Mama Llamas

on Great Cranberry Island, Maine

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Richard Beal, the owner, supplies these notes about the llamas:
The two llamas presently pastured on Neal Corson's property on Great Cranberry Island belong to Richard Beal of Skeldale Farm, Great Cranberry.  These animals were purchased from the North Star Llama herd located in Mariaville, Maine, owned by Renee Dawson.

Each animal is registered with the International Llama Registry in Kalispell, Montana.  As of October 1996, there were 94,320 llamas registered in the United States, 996 listed (unregistered), 175 screened imports, and 186 at some point in the interim screening process.

The older of the two is named "SHA-DAY" and was born on June 6, 1988.  Her daughter is the second animal, named "TOUCHE" and she was born on October 26, 1992.  Each animal is pregnant with SHA-DAY due to present a cria (baby) in late October 1999 and TOUCHE due in April 2000.  Normal gestation for a Llama is 11.5 months.  These animals have been purchased and moved to Great Cranberry Island as the foundation of a new Llama herd for Eastern Maine.

Great Cranberry Island, ME
Saturday, 25 September 1999

SHA-DAY (who bore TOUCHE in 1992) is a mother again!

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SHA-DAY, Great Cranberry's 11-year old llama, gave birth last night to a cria (baby llama.)  She had been due in late October, but the early one is apparently healthy and happy, despite the somewhat foul weather which was cool and misty, with occasional showers last night and all of today.

Richard Beal, the owner, remarks that the baby weighs about 35 pounds and is up and about, but the mother hasn't yet let him get close enough to determine its sex.

Mother baby are doing fine.

Great Cranberry Island, ME
Monday, 27 September 1999

Sadly, SHA-DAY's baby died early this morning.

Sha-day II with mother Touche


Llama "Sha-day" died January 2000, never really recovering from tragic loss of her baby in September 1999.

Llama "Touche" (daughter of Sha-Day) gave birth to a female cria (baby llama) in the third week of March, named "Sha-day II" in honor of her grandmother.  As you can see here, the newcomer has adorable markings...


31 July
Sha-Day II is a boy - According to Dick Beal, Sha-Day II, the llama born March 2000 and thought to be a female now shows unmistakable evidence of actually being male!


6 May
Sha-Day II fatally injured - Dick Beal sadly informs me that Sha-Day II (son of Touche) slipped on a patch of ice in late March, fell hard, and twisted his hindquarters.  Unknown to Dick at the time, he also broke his pelvis.  After wasting away for a few weeks, it was necessary for Dick to dispatch him around the middle of April.

May 20
Llama Touche gravid -- Cranberry's sole remaining llama is expecting, by Sha-Day II.

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