa Christmas 1989 ?)
1631 1000.0.1631 Photo, ""Longfellow School-Washington, D.C. Trip. Michael Westphal, Christina, Gary, Mandy (in front), Megan (behind), Colleen Allan, Molly, Scott, Brandon Russel (standing), Josh (sitting), Gabriel (sitting), Abbey Liebow (behind), Teacher Ray Chalmers (behind), James Bunker (sitting), boy sitting might be Patrick (?)
1632 1000.0.1632 Photo, ""At Bob & Jacks""
1633 1000.0.1633 Photo, ""Hilda Spurling filled in for Marjorie Phippen at the Post Office"" taken and developed by Ed Gray. (2 copies) (Note: Item 1633a is also Hilda Spurling from a different angle (5 copies)
1634 1000.0.1634 Photo, ""Wildfred Bunker & Norma Hewing(?) string until they get to the saver at a Halloween Party in the early 1970's""
1635 1000.0.1635 Photo, ""Charles Rice at Cranberry Isle Boatyard which he owned. He sold to Ed and Ed sold to the Staintons"" (2 copies of picture)
1636 1000.0.1636 Photo,""Lyn Colby on the right taken in someone's shop. On left Keith and on right Lyn. Gaile and Tinker's cellar cleaning chimney.""
1637 1000.0.1637 Photo, ""Island Queen, Ed and Dave Westphal's Tangerine(?) with dramatic sky and mountains.
1638 1000.0.1638 Photo, Marjorie Phippen- Post Master at the Cranberry Isle Post Office
1639 1000.0.1639 Photo, Don Allan (married to Charlene), Clara & Gail's (?) back. Carla ""we don't want your trash in our water"" aimed at Wesley Bracy, Sr.
1640 1000.0.1640 Photo, Charles Wadsworth in his studio
1641 1000.0.1641 Photo, Tinker Colby at the Cranberry Island boatyard
1642 1000.0.1642 Photo, Arvard Savage
1643 1000.0.1643 Photo, ""Waddy"" -Charles Wadsworth in his studio
1644 1000.0.1644 Photo, Sherry Sanborn and Norman
1645 1000.0.1645 Photo, Gaile's home. Blair (boy on left), Rhonda (girl ?), Lynn & Keith Wedge. Tinker on left of porch (?)
1646 1000.0.1646 Photo, Gretchen Westphal (kneeling down on right), more Westphals behind her, Kitty Peterson in plaid shirt, Rhonda Colby sitting on right, Joan Westphal next to Rhonda. (Note says, ""to ask Ruth"")
1647 1000.0.1647 Photo, 3 boats - Norman's boat is on the right, center boat is Herman Savage and Karl Wedge's boat is on the left.
1648 1000.0.1648 Photo, Victor White's or Charles & Ada's boat ""Polly""
1649 1000.0.1649 Photo, Shed on the right was Victor White's now on Marylyn Fredickson's (?) property. Victor's boat, Lea Lyman's house is in the background.
1650 1000.0.1650 Photo, the ""Cheri & Norm""- Norman Sanborn's boat. The outboard on right is Barbara Donald's and behind -Herman's is on the left and Karl Wedge on right.
1651 1000.0.1651 Photo, in the foreground is Karl Wedge's ""Sonja Russel"" and behind is Herman Savage's boat which is rigged for dragging bought from Jr. Bracy.
1652 1000.0.1652 Photo, Ice on boat hulls (maybe Wesley Bracy, Sr.'s boat?), foreground on right is Harry Alley's boat, on left is Keith Wedge's ""King Pin"".
1653 1000.0.1653 Photo, ""Waddy""-Charles Wadsworth in his studio
1654 1000.0.1654 Photo, ""Waddy""-Charles Wadsworth in his studio (2 copies)
1655 1000.0.1655 Document, Handwritten list of description of photos from items # 1623-1654. The picture descriptions were written on 2/7/2012 by Mickey, Annie and Jane. A copy of the list of handwritten notes are items # 1655-1655e
1656 2012.202.1656 Photos, sent by mail to Bruce Komusin, 12/22/2012 from Chip Granger 2767 Canoe St, Copperopolis CA 9522E (note: very hard to read the sender name and address), 1656a-d. (a) group photo. (b) another version of same. (c) the envelope that the pictures were sent in. (d) handwritten note from donor: ""Bruce! This is just a portion of the photo of course, the photo I have all of the people are as clear as the clear on this photo. Also my uncle is in it somewhere the one Stanley Seavey killed in WWII. At bottom of photo Y.P.R.U. (sp?) CONFERENCE-ISLES OF SHOALS June 25th to July 25th 1938. (Signed) Chip. Maybe its so clear people may see some relatives"" signed ""Chip"" 2 Black & White photos Items #1656 & 1656a) were
1657 1000.0.1657 Document, 1657a-b. (a) 1985 Beal & Bunker Mail Boat and Ferry Service Schedule. Northeast Harbor-Cranberry Isles-Islesford-Suttons Abroad the SEA QUEEN. (b) back side of same. There are 3 copies of this schedule.
1658 2012.203.1658 Photo, Enoch Stanley from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1659 2012.203.1659 Photo, Ruth Alley from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1660 2012.203.1660 Photo, Enoch, Mac & Nina Stanley-1922 (Lived in Beverly Sanborn House) from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1661 2012.203.1661 Photo, Becky and Nina Stanley from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1662 2012.203.1662 Photo, Victor White (?) from the Hazel Stanley Collection (developed date on back of photo Jan 1943)
1663 2012.203.1663 Photo, Victor White (?) from the Hazel Stanley Collection (developed date on back of photo Jan 1943) - Item #1663a is the back of photo with handwritten note from Victor (?)
1664 2012.203.1664 Photo, Lucille Hardy & Baby- Wife of Hillard Hardy- picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1665 2012.203.1665 Photo, Elwood Spurling and Norman Wedge (?) - picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1666 2012.203.1666 Photo, Unknown child, unknown child, Paul Peterson (?) -picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1667 2012.203.1667 Photo, Dot Peterson-picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1668 2012.203.1668 Photo, Snooks Peterson, Unknown woman - picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1669 2012.203.1669 Photo, Karl Wedge and Morris Alley-picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1670 2012.203.1670 Photo, Kitty Peterson with dog- picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1671 2012.203.1671 Photo, Kitty Peterson- picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1672 2012.203.1672 Photo, Paul Peterson (?)- picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1673 2012.203.1673 Photo, Mabel Stanley & Louise ""Babe"" Stanley (or young woman could be a Spurling per Ralph Stanley) - picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1674 2012.203.1674 Photo, Becky Stanley- picture from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1675 2012.203.1675 Document, Copy of the description of submitted photos (Items #1658-1674) by Louise Millar
1676 2012.204.1676 Post Card, ""Joy Bungalow Cranberry Island, ME.147""- Now Annie Alley
1677 2012.204.1677 Post Card, 1922 post card-""Spurling Cove,Cranberry Isles, Me.""- Harbor Frozen Over
1678 2012.204.1678 Post Card, ""Spurling Cove, Cranberry Isles, Me.
1679 2012.204.1679 Photo, Ice Breaker S.C. 262 in 1918 to save Cranberry Isle Fleet- the words hand-written around margin of photo, ""Through miles of solid ice to save the Cranberry Isles fleet in Feb. 1918.
1680 2012.204.1680 Photo, Uncle Bert Stanley- (19??) date unknown
1681 2012.204.1681 Photo, Unknown man, Ellen Rice Savage
1682 2012.204.1682 Photo, Ellen Rice Savage, Paul Tibbetts (Pilot of the Enola Gay, which dropped the first Atom Bomb)
1683 2012.204.1683 Photo, Lindsay Savage, Terry Savage and Paul Tibbetts (Pilot of the Enola Gay, which dropped the first Atom Bomb)
1684 2012.204.1684 Photo, Sonja, Kevin, Karla, Keith and Russell Wedge
1685 2012.204.1685 Photo, Clara and Karl Wedge
1686 2012.204.1686 Photo, Clara and Andrew ""Arnie"" Alley (standing), Richard ""Chuddy"", Harold, and Harry
1687 2012.204.1687 Photo, Port Hole Restaurant, Beal & Bunker Dock, June 1960- Leona McAllister
1688 2012.204.1688 Photo, ""Smoky Marie Colby- March 1985
1689 2012.204.1689 Photo, Edith Rice Brackett later wife of E.G.H. Brackett (see Item #1690 for picture of E.G.H. Brackett's picture)
1690 2012.204.1690 Photo, E.G.H. Brackett of Peaks Island Maine (Charles W. Hearn, Portland, Maine -bottom of picture)
1691 2012.204.1691 Document, Copy of photo descriptions (Items # 1676-1690) submitted by Annie Alley on 3/20/2012-pictures are on loan to Great Cranberry Isle Historical Society
1692 1000.0.1692 Photo, Sam Chapman on Fair Day in 1965 (the Great Cranberry Isle Fire House in background)
1693 1000.0.1693 Photo, Mae Stanley, Mary Sargent (circa 1945)
1694 1000.0.1694 Photo, Snooks and Paul Peterson
1695 1000.0.1695 Photo, Helen Stanley-Manset, Maine 1945
1696 1000.0.1696 Photo, Enoch and Mae Stanley- 1925 (Father & Daughter)
1697 1000.0.1697 Photo, Hazel Hardy, Ina Stanley, Beatrice Stanley, Russell Bunker- June 1916 ""Leg Affair"" - ""P.S. Notice Rose Colored glasses some Lamp Shades""
1698 1000.0.1698 Photo, Mabel Stanley ""Gran"" - 1923 or could be later per Ralph Stanley. (See also 2014.276.2015 for photo taken on same day of Mabel Stanley. Both photos are probably part of Hazel Stanley memorabilia.)
1699 1000.0.1699 Photo, Enoch Stanley, Mac, Nina, Snooks, Mae Stanley-1923
1700 1000.0.1700 Photo, Ladies Aid Fair (Old Barn)- 1965 (year ?)
1701 1000.0.1701 Photo, William, Wilder Stanley and Philmore Peterson
1702 1000.0.1702 Photo, Snooks and Paul Peterson (?)
1703 1000.0.1703 Photo, Paul Peterson as a baby
1704 1000.0.1704 Photo, Paul Peterson as a baby
1705 1000.0.1705 Document, Copy of photo descriptions (Item #1692-1704) -unknown donor given to Great Cranberry Isle Historical Society 3/20/2012
1706 2012.205.1706 Photo, The Pool- from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1707 2012.205.1707 Photo, Town Dock Great Cranberry Isle-from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1708 2012.205.1708 Photo, Carl Hardy, Jr. -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1709 2012.205.1709 Photo, Kitty Peterson - from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1710 2012.205.1710 Photo, 1710a-b. (a) ""Little Beatrice"" - 4 months & 16 days. (b) the back side of same. From the Hazel Stanley Collection
1711 2012.205.1711 Photo, Mac, Nina, Hazel ""Snooks"" & Enoch Stanley- 1922 from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1712 2012.205.1712 Photo, Hazel ""Snooks"" and Kitty Peterson from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1713 2012.205.1713 Photo, William, Wilder, Philmore Peterson-1941 from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1714 2012.205.1714 Photo, Two Boats NEH (Northeast Harbor) that Philmore Peterson used to sail -1937 from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1715 2012.205.1715 Photo, Unknown person & Mrs. Hazel Peterson Cranberry Club August 1966 from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1716 2012.205.1716 Photo, Cranberry Road- Clarence Beal house at left
1717 2012.205.1717 Photo, Suttons Island- 1940 from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1718 2012.205.1718 Photo, 1718a-b. (a) Spurling Cove. (b) back side inscribed ""town Road & Shore 1940"" which is incorrect. From the Hazel Stanley Collection
1719 2012.205.1719 Photo, Bert Stanley (Mabel Stanley's brother) 1921 site of later Beal & Bunker Wharf from the Hazel Stanley Collection (Item # 1719a is reverse of picture)
1720 2012.205.1720 Photo, Steve Spurling from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1721 2012.205.1721 Photo, Oscar Krantz & his son Emory Krantz- 1940 from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1722 2012.206.1722 Photo, Harold Hartley being taken off Great Cranberry Island by the United States Coast Guard, Harold got a stick in his eye (per Mickey Macfarlan). Douglas Macfarlan is following behind Harold. Summer 1957
1723 2012.206.1723 Photo, Landing Craft (vehicle transport)- date unknown
1724 2012.206.1724 Document, Copy of the photo descriptions submitted by Louise Millar (donor #41) and Mickey Macfarlan (donor # 11) for Items # 1706-1723 on 3/12/2012
1725 2012.207.1725 Newspaper Clipping, from the MDIslander, Thursday, January 26, 2012. The clipping is the Obituary of Juliana Patience Von Kienbusch Little of Mount Desert born January 17, 1926 in New York City and died January 17, 2012. She graduated from Bryn Mawr in 1947 and married John Watson Little II in 1948. They had five children: Lucy, David, Liza, Carl, and John. In 1989, Ms. Little moved to Somesville, drawn to the area by her brother, the abstract expressionist landscape painter William Kienbusch who had a studio on Great Cranberry Island. She enjoyed life on Mount Desert Island. She loved the trails and carriage paths. These experiences, along with winters spent on Water Island off St. Thomas, were among her fondest memories. She was an avid traveler.
1726 2012.208.1726 Photo, Schooner believed anchored in Spurling Cove- from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1727 2012.208.1727 Photo, Summer of 1938 (Unknown location but probably Mount Desert Island)- from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1728 2012.208.1728 Photo, Unknown house but probably Great Cranberry Island- from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1729 2012.208.1729 Photo, Great Cranberry Island looking towards Southwest Harbor in 1940- from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1730 2012.208.1730 Photo, 1730a-b. (a) Beatrice Stanley (Hazel Stanley Peterson's mother). (b) back side of same inscribed ""This is Beatrice doing the back bend she goes over and comes back."" From the Hazel Stanley Collection
1731 2012.208.1731 Photo, Great Cranberry Island w/ Sailboats 1943 -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1732 2012.208.1732 Photo, Hazel Stanley ""Snooks"" Peterson at Ladies Aid (?) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1733 2012.208.1733 Photo, Kitty Peterson Nelson (circa 1958 age 2 years) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1734 2012.208.1734 Photo, Philmore Peterson -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1735 2012.208.1735 Photo, Enoch Stanley, Nina Stanley, Hazel Stanley, Mac Stanley -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1736 2012.208.1736 Photo, 1969 at the Great Cranberry Island Church - School graduation. Kitty Peterson, Rhonda Colby, Mark Alley, Blair Colby -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1737 2012.208.1737 Photo, Enoch Stanley, Nina Stanley, Hazel Stanley, Mac Stanley -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1738 2012.208.1738 Photo, 1738a-b. (a) Hazel ""Snooks"" Peterson (?) 1943. (b) back side of same. From the Hazel Stanley Collection
1739 2012.208.1739 Photo, Carl Hardy, Jr. - 1940, seated on hood of car with license plate 28-708 -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1740 2012.208.1740 Photo, Enoch Stanley, Nina Stanley (?) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1741 2012.208.1741 Photo, 1741a-b. (a) Hazel ""Snooks"" Peterson on the GCI dock with some summer people, one of whom is probably Mrs B.T. Fairchild. (b) back side of same, inscribed ""from Mrs. B.T. Fairchild, Cold Spring Harbor, NY"" and dated Sept 1962 (when the photo was developed.) From the Hazel Stanley Collection
1742 2012.208.1742 Photo, Malcolm Stanley (?) and unknown child -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1743 2012.208.1743 Photo, Malcolm Stanley (?) and unknown child -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1744 2012.208.1744 Photo, Hazel Peterson with Dog -from the Hazel Stanley Collection (Item # 1744a is the reverse side of the picture)
1745 2012.208.1745 Photo, Philmore Peterson at Northeast Harbor Dock (?) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1746 2012.208.1746 Photo, Rock End/Fleet Dock at Northeast Harbor, July 8, 1939 (item #1746a is the reverse side of photo) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1747 2012.208.1747 Photo, Lou Stanley's boat 1935 (item #1747a is the reverse side of picture) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1748 2012.208.1748 Photo, Lou Stanley (?) in August 1943 (item #1748a is the reverse side of picture) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1749 2012.208.1749 Photo, Velma Teel and Hazel Peterson in 1963 -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1750 2012.208.1750 Photo, Great Cranberry Island Church at Easter -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1751 2012.208.1751 Photo, Unknown man, unknown man -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1752 2012.208.1752 Photo, Mac, Nina and Hazel Stanley (item #1752a is the reverse side of the picture) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1753 2012.208.1753 Photo, Town Road, Great Cranberry Island in 1940 -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1754 2012.208.1754 Photo, ""Looking Across the Pool toward Dog Point"" -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1755 2012.208.1755 Photo, Storey House- Enoch Stanley, Mac Stanley, Nina Stanley, Hazel Stanley -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1756 2012.208.1756 Photo, Carl Hardy, Sr., Carl Hardy, Jr., Hazel Hardy (item #1756a is the reverse side of the picture) -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1757 2012.208.1757 Photo, Royal ""Tinker"" Colby, Unknown people and Annie Alley -from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1758 2012.208.1758 Document, Copy of photo descriptions submitted by Louise Millar in 1/2012. (item #1758a is the 2nd page) -all the pictures are from the Hazel Stanley Collection
1759 2012.210.1759 Photo, Longfellow School, Cranberry Isle, Maine. Ms. Lobkowicz's Class 1988-1989
1760 2012.210.1760 Photo, Longfellow Elementary School, Cranberry Isle, Maine 1989-1990
1761 2012.210.1761 Photo, ""Francis and Carl Brooks"", playing croquet, Cranberry Island visit August 29, 1982
1762 2012.210.1762 Photo, ""Barbara Brooks petting ""Cranberry- Noel"" and Wilbur Reed looking on while Patsy Brooks takes picture"", Cranberry Isles, Maine visit - August 29, 1982 (item # 1763a is the reverse side of picture)
1763 2012.210.1763 Photo, ""Carl and Francis Brooks, Patsy Brooks and Wilbur in background; Carl Brooks looking on"", Cranberry Isle, Maine visit-August 29, 1982
1764 2012.210.1764 Photo, ""Sailboats in Western Way seen from outside the Brooks house, Cranberry Isles, Maine visit-August 28, 1982
1765 2012.210.1765 Photo, ""Sailboats in Western Way seen from outside the Carl and Barbara Brook's house, Cranberry Isles, Maine visit-August 28, 1982
1766 2012.210.1766 Photo, ""Wilbur and Ruth Reed picking cranberries, Cranberry Isle, Maine visit-August 29, 1982
1767 2012.210.1767 Photo, ""Wilbur Reed talking with Patsy Brooks while waiting for mail boat on Town Dock, Cranberry Isle, Maine visit- August 30, 1982
1768 2012.209.1768 Poem, poem written by Elmina Spurling and Lurvey b.1840- d.1931. Donated by Islesford Historical Society, Little Cranberry Island, Islesford, ME. 04646 (2 copies)
1769 2012.210.1769 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1770 2012.210.1770 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1771 2012.210.1771 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1772 2012.210.1772 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1773 2012.210.1773 Photo, The Island Queen Cranberry Isles, ME- from ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1774 2012.210.1774 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1775 2012.210.1775 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1776 2012.210.1776 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1777 2012.210.1777 Photo, Winter Harbor Lighthouse on Bear Island during ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970 (item #1777a is reverse side of picture)
1778 2012.210.1778 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1779 2012.210.1779 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1780 2012.210.1780 Photo, October 1968- Ruth and Wilbur Reed at Great Head during Cranberry Isles visit. Mountains of Mt. Desert in background (item # 1780a is the reverse side of picture)
1781 2012.210.1781 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1782 2012.210.1782 Photo, ""Cranberry Isles visit""- September 1970
1783 2012.210.1783 Photo, View from ""Thunder Hole"" on road to Bar Harbor, Mt. Desert Island- Summer 1958
1784 2012.210.1784 Photo, Louise Sorensen (?) on front porch -Cranberry Isles, Maine October 12, 1968 (item # 1784a is reverse side of picture)
1785 2012.210.1785 Photo, Barbara Brook's house on right and Rome's house on left-Cranberry Isles, Maine ( picture taken in either 1960 or 1961)
1786 2012.210.1786 Photo, Town Dock, Cranberry Isles, Maine showing line for herring catch -1958 (item #1786a is reverse side of picture)
1787 2012.210.1787 Photo, Herring boat from McIntosh Factory. Picture was taken from boat near Cranberry Isles, Maine in 1958.
1788 2012.210.1788 Photo,View from ""Thunder Hole"" on road to Bar Harbor-Mt. Desert Island circa July 1958
1789 2012.210.1789 Photo, Ruth Reed on front porch of Louise Sorensen's house, Cranberry Isles, Maine on October 13, 1968
1790 2012.210.1790 Photo, Back from deep sea fishing. Nathan Rome with largest catch by Jud (Reed ?)- a cod. Wilbur Reed and unidentified children looking on - Cranberry Isles, Maine (circa summer 1958)
1791 2012.210.1791 Photo, Judson Reed, David Rome, Ruth Reed, Nathan Rome and Daniel Rome back from deep sea fishing -Cranberry Isles, Maine- Summer 1958
1792 2012.210.1792 Photo, Back from deep sea fishing - Cranberry Isles, Maine-Summer 1958
1793 2012.210.1793 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956
1794 2012.210.1794 Photo, Ruth Reed, unidentified girl and Mrs. Spurling-Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956
1795 2012.210.1795 Photo, Unidentified woman, unidentified woman-Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956
1796 2012.210.1796 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956
1797 2012.210.1797 Photo, Ruth Reed, unidentified girl and Mrs. Spurling- Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956 (item #1797a is reverse side of picture)- appears to be a duplicate picture of item #1794
1798 2012.210.1798 Photo, Carl Nelson with white beard, unidentified man-Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956
1799 2012.210.1799 Photo, Unidentified person, unidentified man-Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation July 1958
1800 2012.210.1800 Photo, Cathy Siemen, Nathan Rome, David Rome and Jud Reed- Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - July 1956
1801 2012.210.1801 Photo, Jud Reed and Siemen girls-Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956
1802 2012.210.1802 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1803 2012.210.1803 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1804 2012.210.1804 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1805 2012.210.1805 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1806 2012.210.1806 Photo, Cathy Siemen - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1807 2012.210.1807 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1808 2012.210.1808 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1809 2012.210.1809 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1810 2012.210.1810 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1811 2012.210.1811 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1812 2012.210.1812 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1813 2012.210.1813 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1814 2012.210.1814 Photo, Unidentified man - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1815 2012.210.1815 Photo, Ruth Reed (?) - Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1958
1816 2012.210.1816 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1958
1817 2012.210.1817 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1818 2012.210.1818 Photo,Unidentified boy (Jud Reed ?) - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1819 2012.210.1819 Photo, Unidentified people - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1820 2012.210.1820 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1821 2012.210.1821 Photo, Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1822 2012.210.1822 Photo, Nathan Rome, Ruth Reed and Jud Reed - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1823 2012.210.1823 Photo, Unidentified man, Carl Brooks, Ruth Reed, Barbara Brooks - Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1958
1824 2012.210.1824 Photo, Mrs. Spurling, Ruth Reed, Jud Reed, the Siemens and the Romes - Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1958
1825 2012.210.1825 Photo, Wilbur Reed - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1826 2012.210.1826 Photo, Wilbur Reed - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1827 2012.210.1827 Photo, Wilbur Reed - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956
1828 2012.210.1828 Photo, Carl & Barbara Brooks - Cranberry Isle visit circa October 1977 or 1978?
1829 2012.210.1829 Photo, Ruth Reed & Barbara Brooks - Cranberry Isle visit circa October 1977 or 1978?
1830 2012.210.1830 Photo, Ruth Reed - Cranberry Isle visit circa October 1977 or 1978?
1831 2012.210.1831 Photo, Ruth Reed - Cranberry Isle visit circa October 1977 or 1978?
1832 2012.210.1832 Photo, Wilbur and Carl Brooks on Mrs. Saltenstall's porch on very cold day in October 1977, Cranberry Isle, Maine
1833 2012.210.1833 Photo, Ruth Reed on porch of Mrs. Saltenstall's house (cold wind) in October 1978, Cranberry Isles, Maine
1834 2012.210.1834 Photo, Ruth Reed and Barbara Brooks on beach near Mrs. Saltenstall's house in October 1977, Cranberry Isle, Maine
1835 2012.210.1835 Photo, Wilbur Reed and Carl Brooks on beach near Saltenstall's house in October 1977, Cranberry Isle, Maine
1836 2012.210.1836 Photo, Carl and Barbara Brook and Wilbur Reed circa 1977 or 1978?, Cranberry Isle, Maine
1837 2012.210.1837 Photo, Wilbur Reed circa 1977 or 1978?, Cranberry Isle, Maine
1838 1000.0.1838 This is a blank record 3/2/15.
1839 1000.27.1839 Newspaper clipping, ""Land deal gets new life"", from MDIslander 3 Oct 2002: 100 islanders meet to hear developer Pritam Singh discuss the Town's purchase of his property in Manset, ME as a transportation hub for the Cranberry Isles. With two photos: a) Pritam Singh, Owen Roberts, and Richard Dudman conversing. b) Residents of Cranberry Isles vote to approve purchase of the property
1840 2005.119.1840 Photo. Negative and 11""x14"" photo of Lewis (Lew) Stanley's boatyard located on the pool during the wintertime with the pool frozen. The boatyard was later sold to Heliker and LaHotan and they tore it down because it was a hazard and in rough shape. Mickey Macfarlan who said that towards the end of his life Lew Stanley was hard up for money and could no longer repair the boatyard. Mickey said Lew was always complaining that people were stealing from the boatyard - the second floor of it was chock full of all sorts of things. Mickey mentioned that the boatyard itself was ""tremendously large""
1841 2013.211.1841 Map, 2 maps, one hand-drawn and one mimeographed, made by Dot & Andy McSorley, indicating the old time property holders and the McSorley land colored in red. The McSorleys loved to make maps of their land, the lots they intended to divide it into, etc.
1842 2013.213.1842 Photo album. Eighteen gilt-edged cardboard pages with 70 photos and three memorial cards. Cover is worn gold velvet with ornate metal hasp and decorative metal binding with clover-shaped mirror in center of cover. Album has a metal foot attached to the back to support it when opened and can be attached to a worn gold velvet covered wood and metal bookstand. Most pages hold four paper cabinet card photographs inserted in to a woodgrained paper sleeve. There are also seven tintype photos inserted in sleeves. Stamped in gold on first page is: ""Patented January 23, 1894"". Several of the photo cards slide in and out of their sleeves and the names of various photo studios from Maine and elsewhere are evident. (For example: C.E. Harvey, 3115 Indiana Avenue, Chicago"" and ""Osgood, 22 Main St., Ellsworth, ME."") Photo portraits include several GCI families of the late 19th to early 20th century. Many photographs were labeled on looseleaf in modern times by an unknown hand including: Aunt Asinith Spurling; Rev. Charles Howard; Capt. George Bunker; Mrs. George Bunker; George E. Bunker, July '9;, Mrs. Frederick Lord; Samuel Bulger; John Bulger; Mr. Seth Rice; Mrs. Ida Rice; William Preble; Mrs. William Preble; Percy Bunker; Alfred Bulger; Ralph Bulger; Capt. William Bulger and wife; Florence Mildred Bunker; George Edward; Gil Hamor; Frances Spurling; Elton Bunker; Leslie Bunker; Mrs. Harriet Bunker; Mrs. Grace Bunker; Alice Bulger; Johnny and Filmore Steele; Mr. and Mrs. Will Young; Rose Ladd; Edna and Alfred Ladd; Lina and Alfred Ladd; Polly Bulger; Ralph Bulger; John H. Pressey; George and Harriet Bunker; Ida/Clara/Leslie Bunker; John Hamor; Nettie Stanley; Mrs. Lydia Bunker; and Thomas Bunker. (Digital images of individual album pages were made.)
1843 1000.140.1843 Photo. Ambrotype in folding wood frame with metal hasp; dark red velvet lining with impressed scroll pattern; brass mat with oval window, showing a young woman, perhaps William Pitt Preble's second wife, Jane Matilda Hadlock Sanford Preble. She was the mother of Samuel Sanford, daughter of Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr. and Hanna Caroline Dorothea Russ (1803-1889) a.k.a. ""the Prussian Woman."" From the Louise Marr collection of items recovered from the Preble House. (Photo ca. 1855-1860) See also 1000.0.1066G photo.
1844 2013.214.1844 Jugs. Two ceramic jugs. (A): large, white with four blue floral designs; wide mouth chipped inside the rim and inside on the bottom, efflorescence on the outside bottom perhaps from water stored inside leaking through the chipped glazing and affecting the inner ceramic. (B) is a large white pitcher with similar floral patterns.
1845 2013.214.1845 Box, large wooden packing box with rope handles on the ends, one long side has a broken off piece; box is nailed together with no lid; marked ""GLOVE"" BRAND RUBBERS (picture of a left hand)
1846 2013.214.1846 Trunk, steamer trunk with metal bottom with inset wheels, reinforced metal corners and edges, wooden slats on all sides including top and bottom to protect the exterior sides, a leather handle on each short side (one handle broken), with remains of two paper shipping labels: on the bottom, RECEIPT COLLECT 353551 WAYBILL LABEL BOSTON MASS AMERICAN RAILWAY EXPRESS NOV ??? 18; on the short side, unreadable; written inside on the bottom: C.M. Gott
1847 2000.38.1847 Model, wooden lobster boat, black hull with red hull bottom, white deck, gray cabin, rudder missing, no name; handmade by George Savage
1848 2013.214.1848 Model,boat, three-masted schooner made by George Savage; black hull, red hull bottom and rudder, white deck and two cabins, green cabin roofs, four white cotton sails, three rope ladders on each side; very heavy, perhaps solid wood hull
1849 2013.215.1849 Model of Baker Island Lighthouse made ca. 1950; electric lights in keeper's house and lighthouse; heavy cement base, wooden keeper's house, metal Lionel train set tower (no longer in existence on Baker Island), connection between keeper's house and lighthouse (no longer in existence on Baker Island); roof lifts off keeper's house for storage of low voltage (14V) lights and access to ordinary 115V lamp and transformer. Loaned to GCIHS by Great Harbor Museum to GCIHS ca. 2010? Photo 2013.215.1849C shows Great Harbor Maritime Museum curator Willie Granston with the lighthouse (photo dated 2008).
1850 2013.216.1850 Clothing, collection - blue sea captain's jacket with insignia on right sleeve and eight brass buttons with anchors, blue vest, blue tie, white cap with blue visor (size 7), blue jeans, black rubber lobsterman's boots, and corn cob pipe. All but the pipe belonged to Elwood Spurling, Phil Whitney's grandfather. The pipe belonged to Phil Whitney's father, Philmore Whitney.
1851 2013.217.1851 Boots. Black rubber lobsterman's fishing boots, size 11, tops folded over, heavily spattered with red and blue paint, found and recovered by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin from the town dump, and later identified by Steve Spurling as being his own boots that he threw away ca. 2000
1852 2013.214.1852 Fishing gear, branding iron to burn ""RH STANLEY"" onto wooden lobster buoys
1853 2013.214.1853 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float) with ""RH STANLEY"" and ""5830"" branded onto it; originally painted all white but now only remnants of the paint remain
1854 2013.214.1854 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), fish shaped, all yellow, carved with ""HA ALLEY"" and ""7162"" with no attachment hole but rather a large metal staple into the wood and a metal ring for attaching to a rope; the owner was probably Harry Alley
1855 2013.214.1855 Boat equipment, white canvas covered life ring, stenciled on one side with ""EUTAW"" on top and ""PHILADELPHIA"" on bottom, hand painted on the other side with ""PORT & STARBOARD""
1856 2013.214.1856 Boat equipment, wooden name plate, white, made in a sort of mushroom shape, with slightly raised black letters ""ADELAIDE""
1857 2013.218.1857 Fishing gear, large wood, rectangular, slatted box with handle - clam hod (clam basket) handmade out of parts previously painted in various colors: red, white, green. With small wooden box full of shells.
1858 2013.218.1858 Fishing gear, clam rake with metal tines and short wooden handle with a hole on the end
1859 2013.214.1859 Fishing gear, buoy (lobster float), double plastic buoys on one plastic shaft, yellow with three vertical red stripes, branded with ""7491"" and also ""8676""; the plastic shaft has been heated and bent to form a loop to which a swivel fitting is attached, which is then tied to a rope
1860 2013.214.1860 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), fish shaped, white top and blue bottom, branded with ""C.E. RICHARDSON"" and ""900"", with hole in the blue bottom part for attaching to a rope; concave on one side probably because the log used to make it was soft or rotten in that area
1861 2013.214.1861 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), club shaped, with perhaps white bottom (top paint, if any, is worn off), carved with ""FLS"" and also branded with ""F L STANLEY"", with hole in the thicker white bottom part for attaching to a rope
1862 2013.214.1862 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), bullet shaped, remants of white and red paint, carved with ""GWS"", and on the other side ""BS"", with hole in the narrow part for attaching to a rope, and hole on top for a missing handle
1863 2013.214.1863 Barrel, small wooden barrel, bound with two metal hoops and two wire loops, stenciled on one end (of which one board is loose) with ""A HODGDON, ELLSWORTH, ME""; the other end is open, missing
1864 2013.214.1864 Fishing gear, bait pouch, net-woven from twine, with drawstring mouth to pull closed, to be filled with bait and hung inside lobster trap to attract lobsters
1865 2013.214.1865 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), fish shaped, newly painted white top and bottom with orange band in the middle, carved with ""V WHITE"" and branded with ""G V WHITE"" and ""7482"", with hole in the wide bottom part for attaching to a rope; on the other side a long gouge probably because the log used to make it was soft or rotten in that area; see also #1866 and #1867
1866 2013.214.1866 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), bullet shaped with white handle on top, newly painted white top and bottom with orange band in the middle, branded with ""G V WHITE"" and ""7482"", with metal staple and ring on the bottom for attaching to a rope; see also #1865 and #1867
1867 2013.214.1867 Fishing gear, wooden buoy (lobster float), bullet shaped with white handle on top, newly painted white top and bottom with orange band in the middle, branded with ""G V WHITE"" and ""7482"", with metal staple and ring on the bottom for attaching to a rope; see also #1865 and #1866
1868 2013.214.1868 Unknown object of unknown purpose, U-shaped wooden base; on top it has a wooden ""handle"" (perhaps) and a nail, and between those it is partially covered with leather rudely but securely tacked on; the leather has cut marks across it, and deep cuts along both sides
1869 2013.214.1869 Fishing gear, wooden lobster claw pegs, wedge shaped, used to hold a live lobster's claw closed so it would not pinch a customer; now they have been made obsolete by rubber bands used for the same purpose; hundreds of pegs are in a sturdy galvanized metal pail with a metal bail handle; the pail is rusted inside, and the bottom is rusted through in a small area
1870 2013.214.1870 Barrel, small wooden barrel, originally bound with four metal hoops (top hoop missing now), probably originally from a store since both top and bottom ends are painted yellow on the outside as a code to indicate the contents; one end is in place, with a bung hole closed by a wooden plug; both ends have remnants of dark brown ""skin"", in flakes, as if the barrel held lacquer, molasses, or similar substance, but the barrel itself does not appear to have this
1871 2013.214.1871 Fishing gear, cork net floats (21) of assorted sizes, strung on a rope like beads
1872 2013.214.1872 Fishing gear, net with fine mesh, for catching small fish; two pieces: one small, basically intact, one large, with holes and almost torn in two; may have been all one net
1873 2013.214.1873 Fishing gear, hand line; a length of stout twine attached to a lead sinker (marked ""2 1/2""); the other end of the sinker is attached to two large (3.5"" L) fish hooks; the twine is wrapped around (stored on) a one-piece wooden frame
1874 2013.219.1874 Fishing gear, ""Lilly Iron"" (harpoon) with swiveling piece on the barb that folds flat for easy penetration, but opens crosswise for increased grip, thus preventing loss of the fish; Bruce Komusin inserted a wooden boomstick handle and secured it with rope for display purposes
1875 2013.220.1875 Document, License, framed under glass, to operate or navigate motorized vessels of 15 gross tons or less and to carry passengers, issued to Wilfred S. Trussell, 21 Sept 1906, signed by Charles O. Cousinly and Walter L. Blaisdell
1876 2013.214.1876 Art, pen and ink drawing titled ""LOBSTER TRAP ON BOTTOM"" by C. Gilley, showing an old fashioned round top wooden lobster trap on the sea bed, with a rope going up to an intermediate float (a glass bottle), the rope continuing further up to a bullet shaped float on the surface; also a lobster boat approching it on the surface
1877 2013.221.1877 Fishing gear, glass float, round, aqua colored, with pontil mark (where glass was blown, then removed from pipe), fully enclosed in a stout twine net (with unusually wide openings) which would be attached to the edge of a herring net
1878 2013.214.1878 Fishing gear, clear glass float, round, molded with a nipple on one end, the other end flat, fully enclosed in a stout nylon twine pouch (with fine openings) with a drawstring, the whole would be attached to the edge of a herring net
1879 2013.214.1879 Fishing gear, glass float collection, one each clear, green, and red, in a nylon pouch with a drawstring (for display purposes only); clear float is molded; red and green floats hand made with pontil marks
1880 2013.214.1880 Fishing gear, clear glass float, round, with pontil mark (where glass was blown, then removed from pipe), fully enclosed in a stout nylon twine pouch which would be attached to the edge of a herring net
1881 2013.227.1881 Clock, in wooden case with pendulum window (pendulum missing), engraved brass plate ""Made for Longfellow School Great Cranberry Isle with pleasure by Ralph Gould 1978"", inside case is written ""made by Ralph Gould 1976"", the clock mechanism seems to be all brass, except for the pendulum attachment stub, with three chimes inside; the clock itself tries to run but ticks only for a short time, perhaps because of the missing pendulum; the glass face opens and has two key holes, probably to wind the clock and the chimes; the face has roman numerals. face: 12"" diam, face frame 15.5"" W (octagonal), cabinet: 16"" L x 7.25"" W x 3.75"" D
1882 2013.222.1882 Fishing gear, 3 wooden and 5 foam buoys (lobster floats), strung on a rope; wooden buoys: a) bullet shape with white bottom and orange top, hole on top for handle, hole through bottom body for trap rope, 18.5"" L x 4"" W x 4"" D; b) bullet shape with blotches of white, green, and yellow all over the body and handle, branded with ""98?????"" carved letters ?VV, on the another side carved letters ""?ILLE"", on another side carved letters ""SOW??I?"", with black rubber strip tacked on two opposite sides to make a loop for attaching trap rope, 25"" L x 5.5"" W x 4.5"" D; c) log shape with white bottom and orange top and handle branded with ""PL ?UNKER"" and ""BU???R"" with canvas strip tacked on the flat bottom to make aloop for attaching trap rope, but broke so a rubber stip was tacked on top of it for the same purpose, 17"" L x 7.5"" W x 6.25"" D; (and 5 foam floats removed for display outside Shaw cabin 2015)
1883 2013.223.1883 Furniture, glass display case with wood frame, candy case from Sadie Bulger's store, two mirrored sliding doors in back for access, stencilled on back ""RAYMOND SHOW CASE CO BOSTON""; underneath the bottom there is provision for a self-standing base via 3 hole sockets in front (left, middle, right), 3 in back (left middle, right) and 1 on each side (middle)
1884 2013.224.1884 Ceramic, Collection of 3 clay pieces made on GCI by Janet Roberts, showing how local Indians, Native Americans, might have made a cooking pot; a) proto-bottom showing the coiling of clay rope to form a surface, 2.5"" diam; b) continuing spiraling the clay rope upwards to make a wall, and a part cut away to better show the construction, 3.5"" diam x 2"" H; c) smoothed, decorated, and fired final pot with incised chevrons near the mouth, raked on the body, also net-like impresses on the body, and a rounded bottom, 5.5"" L, 4.25"" diam, 0.5"" thick
1885 2000.294.1885 Basket and lid, flat bottomed, made of sweetgrass? or rattan?, filled with modern sewing notions, lid has two decorative rope handles with Asian characters on coin-like buttons, blue on the inside.
1886 2000.294.1886 Basketry, Collection of 2 Native American Indian crafted sweetgrass braids, one (25"" L x 0.5"" W) decorated with colorful yarn, likely bought at the Abbe Museum by Wini Smart a few years after 2000, the other (39"" L x 0.5"" W) tied with yellow yarn; both intended to waft a sweet smell into a room
1887 2000.294.1887 Basketry, collection of 2 Native American Indian-crafted sweetgrass decorative whisk brooms with braided loop handles, one (10"" L, handle 3"" across) decorated with purple twine, the other (9.5"" L, handle 3"" across) tied with green twine. The broom with the green twine was one of several basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit 9/25/14).
1888 2000.294.1888 Basket and lid, flat basket, green bottom with green, tan, and yellow twine woven throughout, lid with twine handle, marked ""Made In Canada"" on bottom
1889 2000.294.1889 Basket, small comb or wall pocket basket woven of natural and red fibers, suitable to hold hair combs, keys, paper clips. This type of basket was made by the Wabanaki for sale to visitors during the late 19th-early 20th century.
1890 2000.294.1890 Basket, rectangular, with attached lid, woven with flat fiber and braided sweet grass, with thin green borders on lid and body, two sweetgrass handles, loop on lid. This purse was one of several basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit to GCIHS 9/25/14).]
1891 2000.294.1891 Basket and lid, bowl shaped with foot ring, woven with natural color fibers and sweetgrass, lid decorated with purple, orange, and white dried flowers
1892 2000.294.1892 Basket and lid, woven of corn husks and natural and green sweetgrass
1893 2000.294.1893 Doll, plastic Native American Indian maiden with rolling eyes, beaded buckskin fringe outfit and moccasins, and a beaded necklace. This doll is probably from Wini Smart's collection. It is one of several basketry items apparently collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit 9/25/14).
1894 2000.294.1894 Basket and lid, flat bottom, woven of sweetgrass and red or brown strips, with star-shape finish to elaborate hole in center of lid
1895 2000.294.1895 Basket and lid, very small, flat bottom, sweetgrass and green tinted ash or other strips.
1896 2000.294.1896 Basket and lid, very small barrel shaped, flat bottom, made of braided sweetgrass or twine, and perhaps ash strips, with a blue card inside, probably from Smart Studio, reading ""Antique Penobscot Indian Sweetgrass Basket, late 1800s, $55"". This may be one of several Native American Indian basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit 9/25/14).
1897 2000.294.1897 Basket and lid, extremely small, flat bottom, made of sweet grass and copper colored strips, marked on bottom ""PASSAMAQ."" meaning Passamaquoddy; lid has a small loop handle. This miniature is one of several basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit 9/25/14).
1898 2000.294.1898 Basket, cup and saucer design, extremely small, flat bottom, woven of sweetgrass and darker brown shiney ribbon-like material (resembles magnetic tape), cup is attached to saucer. (Could this be example of 1930s ""Hong Kong"" paper twine?)
1899 2000.294.1899 Basket and lid, small, flat bottom, made of twine and natural, orange, purple, red, and green colored fiber, stamped in black on bottom ""Made in Canada""; lid has a small ring handle
1900 2000.294.1900 Basket and lid, flat bottom, Native American Indian, made of braided sweetgrass and natural and green flat splint fiber, with a blue card inside reading ""(printed) Smart Studio Antiques, Maine Street, Northeast Harbor Maine, 276-5152, (handwritten) Penobscot Indian Sweetgrass Basket, late 1800s"", and on the back of the card ""$145""
1901 2000.294.1901 Basket and lid, flat bottom, made of sweetgrass and green flat elements; small woven ring handle has broken off from lid. (Miniature basket 2000.294.2902 was inside this basket 2013.) This miniature is one of several basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit to GCIHS 9/25/14).
1902 2000.294.1902 Basket and lid, extremely small, acorn-shaped, flat bottom, made of sweet grass and flat elements. (This basket was inside basket 2000.294.1901 in 2013.) This miniature is one of several basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit to GCIHS 9/25/14).
1903 2000.294.1903 Basket and lid, small square picnic basket shaped, flat open weave bottom, made of braided sweetgrass and flat elements, with a ring handle on the lid and a smaller ring handle on the body that intersect and fold down to hold the lid closed. This miniature is one of several basketry items collected by Mary E. Shaw (Mrs. Norman Shaw) ca. 1980-2000, who ran the Dancing Deer gift shop in Bar Harbor. She eventually sold them to Wini Smart's daughter, Gail, (per Mrs. Shaw visit to GCIHS 9/25/14).
1904 2013.225.1904 Basket and lid, round, flat bottom, made of braided sweetgrass and red and blue and natural flat elements. Gift to donor by its maker in Manset, ME.
1905 2013.214.1905 Tool, one-piece wooden wedge shape with handle, similar to a spatula or paddle, worn but not stained. Perhaps a basket splint gauge.
1906 2013.214.1906 Tool, collection of 9 stone pieces, comprising 1 raw stone, 6 arrowheads, and 2 flakes, some loaned by Gail Cleveland and Wini Smart, and one projectile point (the longest one, black) found on GCI on May 25, 2008 by Deborah Schoch, a guest of Geoff Wadsworth, and donated by them. Others may not be local points, some perhaps New Jersey origin. One additional stone knife blade, broken, black (not obsidian) found GCI 2011 by visitor Michael Ho, gift of Ane Tempelmann - accessioned 2014.
1907 2006.231.1907 Doll, Hitty ""Nameless"", micro-size, wood, made by Eric Horne 1998, unclothed with painted face, hair, stockings, and shoes. (See GCIHS webpage for Hitty doll information.)
1908 2013.214.1908 Doll, Hitty Angel, micro-size, wood, clothed in white lace dress and underwear, with painted face, hair, and shoes. Swivel arms and legs. (See GCIHS webpage for Hitty doll information.)
1909 2013.214.1909 Certificate of Marriage between John H. Hamor of Cranberry Isles Maine and Sadie B. Cleoses of Steuben Maine, at Steuben on 21 November 1894, signed by Robert Sutcliff, Pastor, Methodist E. Church Milbridge; with elaborate color illustrations; framed
1910 2013.214.1910 Photograph. Print, ""A Playful Mood - on Maine Coast"", framed, color landscape of wave breaking on rocks, (c) Harris. With exhibit tag: Old tinted photos from the Hamor Tea House
1911 2010.126.1911 Painting by Charles Edwin Kinkead, oil, framed, of a marsh or field with still water in the foreground, trees in the background, and the mountains of Acadia National Park in the far distance; perhaps The Pool on Great Cranberry Island; or the Bass Harbor marshes per artist Carl Little who has painted there. Written on the back: ""Mr Kinkead painted this picture / Presented it to Sadie Hamor 1925""; the painting, on canvas, is cut from its original stretcher and glued to a cardboard backing. (Note: the artist's name is a.k.a. Kinkaid or Kincaid.)
1912 2010.126.1912 Drawing by S.G. Easter or Caster? pencil sketch of the Hamor Tea House; some water staining on the edges. Painting removed from original frame (a glass pane with metal rosettes securing it to a wood board back). Original sketch stored separately; scanned print of the drawing is in frame.
1913 2013.214.1913 Book, hardcover, ""Family Record"" (designed by Sarah B. Hamor, L.L. Marshall Co printers Portland, Maine, (c) Sarah Belle Hamor 1933); this genealogical book has printed pages with blank spaces to fill in a single couple and their predecessors and decendants for several generations. This book is the family record of Beatrice E. Bunker and Enoch A. Stanley, Cranberry Isles Maine. Entries recorded include: Bunker, Stanley, Hamor, Bracy, Steel, Phippen, Birlem, Bulger, Hardy, Inig, Leach, Bickford, Peterson, Turner, Guist. (See 2010.126.1016 and 1017)
1914 2010.232.1914 Bowl, souvenir, white glass miniature Clam Broth Basket with red letters ""SOUVENIR OF Cranberry Isles Maine""; impressed into glass on inside bottom: PAT'D; gold colored handle and rim; with receipt from Pine Bough ""Select Antiques, Northeast Harbor"" 13 July '04, and note from them ""Prob. orig. sold NEH ca. 1920s""
1915 2013.214.1915 Furniture, glass display case with wood frame and three compartments: left and right compartments are deep with hopper type door hinged on the bottom; midddle compartment is shallow with a concealed cash drawer under it which opens with a bell ring if four finger-hole keys are pressed in the right combination
1916 2013.214.1916 Tool, large pulley with metal hook
1917 2013.214.1917 Fishing gear, empty wooden frame for fishing handline, broken into two halves and just pushed together; branded ""J. C. PIKE."" on both halves
1918 2013.227.1918 Flash cards, commercially-made alphabet flash cards; they show each letter of the alphabet with an object beginning with that letter, and on the back other words beginning with that letter; there are 17 such cards, plus one card with just the saying ""Father and Mother""; 26 cards stored in Box 33 archives.
1919 2013.227.1919 Flash cards, two partial sets of commercially-made alphabet flash cards; each shows a letter of the alphabet or a digraph (2 letters making a sound); the back is sometimes blank, sometimes with a story explaining the use of the letter or sound
1920 2013.227.1920 Flash cards, commercially-made alphabet flash cards in a box labeled ""MANUSCRIPT CAPITALS / BEADED Tactile-Kinesthetic learning aids""; they show each letter of the alphabet printed with beaded white paint on a black background; there are 26 such cards, plus one card with the punctuation marks !?
1921 2013.214.1921 Doll, Golliwog, a miniature cloth person in blue shirt with red and white striped pants, black face, black curly hair, big red lips, whites of eyes prominent
1922 2013.214.1922 Book, Hymnal ""Gospel Hymns No.5"" by Ira D. Sankey, James McGranahan, and Geo. C. Stebbins, published by The Biglow & Main Co. and The John Church Co., copyright 1887, 1890
1923 2013.214.1923 Book, Guests book inscribed inside front cover ""Alice / from / Sadie & John / Oct. 25 / [19]39"", given presumably by John & Sadie Hamor, owners of the Hamor Tea House, to ""Alice""; guest entries seem to all be written in the same hand - probably Alice's; entries begin 1 June [19]45 with Seth Rice, and end 18 Oct [19]45 with Louise Spurling; most entries are local island folks; most days have only 1 to 3 entries - this seems quite a low number for a restaurant to stay in business; this could be a guest book for Alice's private home
1924 2011.235.1924 Doll, Hitty Turner, carved out of basswood by Nathalie Goss Turner; labeled ""A29"" and (in a circle) ""T"", with accessories: pink and white floral pattern dress, white bonnet with roses, coral colored beaded necklace, white petticoat and pantaloons; bought by Bruce Komusin and donated. (See GCIHS webpage for Hitty doll information.)
1925 2013.214.1925 Art, carved wooden fir tree, with branches shaved away from the trunk, made in one piece by Sam Chapman; separate square base; note taped on bottom of base ""Sam Chapman Made This""; see also item 1302, also made by Sam Chapman.
1926 2013.214.1926 Doll, Hitty ""Nameless"", standard size, wood, clothed in blue and pink floral motif dress with white background and lace edging, knit white bonnet, white pantaloons and slip, painted face, hair, legs, arms, and shoes. (See GCIHS webpage for Hitty doll information.)
1927 2013.214.1927 Doll, Hitty ""Nameless"", porcelain and cloth, Hitty-like, slightly taller than standard size; visible head, arms, and legs are porcelain, held in place only by the dress; the hidden body, arms, and legs are simple stuffing, probably paper; clothed in blue and pink floral motif dress with blue background, with white waist band and white bottom hem band, white pantaloons, painted face, hair, legs, arms, and shoes; no markings. (See GCIHS webpage for Hitty doll information.)
1928 2007.185.1928 Doll, Hitty Diane, wood, in black and white striped dress with red flower motif on dress, white pantaloons and petticoat, written on back: ""2006 [1/4 moon symbol] / del Hahn '06 / [fish symbol]""; Hitty Diane was carved by T.C. Vollum and painted by Michelle DelValle; donation also includes Hitty Cranberry (item 1340) and a 2-level doll house with accessories, plus a blue cloth-bound memorial book in honor of Diane Barrow-Clark (item 1335); Hitty Diane was donated in 2007 by T.C. Vollum and the HittyGirls Yahoo Group. (See GCIHS webpage for Hitty doll information.) With three other dresses: black/white houndstooth with white apron and red shawl; red/tan floral with bonnet; tan with daisy print. Accoutrements: blue felt shawl, blue knitted scarf, blue knitted poncho and hat. 5 wooden doll mannekins for clothing. Knick knacks and clothing stored in doll house trunk. Rugs and furniture in doll house. (See also items 1928, 1335, and 1340. Photo 1928B shows set up before dismantling.)
1929 2016.373.1929 Rug, braided with hooked center. Concentric circles of brown, black, blue, tan, red, green, orange, and rose; the center is a hooked oblong, bordered in blue, with a depiction of a full basket of red, yellow, white, and tan flowers; on the reverse side, the central hooked area is covered with a green fabric protective patch. Donor Charlotte Harlan wrote 9/21/2016 and 10/8/16: ""That rug belonged to my Aunt Virginia. She was my mother’s youngest sister, my grandfather Charles Henry Bulger’s daughter. We believe that the rug was made by Aunt Cora [Cora Spurling Richardson Chapman b. July 3, 1863], who lived in the house where the Dowlings live now. My mother spoke of her Aunt Cora quite often. She made a lot of braided rugs. The rug with the flowers in the middle we would be glad to donate to the Museum. I do want its origin cited as well as the fact that we donated it. My Aunt Virginia has passed away, but I know that she would be glad to know that it will stay on Cranberry.""
1930 2013.214.1930 Rug, braided, oval; starting in the center, predominantly various red patterns; black, brown, gray, tan, and blue as the loops grow larger, culminating in a black border
1931 2013.214.1931 Rug, braided, oval; starting in the center, predominantly black/white loops grow larger, then the colors change to gray/black, green/gray, and red/tan, culminating in a gray/black border; dirty and worn
1932 2013.214.1932 Rug, braided, oval; starting in the center, predominantly green, brown, and orange patterned loops grow larger, then the colors change to blue, pink, brown, and red, culminating in a black border; colors in each loop change even within the loop; the fourth and fifth loops from the outside have become disconnected, and several other loops are loose.
1933 2013.238.1933 Prints and photos for The Great Cranberry Island Portrait Project 2009. Project combined art and oral history. 17 original, matted, unframed, black & white and color prints, numbered, signed, and copyrighted by the artist Janet Best Badger, a Bangor, Maine, artist and printmaker. (Three prints linoleum/color; 14 copper/b&W.) 20 color photos with text profiles by Bar Harbor photojournalist Rebecca Buyers-Basso. Individuals: Ruth Fostervold Westphal, Malcolm Donald, Annie Rice Alley, Gaile Frederika Bunker Colby, Sofie Lillian Nathan Dowling, Michael Richman, Louise Oldbrook Littleton Millar, Eva Mariae Bracy Galyean, Wesley ""Junior"" Bracy, Patricia Bailey, Charlene Louise Allen, Phil Allen Whitney, Clara Frances Pervear Wedge. Also miscellaneous photos including a rock, lupines, and the Macfarlan (Preble) house. Project was accomplished with a grant fom Maine Arts Commision, with support of The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation, GCIHS, and local residents.
1934 1000.18.1934 Rug, hooked, rectangular; brown border with schooner, lighthouse and rocks against partly cloudy sky and green sea. From the home of Hilda Adel Bulger Spurling (1902-1987) (the Keegan's house on Harding Pt. Road in modern times). Hilda served as Postmistress on weekends for her sister Marjor Phippen.
1935 ..1935 Furniture. Rocking chair with swivel tray. Wood. Original black rocker with gold scroll work on seat and back has been modified with addition of a swiveling, wooden tray affixed to the chair arms. Rocker blades may have been shortened. Rocker may have had a signature, Stanley, visible on it at one time. Phil Whitney recollects in 2015 that this rocker was rescued from his family's house (across the street from his present home) during their house fire. It may have been his mother's rocker (d.o.b. 1911), or perhaps his great great grandmother Sydney Hamor Bunker who died in 1918, or his great grandmother, Julie Bunker Spurling. (From Ladies Aid 2000)
1936 2013.239.1936 Furniture. Store counter from Elisha Bunker's store on Dog Point Lane, GCI. Wood with molding, broad countertop, cash drawer with bell and button combo lock. Post- 1950 stored and used by Ladies Aid Society during annual fairs. Modified and installed in GCIHS museum May 2013.
1937 2013.240.1937 Map. ""Great Cranberry Island 1930-1980"". Shows names and locations of homes and other significant spots. Map shows incorrect placement of McSorley cabin; it should be south of Great Head Point.
1938 2013.242.1938 Cane. Wood, walking stick with knotted handle, smooth, sanded natural finish; small dark knots along its length. Made by Mickey Macfarlan (ca. 2010) from a sapling located on Mickey's property that had been tied into a knot by Sam Chapman at least 30 years ago. (Sam Chapman, GCI craftsman, died in 1971 at the age of 102.)
1939 2013.241.1939 Documents. Collection of copies of info re: Corporal Edgar Bunker's service in Korean War from June-October 1951, and his posthumous medal presentation August 20, 2000 on GCI. Sixty-seven pages total from at least two sources: unidentified book - random pgs. 25-230; five pages from ""The History of the United Nations Forces in the Korean War, Vol. V"" pg. 98-103. Letter from Vice Admiral Gregory Johnson to Charlene Allen (Bunker's sister) re: medal presentation August 20, 2000. Laminated pages (15) of photos, articles, and text remembering the medal presentation. (See also 2013.241.1940 medal; and 1000.22.67 newspaper articles.)
1940 2014.281.1940 Collection of Edgar Bunker Korean War commemorative items. (A) Medal. Korean War Service Medal for Edgar Bunker in wood and glass shadow box. Medal was posthumously presented to Bunker's four surviving sisters along with three commemorative coins, two cloth patches, and one tie-tack on August 20, 2000, by Vice Admiral Gregory Johnson at a ceremony on GCI. (B) Plaque: Certificate of Appreciation 2000. (C) Framed annotated map of Korean War events with presented to Pauline Bunker 2000. (See also 2013.241.1939 letter from Vice Admiral Johnson to Charlene Allen (Bunker's sister) and photos; and 1000.22.67 newspaper articles.)
1941 2013.243.1941 Photos. Slides, 223 total including 35 glass slides. Images donated by the Towns family of GCI: family, friends, homes, landscapes, and seascapes taken over decades. Five slides imprinted 1958; four possibly SEP1974; one 1991. Several handwritten lists of people and places were included with donation but can no longer be tied to individual slides. All slides have been digitally scanned in high resolution (see 2000\photos\dorothy towns). The Towns family are summer residents on GCI. The Towns property is also known historically as the Bayview Farm, the Red House, and the Crosby farm. (The slides are stored in a binder, grouped by brand names and numbers imprinted on individual slides: Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Ansco Color, Pavelle, and Mercury, in hopes slide technology might date these slides. Glass slide projectors in use ca. 1930s-1950s. (See also collection of Towns slides ca. 1960s-70s in 2014.269.2005; and other Towns photos in collection.)
1942 2009.11.1942 Clothing. Collection of women's accessories worn with the ""going away"" outfit of Hannah (nee Dick) Macfarlan for her honeymoon trip. Married 21 April 1869 in Philadelphia. Two pairs of white kid gloves: smaller pair (A), larger (B); one pair white shoes (C); one beige hat with flower buds and a long ribbon tail (D); and one fringed, beige, silk collapsible parasol with ivory handle and ivory decorative top element (E). Handwritten pencil note inside shoe reads: ""Shoes & gloves worn by Hannah Dick when she married Malcolm Macfarlan April 21, 1869."" (See 2009.11.1180 skirt with jacket and 2009.11.1181 fan.)
1943 2013.246.1943 Photo, ca. 1895, rear view of the Preble House showing William Pitt Preble (1811-1905) with two women. The woman on the left could be Preble's second wife, Jane Matilda Hadlock Sanford Preble (1826-1898). The house was built by Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr. and Samuel Spurling ca. 1827, and was occupied by Hadlocks and Prebles related through marriage or blood for its first century. The house and property have expanded and contracted over the course of its nearly 200 years. It was restored in the late 1940s and stands today as one of the largest and most historic homes on Great Cranberry Island.
1944 2013.246.1944 Document. Certificate: Augusta, Maine, 14 March 1860, William P. Preble of Cranberry Isle, State of Maine, as Notary Public for Hancock County for seven years. Signed by Scott M. Morrill, Governor. Certificate has an ivory and pink impressed and raised seal the State of Maine with the signature of the Governor below it and the notation: Commission Recorded Vol. 4, Page 173. Signed at bottom by Noah Smith, Secretary of State.
1945 2013.246.1945 Photograph. Tintype with ornate frame. Young woman in plaid dress with broach bearing a picture of a dark-haired, balding man. (Compare with 2013.246.1946 and 2013.246.1947.)
1946 2013.246.1946 Photograph. Ambrotype (ca. 1855-1865): two panes of glass with brass mat and ornate preserver frame securing the ambrotyp components. Portrait of two unidentified young women in black dresses with white lace collars. Back pane of glass is coated with a black emulsion that is flaking and peeling. Front pane is the ghostly, white image of the two women's faces, fingers, lace collars, and the white wall background. Cheeks and lips on both women are pale pink. (Compare with 2013.246.1947 and 2013.246.1945.)
1947 2013.246.1947 Photograph. Tintype.Two young women seated wearing black dresses, both unidentified. (Compare with 2013.246.1946 and 2013.246.1945)
1948 2013.246.1948 Photograph. Black and white image on slightly waxy, beige paper. Abigail Cobb Hadlock Spurling Preble as an elderly woman, dressed in black with white collar, neck broach, black hat tied beneath her chin, and hands folded. Photograph is in a brown envelope with an eagle logo on upper left corner that reads: ""Letrich Studio 2571 Boardwalk Atlantic City"". (This is a paper print of the tintype image in album 1000.0.1066, second to last page.)
1949 2013.247.1949 Photograph. Digital scan of photograph card showing Rachel Field with husband Arthur Pederson. On reverse is Field's personal inscription to her friend Betty Hartley,"" A coast of Maine greeting to you all from Rachel and Arthur Pederson 1935."" The photograph shows the couple standing at the water's edge and is thought to have been taken on Sutton Island on their honeymoon.
1950 2013.241.1950 Tool. Cranberry or blueberry rake, iron with solder repairs at tines and bottom.
1951 2013.248.1951 Tool. Popcorn popper. Rectangular wire basket with lid that opens, wooden handle.
1952 2013.241.1952 Fishing gear. Trawl line wound around wooden frame. Wooden handle is nailed to frame (unusual).
1953 2013.241.1953 Fishing gear. Trawl line wound around wooden frame with heavy lead sinker and large metal hook.
1954 2013.241.1954 Boat equipment. Rudder: wood with two metal brackets and two metal pegs, curved blade with wooden stem and cross-piece.
1955 2013.241.1955 Tool. Maul with flat and wedge ends. Handforged (?) iron head with hole in center with hand-fashioned wood handle inserted.
1956 2013.241.1956 Fishing gear. Head of a branding iron: W.E. BUNKER. Iron head, no handle.
1957 2013.239.1957 Tool. Seven cast iron clamps used by Ladies Aid members when quilting. Each clamp has a three-lobed key head on a threaded rod with floating foot. Four larger clamps (5.5"" L x 2.5"" W x .5"" H): No. 50, E.C. STEARNS & CO., SYRACUSE N.Y.. Three smaller black clamps (4.5"" L x 2.25 W x .5"" H): E.C. STEARNS & CO., SYRACUSE N.Y.
1958 2013.249.1958 Tool. Grappling hook, iron, three pronged. Unusual size and design per donor.
1959 2013.249.1959 Tool. Soldering iron. Bullet-shaped copper head with a bit of solder on it; wood handle. From Lou Ladd's workshop. Lou Ladd was a blacksmith, shoemaker, and handiman who lived in the barn that is part of Ruth ""Robin"" Freeman's property now (2013).
1960 2013.249.1960 Tool. Ladle, iron used for pouring lead. Probably from Lou Ladd's workshop. Lou Ladd was a blacksmith, shoemaker, and handiman who lived in the barn that is now part of Ruth ""Robin"" Freeman's property (2013).
1961 2013.241.1961 Tool. Scythe, iron with wood handle.
1962 2013.249.1962 Shoes. Ice skates, pair, wood shoe bottom with metal blade inserted lengthwise along bottom, curved up at toe and secured by a threaded screw at heel and toe. Leather strap at toe inserted through slot in the wood; rope inserted through two slots at heel. Pointed end of screw protrudes at heel and one toe. This pair of ice skates was found in the barn at Ruth ""Robin"" Freeman's house.
1963 2013.241.1963 Shoes. Ice skates, steel parts. Four-leaf flower cut-out at toe. Turnbuckle and lever to adjust length and width. Marking on heel lever ""B&B"". On blade: ""HARDENED"". On midsole: ""10"" and ""PATENTED FEB 12 1884, MAR 1 1887, AUG 12 1890.""
1964 2013.241.1964 Shoes. Ice skates, pair, steel. Heel and toe riveted to blade. No midsection. Three-leaf clover cut-out at toe. Flat cotton band with buckle is riveted to toe; band with buckle is looped through slots in the metal heel. One heel has leather strap. Imprinted on toe: ""No 52 9 1/2"". On blade: ""CAST (three-leaf clover imprint) (illegible next word) SKATES.""
1965 2013.241.1965 Pot. Metal, gray, with metal handle. Rusted.
1966 2013.241.1966 Tool. Pliers, large, metal with broad head.
1967 2013.241.1967 Tool. Hammer, wood handle inserted into a metal head.
1968 2013.241.1968 Tool. Garden fork, metal tines and neck with wood handle inserted.
1969 2013.241.1969 Tool. Trowel. Wood handle inserted into metal trowl head.
1970 2013.241.1970 Tool. Plier head used to wrap or cut wire or barbed wire.
1971 2013.250.1971 Musical instrument. Harmonica. Wood and metal, Marine Band, M. Hohner, made in Germany. Various trademarks: two hands holding a circle and ULM 1871, Stutgart 1881. Philad 1886. Tud Bunker's harmonica.
1972 2013.250.1972 Pipe. Tobacco pipe, carved wooden bowl with plastic mouthpiece. ""LARK, D----ow""and ""IMPORTED BR---"" on stem. Tud Bunker's pipe.
1973 2013.250.1973 Knife. Pocket knife with folding blade, wood, brass, and stainless steel. Panther, Jr. C.I. 440 Stainless 571 Japan on blade. Blade has spots of rust. Knife is 4"" long with blade folded into handle.Tud Bunker's pocket knife.
1974 2013.251.1974 Quilt. Patchwork wool and polyester squares of black, grey, blue, and green one single white corduroy square. Squares are 6"" x5"" slightly irregular. Solid black satin with floral pattern back folded over on the parallel long edges to make a border. Machine stitching.
1975 2013.241.1975 Quilt. Patchwork of browns, blues, greys, and black tweeds, wool, and polyster 4.5"" x 4 3/4"" squares with a 4.75""-5"" grey border. Reverse is same grey fabric as border stitched to border on seams. This quilt may have been a gift of Sue Lyman, allegedly made of fabric from old men's suits.
1976 2013.241.1976 Rug. Braided with hooked center element. Concentric rings of browns, blacks, and greens with pale blue, red, and maroon flowers in hooked center square. Reverse side of rug has patch of brown cotton fabric with coral and beige flower decoration 16.5 x 17"" serving as backing for the hooked flowers. Edges badly worn. Hole by the maroon flower. Some separation between the concentric braided rings.
1977 2013.241.1977 Medals. Four military pins in a black leather case with 'AIR MEDAL' imprinted in gold on case. These pins would have been worn on a uniform shirt: one red and white pin, one ribbon board with three ribbons and four oak leaves, one blue and gold ribbon with eagle/sun medal attached.
1978 2013.241.1978 Toiletry. Shaving gear in silver box. One complex razor with swivel head and ""Wilkinson made in England, Pat. No 321115"", leather strop with metal attachment, seven razor blades each in a slot within steel holder with the day of the week on them. Silver Box is lined with blue velvet and gold Wilkinson Sowrd Co. Ltd imprinted in gold on velvet lining. Probably never used.
1979 2013.252.1979 Shoes. A collection of four shoes and four wooden trinkets recovered from the Great Cranberry Congregational Church parsonage house during remodeling in 2013.The shoes and wooden trinkets had been intentionally concealed between the stud wall and the brick of the fireplace on the first floor ca. 1840. From colonial times through the 19th century, shoes were hidden in walls around, fireplaces, windows, and doors as part of a folk ritual to bring good luck, ward off evil, or to be remembered. Four well-worn, single shoes (one adult male, one adult female, two different child-sized shoes); one small carved wooden toy boat hull; one small wooden pulley wheel; one wood tube; and a wooden semi-circle with hole in center (half of a container lid). These items were found under the demolition rubble inside the stud wall that had surrounded the fireplace on the first floor when the chimney was being removed. All of the shoes are all well-worn and the adult male's shoe has been repaired. These four shoes date stylistically to 1820-1830s. These shoes were likely concealed in the wall by Enoch Spurling's family when the house was constructed ca. 1840. The four shoes and four wooden trinkets were repatriated to a ledge in the new decorative chimney in October 2013 along with three other modern items in a plastic 'File 'n Go' carry case with latching lid. The three modern items are: one pink-and-white flip-flop sandal with “2013” written on it; one church roster; one church bulletin; and the initial report from the GCIHS about finding the concealed shoes and trinkets. (See also: 2013.252.2002 - Trinkets or toys; 2013.252.1980 - remnants of shoes from the kitchen crawlspace; 2013.252.2000 - metal implements; 2013.252.2001 - wooden implements; and the 2014 report of investigation of the ensuing Cape house study submitted to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission 2015.304.2062.)
1980 2013.252.1980 Shoes. A collection of the remains of late 19th-century leather shoes discovered in the kitchen crawlspace during the 2013 remodeling of the Great Cranberry Congregational Church parsonage house (177 Cranberry Road). Twenty soles or pieces of soles and two heel uppers with soles missing; remains of nine high boots with eyelets (some brass eyelets in-situ); and twenty leather shoe scraps. All shoe remains are leather, all soles are double- or single- row wood-pegged. (See also 2013.252.1979 concealed shoes and trinkets; 2013.252.2000 - metal implements; 2013.252.2001 - wooden implements; and the report of parsonage house research 2015.304.2062.)
1981 2013.253.1981 Photographs. Collection of 25 small black and white photographs: Sunbeam I; brush fire; herring catchers looking towards Bakers Island; Elva Stanley, Eliza's garden, Lucille Stanley 2 and a half months old; Sherwin Stanley infant;Isabelle Stanley; Red Rocks, Hamor Pool, Spurling Point, Town Landing; Bunkers Head, Islesford Aug 15 1950. And reprints of photos of Benaiah B. Bunker 1926; Elva L. Bunker Mountain (1901-1997) and Orie J. Mountain;Town Landing 1920s; Addie Stanley Duren house before fire (1930-1940s?); Benaiah B. Bunker (1863-1951) with Josie S. Stanley/Bunker (1870-1958) and Omer P. Mountain (1922-2007).
1982 2013.254.1982 Book and photo album. (A) Home Folks - A Geography for Beginners by J. Russell Smith, John C. Winston Company, 1927. This book is designed for teachers to present beginners ""a new way to begin the study of geography"" not as political divisions but instead ""it tells how some boys and girls live in the country and then how some boys and girls live in the city."" One color plate, several black and white illustrations; 252 pages with index; (Size: 10"" x 7.25"" x .75""). (B) Photograph album: green with gold script ""PHOTOGRAPHS"" on cover; 19 small, faded, black and white photographs on black construction paper pages. Unidentified children - perhaps Annie Alley (donor) family members; (Size: 5.75"" x 4.75"" x .75"")
1983 2013.255.1983 Photographs. Three tintype portraits(A, B, and C) of unidentified individuals. Photographs were acquired by the donor at the GCI Ladies Aid sale 'several years ago' (prior to 2013). All three are missing their covers; all three had been opened before. (A) Woman in striped top. Thick glass front with metal frame, thick copper mat (deteriorating) impressed with ""M.A. & S. Root, 863 Broadway, NY"" on lower right corner of copper mat. Thin paper around edges of glass-copper unit; image is on metal, not on glass. Size: 3.25 x 3.75 x.45. (B) Man in suit with bow tie, colorized. Image is on metal plate with emulsion evident. Glass front with thick copper alloy metal border and frame inset in wood and leather case with ornate scrolled design. Impressed on top center of metal plate is ""....for Neff's Pat. 19 Feb 56"". Size: 4.75 x 3.75 x .50 H. (C) Woman with lace collar, black dress and shawl, colorized. Scrol- design copper alloy frame secures top glass pane, copper oval mat, tintype portrait and second glass pane in rear. Housed in smooth, black leather case with maroon border and brass knob. Only half of case is present. 3.25 x 3.75 x .45
1984 2013.256.1984 Tool. Grappling hook with ring: metal, 4-pronged with hole in handle and ring through hole, from Victor White's old garage, summer 2013.
1985 2013.256.1985 Fishing gear. Harpoon head: wood handle with threaded metal collar and 5-pronged metal barbed harpoon head. Wood handle is a sawed-off tree limb; metal collar possibly an old pipe fitting; harpoon head is inserted into handle; collar turns freely. One tine missing its barb. From Victor White's old garage summer 2013.
1986 2013.256.1986 Tool. Branding iron: long handle with heavy head: ""E.N. White 1442"". Edgar White is Victor White's brother. From Victor White's old garage summer 2013.
1987 2013.257.1987 Photographs. Ten color snapshots of the home of Robert C. Lea and gatherings at the house. 2013.257.1987: Front view of 'Leaway' (a.k.a. 'The Ways') 1978, home of Robert C. Lea 1963-xx (The Lea house was built by Vaux.) (B) Lea house; (C) Lea house 1985; (D) Eleanor and Net Watson, Aug. 1, 1994, Traditional Small Craft Assoc. Wooden Boat Show, with Frank & Susan Durham, on left are Nancy (Kellogg) Lea and Robert Lea. (E) Left to right: Richard Cox, Ruth Westphal, Wren Richmond, Gretchen Westphal (back to camera); (F) Bill Goldberg and woman; (G) Mary Curley (in red), Carl Curley, Buzzy Day (flowers), Bruce Komusin on far left, Ken Norton (Noether's spouse); (H) Hans Noether (white shirt holding sweater), Gregory Noether (young man), Rev.Arthur Forrester, and a friend; (I) Rev. Arthur Forrester, Gerry Noether, Wini Smart, Hans Noether (back to camera); (J) Robert Lea and Gretchen Westphal. (See also 2013.257.1995 for documents about The Ways.)
1988 2013.258.1988 Archaeological fragments. Collection of ceramic sherds; white clay pipestem fragments; doll parts, and small finds. Collection of artifacts recovered by donor 1970s-1990s from his property - the historic William Pitt Preble house built ca. 1827. Items donor recovered outside behind the kitchen include sherds of brown, green, purple, red, and blue underglaze printed wares (one ""Indian Tomb"" pattern (ca. 1830)). Some printed ware sherds with scalloped and some with smooth edges, most are of buff paste and white on reverse. Blue, green, and white edged earthenwares. One sherd underglaze blue, sponge or splatter pattern. One sherd blue/grey stoneware. Four white clay pipe stem fragments measured by donor 2013/2014 and remeasured 2015. Doll's arm marked 'Germany' = 0.093"". Small finds: larger doll arm; blue cut glass bead, pocket watch key, tiny wood button, fragment of small metal collar, fragment of what may be a bone toothbrush head. (See also 2017.386.2161 for research materials.)
1989 2013.258.1989 Sewing tool. Antique rug needle or sewing punch tool, a.k.a stiletto sewing awl. Silver handle, steel shank with removable, sliding mechanism bearing patent info: PAT. 0 APR-6-09. Would have been used for a variety of endeavors like ripping seams, as a punch tool in rug making, creating eyelet holes in embroidery, and pricking patterns. Implement was recovered from Ruth ""Robin"" Freeman's barn across from the Preble House. Freeman is the donor's niece.
1990 2013.259.1990 Photographs. Two framed black-and-white photographs in old, damaged frames. (Frames removed.) Large photograph (8 x 10) (2013.259.1990) is Bert Stanley probably at Spurling Cove with fish houses in background. Smaller photo (a 5 x 7 reprint) (2013.259.1990 B) is Eber Spurling. Spurling ran the first mail boat in the late 1930s. In those days the mail boat ran between GCI, Islesford, and Seal Harbor which meant traversing open ocean in winter. Note on back of picture: ""Capt. Eber of Cranberry Isles who could steer a boat through the thickest fog and always land you safely. Died 1952.""
1991 2013.260.1991 Sign. Wooden sign painted white with orange, stencilled letters: ""SIX PERSON RAMP LIMIT. BIKES LEFT ON DOCK WILL BE SET IN OCEAN"". This boat ramp sign was made and used by Tud Bunker.
1992 2013.260.1992 Boatbuilding. Large, curved bow stem piece intended for Edgar Bunker's boat. Edgar died in Korean War and this bow stem piece never used.
1993 2013.261.1993 Postcards. Thirty-three postcards in plastic album: local and Maine scenes and wildlife; one color photo card ""Leslie Butler and her woodland friend""; black and white and color; modern postcards and six older printed wildlife postcards.
1994 2013.262.1994 Boat tools. Sailmakers thimble (a.k.a. net mender per donor), leather and metal with star on thimble. Thumb slips through hole and metal thimble is used to push needle through dense material.
1995 2013.257.1995 Documents. Two documents: (A) The first is an undated note entitled ""Early pictures made at 'The Ways' "" (home of the Lea family 1960s) written by George Vaux in which he describes two ca. 1850 ""wet-plate positives, backed by metal plates."" Two digital images in GCIHS collection, the first (D) of the ship ""Express, Cranberry Isles,"" and the second, a wide landscape view of the Thomas Bunker wharves (C), both taken from The Ways property, may be the photos described in Vaux's note. The scans were made from photos provided by Nancy Lea ca. 2000. (2013 correspondence re: unsuccessful investigation into the whereabouts of the two original wet-plate positives was saved.) Vaux also explains that they called the house The Ways ""because timbers for ships' ways were found when excavating for the basement."" 2014 email from Chuck Liebow explain the photos: ""Zooming in you can see another vessel ""Harriett"", a pinky or near double ender which Victor claimed was built by Thomas Bunker. A 2000 email from Liebow indicates he thinks the photo shows the Thomas Bunker wharves on the site where Mrs. Lea's house is, with the Richman house with the roof half covered in snow. Liebow adds: George Vaux dated the photo to about 1852 based on the ship ""Express"" at the same wharf. Islesford looks funny but the Fish Point house is right where it ought to be."" The second document (B) is an undated copy of a plat map (with ball point pen marks) showing the George Vaux and Robert Lea properties, Lots #30 and 31 respectively. (See also 2013.257.1987 re: modern photos of The Ways.)
1996 2013.263.1996 Letters. Nine letters from Emily S. Gilley, (born 14 May 1840 at Cranberry Isles to Elisha B. Gilley (1807-1901) and Hannah Manchester Stanley (1804-1880)). The letters were written to the donor's great-grandfather, Walter William Towse and his sister, Eliza. Walter Towse was born in Lubec, ME, in 1840. The first letter is addressed to Walter Towse's sister, Eliz, in 1864. The rest are to Walter from 1866 to 1878 while he was in Denver, Nebraska City, Omaha, and elsewhere. Emily was from Cranberry Isles and lived in Boston part of the year; she worked in the cotton mills, and married an Easterbrook, from Sackville.  The donor states ""Eliza must have sent the first letter on to her brother, for it was included in the packet he kept in a leather wallet that managed to be handed down in the family.   Eunice Durham gave them to me.""  (Transcripts of letters were made by the donor and sent via email to GCIHS in 2008 along with a history of the correspondence. The letters were mailed to GCIHS inside the leather wallet.) Donor later sent three scanned photos of Walter Towse (B), (C), and (D).
1997 2013.264.1997 Fabric. Two crocheted, cotton washcloths: white with green scalloped edge and white with pink scalloped edge. Both made by Marjorie Phippen ca. 1970s and purchased by donor at Ladies Aid Fair in 1970s or '80s. Marjorie was the postmistress for years on GCI.
1998 2013.265.1998 Video recordings. Collection of over 110 digital video recordings of interviews, oral histories, and events recorded by Bruce Komusin, Phil Whitney, and Wini Smart from 2001-2013. Subjects include interviews of donors, residents, and GCI events including: Richardson, Dunbar, Stanley, Bracy, Horvath, Moss, King, Goldberg, Wadsworth, Rice, Wedge, Bloom Phippen, Peterson, Seimer, Marr, Beaulieu, Bunker, Noether, Hartley, Grandgent, Mountain, Allen, Westphal, Cumming, Sayre, Spurling interviews. Events include: Tom Powell ordination, Jane Goldberg Tap Dancing, Baker Island dancing, memorial services, Poetry and Music, GCI scenes, quilt seminar, fiddle playing, boats, Hitty, Rachel Field, Lawler's ice lecture, Crow & Sound, moving Cranberry House, and trailmaking. Most recordings are on mini digital video cassettes (mini DV), with some mini-discs, and four mini-VHS tapes. Some of these recordings have been made into DVDs for sale on>store. (See ""video recordings inventory"" document located in all years>dv folder.) (The collection of audio interviews is also stored in this box.) (See also all years>_videos, for digital files; DVD productions derived from these interviews; copies of dvd covers and dvd productions are also stored in this box.) [Note: 73 of these videos converted to MPEG-4/H.264 files by Northeast Historic Film in Bucksport, ME May 2016 now stored on external hard drive and at: \\gcihs-nas\video\GCIHSvideos.
1999 2008.266.1999 Quilt. Cotton, white with pink basket motif on front, all white reverse. Pink border around three sides, one end with folded inward seem, no pink border. Sculpted in broad T shape on one end. Note from donor, Susan Bunker, reads: ""This quilt was made by my father's, Raymond Bunker who was born in 1906, grandmother. She could have been a Bunker or a Spurling.""
2000 2013.252.2000 Tools. Five metal items, all badly corroded and some with mortar on them, were recovered from the debris of the south-facing fireplace during the 2013 remodeling of the Great Cranberry Congregational Church parsonage house (177 Cranberry Road). Pipe: 23 ¼"" long x 1"" wide, with two ¼"" protuberances with eyeholes along one side. Pipe is presently full of dirt and there is a cotton-like fiber at one end. Chisel:14"" long x 1"" wide at one end; 1 ¼"" wide at the other end; ¾"" wide at center. Fireplace mounting bar (1 of 2): 7 ½"" long bar with 3"" wide, footed base and 1 ½"" wide eyelet at top; eyelet diameter is ¾"". Bar is 1"" wide and ¼"" thick with mortar still attached. Perhaps, a device inserted in brick structure to support a rod. Fireplace mounting bar (2 of 2): 10"" long bar with 3 ¾"" wide, footed base and a 2"" wide eyelet at top; eyelet diameter is 1"". Bar is 1 ¼"" wide x ¼"" thick with mortar still attached. Perhaps, a device inserted in brick structure to support a rotisserie rod. Y-shaped metal tool: Base to tip of complete, curved prong is 10"" long; base to end of broken, curved prong is 7 ½"" long. Base has a small square hole punched through it. (See also other artifacts recovered from the parsonage: 2013.252.1979 - concealed shoes; 2013.252.1980 - shoes from kitchen crawlspace; 2013.252.2001 - wooden implements; and report of parsonage house research2015.304.2062.)
2001 2013.252.2001 Tools. Wooden implements recovered during the 2013 remodeling of the Great Cranberry Congregational Church parsonage house (177 Cranberry Road).Three long wooden implements were found amid the general chimney debris: Axe handle: Curved, broken wooden handle 24"" long x 2 ¼"" wide at butt end of handle x ½"" wide at broken end of handle. 1 ½"" wide along length of handle. Carved stick: Wood with pointed tip, 40"" long x ¾"" wide at flat end x ¼"" at pointed tip. Reminiscent of a digging stick. Carved stick: Wood with pointed tip, 37 ½ "" long x ¾"" wide at flat end x ¼"" at pointed tip. Tip hardly worn. Reminiscent of a digging stick. (See also other artifacts recovered from the parsonage: 2013.252.1979 - concealed shoes; 2013.252.1980 - shoes from kitchen crawlspace; 2013.252.2000 - metal implements; and report of parsonage house research 2015.304.2062.)
2002 2013.252.2002 Trinkets or toys. Collection of four small, wooden items recovered from the debris of the wall from the north-facing fireplace along with four concealed shoes (2013.252.1979) during the 2013 remodeling of the Great Cranberry Congregational Church parsonage house (177 Cranberry Road). Miniature boat hull: wood, 3 ¼"" long x 1 and 1/8"" wide x ½"" deep; Spool: wood, 2"" diameter x ½"" thick; center hole is ½"" diameter; Tube: wood, 1 ¾"" wide x 2 ½"" high, with ½"" diameter hole drilled through center; Semi-circle: wood, 5 ½"" long x 2 ¾"" wide x ¼"" thick with black, stamped letters: 'SCHUYKILL LEAD C[?] EXTRA'; half of a circular lid with a hole in the center. The shoes and wooden trinkets would have been intentionally concealed between the stud wall and the brick of the fireplace on the first floor ca. 1840. These items were found under the demolition rubble against the inside of the stud wall that had surrounded the fireplace on the first floor when the chimney was being removed. The four shoes date stylistically to 1820-1830s, likely hidden inside the wall by Enoch Spurling's family when the house was constructed ca. 1840. The shoes and trinkets were repatriated to a spot in the new decorative chimney in October 2013 along with three other modern items in a plastic 'File 'n Go' carry case with latching lid. The three modern items are: one pink-and-white flip-flop sandal with “2013” written on it; one church roster; one church bulletin; and the initial report from the GCIHS about finding the concealed shoes and trinkets. (See also 2013.252.1980 - remnants of shoes from the kitchen crawlspace; 2013.252.2000 - metal implements; 2013.252.2001 - wooden implements; and the report of parsonage house research - 2015.304.2062.)
2003 2014.267.2003 Photographs. An ongoing collection of hundreds of digital photographs and scans of photographs compiled by Bruce Komusin. Photos include GCIHS events and history, scans of donor photos, scenery, happenings, historical photos, and more. Collection is located on GCIHS computer by year and donor or event name. Many of these photos appear on the GCIHS website at (This description TBD.)
2004 2014.268.2004 Books. Collection of 61 books by and about Rachel Field, some first editions signed by the author. See list of titles and descriptions in FieldBooks2016.pdf. Articles and letters discovered inside various books were scanned and saved separately.
2005 2014.269.2005 Photos. Collection of 48 slides from ca. 1960-70s (one slide from 1940s) including aerial photographs of Great Cranberry Island and events concerning the Towns family. Aerial photographs ca. 1968 probably taken by Bob Hylander. Events and people include: Preble Cove, GCI houses, Beal and Bunker dock, Hamor House and restaurant, Polly Bunker and gift shop, George Savage and Ruth Haydock on motor scooter, Bloom concert, school house, Doc Haydock and George Savage with the Lollipop skiff, Norma Bunker with turkeys, Dorothy Dot Towns, Red Macallister with VW Bug, Leona Macallister, Cranberry Cove Restaurant, John Lawrence. This collection is in addition to the 223 Towns family slides catalogued as: 2013.243.1941. (All slides have been scanned and identified. See c:....2014>photos>etc.)
2006 2014.269.2006 Photos. Collection of 24 color and black and white photgraphs: several from 1940s, most 1960-70s including a wedding and other events concerning the Towns family. Subjects include Beal and Bunker dock; Great Cranberry Island town dock granite block ca. 1940s; Winslow Bunker's dock. Individuals in pictures include Sawtelle Teel with Mary Elizabeth Pratt 1949 (scanned); Mary Elizabeth Pratt with Judy Towns [Lim] 1949; Carl and Clara Wedge in their vintage 1932 Ford (?) car; Carl Nelson, Chris Johnston, Judy Towns Lim at the wedding of Rhonda and Douglas King (Gaile Colby's daughter) ca. 1970. There is a group photo of Harry and Annie Alley, David Bunker, Carl Wedge, Sonja Colby, Chuck Liebow, Leigh Liebow, Clara Wedge, and Paul Liebow possibly celebrating the launching of the ""Double B"" boat. Group photo of Carl Nelson, Dorothy ""Dot"" Towns, Debby Wedge, Keither Wedge with Freddy and Allison Hawes at a picnic. Others in photos include: ""Doc"" Haydock with George Savage under the Cranberry Rooster Club sign (scanned); Debby Bunker, Katie Moss Keogh; Blair Colby and Chris White in a Jeep; and Charles ""Pink"" Stanley at the helm late 1940s (scanned). Large photos: Harry Alley with son Robert Alley at the helm in 1959; Andrew Alley in 1959 (scanned); and Fred Start with his mother Jean Start (daughter and grandson of Charles ""Pink"" Stanley) at a Boy Scout event in 1954.(See 2013.243.1941 and other Towns photos in collection.)
2007 2014.270.2007 Quilt. Colorful wool, cotton, flannel, and jersey fabrics made of geometric and freeform shapes and patterns including plaids, tweeds, and solid colors. Reverse side is a solid rough beige cotton with pale blue stripes; there are decorative beige yarn ties along the blue stripes with a few pink yarn ties interspersed. Edges are folded in and machine (?) hemmed, there is no border. Possible ornate script initials - one of which is may be an ""L"". Some discoloration and stains. This quilt is one of two recovered from the Preble House. (See also quilt 1000.140.1138 from the same donor.) (Note: Lynne Birlem (donor 343) has a very similar framed crazy quilt at her home that is from her great grandmother Hamor's house on GCI.)
2008 2014.271.2008 Documents. Copies of genealogy prepared for Phil Whitney: Thomas Spurling to Phil Whitney.
2009 2014.272.2009 Quilt. Probably a GCI school quilt ca. 1995. Cotton, solid pink and floral borders and stripes; beige 11"" x 10.5"" squares with children's magic-marker drawings; many squares have names indicated: Starting left to right top left square: peace sign, Stoney may have been a dog, moon with guitar no name; sunflower with initials M.G. (Molly Gray); Heath Wedge with boat; Hillary Savage, Keith Wedge, Seth Gray, Brendon Westphal, sunrise over hills and motor bike (no name); baseball bats with G.W. (Gabriel Westphal); motorcycle and hockey sticks P.A. (Patrick Allen); school room scene Mrs. P (can't figure out name); Amy Russell 1994-1995; Sailboat panel: NYCVH 1067 on hull, Mandy Bracy. Note: The children's squares are not embroidered or stitched but simply drawn with magic markers.
2010 2014.273.2010 Rug. Hooked, yarn and jersey material, with note ""...made by Eliza Stanley."" White waterbird with yellow bill wading with cattails, mountains, and butterfly in background; brown border. Faded, torn, worn, repaired at some earlier time. Eliza Stanley b. 1888 and d. 1967. (Donor bought Eliza and Pink Stanley's house 1970.)
2011 2014.274.2011 Documents. Event and movie posters for GCIHS 2008-2013, including posters for Heliker-LaHotan events held at GCIHS.
2012 2014.272.2012 Audio cassette recording. William B. Goldberg, piano, made by Educo Records, Ventura, California. William Goldberg often played at the Great Cranberry Island Congregational Church.
2013 2014.275.2013 Quilt, modern, infant size, made by Beverly Sanborn. Gold borders and gold horizontal and vertical panels with four-piece squares of multi-colored patterns and solid pastels. Reverse of quilt is aqua, edged with white patterned binding on four sides. Polyester fill.
2014 2013.241.2014 Postcard. View of Stanley dock from the land. “Stanley Dock, Cranberry Island, ME 142” in white letters across front of card. No postmark. “Aug 19, 1912. Dear Elsie - I will fix your dress but would like to see it on you before I finish it. You can send it over by Arthur and I will [take this].” Addressed to Miss Elsie Stanley, Isleford, Maine. No postmark or postage stamp.
2015 2014.276.2015 Collection of Hazel Stanley Peterson memorabilia of postcards, photographs, and correspondence. Postcards: Cranberry Islands, Mount Desert Island, Ellsworth, Acadia National Park. One antique photo postcard with one cent postage of what is believed to be the ""red house"" which Florence and Herbert Towns bought it 1938. It was Bayview Farm. Florence Town's note to her sister Hazel reads: Nina (Hazel's sister) and I delivered my message which you sent. We are having wonderful weather here and a glorious vacation. This is our home. How many times have you been here to visit?” Herbert Towns was a photographer and probably took this photograph; postmarked Cranberry Island July 16 1940. Other antique postcards: the Elmer Spurling wharf on Islesford before it became the Islesford Dock Restaurant; and a view of Bear Island (three copies). Two antique postcards (views of Manset and Southwest Harbor (A) and (B) were scanned and originals given to SW Harbor Historical Society). The six photos include: Mabel Stanley (see also 1000.0.1698 photograph of Mabel taken same day, same location); Neil Petersen on the boat Niliraga; and several unknowns. Report card for Hazel Stanley signed by Beatrice B. and Enoch A. Stanley, and teacher Velma Teel for GCI Grammar School Cranberry Isles, undated. Correspondence includes Christmas cards, Certificate of Work for Malcolm Stanley 1930 after completion of eighth grade. Letter to Hazel from E.G.M. (undated);handwritten poem entitled October Days, Cranberry Isles, October 12, 1948. Invitation to Cranberry Club 75th anniversary July 13 (no year). Letter to ""Snooks"" from Frances and family with envelope postmarked Oct 21, 1981, return address Mrs. Donald Wellman; letter to ""Snooks"" from Helena B, undated, with envelope postmarked 4 oct 1971 with return address Helna L. Bianco.
2016 2014.272.2016 Postcard. Photograph, sepia tone, of woman with hat and victorian dress, annotated on reverse: ""Ella Stanley, cousin Ella"".
2017 2014.277.2017 Photographs. Collection of 30 tintypes, one photo pin, one paper photo, and one envelope. All but three are of unidentified people. Some have local and regional photography studios identified. Item (A): One small envelope addressed to ""Miss Fannie Preble, Cranberry Isles, Maine"" postmark: Portland, ME, Dec 27 with 3 cent postage stamp; might have once held one of the photographs. Item (B): Circular pin (1.25"" diameter) with photo of two women in hats, labeled on reverse, ""The Merry Meeting, Park Studio Season '99. The Whitehead and Hoag Co., Newark, NJ U.S.A., Pat. April 14, 1896, July 21, 1896."" Item (C): Sixteen loose tintypes measuring .75"" x 1""; three loose tintypes measuring 1"" x 1.75""; two loose tintypes measuring 1.75"" x 2"" - one of which is an elderly Abigail Preble (same photo of her as other catalogued tintypes). All (C) photos were scanned 2014. Photos listed in (C) were once contained in small box (1"" x 1 ½"") with label: ""Chas. H. Larson,Watches, Jewelry, spectacles, &c. 201 Middle St. Portland, ME."" Item (D): Abigail Preble tintype affixed to back of white embossed card; same image as (C) above. Item (E): Tintype portrait of two women in hats framed inside tan paper folder (3"" x 4.75"") with penciled note: ""September 4, 1900 Tuesday p.m. Don Ralph photographer, Southwest Harbor, ME. Eva Richardson & T.M.S Sport. Peachy the ""Pogs"""". (E was scanned 2014.) Item (F): One paper photo on white cardboard with pencil notation: ""Chip F. E. Preble, Cranberry Isles, Maine"" loose from but associated in box with a copper-colored matte. Item (G): Tintype portrait of two men posed with draped rug framed in a maroon and gold paper holder (3.25"" x 5"") with A. S. Davis, Photographer, corner Middle and Exchange St., Portland, Me. Item (H): Tintype portrait of a woman seated with white hat, framed in pink paper card with ""95 Hanover Street is the cheapest and best place in Boston to get your pictures made. 8 x 10 oval rosewood frame, with picture only $1.00. A. W. Warren, 95 Hanover Street."" Item (I): Tintype of three men posed with wood fencing, in a pink paper card. Item (J): Tintype portrait of two women and one man seated arm-in-arm, framed in glass with copper-like frame (probably once housed in a folding case); there is a calling card printed with ""Mrs. G. H. Casler"" and pencil note ""4615 Vincennes Ave"" partially attached on reverse, caught up in copper frame. Item (K): Tintype of two men by piano in white paper card frame. Item (L): two loose tintypes of unknown male and unknown female posed sitting in studios. And two loose paper frames with no photos. These items were discovered in archives May 2013, stored in a hollow, purple book-box with glass oval with a sticky note: Louise Marr 2006. (See Box 42 for purple box.)
2018 2014.272.2018 Photograph. Discolored black and white photo mounted on cardboard with red blue and white paint drips on it. School children with teacher standing outside by log fence. Handwritten on reverse ""School at Cranberry isles, me. School house on School House Hill. 1904?"" Compare with school children in 1000.27.736 and 1000.123.994.
2019 2014.278.2019 Helmets. Two oval metal helmets painted red; adjustable webbed fabric supports with metal rivets inside; raised staples on interior of brim with fabric chin strips in place. Helmets used by GCI volunteer fire department ca. 1948 when the fire department was formed. Helmet (A): Red outside, white inside; ""C.I.V.D."" painted in white on exterior; handwritten inside the rim ""H. Savage"" (Herman Savage). Savage was a teenage volunteer fire department member. Helmet (B):Red outside, red inside; ""W.A.B."" painted in yellow on exterior; no initials inside. Wilfred Allison Bunker would have been in his late 20s in1948. These may have been WWII helmets adapted for use by the fire department. Badly rusted and paint flaking and peeling. (See also 2014.278.2020 CIVD documents from 1950-1960s.) (See also photo of firefighters taken ca. January 1951-1953 with identifications, printed copy stored with item 2021 - box 49.)
2020 2014.278.2020 Documents. Records of the Fire Club later called the Cranberry Isles Volunteer Fire Department 1948-1972. Six Secretary's Record ledger books from various years with minutes and lists of members, events, GCI fires, and funds. Ledger 1: 1951, 52, 53, 54, 55,; ledger 2: 1967-1972; Ledger 3: 1958-1963; Ledger 4: 1951, 52, 53; Ledger 5: remains of a damaged Secretary's Record ledger book: 1962-1967; Ledger 6: 1955-1958. Folder 7: Twenty looseleaf pages of handwritten minutes and member info for 1948 when the Fire Club (CIVFD) was formed (removed from deteriorated black binder).Folder 8: One small black and white photograph of a fire truck ca. 195X, red fire call pocket list, $100 donation from Maynard H. Murch Co, Chicago, 1954; Fire Prevention loss form listing George A. Savage one-room shop with all tools, estimated loss of $10,000 on April 8th, 1:50 pm, no year, completed by Wilfred Bunker; paper sign once posted in fire hall listing rules for use of the hall; and small Hancock County Fire Association by-laws booklet. Collection stored in two boxes 48 and 49.
2021 2002.279.2021 Photograph. Digital scan of the Fire Club (Cranberry Isles Volunteer Fire Department) members ca. 1951 -1953, with items B and C: two overlays identifying individuals in the picture. Firefighters.
2022 2014.272.2022 Recording. Audio CD. Memorial service for Clyde Everett Shorey who passed away in 2013. (Digital recording saved in all years\videos, too.)
2023 2014.280.2023 Photograph. Retouched photo of portrait of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr. by Heinrich Gottfried Krug, in pen and ink and pastel at Hamburg, Germany, in the year 1824, owned by Constance Aygun of Stamford CT. Hadlock was the original owner of the Preble House on GCI, with long storied history of expeditions in the north and exhibitions throughout Europe. He died when the Minerva became frozen in the ice ca. 1830. Per Wini Smart 2015 Bruce Komusin book: ""Samuel Hadlock portrait - Bruce was contacted from the internet by a distant relative of Capt. Hadlock who lived in Connecticut. She had an oil portrait of the captain that had been painted while he was in Germany. Until this time we only had a silhouette illustrated in Rachel Field's book, God's Pocket. I visited her in Connecticut and photographed the small portrait. It was difficult to capture since it was under curved glass. Bruce Komusin painstakingly removed the reflections in the photo to make the image clear."" (See 2002 photos/C. Aygun for photos of original portrait taken on site.) (Originally catalogued as 1000.0.1327 with little info.)
2024 2014.282.2024 Map. Color print of hand-drawn, 1947 annotated map of Cranberry Isles and surrounding MDI by Douglas Macfarlan (donor's father). Includes annotations and drawings of the early history of the area. Mounted on board. Legend acknowledges L.S. Phillips (perhaps Lawrence Sims, hotelier), Joseph P. Sims (architect), and W.O. Sawtelle (local historian). Donor has other unmounted paper prints of this map which have not faded or yellowed like this one. Donor recalled coming to GCI from Philadelphia as a child with his father in their old Ford when it took three days.
2025 2005.138.2025 Rug. Green and beige crab motif. Hooked, wool, sheared on burlap, 29.5"" x 64.5"". Made on Cranberry Isles 1902-1905. One of two similar rugs from same donor. (See 2005.138.2026 dog-motif rug.) Donor states her sister recovered this rug from the storage shed at their parents' house in New Hampshire after reading the Bangor Daily News article about her earlier donation of the dog-motif rug; and that this rug was repaired in the same manner as that rug, but is in much better condition. This rug lacks the CR monogram that was usually worked into one corner or on the selvage at the back of rugs that were made specifically by the Cranberry Island Club rug makers at the turn of the century. But it likely shares the provenance of the dog-motif rug described by its donor and its connection to Miriam P. Reynolds of Northeast Harbor and her family's New Hampshire connection. From ""Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor"", #55 (Nov. 1904), pp 1573-1622, the article ""The Revival of Handicrafts in America."" by Max West, Ph. D. states: Cranberry Islanders "".... were already familiar with the process of hooking rugs; and they were fortunate in having the benefit of the initiative, moral support, and financial backing of Mrs. Seth Low, Miss Miriam P. Reynolds, and one or two other New York women whose summer homes are at Northeast Harbor, as well as in obtaining the aid of capable designers. The industry was started on a small scale in the autumn of 1901, under the supervision of Miss Amy Mali Hicks, a designer identified with the arts and crafts movement in New York City, who designed the patterns and gave instruction in dyeing, etc. ..."" (See also ""Three Centuries of Hooking, Mount Desert Island Historical Society, 2009, p. 20-21.)
2026 2005.138.2026 Rug. Hooked, wool, green and beige geometric dog motif. Made on Cranberry Isles 1902-1905. One of two similar rugs from same donor. (See 2005.138.2025 crab-motif rug.) Donor inherited this rug and believes it belonged to Miriam Reynolds, one of several Mount Desert summer residents who established a rug-making cottage industry on Cranberry Island. Donor explained: ""Reynolds was part of the family of William Reed Huntington, who spent summers in Northeast Harbor starting around 1886.  Mrs. Huntington died years before, leaving four small children, and her older sister, Miriam, moved in to take care of them.  The youngest of the four was Mary, who later married William Thompson.  They summered in Tamworth, New Hampshire, and this rug was in their house there.  The house was inherited by their second son, Charles G. Thompson.  When Charles's daughter Victoria married Dr. James S. Murphy, a Seal Harbor summer resident, she was given the Cranberry rug (by then quite worn) so that it might return to nearer its origin.  For forty years it lived in Seal Harbor, but when Victoria's daughter Alice married Cranberry Island summer resident Bill Bancroft, the rug came home!"" This rug was repaired in the same manner as the crab-motif rug, but is in much worse condition. It, too, lacks the CR monogram that was usually worked into one corner or on the selvage at the back of rugs that were made specifically by the Cranberry Island Club rug makers at the turn of the century. From ""Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor"", #55 (Nov. 1904), pp 1573-1622, the article ""The Revival of Handicrafts in America."" by Max West, Ph. D. states: Cranberry Islanders "".... were already familiar with the process of hooking rugs; and they were fortunate in having the benefit of the initiative, moral support, and financial backing of Mrs. Seth Low, Miss Miriam P. Reynolds, and one or two other New York women whose summer homes are at Northeast Harbor, as well as in obtaining the aid of capable designers. The industry was started on a small scale in the autumn of 1901, under the supervision of Miss Amy Mali Hicks, a designer identified with the arts and crafts movement in New York City, who designed the patterns and gave instruction in dyeing, etc. ...""
2027 2014.283.2027 Bowl. White earthenware with red and pink rose clusters (underglaze decals) on interior; exterior has plain embossed scroll work and no rose decals. No maker's marks or ID.
2028 2014.283.2028 Bowl. Beige earthenware with over-glaze daffodil decals on interior and exterior. Maker's ID on bottom shows a circle with Dale Hall Pottery England readable, with probably a big D and H combination logo in center of circle. Dale Hall seems to have been a late 19th century(ca. 1890) pottery works.
2029 2014.284.2029 Bowl. Red earthenware with beige glaze; green and orange dripped pattern. Made and donated by GCI potter, Lillian Samenfeld Island Pottery which operated in the studio barn next to what is now the Bradley house. Samenfeld was a member of the faculty of the Brooklyn Museum Art School.
2030 2013.241.2030 Lamp. Oil lamp with metal base, brass stand and pressed glass globe with fanlike motif in poor condition. Globe was cracked and repaired in several places.
2031 2013.241.2031 Cup. Silver with ""JOHN Feb 18 1934"" engraved. Bottom is stamped with ""Sterling 335"".
2032 2013.241.2032 Game. Metal “Beano” cage. Round wire-mesh ball containing many lightweight wooden balls (.5"" diam) each stamped with a letter (B,I,N,G,O) and a number (from 1 to at least 70), on a wire stand with wire crank that spins the balls, a latch for an opening where balls can be taken in and out, and a little metal cup stamped ""LOWE"" where a single ball would tumble into. This game was played at the firehouse 1950s and beyond.
2033 2014.285.2033 Tool. Pencil sharpener. Wood base, arm, and support with metal file on base, metal teeth on arm, and metal handle at one end to clamp the sharpener to the table top. Pencil inserts through hole in wooden disk and is moved at an angle along the file. From Harold Stanley's house. Remains of text (instructions/manufacturer) on bottom barely visible. (Probably: Perfect Pencil Pointer Co., Portland Maine (to 1892), patented 1890 ~ advertised 1890-1913, Goodell Co., Antrim, NH (1892 on). (See: and
2034 2013.241.2034 Bowl. Wood, wide and shallow, perhaps for making butter, but many short cut marks evident mid-way along sides but not in center of bowl.Turned lathe rings visible on inside and outside of bowl. Deep crack across middle.
2035 2014.286.2035 Light fixture. Glass globe from donor's kitchen ceiling light with connections and cap. White glass with two blue lines and pale blue band between them; brass base is painted beige.
2036 2014.286.2036 Doll furniture. Five pieces of furniture for doll house (see 2014.286.2037). Grey and black braided rug (E), blue Pennsylvania Dutch motif cupboard (B). Chest with three drawers (C). Rocking Chair (A). Wicker couch (D). Donor says they were acquired randomly.
2037 2014.286.2037 Doll house. Wood painted red, yellow and white with black roof and green base. Per donor, house was made about 1915 by Al Gray for his grandchildren, Molly, Hannah, and their sister and two brothers. Donor bought the doll house at Jane and Eddi Gray's hard sale ca. 2000 for her own grandchildren. (See eclectic doll furniture 2014.286.2037.)
2038 2013.241.2038 Boots. Pair of rubber lobsterman boots belonging to Steve Spurling. Size 10, black with yellow along foot and white soles.
2039 2013.241.2039 Fishing gear. Collection of twelve wooden tools: (A) Eight wooden needles for mending nets, making and repairing bait bag netting: snowshoe-shaped implements with U-shaped end, closed tangs, and pointed ends. (B) Net needle: wood with large rectangular eye hole. (C) Wood rectangle with hole in the middle and a loop of rope through two other holes: lobster fishing assemby that keeps the line from getting tangled. (D and E) Two wood implements that come to a smooth point.
2040 2014.287.2040 Certificate. United States of America honors the memory of Hazel E. Peterson.... signed by George Bush, President of the United States. (Not dated) Address on reverse is ""Mrs. Louise Millar in memory of Hazel E. Peterson, PO Box 106, Cranberry Isle, ME 04625""
2041 2013.250.2041 Toy. Sailboat, carved wood with wood mast, cotton sail, thread and string rigging. Pins hold rigging port and starboard; pins with white ball heads on bow and stern. (Toy found amid a box of items pertaining to Tud Bunker.)
2042 2013.250.2042 Pipe. Smoking paraphenalia, well used, bowl is blackened with residue. Corn cob style with wood stem, metal ring, and plastic mouthpiece. (Found amid a box of items pertaining to Tud Bunker.)
2043 2014.288.2043 Broom. Straw whisk broom with metal and string binding, tag reads ""Gift from Ladies Aid Society, ca. early 1900.
2044 2014.289.2044 Painting. Muray, acrylic on canvas of view from Preble Cove, Great Cranberry Island - seascape with mountains and schooners by Wini Smart. Artist painted the view from Sammy Sanford's cabin for a play by Hugh Dwelley about Sanford that was produced by GCIHS in 2000 - ""An Evening with Rachel Field & Sammy Sanford."" Artist says the mural was rained on and had to be rescued at one point. Four snapshot photos of mural in use at the GCI church. (See also video of play 1000.0.505; and p. 77 in ""A Long, Long Way, An Artist's Life"" 2008 by Wini Smart.)
2045 2014.290.2045 Photo. Black and white portrait of Mary Ann Carroll. Large black and white photo print on metal (18.5” H x 14” W) of Mary Ann Carroll that may have once been affixed to a plaque, retrieved by donor from Southwest Harbor transfer station February 2013. Info and text of late 19th century letters provided by Meredith Hutchins of the Southwest Harbor Public Library. See also high res scan from SWHPL. ""At last I have the information I promised to send you on “Aunt Mary Ann Carroll,” the school teacher who taught on Great Cranberry and other islands on the Maine coast.   Mary Ann Carroll (1835-1926) was the daughter of John Carroll and Rachel Foster Lurvey. John Carroll immigrated to MDI from Borrisleigh, Ireland via Newfoundland with Michael Bulger, who ended up settling on Great Cranberry and is the Bulger ancestor of the people writing the letters below. John Carroll, of course, was the owner of the Carroll Farm in SWH and progenitor of the large family that bears his name.   Except as where otherwise noted, the quotations below are from a series of letters that Emma Frances (Bulger) Spurling,  (1860-1934) Mrs. Charles Eaton Spurling  and others wrote to Emma’s daughter, Mary Frances (Spurling) “Mamie” (1877-1965) later Mrs. Fred Alberton Birlem (1876-1950) while Mary Frances was attending school in Holbrook, Massachusetts. Mrs. Charles Spurling ran the store on Great Cranberry.   November 13, 1898 “”Maryann Carroll is going to teach this school, will begin a week from today. She sent on by S. C. Stover to see if I would board her.” – S. C. Stover may be Samuel Stover, born in Trenton in 1848 and died on Great Cranberry in 1912.   November 19, 1893 This letter is to Mary Frances from her maternal grandmother, Mary Lurvey (Stanley) Bulger (1835-1919) “Mema” – Mrs. Samuel Newman Bulger “Mary Ann Carroll commenced school to day [sic] and boards to your house. I don’t expect that you care if you are not there to go to school but I wish you was.” [sic] from Grama   November 28, 1893 School has kept a week. Maryann [sic] has a slight cold but she makes quite a touse over it. She did not go to Sabbath School to day, [sic] as she was afraid she might get more and would not be able to teach tomorrow.”   December 17, 1893 Tuesday morning “Brother”  is Charles Samuel Spurling (1880-1911), Mary Frances’s brother. [Brother] “and Mary Ann have gone to school. She told me to say to you that the scholars are all doing vey much better than they were.”   December 20, 1893 This letter is from Ella Florence Bulger (1867-1938) “Aunt Flo,” to Mary Frances in Holbrook.Aunt Flo was a sister to Emma Frances, Mary Frances’s mother.  At the time she was married to George Jacob Joy and may have been separated from him. Later she married Warren Adelbert Spurling. Wed. eve 7 o’ clock.    “Mary Ann has taken her bag and gone to make some calls.”   I’m sure that there are many other references to Aunt Mary Ann Carroll in other local history references. She came from a large family and taught all over. As I may have told you Aunt Mary Ann was the first teacher in the fall of 1896 at the Baker Island School. I have a letter written to her nephew William Lloyd Carroll from there.   Hope this info is of assistance to you for the GCHS and let me know if I can be of further help. Sincerely,  NMeredith Hutchins
2046 2014.291.2046 Documents. (Preliminary catalogue entry). Seven boxes of research papers now housed in 8 archival boxes and folders. Box 1: Papers from Mrs. Libby, Bob Pyle's mother, to Ralph Stanley, ca. 1970 which used to be stored in her safe but were given to Ralph for safe keeping: geneaology (could be in Sawtelle's handwriting; Ralph has typewritten copies in his possession). File folder 1 holds items from the top of Ralph's original box- File folder 6 would have been from the bottom of his box. Loose papers and some bound together. Box 2: Leslie Victor Stanley's papers (LVS) (""Uncle Les"") = genealogy and other documents, perhaps pertaining to LVS book on houses of GCI. Box 3: Gold binder marked ""census"". Box 4A= Binder labeled ""Cranberry Isles Maine, births and deaths 1763-1890 Archives Augusta, ME."" Box 4B= Black binder containing newspaper articles, unknown letter, genealogy and other papers. Second binder labeled ""Mass Vital Statistics - Stanley."" Box 5= 3 binders: Mass. Stanley genealogy; A-Z Families genealogical info; notebook on genealogy. Box 6= two binders: The first five children of William and Hannah Gilley, Jr.(Hannah, William 3rd, Elisha, Eunice, and Francis). Second binder: genealogy, articles, etc. on Gilleys: Joseph, Matilda, Samuel, Lucinda, John, Mary, and Almira. Box 7= Three file folders with genealogical materials removed from colorful cardboard folders: obituaries, notes, two original receipts; Cemeteries of Southwest Harbor and Manset, ME; Benjamin Spurling, Sr. His Wife and 11 children and 55 grandchildren; Stanleys of Swans Island, ME; Stanleys in Massachusetts; Three Bunker Families on GCI - genealogy. (Note: This accession of 8 boxes presently catalogued under this number may eventually be combined with a second accession of Ralph Stanley papers 2014.296.2049 as topics and materials from donor may be related or duplicated.)
2047 2014.292.2047 Document. Newspaper article, ""Russians and Yankees Battle Mosquitoes on Cranberry Isles"" Boston Evening Transcript, Saturday, July 28, 1928, page 3. An Expert Leads the Forces and Guarantees to Drive the Pests Out or No Pay; By Karl Schriftgiesser, Northeast Harbor, Me. Article begins: ""Eighteen Russians and native Yankees are fighting a desperate battle on the Cranberry Isles that shelter the south side of Mt. Desert from fury of the seas."" This sardonic article explains the project to rid the Cranberry Isles of mosquitoes. Mentions Moorfield Storey's role; and Major Edward Skinner was the engineer (founder of the United States Drainage and Irrigation Company); cost $12,000. Article states that ""It is the first place anywhere in the State of Maine that mosquito eradication will have been attempted."" Mentions several sites to be worked on: a crisscross of trenches will drain a ""salt marsh covers between eight and nine hundred acres and is free of all drainage."" As well as ""The ""haith,"" as it is known locally, is nearly a mile in length. Now a long trench stretches the long way and other transverse ditches help to drain it."" And ""A dozen or so other swamps and salt marsh areas dot the island."" ""Deep down into these beaches of rock and gravel and sand wooden outlets have been sunk. In some instances the depth has been from six to twelve feet. The outlets have been constructed of heavy timbers rather than of iron or clay pipes because wood alone can withstand the constant buffeting of heavy rocks tossed hither and yon by a sea that is often in an angry mood. Iron would break, clay would crumble, wood alone can stand the strain."" ""On Great Cranberry there is a point of ground known locally for years as Pond Point. In this area are (or rather, were) Birlem's pond and the so-called Salt Lakes. Scientific drainage has entirely dissipated Birlem's pond and when the huge twelve-foot drain through a dishearteningly rocky beach has been completely cut the Salt Lakes will have been drained slowly into the sea."" Mentions the 70-foot whale that beached itself there during WWII. ""Near Green Spot and Long Point other treacherous bogs have been drained. Islesford, as Little Cranberry rather vainly calls itself, is fast being dried up. Sutton, the aristocrat of the small archipelago, is quickly becoming a pestless place."" ""Some of the native population is skeptical of results. Others, led by such whole-hearted citizens as Mr. and Mrs. John Hamor and Millard Spurling, have done fine work to help Mr. Storey in the war of which he is the prime mover. Summer residents of the islands and nearby harbors, the Cranberry Club, and other organizations have helped considerably."" See complete transcript by Bruce Komusin. Article was in a wood and glass frame with cardboard backing, badly deteriorated. Removed from frame 9/18/14.
2048 2014.295.2048 Documents. Exhibit text, labels, photo identifications, and miscellaneous from 2014 GCIHS museum photography exhibit (A). And parsonage house shoes/cape houses exhibit (B) (see also 2015.304.2062). (See admin files for research and miscellaneous. Consider for future publications.)
2049 2014.296.2049 Documents. Thirteen archival boxes of Leslie Victor Stanley's genealogical research into the extended Stanley family, and other valuable information on Cranberry Isles people, houses, vessels, boats, events, receipts, ledger entries, marriages, cemeteries, probates, will, births, and deaths that he compiled over decades, with research contributions by Ralph Stanley and William Otis Sawtelle. One folder of Box 8 pertaining to GCI houses has been scanned and saved as jpg and pdf. Box 19 folder 8 has information on 28 Sutton Island houses 1806-1906. Each box has a list of folders and contents. Families mentioned in this collection include: Bunker, Spurling, Hadlock, Stanley, Standley, Gilley, Bulger, Guptill, Hamor, Richardson, and Workman. (Note: This accession of 13 boxes presently catalogued under this number may eventually be combined with a prior accession of Ralph Stanley papers (2014.291.2046) as topics and materials may be related or duplicated.) See also 2008.144.1088-1090 for Sawtelle genealogy of Stanley family.
2050 2014.272.2050 Album, scrapbook: red and gold cardboard with elaborate impressed and raised decor. Handwritten inscription reads: ""Presented to Ralph Preston Bulger by his mother, December 25th, 1893. Cranberry Isles, Maine, January 1st, 1893."" Carefully placed and affixed items in the scrapbook include: high quality printed greeting cards, advertisements, postcards, floral prints, and other small lovely prints. Ralph Preston ""Benny"" Bulger lived in the house directly across from the Bunker Cemetery. Per Charlotte Harlan, he was a cousin of her mother's ""who lived in the small part of the house behind the Commiskys' house."" He would have been a youngster when this book was given to him.
2051 2014.297.2051 Photographs, two framed, color kodak prints. Photo A: ""Cranberry Isles June 1974"" is a view from Preble Cove -houses from left to right: Carl Brooks, Old Rome store, Rome House, partially hidden is Gertmainian, Vance, little one by shore was Bunker now it's Encarnation and has been expanded. Photo B: ""Cranberry Isles June 1974"": view with Cranberry Road running north/south - buildings from bottom of photo on right side of road: church, parsonage, Dowling/Meyers house with brown patch (perhaps garden).
2052 2014.298.2052 Wallpaper on plasterboard, circular remnant from Selim house with circle for the stovepipe of a Glenwood N cooking stove cut out of center. Deep red wallpaper with floral design. Pertinent to the early 19th-century cape house study underway 2014 (part of the parsonage house shoes project (see 2015.304.2062). The house was moved across Cranberry Road from its early 19th-c location ca.1944. Plasterboard/drywall with paper on both faces with no felt layers began ca. 1910-1930 in U.S. Mickey Macfarlan recalls this house was dragged and winched with a capstan using a big tree stump. Charles ""Bunny"" Storey worked all summer relocating the house and dynamiting the new site. He could hear the rock debris falling down.
2053 2014.299.2053 Photograph, large, high resolution black and white 1944 print of aerial view of portion of Great Cranberry Island with Sutton Island and coast of Manset. Identifying numbers across top of photo: G8-20 ME 44.67 1030 5-26-44C 1232. Written in pencil on reverse is: McSorley; Doris ""Dot"" P. Marr McSorley was the sister of Louise Marr, descendants of the Preble family on GCI, inheritors of house and large properties. Details of houses and landscapes discernible. Was photo taken from a blimp? (Shortly after the date of this photograph (5/26/44), a blimp crashed (allegedly shot down) in in this region - July 3, 1944. See Hugh Dwelley article at
2054 2014.300.2054 Pamphlet and schedule. Pamphlet (A): official rules for sports including badminton, boomerang, croquet, darts, volley ball, shuffleboard, tetherball, etc., undtd, by General Sportcraft Co. Ltd, Issue 10. Schedule (B): evening radio programs for national and local stations includes titles of programs, times, and stations; late 1930s early 1940s. (Television arrived MDI 1953, Phil Whitney, Sr. had the first set in Southwest Harbor 1951.) This schedule may be hand done – ink faded to peacock green. Notes on reverse: “Dale family Dr. John 1:15 WLBZ Mondays”, and ""[illegible] WAAB""
2055 2014.301.2055 Video recordings. Two DVD copies of musical performances by the Arcady Music Society of Bar Harbor, Maine, with accompanying note from Masanobu and Tomoko Ikemiya to Phil and Karin Whitney 11/20/14. DVD #1: R. Bloom conducts Arcady Music Festival on GCI 1986 shown on MPBN, and 1987 CBS Sunday Morning, Masanobu Ikemiya, Arcady Artistic Director, pianist. DVD #2: Arcady Music Festival 1986 on GCI 1986 on MPBN TV, Peter & the Wolf, Robert J. Luntzma, narrator, Masanobu Ikemiya Artistic Director pianist. Brochures: Winter Concert Series 1993-1994 – including a school program on Cranberry Island in April 1993. 1986 summer music festival 1986 – including an August 10 Cranberry Island benefit concert.
2056 2014.302.2056 Painting, oil on canvas, unframed, ""Dancing Rock, Baker Island"" by Wini Smart. Painting features people dancing in a summer scene atop the flat ledge of granite on the island.
2057 2014.302.2057 Print, lithograph, ""Fireweed, Baker Island"". Print is #82 of 100 signed Wini Smart 1997. Matted with white mat board, unframed.
2058 2014.302.2058 Table. Wicker, circular, beige; and table cloth: white with sunflower border.
2059 2015.303.2059 Video recording, DVD copied and returned to donor. No sound. Ted Madara's Family 1940, transferred from 16 mm, 6/2008, Northeast Historic Film. Home movies of family members and friends sailing, fishing,scenes of gulls feeding on a school of fish, seals cavorting, and family rowing, all in and around Northeast and Southwest Harbor and the Cranberry Isles. Includes sailboat headed towards Mount Desert Rock, sailboat race in Southwest Harbor area, picnic on Baker Island. People and items in film include: Florence Hessenbruch, IOD boats in Northeast Harbor, Hermann Hessenbruch, Mount Desert Rock, Frank Faulkingham (last lighthouse keeper on Baker Island), seals, Anna Hessenbruch Madara, Markle Hessenbruch, Edward S. Madara, Ida Hessenbruch, Fir-Lee House (built 1908-1910), Black Island picnic, Polly Hessenbruch. Complete IDs of scenes minute by minute compiled by Ted Madara 2015 in folder. Film may also include a very rare appearance of Mickey Macfarlan's old boat ( in foreground at 16:00). The Hessenbruchs owned the Sutton Island cottage presently (2014) owned by Hartley Rogers (""Fir Lee""). Hessenbruch died 1962, cottage went to Princeton, then Tom __, then Hartley Rogers. (See all years>_videos >Madara1940sVideo for digital files, and copy of DVD is in catalogue folder.)
2062 2015.304.2062 Houses. Architectural and folk history. A 2015 report of investigation summarizes research of early 19th-century concealed shoes and ensuing investigation of eight Cape-style houses spawned by the 2013 discovery and repatriation of four ca. 1820-1830s shoes concealed in the chimney wall of the parsonage house of the Great Cranberry Congregational Church. Report submitted to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission and GCIHS. Eighteen pages with photos and bibliography as of January 2014; research continues. This study of the parsonage house with its neighboring Cape-style houses and the separate 2013 study of the nearby Preble house documents a cluster of historic island houses on the verge of becoming unrecognizable through remodeling. Research reveals folk practices, the oeuvre of local 19th-century house builders; Cape-style design innovations; granite and lumber sources; dendrochronology study; and early 19th-century Bulger and Spurling family histories. (Report, research and images to be stored on DVD.) (See also box of research materials to be culled and catalogued.) 17 files sorted by property owners: Parsonage House, Selim, Espinoza, Lim, Freeman, Dowling/Meyers, Rice/CIRT, Liebow, Harlan/Bulger including deeds, photographs, and survey information. Background and research materials Digital materials located at \\gcihs-nas\Archives\atgrulich\CapeHousesContd. Two books: Fundamentals of Tree Ring Research, and House Histories - a Guide to tracing the genealogy of your home. See also concealed shoe research: 2013.252.1979.
2064 2015.305.2064 Cemetery. Stanley Cemetery conservation project completed by GCIHS Stanley Cemetery committee October 2014. Began as a family burial ground in 1838 and continues to serve islanders today. Conservation and restoration work of the 101 headstones done by Fred Wieninger of Wieninger Monuments in Milbridge, Maine. Inscriptions, digital photographs, measurements, deeds, spreadsheets, costs, blog, and photos of work and sundry details of each of 101 known graves recorded by Anne Grulich and documented in full on website: and at GCIHS at: \\gcihs-nas\Archives\atgrulich\StanleyCemetery2013_2016. Documentation in files includes minutes, research, spreadsheet, photos, administrative documents, field notes and deeds for Stanley/Storey property. See various GCIHS Cranberry Chronicle newsletters for cemetery project progress, and an article about the cemetery in Memories of Maine, Downeast Maine Edition, Summer 2015 by Camille Smalley ""Restoring the Past - The Stanley Cemetery on Great Cranberry Island."" GCIHS publication on the cemetery in the works 2016,
2065 2015.306.2065 Butter churn (a.k.a. box or barrel churn), wooden with red stenciled lettering ""No. 3 Improved"" and faded red stenciled cow on one side of barrel. Red stenciled lettering ""Boston, Amesplu_ _ _, New York"" on the other side. Wood and steel handle on one side turns the slatted wooden paddle wheel inside. Wooden spatula. Wooden top.Probably late 19th century. ""It was small enough to stand on a table; used for small-scale production of butter in a farmhouse dairy. It would about 70 pints of mile to produce enough cream to make just 18 oz (500gms) of butter. Complete with interior paddle wheel to agitate cream, lid, peg for the drain hole, and handle to rotate paddle wheel. The cream was poured into the opening at the top of the barrel and the handle turned. This would rotate the slatted wooden panels and agitate the cream. There was a small inspection hole in the top of the lid to allow the operator to check the progress of the butter without opening the churn. It would take about an hour and a half to turn the cream to butter. The whey was poured off and either drunk or used as pig food. The butter was then removed from the churn and was washed repeatedly in cold water. It was then beaten with wooden butter beaters or kneaded by hand to remove the excess moisture.""
2066 2015.307.2066 Fishing gear. Buoys,wood, painted orange and white - Victor White's colors. One long bullet shaped, and one rounded with wooden handle inserted on one end.
2067 2015.308.2067 Documents. One handwritten note, and a collection of 33 checks authorizing Benjamin Spurling or A.C. Fernald as Town of Cranberry Isles Treasurers to pay various individuals various amounts during 1865-1866, and signed by certain Selectmen of Cranberry Isles. A .C. Fernald lived on GCI and/or MDI with business interests on Sutton Island including a brickyard, boatyard, and store; he eventually began manufacturing caskets (p. 81 Islands of the Mid-Maine coast Vol II. He was the grandfather of the donor's husband who lives in Somesville in 2015. Documents were discovered in 1998 in Check Nos.10-13 all dated April 4, 1865 - for amounts to be paid by Benjamin Spurling as Treasurer to William P. Preble, Esq., William H. Preble, and Thomas Bunker, Esq. ""it being for men drafted March 20th, 1865. Payable six months after date."" With annotations and signatures on reverse. Check No. 16 for Benjamin Spurling as treasurer, dated April 29, to pay $25.20 to Hannah C. Ladd for ""state aide furnished, payable Oct. 29, 1865."" Check No. 17 for Benjamin Spurling dated July 8, 1865 to pay Miss Sarah Fernald $12.00 for teach school in District 4(?) for the year. Checks 18-45 with dates from April 29, 1865 to March 3, 1866, for A. C. Fernald to pay various individuals and signed by selectmen A.C. Fernald, Stillman Young, and/or John Gilley. Payees include Leonard Holmes, Sarah M. Hewing(?), William P. Preble, Joseph Bunker, William Moore, William P. Pung (Pauper, Constable), Benjamin Spurling, A. C. Fernald, John G. Bunker, Sarah D. Fernald, Stillman Young, Elisha Gilley, John Pung. Many for teacher and school expenses, and other town duties. One receipt August 5, 1865 Hancock ss. Ellsworth: received of Abraham C. Fernald $67.37 for payment of county tax - signed by William Pillsbury and Pung treasurers. Receipt from A. C. Fernald $806.38 for state tax collection. And one note on slip of paper: Will you ask Fernald if he would loan $500 or $600 for building a small cottage on the island this spring. If he will I will go at it right off and [illegible words] to file it this summer. I think it would be a great help to selling a plot or two. Yours hastily [??] Woodworth.
2068 2015.308.2068 Ledger. Small tan leather. Ledger of A. C. Fernald for provisions of schooners 1844-1850 including schooner Seasonpoint(?) or Leaderpant (?), Osprey, Water Witch, Northaven (?), xx and, and entries with individual names: David Pung or King, Peter Standley, Horace Durgen, Edwin Hadlock, Elisha Gilley, Shelddon Brown, Joseph Lancaster, Daniel Kimbal, William M. Richardson, Thomas Savage, Beniah Bunker,and others. One loose scrap of paper with note: ""Received eighteen dollars from Capt William Moore it Being in full of all accounts to this date. Cranberry Isl. June 20, 1849, John A. Hitchfield (or Hitchhilll?)
2069 2015.309.2069 Pipe stem fragments, two white clay fragments from Spurling Cove beach ca. 2012. One well worn, white; the other better condition but charred burn on one side. Charred fragment bore hole measures 5/64"" drill bit, and has impressed letters ""LL"" (possibly 'A'LL).
2070 2015.310.2070 Photographs. Digital copies of three trays of color film slides loaned by donor - about 225 total. Wesley Bracy, Jr. scuba diving expeditions in local area in 1970s-1980s - close-up photos of aquatic flora and fauna, mastodon bone, underwater scenery, a storm, brass ship fittings from local wrecks, and more. (See also GCIHS 1000.2.1260A-D recovered brass shipwreck artifacts loaned by Bracy in 2000.)
2071 2015.311.2071 Magazine articles. Two articles from Down East Magazine. (1): Down East, December 2014, ""Alone Together"" p. 73-79, 118-130, by Virginia Wright, photos by Douglas Merriam. Magazine, tear sheets, and scanned copies; digitally as pdf. (see also: Storyline - Islesford and Great Cranberry facing the future side by side, with photos and statements by Blair Colby, Tiffany Tate, Beverly Sanborn, Eileen Richards, Phil and Karin Whitney, Tom and Becca Powell, and a cameo photo of Anne Grulich walking in front of the church. (2): Down East, April 2015, ""The Secret Lives of Houses"" storyline - clues to your old home's age and the people who lived there p. 59, 68, and 70, by Virginia Wright with photos by Brian Vanden Brink. PDF copy and print out. Tells the story of the GCI parsonage house 2014 renovation and how the four concealed shoes in the fireplace wall lead Anne Grulich to research into the house's history, connected it with 7 other cape houses built about the same time, information from other houses, and how to research old houses in general. (There are some mistakes: Bulger didn't live in the Parsonage House. She may have the wrong Enoch Spurling as ""ship captain"" and owner.) See also
2072 2015.312.2072 Spinning wheel from a walking spinning wheel a.k.a. great wheel. Smooth wooden wheel, 45"" diameter with brass core in hub of wheel. Rusted nail heads visible where wood overlaps on exterior of wheel and also where several spokes meet the wheel. No other parts of this walking wheel have been located. [See for information about walking wheels in general.]
2073 2015.313.2073 Photographs. Digital copies of 41 color slides made in April 2015. They were loaned to Phil Whitney by Charles 'Chip' Sheppard following Phil Whitney's interview of him in Pennsylvania December 2014. Some slides are undated and some noted in ballpoint pen as years: 1947, 1948, 1950 and 1952. An e-mail identified Slide 296, taken in August of 1950, as ""shot from my grandparents' house near Thrumcap and shows the wreck of a Canadian lumber schooner that ran aground during a storm in the '30s..."" (Not sure if this means 1830s or 1930s?) Slides were scanned and returned to donor. Scenery, family and friends: Carl and Winston Sheppard's boat Kiri III (slide 379); Emerson Ham (slide 38); fishing weir (slide 386); fishing, picnic, old cars, docks, and a blue lobster. (See also 2015.318.2079 and 2015.313.2074.)
2074 2015.313.2074 Photos, drawings, documents and letters (all are printouts of scanned materials; ten pages total) pertaining to a pre-fab Hodgson Camp House to be constructed near Fish Point; house later known as the Sheppard Cottage from E. F. Hodgson to Mrs. Charles L. Sheppard in 1939, and from George R. Hadlock in 1940 informing Sheppard that an area of Fish Point road to the town road near Hamor's is a legal right of way for all adjoining property owners and about the cost of extending a power line to her new cottage. Hadlock also mentions William D. Stanley who is about 80 years old at the time (1940) suggesting Sheppard buy Bar Island. A map of property from ""Probate 3639/1875"" shows division of property near fish point showing property lines for Widow Mary D. Stanley, Abraham C. Stanley, Wm. Stanley, Hannah A. Bunker, Thomas F. Stanley, John Stanley, heirs of Abigail Spurling, Mary Bulger, and Martha A. Ash. (See also 2015.318.2079 and 2015.313.2073.)
2075 2015.314.2075 Video. DVD of Rachel Field's 1939 recitation of A Dutch Lullaby by Eugene Field (a.k.a. Wynken, Blynken, and Nod). Made into a video fantasy in 2006 by Daniel Maslan, age 13, grandson of Jeanne Cumming. 10 minutes long, color, with images and videos superimposed with book pages and illustrations. Audio is from Mutual Network's ""Rise and Recite"" program March 29, 1939.
2076 2015.315.2076 Charts, nautical. Collection of ten 1855-1877 nautical charts of various sizes pertaining to the northeast coast of the United States, and the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, some with cotton fabric backing and cloth borders; all were rolled up inside a canvas drawstring carrying bag. (Charts are numbered 1-10 see full descriptions elsewhere.) Chart 1 is the most important and the most fragile of the set. It is stamped twice in black ink with ""M. J. Richardson"" and clearly plots at least two 1877-78 transatlantic voyages through the Strait of Gibraltar by Great Cranberry Island captains Meltiah J. and/or his spouse Mary Catherine ""Carrie"" Stanley likely aboard their three-mast schooner, Carrie M. Richardson (built in nearby Manset harbor 1874). Chart 6 has M. J. Richardson's name written in pencil on the reverse. Several charts are annotated in pencil and pen with dates and direction of sea voyages, and some have red ink dots indicating navigational aids (nuns and buoys). These charts were inherited by Stanley descendants and originally came from the Lewis Stanley boatyard and/or house on The Pool on GCI. (Capt. Lewis G. Stanley (1869-1957) was son of Enoch B. Stanley, Sr. (1820-1903). Meltiah J. Richardson married Mary Catherine ""Carrie"" Stanley (sister of Lewis) in 1870.) Chart 1 is 42” high by 60"" wide and was in dire need of conservation. Conservation, encapsulation, digitization, printing and mounting were done at NEDCC August 2016. See documentation and digital files. (Prior to conservation: A piece missing from around the Yucatan peninsula,discolored, and very musty. Ink smudges in the center of the chart.) It’s actually two maritime charts laid side by side on the same cloth backing; used many times; well worn. Schooners known to be associated with Meltiah Richardson are the Hussar, Quickstep, and the Carrie M. Richardson. Legend on lower left corner reads: “Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean. From the most recent British, French, and United States Surveys. Sheet I. Hydrographic Office – U.S. Navy 1369. With variation curves for 1871”. The legend on the lower right side of the chart reads: “Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean from the most recent British, French, Spanish, Portugese, Belgian, Dutch, German, Danish and Norwegian surveys. Sheet II. Hydrographic office U.S. Navy. With variation curves for 1871. Only the most important lights are given on this chart.” There are calculations and dates in pencil along edges of chart and along coastline of the mid-Atlantic and southern U.S. coast. Two voyages are plotted across the ocean indicating dates and occasional notes. Journey 1 runs from October 19, 1877- November 20, 1877 from Malaga (on the southeast coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, through the Strait of Gibraltar) heading east to Cape Lookout, NC, bound for Philadelphia. Journey 2 runs from October 3, 1878 - November 16, 1878, from Cadiz, (on southwest coast of Spain, north of the strait of Gibraltar), heading east to the Chesapeake Bay area of MD/VA, bound for Gloucester. (See scans of wallet journal made 7/29/16 relating directly to chart 1.) See separate document for specifics for each of the 10 charts. (See also Macfarlan's personal collection - chart of Ireland, and 2002.20.44 Hadlock chart around Norway.)
2077 2015.316.2077 2015.316.2077 digital collection of three scanned ledger account books originally from the Lewis Stanley boatyard. Ledgers were inherited by donor from his great uncle Lewis Stanley. (See scans on gcihs-nas\photo\Museum Photos\2015.316.2077_SchmidtLedgers and on DVD; ledgers returned to donor August 2015). Ledger 1: Measures 8.25H x 7: W x .5” thick. First page: George N. Spurling, Cranberry Isles; and [unreadable name below Spurling] Machias Port. Entries run from 1855-1870, with the last four pages dated 1855 pertaining to WatterWitch (Water Witch, Waterwitch, spelling and capitalization varies) stocks and specifics. Account entries recorded for the WatterWitch, Schooner Rozella, and Schooner Caressa. Names mentioned: Walton, Guptill, Haynes, Stanley, Spurling, Ferrin, Wentworth, Young, Saddler, Ladd. Commodities: fish and oil mostly; stocks and figuring notations in pen and pencil by different hands. First page states Schooner Hannah & Abigail bought in Boston May 6th, 1849. First entry is “E.B. Stanley, Cranberry Isles Oct. 9th, 1858 for $21 dollars on account of my share of fish bought on board Sch. WatterWitch this season. Asa [D?] Stanley.” Ledger 2: Measures 8”H x 6.75” W x .5” thick. Inside front cover is written: “Jonas Blood born April 15th, 1774.” First page begins with January 1st 1859 listing sale of butter, pork, and eggs. Ledger records expenses and sales of produce and other items through April 1862 and appears to be written by all the same hand. [For some info on Jonas Blood: probably born New Hampshire. Jonas Blood:b..c1774 d.5/21/1870, age 96 By] Ledger 3: 14"" H x 3.75"" W x 1"" thick. Label on front cover: Sanborn & Carter, Publishers, Booksellers and Blank Book Manufacturers, No. 55 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine. Small envelope and letter addressed to Mrs. E. B. Stanley, Cranberry Isles, Maine, postmarked Waltham MA, Nov 17/12M/1908 (03?) with 2 cent stamp. Reverse postmark is Cranberry Isles 1908(3)? Begins ""North East Harbor, Lindsay,” ends: ""Hastily, Carol(?)"" Many pages have been cut out from the beginning of this ledger. First entry, is on page 85 and starts: “Boston Dec. 6th 1879 Sch. S.L. Foster. Page 93 is “Boston Dec 14, 1885.” Page 98 deals with the estate of Enoch B. Stanley and Lewis B. Stanley 1903 and continues with various documents and deeds to 1908 (to page 151). Then returns to accounts for the S. L. Foster 1889. Page 176 begins accounts for the Schooner Rozella 1882, then to 1881, and goes back to deeds and correspondence p. 196 for 1908. P. 198 goes back to the Sch. Foster and alternates between accounts re: Foster and Rozella. Two small loose account papers between p. 212 and 213. The ledger goes back and forth between years and schooners and deeds throughout the book. Last pages of ledger date Jan 18, 1913 and begin with “I expressly forbade Lewis to connect the new building with the original fish house of the heirs of E. B. Stanley…..”
2078 2015.317.2078 Photographs. Three black and white, 3"" x 3"" photographs. (A) George and Althea Savage; (B) George and Althea Savage 1950s; (C) George Savage at Rider (now Liebow) house; (D) Ralph Preston ""Benny"" Bulger at Rider (now Liebow) house. George and Althea are Arvard Savage (donor's) parents and they once owned the Liebow house.
2079 2015.318.2079 Interview. Video (DVD) interview of Winston Sheppard by Phil Whitney (GCIHS President) on December 10, 2014, at Folkways Retirement Home in Gwyneth, PA. Sheppard is 99 years old; his wife is present and is 94. Sheppard reminisces about his visits to GCI with parents Charles and Rita Shepard in the 1930s; parents first visited Northeast Harbor in 1910. He discusses various individuals he recalls including Eber Spurling, Pink Stanley, Carl Hardy, and others. Sheppard's parents built their summer home on GCI, a Hodgson Camp House constructed near Fish Point (see documents pertaining to GCI cottage 2015.313.2074 and 2015.313.2073 family slides).Sheppard also had a home in Southwest Harbor, ME.
2080 2015.319.2080 2015.319.2080 Seeds. Collection of Polly Storey's Wild Island Farm seeds including three green wooden display boxes (A, B, and C) (with lids attached by brass chains) containing white and green paper seed packets ready for sale, and two shoebox-size cardboard boxes (D and E) with seed packets. There is also a folder of materials (F) relating to Wild Island Farm, the seed business, and a newspaper article “Polly Forbes Johnson Storey: A Spirit of Independence” (Bar Harbor Times, October 21, 1976). (See also GCIHS 1000.0.965 for another undtd article about seeds business.) Seed packets indicate crop years were 1972 and 1992; but many packets have no crop years identified. Most of the seeds originated in Maine, but some are from Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Yugoslavia. Polly Storey’s daughter, Elizabeth Selim, recalls her mother germinating wildflower seeds on the property and remembers her mother’s seed business. Two of the green seed display boxes (A and B) contain packets of tree seeds. On the interior lids of these two boxes is a printed pamphlet: Tree Seeds from Maine* (and other exotic parts of the world), with text on why and how to plant tree seeds. Seed packets inside these two boxes include balsam fir, mountain ash, white pine, sugar maple, paper birch, and white spruce - all ""Packed by Wild Island Farm, Cranberry Isles, Maine 04625."" Balsam fir (Abies balsama): Purity 93%, Germination 50% March 1994; Crop year 1992, Origin Maine. Mountain Ash (Sorbus americana): Purity 80%, Germination 30% March 1994, Crop year 1992, Origin Tennessee. White Pine (Pinus strobus): Purity 98%, Germination 90% March 1994, Crop year 1991, Origin Maine. Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum): Purity 97%, Germination 55% March 1994, Crop Year 1992, Origin Pennsylvania. Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera): Purity 85%, Germination 95% March 1994, Crop year 1992, Origin Wisconsin. White Spruce: (Picea abies): Purity 98%, Germination 47.5% March 1992, Crop year 1990, Origin Yugoslavia. Several types of tree seed packets have bar-coded labels on reverse: “Acadia Shops, (seed name), $2.00”. The third green display box (C) contains mostly flower packets, but there are also four packets of White Cedar seeds in it. The interior lid of this box has hand drawn text and lovely small watercolor sketches of the types of flower seed packets it contains. White Cedar (Thuja occidentales): Text, printing and ‘packed by’ are slightly different: Purity 95%, Germ. 60% March 1973, Crop Year 1972, Origin Maine: Packed by Wild Island Seeds, The Farm House, Cranberry Isles, Maine 04625. Flower packets: Daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum): No date packed etc. Blue Flag (Iris versicolor): No date packed etc, but an Acadia Shops sticker (no bar code) $1.50 on reverse. Evening Primrose (Onothera biennis): No date packed etc. Beach Pea (Lathyrus japponics): Empty envelope, no crop year etc. Lupine (Lupinus perennis): No crop year etc. Cattail (Typha latifolia): No crop year etc., sealed but seems empty. Blueberry (Vaccinium augustifolium): No date crop year etc., envelope stained. There are 5 small manila envelopes with handwritten labels: Beach Pea, Wild Rose, Blue Flag, Seaside Goldenrod, and Bunchberry. Inside a sixth, larger manila envelope (labelled in red ink: ‘Begonia seeds’) are 5 folded, white paper packets, only two of which are labelled: ""Pink and white from Christmas cactus pot"", and ""Deep Red"". Cardboard boxes: First box (D) labeled “M.D. Apothecary” contains 59 green and white paper packets of Rhubarb (Rhabarbarum) seeds, “Packed by Wild Island Farm, Cranberry Isles, Maine 04625”, no crop year etc., but Acadia Shops sticker (no bar code) $1.50 on reverse. Second box (E) contains 99 green and white paper packets of Mountain Ash (Sorbus americana) seeds: Purity 80%, Germination 30% March 1994, Crop year 1992, Origin Tennessee, Packed by Wild Island Farm, Cranberry Isles, Maine 04625, no sticker on reverse. Documents (F): 1970 to 1995, including 1992 correspondence with Aroostook Testing and Consulting Laboratory in Presque Isle, Maine, shows Polly submitted several varieties of tree seeds from Cranberry Island for testing and received germination rates for each. Information on how and when to gather seeds. Statements and business registration information. Newspaper article “Polly Forbes Johnson Storey: A Spirit of Independence” (Bar Harbor Times, October 21, 1976). Several letters from visitors who purchased the seeds at local hotels and wanted advice. Two loose 2""x2"" square water color sketches of cranberry and fireweed. One 6""x8"" color photograph of Polly Storey by Dick Berggren.
2081 2015.320.2081 Headstone rubbings. Eight headstone rubbings from several GCI cemeteries made by artist Cheryl Moore and archivist Anne Grulich as follows: (A) Sarah wife of Joseph L'Grow d. 1825, ""Revolutionary War Cemetery"" (Spurling cemetery #1) on hill overlooking Town Dock - by Cheryl Moore and Anne Grulich 8/2/15 (Black wax); (B) Gilman J. Stanley d. 1861 drowned at 16 years, Hardings Point cemetery- by Cheryl Moore and Anne Grulich (Black wax); (C) Henrietta C. Gilley 1857, age 17 years, Preble Cemetery, By Cheryl Moore 7/29/15 (Black wax); (D) Thomas Manchester d. 1861 and wife Henrietta, Hardings Point cemetery- by Cheryl Moore 7/29/15 (Black wax). (This is Manchester's replacement stone; original, broken stone in nearby property.) (E) Dolly Bulger d. 1884, Stanley Cemetery by Cheryl Moore 7/29/15 (Red wax); (F) Thomas Stanley d. 1838, Stanley Cemetery, by Cheryl Moore and Anne Grulich 8/2/15 (Black wax); (G) Samuel S. Bunker 1899, Bunker cemetery, by Cheryl Moore 7/29/15 (Black wax); (H) Alfred H. Gilley d. 1876, Stanley Cemetery, by Cheryl Moore 7/29/15 (Black wax).
2082 2015.321.2082 Photos and telephone books. Scanned versions of loans of a two paintings and one photograph. (A) Portrait painting of Brooks Peterson as a young woman by Betsy Flagg Melcher 1964. Donor says Melcher was a member of the Cranberry Club to which Brooks belonged; (B) scanned photo of Brooks Peterson as an older woman; (C) Painting of Harold Stanley's boat came with the note: ""Harold Stanley's boat, built by B. Spurling? painted by Harry Spurling 4B"". (D) Invitation to Chamber Music Concert and Reception 8/10/1986 on GCI to benefit the Arcady Music Festival. (E) Newspaper article by Liz Roman Gallese, Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, undtd (elsewhere article date is 24 Nov 1975), ""Down East in Maine, The Cranberry Club is for Brahmins Only;"" (F) 1994-95 Cranberry Isles telephone book, (G) 1999-2000 Cranberry Isles telephone book. (H-I) Two tourist MDI resort maps undtd. (J-K) Ellsworth tephone books for 1969 and 1975.
2083 2015.322.2083 Letter recovered from the old GCI post office on the Preble House property. Letter: From the law office of Walter S. Monteith, 615-617 Fourteenth Street N.W., Washington DC, April 27, 1894 ""To the Postmaster of Cranberry Isles, Hancock Co., Me. Dear Sir: It is important that a communication that I make today to your office, addressed to Benj S. Campbell, should be delivered to him, or to some of his personal representatives, should he not be alive. Will you do me the favor to make some inquiry as to his whereabouts, should he not be there? He was a member of Company ""C""1 Me. H. A., and an inquiry among his comrades would probably lead to the needed information. Very respectfully, Walter S. Monteith"" . (According to , the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment served in the Civil war and suffered heavy casualties.)
2084 2015.323.2084 Letter. Scan of a two-page 1860 letter from Warren Bunker to Daniel Hamor with details of Bunker's voyage on the Schooner Willow from 'home' to Baltimore, Savannah, Jacksonville, Nassau, mentioning his cargo of 'old sailors' and yellow pine, the money he has made and hopes to make, and plans for future voyages mentioning Mauricetown NJ and Machiasport possibilities. (See transcription of letter.) We believe 'old sailors' means experienced sailors or sailors who had hired out on another voyage and were trying to get home. Warren Bunker (born 1824, died 1870 at Cranberry Isles) was great-great-grandfather of Great Cranberry Island resident Phil Whitney. Daniel Hamor (born 1822, died 1894) is distantly connected to the donor's family. Background information from donor: Warren Bunker wrote the letter to his friend Daniel Hamor, Warren's wife's (Sidney Hamor Bunker's) brother, who was then living in Eden (now Bar Harbor), Maine. Daniel Hamor built a fairly large house that still stands (in 2015 painted yellow, with a barn in back), next to the Pot & Kettle Club entrance on what is now Route 3 between Salisbury Cove and Hulls Cove. When Daniel Hamor and his wife Polly died, in 1894, their house was left to their children, Ella, Edward and Mariah, none of whom ever married or had children as far as we know. Ella and Edward died (on the same night in 1928, probably of influenza), leaving the house to Mariah. When Mariah grew old, she invited her cousin Georgia Hamor to come and take care of her on condition that when she (Mariah) died, the house would become Georgia's. Mariah died in 1936. At that time Georgia Hamor inherited the Hamor home, and presumably the Warren Bunker letter. Georgia and her brother, Ansel, lived in the house until they died (Georgia in 1971 and Ansel in 1978). At some point, Georgia, who had inherited various Hamor mementos with the house, gave the letter to her niece, Alice Smith Cowles. She, in turn, gave the letter to me (Alan Cowles). We almost lost the letter in the great fire of 1947. A note from the Boston Sunday Post, published in October 1947, stated that ""Miss Georgia Hamor, a native spinster, and her brother, Ansel, were the last to leave their home in the Hulls Cove section before the inrush of the flames today, and left only because town officials insisted on the evacuation."" Fortunately, the fire stopped about one mile from their home.
2085 2015.324.2085 Photographs. 110 digital color photos of donor's walk around the circumference of GCI in the fall of 2014. Sixty of these photos were used for a summer 2015 digital exhibit in GCIHS arts center. Mike Justa, photographer, wildlife biologist, and 2014 GCI resident, photographed his trek around the circumference of GCI during November and December of 2014. Sixty of his photos were used in a digital exhibit for the Art Center at GCIHS (see flash drive and digital files). Justa says he ""explored the coastline of Great Cranberry Island and documented his adventures under the clouds, rain and snow of a Maine Coast winter. Many of these photos contrast the Summer sunshine we are likely to see from May through September and offer a perspective of these wonderful islands in the ""Other"" season."" Jessi Duma, Island Institute Fellow, accompanied him occasionally and appears in a few of these photos.
2086 2014.272.2086 Doll house. Unknown donor or origin. White, light balsa wood, cellophane windows, movable tabbed walls and floors. Part of a Hitty's Home display when GCIHS museum was in the old school.
2087 2015.325.2087 Genealogy. Edith Drury background information, probably for the 2013 GCIHS ""Three Heroines"" publication, from Dr. Georgiana Rodiger. Edith Drury b. 1916, daughter of Dr. Samuel Drury, head of St. Paul's School in Concord, NH. Attended Radcliffe College, worked with Maine Seacoast Mission and the Sunbeam for 20 years, lived in Bar Harbor and then on GCI in an 1840s Cape house on Cranberry Road. There is also information on Georgie Rodiger's family included in this packet of information. Copies of various articles.
2088 2015.326.2088 Map. Digital photograph of a property map of Moorfield Storey's GCI properties ca. 1928. Legend on lower corner reads: ""Map showing land on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, belonging to Moorfield Storey [at xx/xx maybe 8/31?], surveyed and made by [Alruly or Alruh?] L. Reed, surveyor, Northeast Harbor, Maine."" This very large plan map shows parcels on the south west portion of GCI along the town road surrounding Bulger Hill. It shows property boundaries with owners names (often including deed references from about 1886-1928), placement of houses, water tank, woods etc. Names include: Donald; Stanley Heirs-Storey; Frank Nelson; Duran to Storey; Stanley to Storey; Emma E. Birlem to Moorfield Storey; Wyatt to Storey; George O. Johnson to Moorfield Storey; Moorfield Storey to Charles M. Storey; Ralph Bulger to Chas M. Storey; Clarence Crosby to Chas. M. Storey; Margaret H. Pierce; the Cranberry Club; and John H. Pressey to Moorfield Storey, among others. This map shows the extent of changes wrought by rusticators. It also captures the location of the ""old house"" before it was moved in 1945, and the location of the Stanley Cemetery: 2015.326.2088B shows this detail. [Due to poor quality of the photograph, some writing is illegible. Donor has original which we'll eventually scan.]
2089 2015.327.2089 Documents. Event and movie posters for GCIHS 2014, including posters for Heliker-LaHotan events held at GCIHS.
2090 2015.328.2090 Documents. Event and movie posters for GCIHS 2015, including posters for Heliker-LaHotan events held at GCIHS.
2091 2015.329.2091 Report. Acadia Maritime Cultural Resources Inventory Final Report, funded by an LL Bean Acadia Research Fellowship, Submitted January 2009, by Franklin H. Price, Joshua Daniel, Kristen Chasse, and John Stallings. Emailed to GCIHS September 2014. A brief overview and assessment project reviewing maritime disaster and vessel abandonment near Acadia National Park. Provides a synopsis of known ship wrecks, a GIS database with geospatial information, and a model of where maritime cultural resources might be found. Field interviews, archaeologically corroborated known ship wrecks, photographs of wreck remains, references, bibliography. Field interviews include Charlene Allen, Sheldon Goldthwaite, Ralph Stanley, Mike Pinkham, and Phil Whitney among others. Report was sent via -email as part of an e-mail exchange between Price and GCIHS September 4, 2014.
2092 2015.330.2092 Artwork. ""The Quiltmaker"" framed, oil on canvas by Wini Smart 2006. Islander Ruth Westphal sewing a colorful quilt in a windowed room with view of church suggested in one window. Painting donated by Friends of Cranberry House at the 2006 Exhibit and Benefit Auction held at the Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor, ME.
2093 2015.331.2093 Rug. Hooked rug, with clamshell design. Description for clamshell from donor's 1987 appraisal at Thomaston Galleries: HOOKED RUG: woolens on burlap with 1/2”-wide braided border. Dark band enclosing tight rows of dark polychrome “Clam Shells”. Good overall condition. 20th c. American Dim: 28” x 47”. Donor doesn't know if it was made on GCI, but recalls it being in her mother's GCI home when she was a child.
2094 2015.331.2094 Rug. Hooked rug, with floral design. Donor doesn't know if it was made on GCI, but recalls it being in her mother's GCI home when she was a child. Rug is hooked with stockings and fabric on burlap.
2095 2016.332.2095 Photos. Collection of 19 small black and white, and family photos of Winslow Bunker (1912-1992) and family. Winslow was the son of Percy Bunker; he was grandson of Willis Bunker and Rena Stanley Bunker. Winslow married M. Rosalee (Rosie) (1919-1967). He served in WWII. People and places in several of the photos have been identified including: Winslow and Rosie Bunker, their house, Percy Bunker, Winslow's lobster boat, his dock, his dog Gus and cat Smokey. Winslow's dock was on The Pool on GCI near the present Richman house. Richmans bought Winslow's house. (See 2016.323.2096 for Winslow Bunker's boat ""Wild Rose.)
2096 2016.332.2096 Documents. Five small, folded packets of receipts and ledger sheets, each tied with twine. Most pertain to the Schooner Wild Rose provisioning and selling fish in the 1890s at local stores. Initials of Wild Rose fishermen and amounts (or weights) of fish for each fisherman often appear on reverse of these ledger sheets. The Wild Rose was 47.5 ft. built in Boothbay. Owned in 1885 by Willis Bunker. Mentioned in the records of a 1938 hurricane (per (See also 2016.332.2095 for Willis Bunker photos; his wife's name was Rosalee.) (A) Packet one: various dates, various years 1893, 1890, 1895 receipts for Wild Rose. Receipts and purchases for provisions of ships from local stores including specific parts of cod fish like 'sounds' i.e., the air bladder of a cod. (B) Packet two: 1895 receipts and purchases. (C) Packet three: 1896 receipts for Wild Rose sales of fish to Southwest Harbor, ME, store. (D) Packet four: 1888 receipts for Wild Rose. (E) Packet five: Receipts for Wild Rose. An 1899 receipt for items purchased at Nettie Spurling Stanley's store on GCI. Her store was attached to the south side of the old Stanley house (a.k.a. 2016 as Rome house). See LB2007.1.100445 Penobscot Marine Museum collection photo, saved at GCIHS in public\2001\Penobscot.
2097 2016.332.2097 Documents. U.S. Army certificate for Alfred Emery Ladd, Private 1st Class, Medical Detachment, 125th Infantry died with honor in the service of his country on the sixth day of August 1918. Signed and dated 19 October 1918. With War Department envelope addressed to Mr. Lewis E. Ladd, Cranberry Isles, Maine, postmark illegible. And a card from the War Department imprinted with info that it's from the President who wishes to express his deep and sincere sympathy. Online genealogy lists Alfred Emery Ladd, born November 17, 1889 who died August 06, 1918 in Action in France. He was the son of Clara E. Gilley and Lewis Ladd. Ladd lived in the present (2016) Freeman house on GCI.
2098 2016.333.2098 Book. Colby Atlas of Hancock County Maine 1881. Donor inherited it from his Great Grandfather, Calvin Whitney, with various inscriptions on front and rear pages with dates 1882, 1884, and 1889 with Calvin Whitney's town indicated variously as Jonesboro and Jonesborough in Washington County, ME. Full title: Atlas of Hancock County Maine, Compiled and Published under the direction of Geo. N. Colby, by S. F. Colby & Co., Drawn from Official Plans, U. S. Cost Survey Charts, and Actual Surveys by H. E. Halfpenny & J. H. Stuart, Ellsworth, ME 1881. Engraved by Wm Bracher 27 So. 6th St. Phila, Printed by F. Bourquin 31 So. 6th St. Phila. Assistants: C. E. Williams, B. T. Sowle, Atty at Law. Capt. N. H. Higgins & L. B. Wyman, C. E. All 96 pages of book are present, all color map plates are in tact. Pages 52 & 53 are [intentionally] blank, but it appears some printed material may once have between those pages as both pages have brown staining across them. Some stains and foxing throughout, binding worn, covers stained and frayed.
2099 2013.241.2099 Poster. Easter Service Sunday March 30 (no year), Arthur Forrester and William Goldberg led the service; lunch served in the Ladies Aid. Hand drawn lilies, cross, and text, mixed media with cut-outs of flowers.
2100 2016.334.2100 Documents. Scans of Town of Cranberry Isles records from 1831-1950s now stored in five archival boxes. From July of 2015 through December 2015 scans of two boxes of Town of Cranberry Isles files that were once stored in the attic of the Longfellow School on GCI were scanned at GCIHS. (The Town offices were once housed at the Longfellow School.) Scanned records include: An 1831 liquor license; School expenses; Overseers of the poor documents; Town meeting warrants; Voting lists; Appointments to town offices; Payments for services; Militia Records; certificates of marriage; Lists of persons residing in town including birth dates and occupations; Requests for permits for fishing weirs. A total of 501 scans were made of documents from 41 Town of CI folders on a flatbed, legal-size scanner at 300 dpi. The digital scans are available on DVD along with a printed copy of thumbnail images and a report explaining the scanning project. Researchers should also note that these Town documents were analyzed and highlighted in Charles McLane’s Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast - pages 58-74, 1989 edition. (Box 1: Project binder with report, thumbnails printed out, DVD with scans. Folders with originals of scanned documents 1831-1855. Box 2: Folders with originals of scanned documents 1856-1955. Box 3: Folders with original documents, not scanned, many subjects and years including weirs 1939. Box 4: Folders with original documents, not scanned, mostly 1950s, many topics including schools. Box 5: Original documents, not scanned, mostly 1930s-1950s, many topics including dog licenses and receipt books. (Copies provided to the Town of CI and the Maine State Library.)
2101 2016.335.2101 Rugs: two braided multi-colored rugs; and one cloth pot holder. These three items were all made by GCI resident Addie Duren. Rug (A) is oval shaped, brightly colored reds, blues, purples, greys 46"" long by 32.5"" wide. Rug (B) is oval shaped, black and tan overall 56"" long x 39"" wide. There is a story that when the Duren house caught fire (19xx?), it was Addie's rags and rug-making materials stored in the attic that kept the fire from spreading rapidly through whole house. Pot holder (C) has crocheted edges with dancing girl and pink backing.
2102 2016.336.2102 Reports. Town of Cranberry Isles Annual Reports 1921-2012. These booklets are prepared for the Annual Town Meeting and include information on town officials, taxes, auditors reports, schools, ordinances and regulations, budgets, and the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting. Missing booklets for these years: 1926-27, 1927-28, 1930-31, 1942-43, and 2011. (Box 1 of 2 contains reports for 1921-1998. Box 2 of 2 contains reports for 2000-2014.)
2103 2016.337.2103 Genealogy. The Stanleys of the Cranberry Islands, Genealogical Notes of William Otis Sawtelle with an Index by Hugh L. Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society Transcription, 1996. Volume 1: Little Cranberry Island, Maine, 325 pages. Volume 2: Great Cranberry Island, Maine, 214 pages. Volume 3: Mount Desert Island, Maine, 170 pages. Volume 4: Swans Island, Maine, 137 pages. Photocopies of extensive genealogical records of the Stanley family and their collaterals compiled by William Otis Sawtelle, with a 13-page introduction and index by Hugh Dwelley in 1996. Dwelley states: ""This extensive genealogical record of the Stanley family is written largely in the hand of Professor William Otis Sawtelle. It appears to have been prepared mostly during the first decade of the 20th century. Notes such as ""Living in ____1906"", etc. appear on several of the records. There is a little data from 1920s and later, but it has usually been added in another hand. Professor Sawtelle fell ill in 1936 and died in 1939."" Other family names appearing in this genealogy: Spurling, Harding, Bunker, Bulger, Richardson, Parsons, Hamor, Rosebrook, Rinaldo, Workman, Steele, Worcester, Joy, Trussell, Preble, Fernald, Moore, Wilson, Ash, Gilley, Kingsbury, Stephens, Holmes, Lawry, Lancaster, Sprague, Bridges, Jordan, Rea, Ladd, Phippen, Hodgkins, Davis, Anderson, Newman, Somes, Sawyer, Wedge, Whitmore, Turner, Roberts, Paine, Frazier, Bucklin, Peckham, Walls, Richardson, Frisbee, Roix, Story, Buckmore, Bowden, Rich, Lancaster, Coleman, Bridges, Joyce, Stewart, Stinson, Holbrook, Dunham, Gott, Smith, Kent, Stockbridge,and Mcallen.
2104 2016.338.2104 "Equipment. Drafting or drawing board. Wood board with a wooden ruler-like guide that slides out for use in making straight edges. Small black ink stamp of a schooner under sail at top of guide, and ""Tarbell G. W"" written in pencil on the back of the guide. A larger black ink print of same schooner under sail with inked signature ""G. Tarbell"" stamped on front center of the drafting board. To right of schooner stamp, upside down in script pencil ""Gridley & Tarbell""; many tack holes and some faint pencil marks on board including ""October 12, 1926"".
2105 2016.339.2105 Umbrella, parasol. Faded peach-colored silk with black lace covering, carved wood handle, metal supports. Note from donor explains, ""Ladies French lace parasol circa 1910. Owned by Anna Williams Dreer (Mrs. William F. Dreer) of Philadelphia, PA. The Dreers owned a summer house on Greenings Island. Their daughter Florence married Hermann Markle Hessenbruch and toghether they lived in Fir Lee, built by the Hessenbruchs on the north side of Sutton Island about 1910. The Dreers were frequent guests on Suttons Island visiting their children and later grandchildren as well. Mrs. Dreer died about 1940.""
2106 2016.340.2106 Collection of materials by or about Rachel Field mostly purchased via the internet by donor. (A) Black and white 8x10 photo of Field at home in Beverly Hills by Culver Pictures, Inc., NY, NY. (B) Black and White 8 x 10 photo of a scene from Time Out of Mind film, photo copyright is 1959 Screen Gems, Inc.. (C) Book: Flora, Fauna, & Fantasy, The Art of Dorothy Lathrop, edited by Catherine E. Hutchins, 2006, The Brandywine Conservancy, from the Brandywine River Museum Exhibition March 25-May21, 2006, and the Albany Institute of History & Art Exhibition September 16 through December 31, 2006 - Lathrop illustrated many Field books. This book was a gift from Virginia Heyerdahl to Bruce Komusin in 2006. (D) Audio cassette tape of Rachel Field radio show #27045, ""Rise and Recite, March 29, 1939, Mutual net. Grown men & women recite poems. Author Rachel Field recites."" Letter with cassette was mailed to Bruce Komusin from J. David Goldin of Newtown, CT 2/10/2005. (See also 1000.0.1029 CD recording of Field's radio recital in same Box 27.) (E) VHS recording of ""Hitty the Legend Continues"" probably from the Virginia Beach, VA, Hitty group 1998 Sirocco Productions, Inc. (F) Horn Book Magazine Sept/Oct 1995 with article on Rachel Field's Newbery Medal book Hitty on page 552. (G) McCall's Three Magazines in One March 1942 with Rachel Field's second installment of a story, ""And Now Tomorrow."" (H) The Saturday Review of Literature, October 22, 1938, Vol. XVIII No. 25, with a review of All this and Heaven Too, entitled, ""Two Lives of a Woman"" on page 5. (I) Saturday Review of Literature March 28, 1942 with article about Rachel Field's sudden and tragic passing by Laura Benet on page 10. (J) Saturday Review of Literature May 23, 1942 with review of Field's ""And Now Tomorrow"" on page 6. (K) Saturday Review of literature November 6, 1926 with article by Field, ""Random Relfections"" on page 277.
2107 2016.341.2107 Artwork. One stained-glass pair of ice skaters arm-in-arm: blue, red, purple, yellow, black, and white glass with lead joints; made by Georgeina ""Georgie"" Ware, with lead loops on either side to hang in a window. The Ware house was on Murray's Point (GCI) and her glass studio was across the lane from her house.
2108 2016.342.2108 Artwork. Woven wool wall-hanging, browns and tans suggesting mountains, made by GCI artist Treg Laurence ca. 1970-1980.
2109 2016.343.2109 Sword made from swordfish bill, with woven rope handle with remains of gilt in several spots, large red bow, and painted nautical scene. From left to right along the blade the painting shows a lighthouse, schooners, swordfish, seagull, flower, and a scroll with ""Rena A. Percy"", and date ""July 19, 1908"" towards the tip. Painting is peeling and flaking in some areas. On reverse, peeling paint remains near hilt but no evidence of painting on the rest of the blade. The Rena A. Percy was a schooner under Master Willis G.[E?] Bunker, with a crew of 14, (#200857?), either 78 or 46 Gross Tons, measuring 76.5/ 21.6/ 9.4. Built in 1904 in East Boothbay and used for dory trawling around Jonesport and elsewhere - ( - Cranberry Islands Notes by Chuck Liebow). Willis Bunker (1855-1915) was the uncle of donor's husband Linden ""Tud"" Bunker. Note states: ""Sword came from Percy's house, Winslow Bunker's father."" (In 2016, this would be the house owned by the Sullivan's.)
2110 2016.344.2110 "Photographs. Collection of scans of photos 2013.344.2110 (A-Y) made in 2004 from photos recovered by donor in either Hilda Spurling or Marjorie Phippen's GCI house. Unclear whether we have original photos at GCIHS. (Note: Original photo names were pw01 thru pw027, museum photos now identified as A-Y.) pw01 - pulled from an album; post-it note on back: ""Moss House"" (Image of Moss House with haystacks 1927) pw02 - on back: ""1947""; post-it note on back: ""Hilda Spurling 1947"" pw03 - on back, in ink: ""this is Harvard Beals Boat we are hauling on the ice"" in pencil: ""March 1923"" pw04 - pulled from an album; on back, ballpoint ink: ""Little Elener (now Buzzie)""; on post-it note: ""Seimer House"" pw05 - postcard; pw06 - unknown house next 3 photos were clipped together by phil whitney pw07 - unknown man in unknown boat pw08 - skyline of New York City? pw09 - pulled from an album; unknown kids on sled next 4 photos were clipped together by phil pw10 - unknown shipwreck pw11 - post-it note on back: ""Spurling Cove 1923"" pw12 - pulled from album; post-it note on back: ""Field across from Wesley Bracy's house""
2111 2016.345.2111 Photographs. Scans of seven large-format color slides taken by Michael Macfarlan in 1955. Two (F-G) are of the Lewis Stanley boathouses on GCI. Five are of the 1,000 lb. Carcharodon carcharias ""man-eater"" shark harpooned by Capt. Lyndon ""Tud"" Bunker and John L. Saltonstall aboard his 32-foot cabin cruiser, Thetis, in August of 1955. According to newspaper articles (see items 1000.28.400-406), the shark rammed a hole below the waterline about three feet from the bow, forcing the Captain to land the boat on Bakers Island where Macfarlan took these photos. The shark was shot and killed by a boat coming to their rescue. The shark was identified by one of its teeth by Henry B. Bigelow of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College in September 1955. The photographs show John Saltonstall in blue jacket and white cap with Tud Bunker (tan pants) and Dorothy Macfarlan (photographer's mother) in white with white hat on Bakers Island with the boat and the shark.
2112 2016.347.2112 Photographs. Collage of colorful dog photos made by Susan White dogs identified as: Jack, Casey, Ollie, Loki, Brady, Sailor, Hermiga (?), Cappy, MyaLunaTide and Rosie. Unknown date but modern 2010ish? Black frame.
2113 2016.348.2113 Lamp, old schooner or boat running light found in archives 2016. Wood, thickly layer of green paint with layer of red underneath, clear semi-circular glass lens, two wires running from inside lamp to exterior.
2114 2016.349.2114 Book. The American Coast Pilot containing directions for the Principal Harbors, Capes and Headlands on the Coasts of North and South America, etc. by Edmund M. Blunt, Seventeenth Edition by E. & G. W. Blunt, New York, May 1854. 678 pages including fold-out charts. Size: 6"" x 9.75"" x 3.5"". Book is covered with loose tan canvas cloth hand stitched to keep it on the front and back covers. Inside the front cover, under the cloth cover flap is written: ""Capt Nathan King 1854 bought book of East Trenton Maine."" With several other pencil notations on first four pages. First one states: ""Purchased this book from the Lewis Stanley Estate (Less White S. West Harbor) and paid $1.00 for same - Mrs. Mary Alice White, Cranberry Isles, ME June 18th, 1957."" Second states: ""Purchased of Capt. Nathan King Dec 20th 1866, M. J. Richardson."" Third states: ""This book belonged to Carrie (Stanley) Richardson daughter of Enoch B. Stanley and her son was Charles (Peter) Richardson Cranberry Isles, Maine."" (This third note seems to be in the same handwriting as the first note by Mary Alice White.) There are several other notations, calculations, and also newspaper clippings pertaining to new lighthouses on the first several pages and the last two pages. Other notations:"" Feb 23 1867 6 days out from NY bound for [Goanives?] St. Demingo Latt 27.45."" ""26th Jan 1867, 4 days out from Boston made Bermuda."" ""Wreck bears from Light Boat on [Cifs?] Rip WNW dist 3 or 4 miles."" ""May 5th 1872: Passed Hole in the Wall Fourteen days out from Portland. Made Moro Light Havana Sixteen days out from Portland."" ""Jan 25th [18]77, five days out from NY Latt 31:20 71:47 bound to [Havana?] made [Abeo?] light [five?] days out from NY."" One newspaper clipping with header ""Exports"" includes mention of the schooner C. F. Young -449 box shooks. (GCIHS has a receipt for Meltiah carrying sugar aboard the Young.) Scans of notations made. (See also Nautical Charts 2015.315.2076)
2115 2016.350.2115 Photo album, faded purplish velvet with once-golden lettering ""Album"", four metal feet on reverse, remains of metal hasp on top cover. Per donor, album was purchased at a white elephant sale, perhaps on GCI, in the 1970s, by donor's mother Jeanne Allen Goldberg. Tintypes, cabinet cards, and portrait photos on matte board. Many pages are empty. Some photos are identified, many are not. Identified photos: ""Lulu Grandmother"". Ida Higgins (Ida was Allen ""Bully"" Klausky's grandmother who lived in the first house on the right going down Harding Point Rd, a little gingerbread house. She had a gravely voice, Miriam ""Lovey"" is Allen Klausky's mother. There was a sister, Dorothy - per Gaile Colby 1/4/16). Josie Bunker, Ben Bunkers wife - (Josie Stanley Bunker was Addie Stanley Duren's sister - per Gaile Colby 1/4/16). Ethel Wedge?. A postcard photo of Lulu and Gott(sp?). A notice from the Treasury Department for Lewis Emery Ladd dated November 1, 1919, that his monthly check from the Bureau of War Risk Insurance in payment of Compensation or Insurance will be received by him later in the month than formerly, etc. - (per Gaile Colby 1/4/16, Lew Ladd was Alfred's father; Alfred died in World War I.) A remembrance card for Charlie S. Wedge, died April 6, 1895, aged 6 months. Willie Steele (tintype) (Willie died as a little boy, he was Lulu Steele's brother - per Gaile Colby 1/4/16.) Lena (tintype). Adas Mathers Father (tintype). Pink Bulger and Will Trussel her first husband (both with question marks) cabinet card portrait: [Per Ralph Stanley 6/24/16 photo is of Sadie Anna Harding (daughter of Joseph Richard Harding and Adelma Abba Stanley) with her first husband Wilfred S. Trussell (son of Horratio H. Trussell and Wealthy Hall Spurling)who she married in 1898.) Postcard photo of street scene with automobile and note: ""Can you find yourself here?"" addressed to Alfred Ladd, Kents Hill, Maine, sincerely W. M. H. postmarked Mar 9, 1908, Eliot Maine, and Mar 10 1908 with 1 cent postage. Walter Stanley brother of Cliff and Harold. Portrait of a young boy - written on reverse: ""Cliff Stanley, Norma Bunker's father - Mrs. Frank Stanley, Cranberry Isles, Maine, Light brown hair, dark blue eyes, navy blue suit with light blue trimming, fair complexion."" (Scanned photos of Bulger & Trussell, and Ida Higgins. See also 1000.166.1191 for Trussell's compass.)
2116 2000.351.2116 Pin, bouquet of flowers made of human hair. Possible ""sailor's treasure"" - token of remembrance. Large daisies and smaller flowers on black wrapped stem.
2117 2000.352.2117 Telephone, antique, wooden box with hand crank, with metal handset and base attached by cord. This type of telephone would have been in use before direct dial in 1952. You would pick up the receiver, crank the handle on the wooden box - for example to make one short and two long rings to reach a certain party. You paid for every call, but if you wanted to ""cheat"" you could set up a time with the person you're calling and then just do one quick ring to get him. (Memories by Mickey Macfarlan.)
2118 2016.353.2118 Clothing. Blue and gold Rooster Club ball cap and green Rooster Club tee shirt. The Rooster Club was the men's answer to the elite women's Cranberry Club. Members included Arvard Savage, Doc Haydock, Charlie Rice, and Victor [White]?. Club house was behind Haydock's house.
2119 2016.354.2119 Hats and tobacco brick. (A) One flat-topped, black, wool cap with braiding above the visor in poor condition -sometimes called a Greek fisherman's cap. Brand name inside is worn off but begins with G. Style may be 100 years old. Perhaps Lewis Stanley's captain's hat. (B) One oilskin, tan, rain hat in poor condition, size 7 and 1/4. (C) One long, flat tobacco brick (10.5"" x 2.5"" x .5""). ""The rectangular block is tobacco, probably to scrape off into the bowl of a pipe."" - Bruce Komusin's note Fall 2008. Donor stated items were ""found in Carrie Richardson's house under the stairwell during renovation."" (The Stanley-Richardson house is now the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation house.) Also,""the photo of Carrie?? [Richardson] and man with telephone standing by cannon was given at same time. [Photo not present during 2013 review.]
2120 2016.355.2120 Buoys and decoys. Collection of 10 wooden buoys of various shapes and sizes, and two wooden decoys. 1. Blue and white fish-shaped wooden buoy with Richmond name on it. LHA 7519. 2. White, wooden with EW carved onto small piece of wood affixed to buoy (perhaps Edgar White). Hole for handle but handle is missing. 3. Black, yellow, and red bottom, wood, with Numbers 360 or 9 with rubber strap on end. Log with flat bottom. W. Bracy carved, ca. 1920s 4. Mushroom shape, no handle with EN White 1442 with iron ring. See the other ""White"" above and below. White fished 1930s to 1960s 5. Red bullet shaped, wooden with wooden handle. Branded on it C. Alley, 967 and 805 and 7193; (The name Richman is written on masking tape affixed to buoy.) 6. Red, yellow, and black, wooden handle and rubber strap, Part of last name or complete last name is 'Auy'. Red black yellow chipped paint, with rubber or leather strap and handle broken off, long crack. Has a number on it. 7872 branded on it. 7. Wood, white, mushroom shape with half black handle. ""1442"" and ""N White"", with iron ring on base. Perhaps turned on a lathe. Unusual. See the other ""White"" buoy. 8-10 Three buoys tied together: Blue and white, fish shaped, with Richardson 900. 11. Decoys. Wood with post on one end (neck) and B.S. carved on body. B.S. could indicate Bert Stanley or Boynton Stanley, perhaps gift of Jim Bradley - flat bottom, twine attached to each end to connect to other decoys. (See also 1000.0.1296 primitive decoys in museum.)
2121 2016.356.2121 Books, collection of four. (A) List of Merchant Vessels of the United States 1893 with illustrations and excellent information. (B) List of Merchant Vessels of the United States 1887. (C) The Island of Mount Desert Register - no date visible, but probably 1910. Book includes a chapter of history of Cranberry Isles, page 97. Many newspaper clippings from 1930s to 1960s glued to inside front book jacket and initial pages including obituaries, Cranberry Isles and Mount Desert news, shipwrecks and life savers, the firebug article etc. One black and white photo of the Mountain house before the fire. Obituary clippings include: Clara S. Alley Feb. 26, 1965; Gilbert Hadlock; Wilbert Rice; Mrs. Herbert Bell; Almenia Lurvey; Thomas M. Stanley; Charles Hulbert; Capt. William Bulger dies eleven days after his brother 1927; Mary Ann Carroll; Sim H. Mayo; Oscar Jarvis; Fred Phippen; Capt. Thomas Newman; Mrs. John Carroll; Otis Sawtelle; and Harvey Stanley; Also a handwritten list of the John Stanley, Jr. and wife Margaret family starting 1789 through 1842. Receipt from Strawbridge & Clothier for Mrs. Mabel Stanley no year. Info on Ellen Maria Spurling b. 1842 died 1929 and children. Note about Sam Chapman b. 1868 and Cora Chapman b. 1863. (Color photocopies made of articles and stored with book (C).) And (D) ""At Mount Desert: A Summer's Sowing"" by Mildred Fairfax, copyright Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society, 1893. “At Mount Desert,” by Mildred Fairfax, is in many respects a peculiarly attractive book. A defect of many stories is that they almost leave out the scenery, but it is not so in this instance. The tale itself is deeply interesting, with its young man gone astray, its good-angel sister, and its fortune lost and plotted for, but the writer is evidently in love with all the scenic effects of sea and sky and land along the rugged Maine coast, and at Mount Desert. There would be almost too much word-painting if it were not for the admirable half-tone photographic views which serve as illustrations. They become part of the narrative, and give it a realism not otherwise attainable.” (See
2122 2016.357.2122 Books. Collection of 29 books of a wide variety, many donated by Bruce Komusin over the years. (Any other known donors noted in book.) 1. Grandma Moses Story Book, by Kramer 1961 2. Ballads of the Cranberry Isles, 2003, Edited by Hugh L. Dwelley, Islesford Historical Society Occasional Paper No. 11, June 2003 3. A Long, Long Way - An Artist's Life, by Wini Smart, 2008, Custom Museum Publishing, Rockland, ME 2008 4. Mountain Playmates by Helen R. Albee, Copyright 1900 by Helen R. Albee. 5. Minstrelsy of Maine, Folk Songs and Ballads of the Woods and Coast,1927, Collected by Fannie Hardy Eckstorm and Mary Winslow Smyth 6. Upton Arithmetic Grade 4, By Clifford B. Upton, 1951 7. Maine School Report – 1901. Report of the State Superintendent of Public Schools of the State of Maine for the school year ending June 30, 1900, Augusta, Kennebec Journal Print 1901 8. Sixth Annual Report on Births, Marriages, Divorces, and Deaths in the State of Maine, 1897. Augusta, Kennebec Journal Print, 1899. 9. The Normal Third Reader, 1878, By Albert N. Raub, A.M. Ph.D., Philadelphia: Porter & Coates 1878. 10. The Island of Mount Desert Register, 1909-1910, compiled by Lawton, Jordan, and Maddox 11. Steamboat Lore of the Penobscot River, John M. Richardson, 1941 12. Steamboat Lore of the Penobscot River, John M. Richardson, 1941 13. Penobscot Bay Mount Desert and Eastport Steamboat Album by Alllie Ryan 1972 14. Temperance Fourth Reader, by Julia McNair Wright, 1895 15. The Sword of Honor - A Story of the Civil War by Lieut. H.A. Johnson, Third Maine Regiment, N.V.M., Hallowell Maine 1906. Hannibal A. Johnson, 2d Lieut 16. A Tourist in Ludlow and Other Poems by Charles E. Wadsworth by the Tidal Press (GCI) 1984 - artwork and verse 17. The Prince of Peace by Wadsworth 18. Sprague's Journal of Maine History Vol. XI 1923 No. 3 published by John Francis Sprague Dover Foxcroft Maine 19. The Cranberrry Island Series by Donald Wellman 20. Cemeteries of Cranberry Isles and the Towns of Mount Desert, by Thomas F. Vining, 2000 (1 of 2) 21. Cemeteries of Cranberry Isles and the Towns of Mount Desert, by Thomas F. Vining, 2000 22. A Graveyard Preservation Primer by Lynette Strangstad, Alta Mira Press, 1995 23-29. Books. Six Little Bunkers children's book series. By Laura Lee Hope. (6 Titles, 6 books)
2123 2016.358.2123 Shotgun. 1925-1928, .410 gauge shotgun judging by trigger. Barrel is not twisted (that started in 1950s). Trademark STEVENS Reg. U.S. Pat Off & FGN. J Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Chicopee Falls MASS USA . Wood stock.
2124 2016.359.2124 Rugs. A collection of six small hooked rugs of various shapes, fabrics, sizes, and patterns - likely early 20th century and made locally. Donor's sister-in-law, Holly Hartley, a summer resident in the house on Preble Cove, GCI, that donor now owns and where the rugs were used recalls: ""The two worn, rectangular rugs are very familiar to me. I'm certain that my grandmother collected them, as I am sure they were in the house from the time I first came to Cranberry in 1946 at 2-year-old. The other two are not familiar to me. They seem a different aesthetic entirely - multiple types of flowers, lots of different colors, the use of shading. I wonder whether or not my Mother or my sister Vicky collected them. I know my grandmother had braided rugs that were made by Margie Phippen and her sister Hilde Spurling and their mother, Pink Bulger. No 6 is very familiar to me and I also think no 5 was in the house for a long time. I am now asking myself their locations in the house. I know we walked on them and I think they were in hallways and bedrooms. I still don't know the artist but I think these two are among the older ones."" See photographs of backs and fronts of each rug. Rugs were dry cleaned 2016.
2125 2016.361.2125 Houses of Great Cranberry Island information. Collection of research materials gathered by Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin for several years starting in 1998 about the houses of GCI. Two folders including notes and scanned photos from home owners. Materials used in GCIHS publication, ""House Histories of Great Cranberry Island"" by Wini Smart 2010. (This material is not sorted yet (8/1/16).) (See also information on GCI Cape Houses 2015.304.2062.)
2126 2016.362.2126 Booklets published by GCIHS. (Collection ongoing) GCIHS BOOK PUBLICATIONS LIST as of March 2016 with printed copies of book covers. Not all books are present in collection yet. Digital copies on GCIHS NAS in Archives GCIHSpublications. A Cabin in the Woods - A Story of Sammy Sanford and Rachel Field, by Wini Smart (2011) A Taste of Cranberry, by Susan Donald Michalski 2002 (1 copy) An Artist's Sketchbook, 1998, Great Cranberry Island, Maine, by Susan Donald Michalski 2001 An Interview with Ralph Stanley, Wooden Boat Builder and National Heritage Foundation ""National Treasure"", by Jeff Weisbruch, 1994. Published by GCIHS 1999 Artists of the Cranberry Isles, Past & Present, by Wini Smart (2005) (1 copy) Baker Island - The Early Years, by Wini Smart (2012) Boatdog Bess - My Story, by Kay Gibson (Year?) Cookbook 2004 Cranberry Road Great Cranberry Island 1919-1950 by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin 2002-2003 Cranberry Quilts by Charlotte Harlan 2006 Enterprising Islanders - Great Cranberry Island 1760-2008, by Wini Smart (2008) (1 copy) Hitty Preble of the Cranberry Isles, Maine by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin (2004) (1 copy) House Histories Of Great Cranberry Island by Wini Smart 2010 If It Were Yesterday…A Historic Coloring Book Of Great Cranberry Island by Wini Smart (2001) Preserving our Past to steer our Future - Cranberry House Prospectus 2004 (4 copies) Riding with Tud - An interview with Lyndon ""Tud"" Bunker, March 18, 1993, by ? 2001 Salvaging Cargo from the Wreck of the Emily F. Northam, by Farnham W. Smith, with permission of Down East Magazine (March 1974) (1 copy) Surf, Stone, & Spruce by Ted Harlan (2003) The Construction of Road I-95 by Doris ""Dot"" McSorley 1996 (1 copy may not be complete) Three Heroines of Great Cranberry Island by Wini Smart (2013) Winter: The Other Season A Look at Old Great Cranberry Island by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin (2004) Booklets from other lists I came across, not found yet on computer 3/17/16 Favorite Island Recipes (published in conjunction with Ladies Aid) The Asa D. Stanley House
2127 2016.364.2127 Painting, large, colorful, shoreline scene with island flora and fauna,Title? , acrylic (or oil?) on wood by Wini Smart, 2000. Mounted on wooden frame. 8 ft H x 4 ft H. Painting is intended as a museum display to help children identify all the animals and sea life found on GCI. Early on, the GCIHS museum had a section for children. See also (B): white binder with laminated pages, ""Can You Find These Animals?"" identifying animals seen in the painting and on GCI.
2128 2016.365.2128 Boat. Rowboat or skiff, made by Doug Bracy (Junior Bracy's grandfather). White with red trim; name on the stern ""Karin"" (Karin Whitney). Rowboat sat on the shore by Nancy Lea's boathouse near Newman & Gray boatyard for years. Kevin Russell gave the rowboat to donor after Russell became the owner of the Lea boathouse. Boathouse was then passed on to Brezinis and has since changed hands again. The boat was repainted at some point . (Willie Granston (GHMM) may have photos of boat when it was on the shore.)
2129 2016.366.2129 Boat. Rowboat or skiff ca. 1890. White with red trim; name on stern: ""The Phil"" (Phil Whitney). Per Willie Granston (GHMM): ""used to have a name on the stern (Cat's Miow) and was given to the Historical Society by a Northeast Harbor family who had it in the basement of their cottage (the Brezeinski family)... I had it in an exhibit in Northeast Harbor (The Power of the Oar - Summer 2010), and it looked really really nice. We spent a lot of time cleaning it and washing it... It is almost undoubtedly a Chummy Spurling skiff as I lined it up with a known Spurling and measured the two side by side and all the dimensions matched, down to the size, number, and spacing of the ribs...This album shows the the rowboat when it was in NEH:"" ( Link shows rowboat in the GHMM exhibit, The Power of the Oar - Summer 2010. One view states rowboat is ca. 1890s.) Boat is in poor condition 2016.
2130 2016.367.2130 Art work. Mail Art Exhibit materials from 2014 & 2012 efforts arranged by Jan Moss' daughter, Rebecca Guyver. Individuals made beautiful, complex, but mailable artworks. Collection of multi-media materials sent to Rebecca Guyver in England and America and hung at both venues: GCIHS and at Maritime Mail Art Navyland Farm in Ringshall, Suffolk, UK. Rebecca gave this collection of items that were mailed to her into an exhibit and then gave them to GCIHS 2012. Dozens of hand made artworks mailed to PO Box 84 on GCI.
2131 2016.368.2131 Newspaper article, 1886 Boston Globe. ""February 8, 2006, These remnants of the Boston Globe newspaper of 1886 were found sandwiched between floor boards in the kitchen, confirmng that the kitchen had been an addition to the Great Cranberry Island Parish House approximately 122 years ago."" Two tattered articles: ""The City's Chief Ruler"" and ""To Reduce the Fare"" were mounted and framed in 2006. (See also Parsonage House shoes research and Cape houses research GCIHS 2015.304.2062.)
2132 2016.369.2132 Kitchenware. Plate warmer. White ceramic plate with blue rim permanently affixed to a metal bowl with two metal handles and a metal spout with screwable mouthpiece that has a tiny hole in it to allow steam to escape. Likely unscrewed the spout, filled it with hot water, or heated the whole assemblage.
2133 2016.370.2133 Kitchenware. Tea strainer. Small, metal sieve basket suspended above attached metal bowl with black wooden handle. Stamped with: ""Superior, Pat. Dec 22, 08, ALLCO""
2134 2016.371.2134 Kitchenware. Curved steel chopper with riveted steel handle. ""U. S. Stainless"". For use in cutting dough or other foods.
2135 2016.372.2135 Kitchenware. Collection of five kitchen wares: (A) Wooden pounder for pounding foodstuff or packing pickles, etc. (B) Large wooden bowl (crack in center). (C and D): Two grooved wooden paddles for making butter balls. (E) One curved, perforated, tin skimmer for removing cream from milk.
2136 2016.372.2136 Kitchen/Farm. Circular wooden sieve with metal screen, iron handle, and side hooks for winnowing beans from the husks. Gaile Colby recalls her aunt ""winnowing in the wind.""
2137 2016.374.2137 Headstone fragment discovered July 2016 during Spurling Revolutionary War Cemetery preservation project. White marble. Well worn and difficult to discern, the inscription reads: ""William/Son of Thomas & Hannah/Spurling. William Spurling, 2nd, was born 9Dec1812 and died 23May1839. This is the only piece of William's headstone discovered to date; it was lying in the grass near the Robert Spurling footstone. One corner piece is broken off. One other small white marble fragment was collected and stored with this artifact.
2138 2016.375.2138 "Journal, leather and paper, wallet style, with entries for years 1878, 1879, 1881. Pertains to nautical voyages of Meltiah Richardson aboard the Carrie M. Richardson and perhaps others. It is an extremely valuable resource for interpretation of annotated Nautical Chart 1 and other charts in GCIHS 2015.315.2076. Journal entries corroborate plot markings on nautical chart 1. All pages with handwritten text scanned (48 scans) at 600 dpi July 27, 2016. Complete transcription made Feb. 2017. (Pages with newspaper clippings glued to them were not scanned - most clippings were poetry. Note: Meltiah's wife, Carrie (Mary Catherine Stanley Richardson), wrote and saved poetry.) In several instances, a page had been cut out and/or a portion of a page had been cut out. The journal is not always chronological; entries switch around various years 1878,1879, and 1881. Some highlights are listed below. Scan no. 9
2139 2016.376.2139 Carriage. Buckboard, two beige upholstered bench seats with upholstered backs, and matching beige carpet floor mats, wooden whip holder, thin red lines painted as decoration on seat sides and other areas, brass tag reads: ""Davis B.H. B.C. Bar Harbor, Me"". Wooden wheels with iron cladding. From the old barn at the Red House - the Towns/Lim house. Willie Granston December 2016: ""…. The buckboard is in really good condition…. I know of only two Davis Buckboards on MDI, and neither is this model. One is privately owned by Martha Stewart, and one is a really sweet little 2 seater with a rear groomsman's seat owned by Bar Harbor Historical Society and kept at Seal Cove Auto Museum. The buckboard at Seal Cove is missing its bottom cushion, and Martha's has been reupholstered, so those cushions, with the flaps, are super important. ...This is really important object."" The Living Past,Virginia Somes-Sanderson p. 229: ""People came in droves from Bar Harbor, some in their private carriages, often with coachmen and footmen, others in hired vehicles, but the majority in buckboards. These riding conveyances had rows of seats, all facing front; the largest carried fifteen persons, but theer were others built for ten, seven, five, four and two passengers ... Unfortunately, the tax on them became so high that the owners could not make them pay, so they disappeared from the scene."" The donor recalls: ""The buckboard has been there all my life. I'm quite sure it came with the property. I would imagine it's been there since the Crosbys owned the barn-- if not before. I believe that they owned it around 1915 because there was a drawing of a heart on a barn stall shutter with one of the Crosby boys' names and some girl's name and the date, I think it was 1915. As children, my friends and I used to play ""Wagon Train"" (an old, old TV show) on it. I was always Flint McCullough. He was my favorite, played by the actor, Robert Horton. Ward Bond played the Wagonmaster on TV. Whoever played his part on the buckboard would wave their arm forward and yell. ""Wagons---ho !"" We were all girls, as I recall, (I do remember pitching apples at and with Clayton Savage and Dickie Haydock but I don't think we let them play Wagon Train.)"" See also, Slide 9.
2140 2016.377.2140 Decoys. Set of six pairs of hand carved wood ""tollers"". Each pair of decoy ducks is attached by a wood slat, then the whole set is attached by strings. Used for luring coot ducks when hunting. Set the decoys on the water, then row off in a boat, and shoot whatever ducks are attracted. Lightweight wood with metal fasteners.
2141 2016.378.2141 Photos. A selection of 12 photos from Clara and Carl Wedge family photos were scanned. Several others copied. Two boxes of albums and framed photos were returned to family Nov 2016. 1. Carl and Clara Wedge family Row 1: left to right: Angela and Jessica Reed, Tanya Tozier Row 2: Elmer (Junior) Reed, far right is Keith Wedge with sons Keith and Heath Row 3: Carla Wedge, russell Wedge, Ethel Wedge (she lived to be 103), Sonja, Maude Wedge, Candy Wedge and Kevin Wedge Row 4: Joey Wedge< Clar Wedge, Bill Nicholson 5th row: Carl WEdge and Greg Tozier 2. Carl and Clara Wedge 3. David Westphal 1970s, grocery truck Gretchen Westphal used to drive, Firetruck arrives 1967 or 68 4. Landscape photos ca. 2000 5. Charles Rice 6. Photos of the Pool frozen over with mountains in background, shows Ott house, Finkelstein house with Heliker LaHotan bldgs. 1970s 7. Beautiful winter scenes - mountains, sea, ferry coming and going 2000s 8. Sanborn house viewed from above; and ""Million Dollar"" view. 9. Carl Wedge with daughter Sonja 10. Carl and Clara Wedge 1950s 11. Carl Wedge with dog ca. 2002
2142 2016.379.2142 Furniture. Ironing board. Large wooden ironing board ca. 1920s from Ella Spurling house. Grandmother of donor.
2143 2016.380.2143 Genealogy. Database files. Lynne Birlem (donor) developed this database of 73,418 people; 27,800 marriages which is identified as ""Mountdesert"". Database requires Family Tree Maker 2009 software. Birlem's extensive genealogical database of Mount Desert area families includes additional materials from Tom Vining's cemetery research, obituaries for Mount Desert Islanders, deed information for individual houses, information from Thornton's history: Traditions and Records; and Charlotte Morrill's and Meredith Hutchins' research (Southwest Harbor Public Library. Donor is descendant of GCI Birlem family and resides on Mount Desert Island 2016. See digital file: mountdesert LB_2009-02-02_2009-03-04_2009-05-23_2010-07-07_2010-07-28_2010-08-09_2014-06-09_2016-12-14.ftmb (requires Family Tree Maker 2009 software). On the NAS at : \\gcihs-nas\Archives\GenealogyMountDesert_Birlem
2144 2016.381.2144 Letters. Collection. Folder of 13 letters relating to Samuel Sanford v. William Preble lawsuit, with mention of a claim by Fernald [and possibly Spurling] 1900-1904. These materials indicate Preble was in so much debt he could have lost his entire property. (See other materials related to suit at end of this description.) 1. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr., Counselor at Law (Offices at Ellsworth and Bar Harbor), from Ellsworth, Me. Feb 2, 1900 to Capt. B. H. Spurling, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2 ½ typewritten pages marked ""Dictated"" at the top, with handwritten corrections within. Two suits now pending by [Samuel] Sanford against Mr. Preble [William P. Preble], the second suit causing more delay. Lawyer has taken testimonies and wants to take more testimony; auditor can't make his report until completed. Doubts if there will be a trial in April. Things are complicated by W. H. Preble's death [W.P's son] who knew the details of the case. Lawyer says Sanford did furnish a lot of supplies and labor, even if a bit exaggerated, and thinks there will be a balance due Sanford, even with Preble's charges for Sanford's board and his bill to Sanford (which Peters thinks is over-charged). Suggests stave off both suits until October term and make a decent settlement. ""Of course we are for the defendant and the longer we put them off, the more we tire them out, and the better prospect we have of getting a favorable settlement."" (This letter was scanned 12/21/16.) [Note: The envelope clipped to this letter is addressed to Mrs. B.H. Spurling, Boothbay Harbor dated June 1901] 2. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr., Counselor at Law from Ellsworth, Me, April 3rd, 1900 to Capt. Benj. H. Spurling, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. 3 ½ typewritten pages marked ""Dictated"" at the top. Responding to Spurling's letters of Feb. 25 and March 30th. Sanford suits will be delayed until October. ""The old gentleman cannot be disturbed as long as we hold off Sanford, and prevent his getting any judgment…"" Preble's place is ""attached for large sums of money."" Spurling and William P. Preble, Jr. [Preble's son] will assist with Preble's matters. Peters talks about Spurling's mention of papers that Mr. Preble gave to William H. Preble, but knows nothing of them. ""His property will have to go first for the payment of his debts, and I do not imagine that there will be anything left after the payment of the debts."" Mentions Mrs. Fernald's claim on page 3; she stands to get the same percentage as the others. Wonders how long Spurling will be away on his fishing business and if he knows of a good trade in a sloop boat, ""a good large boat of the knockabaout style."" [Envelope clipped to this letter is addressed to William P. Preble Esq, Cranberry Isles Maine and postmarked June 1901] 3. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr. Counselor at Law from Ellsworth, Me, April 25, 1900, to William P. Preble Esq, Cranberry Isles, Me, Two typewritten half-pages, bluish ink, marked ""dictated"" at the top. Peters writes of his correspondence with Capt. Spurling who is evidently your good friend. They did not have a chance to get down to see Preble before Spurling left for Bristol. He hopes Preble will not ""borrow any trouble about the matter"" (worry), and Peters is sorry to hear of the ""recent grief that has befallen your son's family."" With envelope postmarked April 25, 1900. 4. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr. Counselor at Law etc from Ellsworth, Me, Sept. 20th, 1900, to William P. Preble, Esq., Cranberry Isles, Maine, Two typewritten half-pages, marked ""dictated"" at the top. This letter is blurred purplish ink. Peters responds to Preble's ""favor"" of Sept. 18th and explains he hasn't seen him because he didn't want to disturb him with matters of the case. Auditor is still taking testimony - took the deposition of William P. Richardson last week at Bar Harbor. Richardson's testimony somewhat damaging to Preble. Preble seems to have charged Richardson a lot less than Sanford for shore privileges in connection with the outer weir. Peters has asked Capt. Spurling to come up to Ellsworth and go over the testimony. 5. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr. Counselor at Law etc from Ellsworth, Me, Jan. 24th, 1901, to Capt. B.H. Spurling, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Two typewritten pages, marked ""Dictated"" at the top. This letter is purplish ink. Peters responds to Spurling's Jan 7th letter. He says he got the case continued to April with considerable difficulty. The report of the auditor was filed ""and I send you copies of his report in each case"" (note: copies are not with this letter 12/12/16 they may be with previous catalogue entries), and he asks that Spurling return them to him. Still hoping to procure further delay. Peters says ""If the old gentleman holds on until March it would be my idea to have you go to Cranberry Isle and meet Sanford and Mr. Preble, and see if you could not arrange a settlement by setting off to Sanford some land, which he should take title to by deed, to take effect ater mr. Preble's death, that is reserving a life interest to Mr. Preble."" ""I presume the principal thing now is to make it comfortable and easy for Mr. Preble as long as he lives, and also to save something for your sister who has served so faithfully."" 6. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr, Counsellor at Law etc from Ellsowrth, Me, April 15th, 1901, to William P. Preble Esq, Cranberry Isles, Maine. One handwritten page, both sides, marked ""Dictated"" at the top. Peters responds to Preble's ""favor"" of the 13th and regrets very much Preble did not follow his instruction to rest easy. He will send copies of the ""deeds we passed with Sanford"" after they are recorded. Thinks they made a favorable deal with Sanford, the suits are out of court and no litigation pending. Seems Preble may have been confused about some of the details including a shore access right of way. To have contested the report could have entailed considerable expense; Peters speaks of other options they could have taken that wouldn't have been so favorable, reminds him that he'd desired Peters to make the best settlement he could. He'll send details and figures in his next letter. 7. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr, Counsellor at Law etc from Ellsowrth, Me, April 22nd, 1901, to Mrs Benj. H. Spurling, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. One and a half typewritten pages, purple ink, marked ""Dictated"" at the top. Peters responds to Mrs. Spurling's letter of the 18th, saying ""Your father was likely to lose the whole of his property, but I effected a settlement, so that he saves a large portion of it."" Says he tried to telephone your town (Boothbay) to get her husband to go to the Island but he was away to sea. Mrs. Richardson was not called to testify because ""your late bother and your father did not think it wise at the time."" He would have been glad to have her testimony. She's ""a woman of a very sharp tongue"" and ""so I rather though at the time that they hardly dared to call her."" [Note: Is this Carrie M. Richardson they speak of here?] 8. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr, Counsellor at Law etc from Ellsowrth, Me, June 8, 1901, to William P. Preble Esq, Cranberry Isles, Maine. One typewritten page purple ink, marked ""Dictated"" at the top. Enclosing the statement in full and detail of settlement with Mr. Sanford, the value placed upon each lot, and a copy of your deed to Sanford and the original [and a copy] of Sanford's deed to you. [Nothing with this letter 12/12/16.] States Preble will be ""undisputed n your premises, and free of litigation in your old age."" He also states the matter of why Mrs. Richardson was not called as a witness is mentioned in the statement. 9. Letter from John A. Peters, Jr, Counsellor at Law etc from Ellsowrth, Me, June 8, 1901, to Mrs. B. H. Spurling, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. One typewritten page marked ""Dictated"" at the top. Peters sends her the statement of the recent transactions in the suits between your father and Mr. Sanford with a summary of the settlement and other details relating to the closing up of the suits."" 10. Letter from Wm. P. Preble (by C.M.R) [Carrie M. Richardson] Cranberry Isles, Nov. 15, 1901, to Hon. J. A. Peters, Jr., Ellsworth, Maine. Two handwritten pages, two-sided. Preble is telling Peters about his affairs. On the 29 [next letters illeg], and the day after he found himself locked out from his own buildings when he went to the shore. Preble is very upset: ""Must I submit to this, and is there no redress?"" Preble also writes that Wm. P. Richardson has purchased of S.C. Sandford [sic] a piece of woodland run off by G. R. Fuller (sp?), on the [southern or northern] part of my home lot which now remains to be proven."" Please let him know what to do. He mentions Capt. B.H. Spurling but unclear what he means. 11. Letter from Egenia Brumell(sp?) of 304 Harrison St., Syracuse, NY, to her brother Benjamin Spurling of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, dated Feb. 4th, 1903; three, two-sided, handwritten pages. Explains she's been unable to get the facts of the case[Sanford v. Preble presumably]. She wrote to his wife, Fannie. Fannie thought she was crazy. Author says she has endured insults the last time she visited the homestead. How gladly Matilda closed the door on her and father would not say goodbye. Says her dear stepfather who she always loved has since send his blessing and goodbye. Says Preble took Samuel Sanford and the family too much in his confidence. She prayed the Matilda and Dora[?] should die and Sam be deprived of all he thinks will be his. Implores brother to take her advice immediately. Explains the homestead lot belongs to the heirs of Samuel Spurling (now deceased). What father bought since belongs to his children alone. Gives advice and begs her brother to get father to sign to this effect, that undo influence was used and father didn't know what he was doing. He's injuring his children. Undo the wrong. ""Sam [Sanford] has no right to it."" Do it now [Preble is old and ailing]. Spurling heirs are entitled to that place, so many acres, land, house etc. God is on her side. She is willing to sell to her brother and take out mortgage from him to hold her claim in the property and secure herself. Wants to visit the island next summer. Mentions Frank is in Trinidad and heading north, ""Oh that my sons were safe on shore."" Carrie [Richardson?] is interested in missionary work at home and is president and treasurer of the ""Society."" They had a blizzard yesterday. Author will be 68 on 20th June and is still in good physical shape. She has hired a room from a very accommodating man and wife but is tired of the city. Talks about current difficult issues in the world, her predictions for future, and how she works for every penny. Mentions that her brother's eldest daughter is taking medicine for asthma. ""I have known poverty and am disgusted with it, particularly when I would like to play lady bountiful."" 12. Letter from Thulma(?) M. Harding of Lamoine [ME] to her brother Captain B. H. Spurling of Boothbay Harbor, Me, dated Mar. 29th, 1903. Responds to her brother's letter, saying she's of the same mind as before. She can't see why she's called to help take cre of ""Esq."" [is this Preble?], and she 'does not know of the many benefits I have received from him."" Surely my father left property enough to take care of his children. ""I know I worked hard enough taking care of The Esq.'s children to pay for all I ever received."" She doesn't feel the debt of gratitude. She has never received anything from her father. ""Has not the Esq had the benefit of everything my father owned all his life?"" Mentions Joseph (her husband?) got a bill for $100 for her wedding clothing. She agrees with her brother that he [Preble] has been wronged by those he chose in place of his own children. She almost lost her island home so she could go live in peace. She's glad Sarah can give up her part so willingly. When he is really ready to buy, she will name her price. She sends her love to Fanny and the family. 13. Letter from T. E. Welles, Mayor, City of Pensacola, Fla, to Captain B. H. Spurling of Boothbay Harbor, Me, dated June 13th, 1904. One typewritten page, purple ink. Replies to the Captain's 'favor of the 8th' wondering at his silence. Sorry to hear he had lost two large schools of fish but glad he had a good trip after all. He had two letters from Sam Josephs who never writes much about his stock. He doesn't write unless he has a good trip of fish. Welles says we had just launched another new vessel, The Frances H., named for the wife of Mr. W. G. Robins, Treasurer of A Booth & Co., Chicago. Discusses other boat transactions. Said the vessels had stayed in for the primary election last Tuesday. He only has one more year as Mayor and may be able to get East after that. Closes with: Your friend. [Seems to be unrelated to the Preble lawsuit.] See also other catalogued items relating to these letters: Item Nos. 811-829, 832, depositions, court documents, family correspondence were gifts from a different donor. Item Nos. 1209-1214 are correspondence and documents re: suit, gift of this donor.
2145 2016.381.2145 Correspondence. From Louise Marr collection. Two letters: (A) Letter from B. H. Spurling, Promise Land, Long Island, NY, Aug. 17th/24 (1924?) to his granddaughter Dorsy (attached envelope reads: Miss Doris P. Marr, Spring Street, Livermore Falls, Maine, Aug [illeg] [?]24., five handwritten pages. He describes his fishing expedition and hopes she's doing well with her music. (B) Letter from W. A. Spurling, Islesford, Feb. 11, 1936, to Capt. B. H. Spurling, 1 handwritten page. ""Dear Capt Ben"" he thanks him for the check and hopes he'll come visit.
2146 2016.381.2146 Genealogy. Collection of materials pertaining to Louise Marr family. 1. Guest book listing names and hometowns of visitors for unknown location, no dates except towards the end 1979, 1982, 1984 2. Certified Abstract of a Record of Marriage (Maine) for Andrew A. McSorley, Guilford, ME, and Doris P. Marr, Livermore Falls, Maine. His occupation: Instructor Manual Arts; Hers: Teacher. Date of Marriage June 6, 1936 in Livermore Falls, ME. 3. ""Our Wedding Souvenir"" - booklet, with list of guests on last page including B. H. Spurling and Mrs. Mabel Spurling among many others. Booklet pages are separate from the white binder; white binder contains newspaper clippings (see next entry). 4. A dozen or so newspaper clippings with photos about Andrew McSorley, John McSorley, Doris Marr with information about their activities. Only one article dated: 1930. 5. Scrapbook ""Wedding Memories"" contains (1) a Western Union telegram ""Wedding Greeting"" from Kathryn and Phil, June 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McSorley, Care of Mr. Marr. ""Heartiest congratulations we hope you will always be as happy as you are today stop mothers advice is the best it is easy enough to get married it is sticking to your guns afterwards that counts stop pack your trailer full and come out and see us love Kathryn and Phil 729A June 6"" (2) Wedding invitation (3) Newspaper articles (4) Telegram from Aunt Effie apologizing that they can't come. (5) List of guests and gifts 6. Genealogy, handwritten of ""Mother's side"" Frances Marion Spurling/Wade Hampton Marr. And ""Dad's Side"" Mary Louise Douglas[?] and Father: George Sanborn Marr. Some interesting miscellaneous notes on last pages. Author says, ""..Sammy, claiming wages for caring for her [his mother Matilda Sanford] and Preble, who had a stroke, got Great Head, Little Head etc. for his services.""
2147 2016.381.2147 Property information re: real-Estate for Marr Family (the old Preble house and I-95 property 1970s) (A) White envelope labeled: Cranberry Island, Insurance Policy (1976), Expense Summary (DPM), Deposit Sips, Cranberry Acct (LHM) and pencil note: Probably from Louise Marr 3/24/14 archives meeting) Materials are 1969-1970s. (B) Correspondence about changes to the property and improvements 1970s, with maps etc.
2148 2016.381.2148 "Documents. Collection of miscellaneous materials from donor. School materials - show attendance pre-consolidation in 1904 when there was a school where today's gravel pit is on GCI, and at Malcolm Donald's house on GCI, as well as Baker's island. 3 State of Maine Teacher's School Registers for Cranberry Isles (lists of students and statistics) :(1) No. 5, First Winter Term 1888 signed by Ima Robbins, Teacher District No. 5
2149 2016.381.2149 Documents. Collection of materials from Louise Marr. 1. Note of introduction for Fannie A. Preble 1872 from O.A. Richardson of Cranberry Isles. 2. Receipt. H.H. Hay & Son druggist 1892 for various concoctions with prices and paid by Fernald. (Scanned both sides1/2/17) 3. Booklet. Graduation 1903 of Frances Marion Spurling (Louise Marr's mother) among others. 4. Copy of article re: the vessel “Georgie”. 5. Newspaper clippings: Two poems by E.T. Preble. 6. Four pages of handwritten genealogy and misc notes for Preble/Marr/Spurlings. Annotation says ""Preble was my Great Grandfather"" Page one also explains the [Preble] house history:""The old ""house"" lot was Samuel Spurlings and sold to him by Benjamin Spurling (not grampy) in Sept 4, 1832. This was Preble's wife's (Abigail Hadlock) first husband. He died and she marries William Preble. The house was built by Samuel Spurling. She has four children by Sam Spurling before he dies. Preble helps bring them up…."" 7. Newspaper obituary for ""Wm. P. Preble Former Portland Is Citizen Dead"" with pencil corrections indicating it should be Wm. H. Preble, and indicates ""Chicago"". 8. Receipt for Benj H. Spurling Oct 2, 1905 for grocery items purchased at Nettie A. Stanley's store on GCI.
2150 2016.381.2150 Documents. Information about properties along the GCI road ""I-95"". Handwritten loose leaf pages. Descriptions of lots for I-95 (local name), written copies of deeds. According to Bruce Komusin, they had to arrange rights-of-way for the road along each property. Uncertain author(s) – probably Louise Marr or Dot McSorley (sisters). Three groups of handwritten notes, and one typewritten letter from Malcolm S. Stevenson, Blaisdell & Blaisdell, Counsellors at Law, Ellsworth, ME, October 23, 1973 to Mrs. Mary Chamberlin, 31 Red Coat Road, Westport, Conn, two typewritten pages re: Blanche Atkinson Cranberry Isles property.
2151 2016.381.2151 Documents. Genealogy. Marr, Preble, and Spurling families. 1. Original. Family Register (color print) of William Pitt Preble's siblings and his parents Esaias and Mary A. Preble. 2. Family Register – color faded- William P. Preble and Abigail C. Preble and the children they had together. 3. Article. Ellsworth American 1987 – Double B mail boat and Ferry, ""It Carries About Everything that will Fit"" with photos of Captain John Gannon and passengers. 4. Envelopes. Two addressed to Miss Fannie A. Preble no contents. One from Wells Fargo and Co, the other from Cold Hill. 5. Photo. Small, black and white, C.S. Spurling Hebron Academy, Sept. 15, 1902, Class of 1902. 6. Documents. Genealogy of William Pitt Preble family and a copy of same. Handwritten. 7. Documents. Genealogy of children of Whillimenia and Fleurase(?) Bunker and a copy of same. Handwritten. 8. Document. Copy. School Agent's Census Return, 1888, District 3, Town of CI 9. Article. Wade H. Marr “East End Locals” 1914. 10. Article. Copy about artist Carl Nelson – The Great Sage of Cranberry Island, ca. mid-1980s. 11. Document. Members of Second Maine Cavalry and Friends of General Andrew B. Spurling - announcing a 90 page book to be sold for benefit of General Spurling. Cost $1.00, postage 4 cents, Address: C.C. Roberts, 879 Millard Avenue, Chicago, Ill. (Civil War Medal of Honor recipient born and raised on GCI.) 12. Photograph. Oval, black and white of young Wade Marr, Father of Louise Marr (donor). 13. Photograph, magazine: an example of a corduroy road like that built on GCI for I-95. 14. Copy of a newspaper article ""Our Workers"", a portion of an article by Charles Harwood about raising funds for the church, and contains information about the Wheelwright family. No date 15. Print of the Coat of Arms for the Marr family.
2152 2016.381.2152 Documents. Collection of items from Louise Marr. 1. Documents. Ten original receipts for pews sold to finance construction of the Great Cranberry Island meeting house [the GCI church] 1866. Each signed on August 25, 1866 by William P. Preble, Thomas Bunker, and Wm. H. Preble Building Committee. John Stanley $70=Pew 6. William H. Preble $100=Pew 18. Asa D. Stanley $90=Pew 2. Albert Gilley $70=Pew 39. S. G(?). Young and E.C. Rosebrook $60=Pew 30. John G. Bunker $70=Pew 37. William P. Preble $100=Pew 21. John N. Bulger $70=Pew 7. Samuel S. Fernald $80=Pew 29. Enoch Spurling $70=Pew 38. 2. Receipt. Items bought by Mr. William P. Preble on April 14, 1876 from Perley, Russell & Co, 94 Commercial Street, Portland, ME, and paid $51.50 (includes $1.23 interest) on Dec 26, 1876. 3. Several newspaper articles about Rachel Field. 4. Modern reprint of what many believe to be William P. Preble's wife, “The Prussian Lady” , so labelled on reverse. Can't ever find an attribution for this one. We have various copies floating around. 5. Letter from Knowles Company, Insurance and Real Estate, Northeast Harbor, ME, January 9, 1935, to Capt. Benjamin H. Spurling, Boothbay Hrbor, ME, re: problems collecting rent from tenant. 6. Family history re: Capt. Benjamin Spurling born 1849 on GCI ""Capt. Benjamin Spurling was b. July 22, 1849, at Great Cranberry Isles, son of George N. and Abigail Spurling. He m. Frances A. dau of William P and Abigail C. Preble, who was born and reared on the same islan. He commenced going to sea at th age of ten; took his first command at 21, sch. Maggie W. Willard.. IN 1871 he moved to Portland and in 1888 to B.H. [Is this Boothbay Harbor?]. He holds a first-class pilot's license for the Atlantic Coast for steamers not exceeding 700 tons. He has built five vessels for E. Sanders & Col, Pensacola, Fla, and purchased and sold them sveral others. His principal sea-going has been in the mackerel fishery, and he has one high-line year to his credit. Their children are: Maud A., m. Forest Ware, Whitefield; Harold B. and Frances M."" 7. Postcards. Two postcards for Preble taxes 1896 ($4.28) and 1895 ($3.61). 8. Receipt. William P. Preble is proprietor of One share of the capital stock of Ellsworth & Tremont Telegraph Company., July 5, 1869. 9. Card. Memorial card for George N. Spurling, died Jan. 16, 1901 at 82 years. He's buried in Spurling Cemetery. 10. Genealogy of the Preble Family in America, large chart, folded. 11. Genealogy, Family Record, large, ornate, folded, for William P. Preble family
2153 2017.382.2153 Documents. (A) Map 1958 map and cottage directory of Cranberry Isles by L. S. Robinson. (Display in Museum reception.) (B) 1987 GCI phone list with artistic yellow cover designed and published by Longfellow School 1987; (C) 1995-1996 GCI phone list; (D) Ladies Aid Fair laminated announcement for Aug 9, 2000 - it's 100th Annual fair. (E) Newspaper publication of poem: “’Twas a Mite Before Midnite – An Ode to Great Cranberry Isle - with apologies to ""Twas the Night Before Christmas"" - 1982; frame removed. (F) newspaper clippings and obituaries that were stored behind the poem in the frame.
2154 2017.382.2154 Portrait, large, framed, pastel or watercolor - man and woman, man in dark suit seated with woman standing next to him. Written in pencil on back of canvas: ""Hair brown/hat white light blue F[?]/Deep Blue eyes/Complexion light [??? illegible]/[??]pale/]??] golden/ hair medium Brown/eyes dark brown/Complexion medium/very little? Collar in face/bluish? Barn or Brown Ty."" Written on the wood canvas stretcher:""583 cgilt"" One of several items from donors in summer 2016 prior to selling their house on The Lane, GCI. Many items pertain to Lulu Alley family. Items were in the house when donor's parents, June and Ed Sampson, bought the house from Lulu in November 1969. The four Sampson children were added to the deed in 1995. Dan and Maia bought the house from Maia’s siblings in 2002 and sold it in 2016. The house was built for Lulu Steele when she married Lewis Alley 1914(?); Lulu died in 2004. House is said to be a ca. 1914 Sears Roebuck modular home, similar to several others on GCI. The garage on the property was built by Mike Westphal in the 1980s. Big cook stove in kitchen is original. It was the only heat and only stove in the house originally. Rocking chair in house is original. Kitchen cabinetry on right of sink is original. Woodstove in the living room is 1973.
2155 2017.382.2155 Portrait. Large framed oval portrait of a man (or woman) in green jacket. Could be Charles Gott, possibly Lulu (Steele) Alley's husband at one time. Oval wood and bubble glass, perhaps a 'tiger wood' frame. On reverse in pencil script: ""5713 Mr. Chas. Gott, Bar Harbor, ME"". Gaile Colby recalled some information about Mr. Steele's old place. "" A camp across from Polly Bunker's burned down after a lot of use. Louis Bracy was born in that house. It was an outhouse from the school originally and Sadie brought it down and added it to the 'camp'. Arthur built the replacement to the shack late 1960s 1970s. Arthur lived in the old shack, too. Sadie gave it to Madeleine, and Madeleine and Frank lived in it. Everyone lived in it. Liza and Pink's daughter, Elma, lived in it. Jeanne was her sister. Jeanne Start is who Lou Millar bought her house from. This portrait is one of several items from donors in summer 2016 prior to selling their house on The Lane, GCI. Many items pertain to Lulu Alley family. Items were in the house when donor's parents, June and Ed Sampson, bought the house from Lulu in November 1969. The four Sampson children were added to the deed in 1995. Dan and Maia bought the house from Maia’s siblings in 2002 and sold it in 2016. The house was built for Lulu Steele when she married Lewis Alley 1914(?); Lulu died in 2004. House is said to be a ca. 1914 Sears Roebuck modular home, similar to several others on GCI. The garage on the property was built by Mike Westphal in the 1980s. Big cook stove in kitchen is original. It was the only heat and only stove in the house originally. Rocking chair in house is original. Kitchen cabinetry on right of sink is original. Woodstove in the living room is 1973.
2156 2017.382.2156 Furniture. Wooden commode (potty seat/toilet chair) with lid. One of several items from donors in summer 2016 prior to selling their house on The Lane, GCI. Many items pertain to the Lulu Alley family. Items were in the house when donor's parents, June and Ed Sampson, bought the house from Lulu in November 1969. The house was built for Lulu Steele when she married Lewis Alley 1914(?); Lulu died in 2004. House is said to be a ca. 1914 Sears Roebuck modular home, similar to several others on GCI. The garage on the property was built by Mike Westphal in the 1980s. Big cook stove in kitchen is original. It was the only heat and only stove in the house originally. Rocking chair in house is original. Kitchen cabinetry on right of sink is original. Woodstove in the living room is 1973.
2157 2017.382.2157 Pottery. Large beige ceramic crock pot with lid. Exterior stamped with black circular logo: MOPOCO WARE 2.
2158 2017.383.2158 Photos. Four folders of assorted old photographs and one old photo album. Folder 1 = Twenty tintypes of various sizes from 1"" to 4"" - portraits of unidentified people in various settings and poses. Folder 2 = Cabinet cards and mounted prints: a) group photo of a family reunion marked on reverse ""Mrs. D. K. Stanley"". b) Portrait of man with a beanie or school cap, on reverse: J. G. L'Abbe/H.A. '06"". c) Man with spectacles ""Floyd Philbrick""; d) Man in dark suit ""Mr. Thomas Fennelley/cor. Summit Ave/& Mcauster Rd/N. E. Harbor, Maine"" and ""Photo Andrew E. Fennelly"". e) Same photo as (d) man in dark suit ""Andrew Fennelly"". f) ""Andrew & Eva Fennelly on wedding day/Gardiner Cottage"". g) baby picture ""Miss Rebecca Alberger Price/age 22 months/Born Mar 25-1899"". h)""Frank Richardson"". i) ""A late birthday present from Effie"". j) ""George Renaldo (Hamor?)"". k) ""Clarence? Crosby"". And twelve unidentified photos. Folder 3 = Two mounted photographs. The first is an excellent high quality 5x7 print mounted on cardboard of men at work in a large workshop. Lots of lath strips stored in ceiling and on workbench. (Lobster pots)? Faint illegible writing on upper right corner, ""319"" ""J. B."" and other words. The second mounted print is 6""x7"" print on tan cardboard backing of 35 women and two boys seated on grass and standing along the wall of the house with a woman and child looking out from a window behind the group. Stained glass window in background. . Folder 4 = A collection of small mounted photos marked: Roy Bryant; Ralph Bryant; Rebecca Alberger Price age 16 mos; Philina Stanley/Oscar Wedge's Aunt (there are chickens and fences in the background; eight unidentified photos. One 4"" x4"" GCI Class of 1936 yearbook with 1"" x1"" individual photos of school children and teacher Dorothy Spurling Whitney. Children's names: Spurling, Bunker, Alley, Phippen, Worcester, Wedge, Rosebrook, Carlson, and eight unidentified. There are also nine small unmounted photos with one identified as Ralph Stanley. One framed color 8"" x 6"" photo ""Dock on Great Cranberry"" by Waterman. Photo Album = Ornate yellow leather photo album with embossed, colored lilies, metal corners, and 1/2 of its metal clasp remaining. Per donor, this was Ethel Wedge's photo album. It's 12 thick pages of photos unidentified except for the last page ""Elder J. C. Foss"". The name Myra G. Steele is written in one slot, but the photo is missing.
2159 2017.384.2159 Ships. Copies of three manuscripts by Ralph W. Stanley. (A & B:) Two xerox copies of ""Vessels Related to Great Cranberry Island: Notes Collected by Ralph Stanley Boatbuilder, S.W. Harbor, Me"" as handed to Bruce Komusin by Ralph Stanley at GCIHS Annual Meeting, Weds. 28 August 1996. Lists Date; Name of vessel, Master and Owner; Length; and Tonnage for the years 1856-1860. (C) is an alphabetical listing of the same information. (D) ""List of Vessels Built on Mount Desert Island, Cranberry Island, Tinker's Island, Thompson's Island and Long Island (Frenchboro), According to Year Built, compiled by Ralph W. Stanley."" Sources for (D) are listed on page 40.
2161 2017.386.2161 Houses. Preble House exhibit and research materials; and ceramic sherds recovered on the property . (A) The 2013 Maine Memory Network online exhibit materials for ""Great Cranberry Island's Preble House"" at A house history of the 1827 home of the Hadlocks, Prebles, and Spurling families including deeds, photos and storyline about the history of the house, people, and documents. Information gathered for possible nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. (B) Information and photos about the locations of ceramic sherds recovered on the property by its present owner, Michael Macfarlan. (See also 2013.258.1988 for ceramic sherds (fragments from plates and cups).