News 2004

16 Dec 2004

$9642 Cranberry House Grant of Stocks from Anonymous Donor
An anonymous donor has generously given us stocks worth $9642 towards the furtherance of our plans for Cranberry House.

16 Nov 2004

Cranberry House Relocated
Today we reached an historic milestone.  Cranberry House, the former "Mountain View Inn," was moved down the Main Road from Eva Galyean's property and settled onto its new foundation on the Historical Society's lot next to the Parsonage.  Under mover Ken Jordan's expert supervision, everything went smoothly and only a minimal number of overhanging branches had to be removed.  Lorraine Bracy took photos of the move.

24 Sept 2004

Cranberry House Ground Breaking Begins
John Goodwin, Jr. Construction today started a month-long project to prepare the lot that will soon become the new home of the Cranberry House.

Goodwin's first step is to remove stumps left by the first tree cutting last spring.  Next he'll cut more trees: in the parking lot area, plus any tall trees that threaten to fall on the building.  Then he'll excavate the foundation area, and dig a trench from there to the road, for the entrance of underground electricity and telephone wires.  Last, he'll excavate, form, and pour cement for the foundation.

After Goodwin completes his tasks, current plans call for Kenneth Jordan to move the building onto the cured cement foundation around November 1, 2004 -- but foul barging weather could postpone that step until next spring.

Once on its new site, the building will not actually be usable.  Internal changes are still needed to meet current fire and disability requirements.  This season's fundraising pays only for the building and the moving.  Next season, the Historical Society will hold further fundraising efforts to go forward with the internal refurbishing.

16 Aug 2004

Historical Society Invites Donations of Stock Certificates
The Historical Society today opened a stock account, to accept the donation of stock certificates.

Donors with stock certificates that have significantly appreciated may wish to donate stock in kind to the Cranberry House Project.

Donating stock—instead of the equivalent cash realized from the sale of such stock—benefits the Society, a tax-free 501(c)(3) entity, to the full amount of the current value of the stock, while the donor enjoys a tax deduction for the donation, and does not have to pay capital gains tax on any appreciation.  Consult your financial advisor for further details.

31 July 2004

$10,000 Cranberry House Grant from Maine Community Foundation
We received a letter today, "I am pleased to report that the Directors of the Maine Community Foundation have approved a grant of $10,000 to the Great Cranberry Historical Society for foundation preparation expenses to ready the Society's lot for the moving of the historic Mountain View Inn building that will become a permanent Historical Museum and Cultural Center and home of the Society.

"The grant is made from the Belvedere Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.  MCF staff referred your proposal to a donor we thought might be interested in providing support for your project, and this grant is a result of that referral."

22 July 2004

Hitty Preble featured in July & August Issue of Doll Castle News
The Great Cranberry Historical Society's Hitty Preble flat wooden doll and booklet is featured on page 7 of the July & August 2004 issue (Volume 44, No. 3) of Doll Castle News, a nation-wide magazine published bi-monthly out of Washington NJ.  Thanks to this and other exposure, the Society has sold more than $2000 worth of Hittys this season.

14 June 2004

$2500 Cranberry House Grant from The Island Institute
The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society today received an email from The Island Institute stating they have "...approved full funding of your March 16th application to the Island Community fund for $2500 to help with the relocation of the historical society's recently-agreed-to-purchase building.  Congratulations! ... The Island Institute understands that this is at least a four year project.  We are pleased to be able to assist the society's with its first steps to achieve a great new facility."

1 June 2004

Hitty Preble on Front Page of Friends of Hitty Newsletter
Great Cranberry Historical Society's flat wooden Hitty Preble doll is featured on the front page of the Spring 2004 edition of the Friends of Hitty Newsletter!

The newsletter, issued four times a year since 1995, is edited and published by Virginia Ann Heyerdahl (), 2704 Belleview Ave., Cheverly MD 20785.  It proclaims itself, "A forum for the dissemination of information on Hitty herself, Rachel Field, Dorothy Lathrop, and the artists who create Hittys."  Subscriptions are $18 per year (4 issues.)

The full text of the article follows:

Volume VIII
Issue One

Friends of Hitty Newsletter
Spring 2004

An Announcement:
Great Cranberry Island Historical Society's
Hitty Preble Website -

We have some exciting news to relate—some of you already know about this—a new website has been set up,  which claims "that Great Cranberry Island is, in fact, Hitty's Home - where she was 'born.'"

GCI: Hitty's Home

Imagine my surprise when, in early February, I received an e-mail from Bruce Komusin, the treasurer of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society (GCIHS), asking about the Friends of Hitty. We corresponded back and forth and he has since become a member of the Friends of Hitty.

Bruce has put together a fantastic website about Hitty, Rachel Field and her family, and Great Cranberry Island. When you go to the website, plan on spending a lot of time, as there are so many things to look up - and links to follow.

Hitty PrebleAs a fundraising project for the GCIHS, Hitty Preble - a "wooden" paper doll - debuts! Made by a Maine craftsman, the original artwork for the doll was done by Wini Smart, an artist who also happens to be the President of the GCIHS. The doll is 6-1/2 inches tall and comes in a special package with three paper outfits. She is accompanied by an information and activity booklet designed to assist a child in playing with the doll. However, I am sure our members will also enjoy it!

The purpose of the GCIHS, in creating the Hitty Preble website and doll, is to inform and educate the general public, especially children, of the rich history of these Maine islands and their strong and lasting ties to Rachel Field. What a great gift the "wooden" paper doll of Hitty Preble is for children to introduce them to the enchanting story of Hitty and her adventures.

The doll is available from the GCIHS for $25, postpaid, which includes the booklet that goes with her. (Maine residents must add $1.25 per doll ordered.) To order, send a check or money order to: Hitty Preble, c/o GCIHS, POB 12 Cranberry Isles, ME 04625.

This Hitty has done something that no other Hittys have had an opportunity to do before! They have all "slept" overnight in the Preble house which is on Great Cranberry Island! The present owner very generously allows the GCIHS Hittys to come and spend a night at the house before they go to new owners.

The Preble House was once owned by William P. and Abigail Preble. Rachel spent a lot of time on the Cranberry Islands and visited Great Cranberry Island, probably on numerous occasions. It is obvious from the information provided at this website, that Rachel knew of the Prebles and their house and must have based the fictional Preble family on the real family!

A big "Thank You" to Bruce for providing such an interesting website and to Wini for her artistic interpretation of Hitty! We welcome you to our "Wonderful World of Hitty" and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Preble House

Left top: The logo for "Hitty's Home" by artist Wini Smart for the GCIHS. Courtesy of the GCIHS and Bruce Komusin.

Left bottom: The Hitty Preble "wooden" paper doll, based on artwork by Wini Smart. Courtesy GCIHS and Bruce Komusin.

Right: The Preble House on Great Cranberry Island. It has a tall spruce tree beside it, a large lilac bush in front and sits close to Preble Cove. Originally owned by William P. and Abigail Preble, it is no longer owned by descendants of the family. Courtesy of the GCIHS and Bruce Komusin.

24 May 2004

$7500 Cranberry House Donation from the Community Assistance Fund
The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society today received a check for $7500 from the Community Assistance Fund.  Thank You!!

25 March 2004

$25,000 Cranberry House Grant from MBNA
The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society has received a letter from MBNA awarding "...up to $25,000 as last dollars..." in support of our grant request submitted winter 2003-2004 to build a Permanent Museum and Cultural Center on Great Cranberry Island.