From a local newspaper, clipping has name missing, dated Jan 15, 1952

Cranberry Isles Firemen
Erect New Headquarters


Approximately 100 people attended the recent opening of the Cranberry Isle Fire department's new building.  Under construction for three and a half years the building is the work of a handful of unskilled 25 men, save for the island's only two experienced carpenters; Leslie Rice and Eugene McAllister.

The main object of the men in erecting the building was to house a 900 gallon tank truck and other equipment, also to use the building for a club house.

The island's present population is about 100-110 including women and children, the men's chief occupation is lobster fishing and it was these men who have willingly donated their few spare hours each evening to "knock" the building into shape.

Although just a fire station, the building represents the conquering of almost unsurmountable obstacles.  The first was money.  The men quickly surmounted this by organizing dances during the summer months and whist parties during the winter.

Living on an island is not as romantic as it may sound.  It is certainly not the best place in the world to stage a dance and as a consequence the dance committees had to face the problem of inclement weather.  The first dance night brought the rain.  Wilfred Bunker who runs the mailboat and ferry was greatly surprised when he reached Southwest Harbor and found a boat-full of people awaiting him.  Although there has been plenty of rain each dance night the crowds still come, rain, fog or thunder; and whatever nature can throw, does not deter the dance-minded enthusiasts.

Everyone on the island has "pitched in," in whatever way possible.  The ladies of the island have also helped.  The Ladies' Aid staged parties and other charitable events.  The vacationists have generously donated sums of money for the cause.

The building has one main large room, a garage with a special door that can be swung open in a matter of seconds in case of any emergency; and a kitchen.  The garage is heated by means of an oil heater and the club room by a wood heater.

Materials could only be purchased when the unit had the money.  Many kept their eyes open for any material that would be of some use to the building, then the men purchased an old structure, the sides of which they used for the present building.

Other items also had to be left half finished, then the club would earn some money and work would continue where it ended temporarily.

The Cranberry Isles Volunteer Fire Unit had good reasons to boast a little at the deduction.  However, the work is not yet completed.  Volunteers will continue to work during the coming year to add a few finishing touches before writing finis to an outstanding community endeavor.

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Firehall 1998
(right section with garage door added after original construction)

Firehouse Expansion

During winter 2001-2002 and spring 2002 the firehouse was again expanded on the north side by replacing the original single-bay garage with a huge double-bay addition, large enough to accept the new pumper tank truck, acquired in 2001.  The firehouse can now park all three of our emergency vehicles: the new tanker pumper, the older tanker pumper, and the ambulance.

10 Jan 2002

photo courtesy of Lorraine Bracy

3 April

photo courtesy of Mike Westphal

3 April

photo courtesy of Mike Westphal

8 May

applying siding

12 May

siding advances

tanker pumper acquired 2001

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