Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
Museum Memos
Volume 9 May 2006


After a year of patient planning, busy building, and frantic fundraising, your Cranberry House is finally beginning to take shape.

More than just a historical museum, Cranberry House will be a new community resource, offering benefits to all islanders, from youths to senior citizens.

  • The outdoor deck café will be a pleasant place to sit and enjoy a light snack.
  • The deck can also be used as an outdoor stage for special events.
  • The large upstairs Cultural Center multi-purpose room (capacity 50) will host intimate and dinner theater, movies, musical events, art exhibits and workshops, dance classes, continuing adult education, children's activities, presentations and lectures... plus events now unforeseen.
  • The full walk-in basement will hold the Multimedia Center computers, and also provide museum archival storage.

The last two years of work have fairly completed the exterior of Cranberry House, but for the fire escape, well and septic system, and finally, landscaping.

Much still needs to be done inside.  Current fire codes require a new stairway with fire walls, and a fire sprinkler system.  We must reinforce the second floor, and do electrical, plumbing, and finishing work.  We also need furnishings for the museum, kitchen, bathroom, and multipurpose room.  We'd also like to install a handicap lift.

men working on deck
Newly-renovated Cranberry House, with a porch and large front deck.  The deck will host an outdoor café, and act as a stage for special events.  It will also have a broad ramp for easy handicap access.  There is a full basement with walk-in doors in the rear.

Let’s Finish The Job!!!
Though we recently received two grants totaling $32,000, that covers only 33% of what we had hoped to accomplish this year.  To partially make up the difference, we plan another big fund raising event in Northeast Harbor on July 20th (see the back page.)

But once again, Cranberry House is in your hands.  What we can finish is up to your generous support.  Our main goal this summer is to start the interior work to ready the building for use as a museum.  This includes new stairs, fire walls, kitchen framing, and installing structural supports for the second floor.  We also want to install the well and septic system, funds permitting.

We are all anxiously awaiting the opening of Cranberry House.  But first we have to get it finished, inspected, and approved for a Certificate of Occupancy.  We’ve accomplished a lot, but there’s still more to do -- and one of our main grant donors is phasing out.

We have come so far... now we need your help more than ever!

Historical Society receives grants for Museum
We received two grants in 2006: $25,000 from Fund for Commonweal, and $7,000 from the MBNA Foundation.  These generous donations will enable work to begin on Phase III, the interior renovation of Cranberry House, for use as the new home of the museum and Cultural Center on Great Cranberry Island.


"Arts: Creative Works of the
Cranberry Isles"

Another great fundraising event is planned for July 20th.  Mark your calendar.

An all-new Exhibit and Auction will be held July 20 at the Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor.

PLUS a fabulous Trendy Fashions show
from the Kimball Boutique and
The Whale's Rib!

The Cranberry Isles have a legacy of wonderful artisans.  A sampling of their crafts, plus a great collection of old island quilts will be on exhibit.

The Auction will include a prized assortment of art, crafts, trips, and gifts.

Special island music and food will enliven the day, and a night boat will be provided back to the islands.

Do you have art or craft items to donate or exhibit?
Your fine art or craft items (new or previously-made) can help make the event a success.  Donate an item to be auctioned, or loan an item to be exhibited.  To do so, contact:

Auction: Leslie Watson 244-5229
Quilts: Beverly Sanborn 244-3136
Exhibit: Karin Whitney 244-5933

We're on the web at:

Check out the progress of Cranberry House, and museum activities... on the WEB
This lovely quilt was made by Beverly Sanborn especially for the Historical Society fund raiser.

Raffle tickets are on sale at island stores, the Museum, and Smart Studio in NEH.

The winning ticket will be drawn at the Arts Event, the evening of July 20, 2006.

Need a tax deduction?
Give to your favorite Museum!

We are a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization.  All your money goes to a worthwhile project, with no administration fees.  All donations, large or small, yield the satisfaction of enriching the community, but substantial donors also get significant tax benefits, plus lasting recognition through a permanent named remembrance item.  Your name, or that of a loved one, will be engraved on a plaque by the item -- to remind future generations of your thoughtful support.

Amount Item (choose one or more)
$100,000 Heritage Museum or Cultural Center
$50,000 Hitty Café
$25,000 Entrance Room & Stairway,
Entrance Path & Ramp,
Handicap Lift,
Fire Escape,
Fire Sprinkler System,
Multimedia Lab,
Heating System,
Garden of Memories
$15,000 Roof or Landscaping
$10,000 Bathroom & Art Sink
$5,000 Forest Trail,
Granite Bench,
Decorative Water Fountain
$1,000 Dog Drinking Fountain
$500 Memorial Rock
$300 Door
$150 Window

Memberships: Individual $15   Contributing $50   Family $25   Supporting $100   Associate $35   Benefactor $500
or, the amount of your Cranberry House donation $________