Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
Museum Memos
Volume 8 November 2005

Cranberry House ^still Needs You!

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving, wherever you are. On Great Cranberry Island the Historical Society certainly has much to be thankful for. Just a year ago we moved our permanent building to its new home next to the parsonage. Weren't you all thrilled this summer to see the ongoing work, and the amazing transformation of that tired old building?

Our architect maximized museum display space, while meeting Fire Marshall and handicap requirements. The large front central window, a remarkable feature of the old building, was fully restored. It will fill the new, wider stairway with light, just as it did before. All the other windows and doors were replaced. The building was totally resided, electric and telephone service was installed underground, and the driveway, parking lot, and grounds were graded, ready for landscaping.

Now, exactly a year later, work has started on the full-width front deck and porch. They'll be made of white and red cedar, for long life and low maintenance. We'll have the well drilled this winter, while Gary Gould is on the island. By next Spring the building's exterior will be just about finished, except for the fire escape, and the complete project will be more than half done.

The great success of the 2005 art show and auction, with a net income of about $23,000, paid for this work. But we were still just a little shy of funds until a very

generous donor wrote out yet another check in late September to cover the shortfall.

You've got to admit, you can truly see where your money goes! But we're being careful with each dollar. Our general contractor, Heartwood Builders, has been most patient as plans and schedules change, often due to the necessity of having money in hand.

The coming year will be another BIG one. We'll start interior work on the new stairs, kitchen, and flooring. There's hope the original wood floor on the ground level can be restored, rather than covered over.

We know this is a big challenge for all of us, but with the cost of building materials escalating, we're thankful we started building last year. And it'll be so wonderful when it's finished: something we can all take pride in, something to make the island a better place for ourselves and for future generations.

We'll be hosting another big fund raising event in Northeast Harbor next July 20th -- a craft exhibit and auction. It'll be hard to beat this year's totals. And we'll again be applying for additional grants.

But we also have to rely on YOU, our members, to help raise the funds needed. Please see our "Buy a Piece of Cranberry House" campaign on the back. --> (cont'd.)

man on ladder
Painting the trim
man digging
Placing support columns for the deck

Cranberry House Fund Raising

Buy a Piece of Cranberry House!
All donations, large or small, yield the satisfaction of enriching the community, but substantial donors also get significant tax benefits, plus lasting recognition through a permanent named remembrance item. Your name, or that of a loved one, will be engraved on a plaque by the item -- to remind future generations of your thoughtful support.

Amount Item (choose one or more)
$100,000 Heritage Museum or Cultural Center
$50,000 Hitty Café
$25,000 Entrance Room & Stairway,
Entrance Path & Ramp,
Handicap Lift,
Multimedia Lab,
Heating System,
Garden of Memories
$15,000 Roof or Landscaping
$10,000 Bathroom & Art Sink
$5,000 Forest Trail,
Granite Bench,
Decorative Water Fountain
$1,000 Dog Drinking Fountain
$500 Memorial Rock
$300 Door
$150 Window

Auction Event
July 20, 2006
Neighborhood House
Northeast Harbor, ME
Arts - Creative Works of the Cranberry Isles & Trendy Fashions

An auction plus a special exhibit featuring quilts, boat models, plus art and creative works from artisans associated with the Cranberry Isles. And, new this year, exciting fashions from the Kimball Shop Boutique and The Whale's Rib. It'll be a fun time for all!

Museum Acquisitions

Hitty and MichelleBig Hitty
We're proud to announce the arrival of a very special gift which will be an important museum exhibit: "Life Size Hitty #1" a creation of chainsaw artist Michelle delValle, from Bozeman, Montana.

From Rachel Field's classic children's book, Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, we believe that the original Hitty was carved for little Phoebe Preble, on Great Cranberry Island. Like many people who read the book as a child, Michelle became a Hitty lover, and she donated her work to the Great Cranberry Island Historical Museum because of that connection.

Rachel Field Books
Virginia Heyerdahl, founder of the Maryland-based Friends of Hitty club, and a well-known writer whose articles appear in national doll magazines, recently visited the museum with two friends--also Hitty lovers--and donated 16 books for our Rachel Field Room. It seems Field was very prolific in her short life, writing at least 30 books, 4 of which were made into movies. The museum is trying to acquire a complete collection of Field's works, and these donated books were greatly appreciated.

We're on the web at:

Check out the progress photos of Cranberry House, and plans for next summer’s fund raiser

Need a Tax Deduction?
Give to your favorite Museum!

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. All your money goes to a worthwhile project, with no administration fees. Volunteers and gifts are needed for special areas of the Cranberry House. Let one of our board members discuss it with you; see  for contact info.

Many thanks to those who gave this year!

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