The Baker Island Light

Baker Island Light Station marks the southwestern entrance to Frenchmans Bay.  It is one of the light stations that were built under orders from President John Quincy Adams.  It is located on the eastern coast to warn mariners of the treacherous shoals around the Cranberry Islands and the great sand bar that connects it with Little Cranberry Island.

Many summer people find Baker Island a most pleasant place to visit while on their vacation period.  The tower is 105 feet from the level of the sea at high water and affords a grand view of the eastern coast on a clear day.

There have been many wrecks in and about the waters of the surrounding territory of Baker Island, so that the Government saw fit several years ago to establish a Coast Guard Station at Little Cranberry Island.  The members of the crew at this station have a large territory of rough water to cover.

[The Little Cranberry Island Coast Guard Station is no longer active and is now a private residence - BK]

Baker Island Lightkeepers

Excerpted from Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast, Vol. II, by Charles B. McLane

Keepers Dates of
Pay Remarks
William Gilley 1829-48 $350 compelled to retire
John Rich 1849-53 $350
Joseph Bunker 1853-60 $350 removed
John Bunker 1860-61 $350
Freeman C. Young 1861-69 ?
Alden H. Jordan 1869-83 $560 pay cut to $540; tr. to Bear I.
Roscoe G. Lopaus 1883-88 $540 tr. to Blue Hill Light
Howard P. Robbins 1888-[1901] $540
George S. Connors [1905] $540 served on Libby I.
F. Faulkingham 1935

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