News 2005

12 December 2005

$3000 Grant from the Astor Street Foundation
An unexpected but very welcome grant of $3000 was received today from the Astor Street Foundation, an entity set up by a local island-based donor.  The money will go toward finishing the front deck and porch of Cranberry House.

22 September 2005

$25,000 Grant from MBNA Foundation
A "last money" grant of $25,000, promised us on 18 May 2005, has been received.  This will go towards further late fall work on Cranberry House.

10 August 2005

$1000 From Anonymous Donor
An anonymous donor has forwarded a $1000 check for Cranberry House.  Thanks, whoever you are!

3 August 2005

$4500 From Anonymous Donors
Finance Committee Chairman Owen Roberts reports that anonymous donors contributed $4500 to Cranberry House his week.  Thanks, all!  We need and appreciate your help now more than ever, with the Cranberry House looking in better shape every day—but still, a long way to go!

1 August 2005

$26,418 Receipts from Art of the Cranberry Isles Event
Gross receipts from the Art of the Cranberry Isles event held on July 28, 2005 in Northeast Harbor were $26,418.  This includes $1,910 in cash donations before and after the event, plus $24,508 from all sales at the event (live and silent auctions, plus publications and DVDs.)

Total expenses amounted to $3,699, leaving a net income of $22,719.

The results far exceeded our expectations, and we want to thank all the helpers, donors, and art exhibitors who contributed to this great forward step for Cranberry House.

25 July 2005

$10,000 Grant from the Maine Community Foundation
The Directors of the Maine Community Foundation have sent us a grant check for $10,000 to partially refurbish Cranberry House for use as a permanent Historical Museum and Cultural Center.

25 May 2005

$1000 Grant from the Island Institute
We have received a $1000 check from the Island Institute for Cranberry House refurbishment.

22 Apr 2005

Cranberry House Driveway and Parking Lot Finished
After three days of intensive barging, filling, and compacting, John Goodwin, Jr. Construction has completed the planned driveway, parking lot, and approaches to Cranberry House.

The land contours around Cranberry House have now been altered such that a visitor approaching from the Main Road will be able to get up onto the front deck and first floor, or down into the basement, by following paths that have no more than a 1-in-20 slope.  This meets wheelchair accessibility requirements for those two floors.

15 Mar 2005

$10,245 Cranberry House Refund from Verizon
Late last year Verizon replaced their old copper lines down the Main Road, as far as the Parsonage, with fiber optic cables.  This was just before Cranberry House was moved.

Now Verizon sharpened their pencils and found that, due to the higher capacity of the fiber cable, less wires were involved in the move, and so the original fee for displacing the wires, which the Historical Society had already paid, was too much.

Thanks to Steve Polyot at Verizon, we have now received a refund of $10,245 of the money that we had paid.  This refund will be put toward the Cranberry House building fund.

23 Feb 2005

$25,000 Cranberry House Donation from Fund for Commonweal
A local island-based donor has generously provided $25,000 in funding to advance the construction of Cranberry House.

27 Jan 2005

$1496 Archival Materials Grant from MBNA
Following our application last year, the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society has received a $1496 check from MBNA to purchase archival storage materials from Gaylord Brothers.  The materials are 100% paid for by the grant; GCIHS does not have to match any part of it.

MBNA has arranged special quantity discounts on selected items from Gaylord for MBNA-supported historical societies.  Each society can chose what it wants from a checklist.  We have chosen the following items, which will help us in storing our important papers and photos:

1000 acid-free legal size file folders
50 acid-free legal size closed-side ("pocket" style) file folders
20 acid-free legal size document cases to hold the file folders
1250 sheets of translucent vellum interleving paper, 8.5" x 11"
10 acid-free photographic negative and print boxes
200 sheets of acid-free tisue paper, 15" x 20"
1 tweezers and 1 bent spatula
5 bottles of photo slide, negative, & print cleaner, 4 oz. each
500 cleaning pads