Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
Museum Memos
Volume 1 December 2001

A Message from your President...

Exciting news! The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society's Museum is expanding! The Cranberry Isles School Board voted this fall to allow the Museum and the Library to use the remaining large schoolroom, vacant since 2000. Library and Museum Officers have agreed on a great sharing plan, using this new space to expand their respective programs.

The Historical Society will gain more space. We plan to mount more exhibits on new display stand panels. We also plan to expand our audiovisual program by creating a Multimedia Center. This will be a valuable resource available for use by all island organizations, to make publications, notices, signs, music CDs, videos, etc. without leaving the island.

With this objective in mind we've applied for several grants, but many state agencies will not grant money for capital equipment. So we were very pleased to learn that a grant was made in memory of Fred Moss for a Color Laser Printer -- something we felt was top priority for our new publications. However, we still require funds for display stand panels, and for a video projector.

Even with the new room, space is limited, so we'll expand our Island History collection by making entertaining and educational documentary-style movies on Video Cassettes, as we did for the play this summer. We've already started gathering subject matter for movies by scanning 100s of old slides and videotaping several interviews and activities this last summer and fall.

Movies are so much more interesting than printed reports, static exhibits, or even audio CDs, since they allow us to record interviews, events, and activities "in living color." They can be played at the museum on a computer, or on an ordinary VCR and TV setup.

A video projector would allow them to be screened to large gatherings, such as at the annual meeting. It could also be used to enhance the Library's Movie Nights.

The Museum had a very successful summer this year. After our Grand Reopening/Book Signing in June, over 800 visitors saw this season's special exhibit, featuring dresses and a complete wedding trousseau owned by island residents. The season was crowned by the Annual meeting in August, when we presented an original play, Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry. We hope you had a chance to attend and enjoy these activities.

In late October your Society took part in a statewide museum conference at the College of the Atlantic. Newly elected trustee Barbara Myers attended as our representative, and the Museum was specially opened that Saturday for conference visitors.

We count on your memberships and gifts to expand our Museum, and keep all this running and open for the summer months. We need your help!

Thanks for your support,
Wini Smart