Cranberry Cove Restaurant

started 1967
closed 1980


Cranberry Cove Restaurant, on Great Cranberry Island, was started by Ada Rice and her sister Leona MacAllister.  It is located on Spurling Cove, the first building east of the boathouses, about 100 yards east of the Town Dock.  It was built by Leona's husband "Red" MacAllister and Charlie Rice.

To take advantage of all the tourists visiting the restaurant, Polly Bunker (sister of Ada & Leona) opened her original Whale's Rib Gift Shop nearby on the same property in 1970.  It was built by her husband, "Tud" Bunker, using some materials, such as windows, from estates in Bar Harbor.  The Whales Rib was later moved next to their home.

After Ada and Leona built up the restaurant business, it became too time consuming, so they sold it to businessman David Stockberger, who ran it himself for a few years.  Later he rented it to others to run, but finally he closed the restaurant in 1980 and sold the building in 1982.

It is currently the private residence of noted artist Wini Smart, who has a Gallery and Studio in Northeast Harbor.

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photo courtesy of Wini Smart

Here are some photos of the inside.  First we see the proprietors and staff.

In the next two photos we see Blanche White breakfasting, and Eugene "Red" MacAllister sipping coffee.  Both photos were taken in 1967.

photo courtesy of Ada Rice

Blanche White

photo courtesy of Priscilla Richardson

Eugene "Red" Macallister

photo courtesy of Priscilla Richardson

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