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The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society’s Preble-Marr museum includes an archive of documents, nautical charts, quilts, photographs, other artifacts, and genealogical information about the life and times of those living on the Cranberry Isles (especially Great Cranberry) from the early 1800s to the present. The archive contains photographs, film, video, and digital media as well as paper, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, and cloth artifacts.
• 3,200 catalogued artifacts and archival materials,
• 2,000 uncatalogued digital images of island life in modern and historic times,
• 2,000 accessioned but uncatalogued items
• 110 oral histories gathered by GCIHS members from 1991-2017.

Click here to access the Finding Aid Use your browser’s ‘find’ feature to search for particular subjects. Eventually, our complete catalogue will be available on the web, so you can enlarge and download the photos. Until then, please email your queries to or call 207.244.7800 for more information.

 GCIHS images may be used for non-profit purposes; please cite GCIHS as the source. Use in commercial endeavors requires permission.  Citations should read: Courtesy Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, Cranberry Isles, Maine, – with the catalogue number of the item/photo when possible.


Visit our Research section to investigate hundreds of topics. Most recently we’ve added two cemetery preservation projects  and a link to Lynne Birlem’s outstanding genealogy of MDI area families.

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