Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
Museum Memos
Volume 13 June 2008

Welcome to Cranberry House!

Hitty’s Café to open June 4
Lauren Simmons will offer a delectable menu this summer.  The café was equipped with the help of funds received in memory of Hal Newell, Jr.  It will be such fun to lunch or snack on our beautiful deck.

Museum to open June 15
Charlene Allen will again be our able weekday hostess, with volunteers working on weekends.  The museum artifacts look great in their new home.  This year’s special historical exhibit is “Enterprising Islanders.”

Cultural Center to open June 16
A summer of exciting events for your pleasure and education starts with twice-weekly movie nights, concerts, adult classes in art, writing, and digital photography, interesting lectures, and a children's art workshop.  See the full calendar at

Cranberry House
The Cranberry House - poised to open

Super events all summer!
A great summer slate of programs await you.  There will be at least three musical concerts to please all tastes, plus some very interesting lectures.  On Saturday, August 2, at 2 pm, we’ll host a special reception for the week-long “Invitational Art Exhibit” of island artists.  All works on exhibit will be for sale.

red ribbon

July 4th - Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening
Join our opening celebration July 4th, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 am.  Come and toast the success of four years' efforts by our Board of Directors, Building Committee, and especially the generous donors who made it all possible.



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Great Summer Events
Our exciting summer events will include:

  • Three Concerts
  • Poetry Reading
  • Poetry Class
  • Watercolor Class
  • Children’s Art Class
  • Rock Walk & Talk
  • Digital Photography Class
  • Lectures
  • Movie & Popcorn Nights

“Invitational Art Exhibit of the Cranberry Isles”
Opening reception Saturday, Aug. 2, at 2 pm
The Cranberry Isles have a legacy of wonderful artists, and many more artists followed, making the islands their home.  We’re fortunate to have so much talent available.  All works on exhibit will be for sale.

Our Board of Directors wish to thank all our members, Foundations and friends who gave so much to make our dream a reality.  We still can’t believe this was all accomplished in four years.

The Building Committee has to be especially thanked for all the grant writing, meetings, planning, work and worry throughout this building period.  They are: chairman Phil Whitney, Bruce Komusin, Sarah Newell, and Wini Smart.  Give them all a special thanks.

You’ll be amazed at how great the old Mountain View Inn now looks as the new Cranberry House.  Finally we have a permanent home for the Historical Museum and its collection.  With the addition of a Cultural Center, it’s a place for islanders and visitors to enjoy for years to come.

Your president- Wini Smart


“Cranberry House Trail” to open this spring
In cooperation with Maine Coast Heritage Trust, and thanks to the generosity of O.P. Jackson and Bruce Komusin, we will have a wandering public nature trail from Cranberry House to the beautiful headlands and sand beach of Whistler Cove facing the Western Way.  Held in trust, O.P. Jackson's land was accessible only by boat before this trail was built.

Work is proceeding on the trail this month, and volunteers are needed now, and later to maintain it.

We need your membership!
There will be no major fund raiser this year, so more than ever we need your membership dues to meet all our ongoing expenses.  Please renew or join now.