"The Island of Mount Desert Register with The Cranberry Isles 1909-10"
Compiled by
Lawton, Jordan & Maddox
Auburn, Maine

Published 1910 by the Lawton-Jordan Co.

[With amendments in square brackets added by me (BK) and Hugh Dwelley (HD). --BK]


Sieur de la Mothe Cadillac Grant (1688)
The Bernard Grants (1762 & 1785)
The De Gregoire Grant (1786)
Early Settlement (late 1700s)
Cranberry Isles in the Rebellion
Town Officers Since 1870 (to 1908)
Church Account
Census (1909)
Cranberry Isles Business Directory (1909)

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July 23 and August 2, 1688

This grant of land within the present limits of Maine considered valid by the General Court of Massachusetts in 1787.

The text of the grant is included in "Collection de Manuscrits contenant Lettres, Memoires, et Autres Documents Historiques relatifs à la Nouvelle-France" (Quebec, 1883), I., 427, 428.  The only English text which has been found is in "Titles and Documents relating to the Seigniorial Tenure, in returns to an Address of the Legislative Assembly" (Quebec, 1852), 100; it is found also in the collection of the Maine Historical Society, Vol. VII.


To the Sieur Lamothe Cadillac

Jacques Rene de Brisay, Knight, Marquis of Denonville, Governor and Lieutenant-General for His Majesty in Canada, Acadia, the Island of Newfoundland and other countries of North France; and

Jean Boehart, Knight, Seignior of Champigny and Marne, King's Councillor, Intendant of Justice, Police and Finances in the said country.

To all who these present letters shall see, greeting.

Know ye, that on the petition presented to us by the Sieur La Mothe Cadillac residing in Acadia, praying that we would be pleased to grant unto him the place called Donaquee, near Magets, being a dependancy of Acadia, and for that purpose would grant him two leagues of land in front on the sea shore, by two leagues in depth towards the interior of the land (the River Donaquee [the Union River? --HD] dividing it in two leagues of land in depth, to wit: one league to be taken on the west side of the said river and one league on the other side of the same, running towards the east, the front of the said two leagues of land facing towards the south on the sea side and the depth towards the north, together with the island of Mountdesert, and other islands and islets, situate in front of the said two leagues of land, to have and to hold the same in fief and seigniory, with the right of superior, mean and inferior jurisdiction (haute, moyen et basse justice), he being desirous of forming a settlement thereon, and causing the said tract of land to be cleared in order to render the same valuable; we, in consideration thereof and under and in virtue of the power bestowed upon us by His Majesty, have granted and conceded, and do grant and concede forever unto the said Sieur Cadillac the said place called Donaquee, of two leagues in front on the sea by leagues in depth, the River Donaquee dividing the same through the middle, the same river not included, together with the island of Mountdesert and other islands and islets situate in front of the said two leagues of land, the whole as it is hereinabove more fully designated: To have and to hold the same unto him, his heirs and assigns forever, under the title of fief and seigniory with the right of superior, mean and inferior jurisdiction (haute, moyen et basse justice), and the privilege of fishing and hunting within the whole extent of the said concession, he being obliged to render fealty and homage at the Castle and Fort of Acadia in the hands of the governor for the King, and to pay the customary dues at each and every mutation of proprietor; the whole according to the Custom of Paris; to preserve or cause to be preserved by his tenants the oak timber which may be found on the extent of the said concession fit for the building of vessels, and to give notice to the King or to the Governor of the country of the mines, ores and minerals, if any be found; to cause the same conditions to be inserted in the concessions which he will be allowed to grant on the said land, and to commence within three years from this day to work in order to settle the land, on pain of being dispossessed of the same.

In testimony whereof we have signed these presents and caused our seal at arms to be affixed thereto, and the same to be countersigned by one of our Secretaries.

Done at Montreal, this twenty-third day of July one thousand six hundred and eighty-eight.

Signed, J. R. DeBrisay
M. De Denonville
Bochart Champigny

By their Lordship's command,
Signed, Fredin


On February 27, 1762, the General Court of Massachusetts made a grant to Governor Francis Bernard of one-half of the island of Mount Desert.  In September of that same year, the Governor visited the island to view his new possessions.  The Journal of his voyage may prove of interest.  It reads as follows:

"September 28th, 1762.  I went on board the sloop Massachusetts lying off Castle William in Boston Bay at 5 p.m., weighed anchor, and with wind southeast passed Deer Island on the left.

"Sept. 29.  Morning hazy.  Passed Cape Ann by reckoning at 5 a.m., stood for Portsmouth, looked for Isles of Shoals.  A thick fog arose, bore out to sea, keeping a good offing to avoid rock called Boone Island Ledge.  Saw it two miles distant at 2 p.m.  Weather cleared up, a fresh gale arose from south to east, bore for Cape Porpoise with all the sail we could set, passed into harbour in narrow channel between frightful rocks and came to anchor at four o'clock.  Found several fishermen there who had put in for shelter who supplied us with excellent fish for our dinner.  Night windy and rainy, lay very quiet though there was a great storm at sea.

"Sept. 30.  Morning hazy: cleared up.  At 3 a.m. went out with small breeze at northwest, which failing in the narrow passage we were in danger of being flung upon the rocks, but the breeze freshening carried us out.  Very little wind and great rowl of sea: put out lines and caught some cod and haddock.  At noon a fresh breeze arose from West.  Course East, Northeast, passed Wood Islands, Cape Elizabeth, Segwin Island, wind fair, but a great swell of sea.  At 6, altered our course to East by North, stood for Monhiggon Island.  Breeze freshened about midnight.

"Oct. 1.  At daybreak entered Penobscot Bay: passed the Musselridges and the Owl's head on the left, and Fox Island on the right.  Between Fox Islands saw Mt. Desert hills at near 30 miles distant.  Passed Long Island on the left.  At the end thereof saw Ft. Pownall at six miles distant.  A fresh gale from the Northwest, Anchored at 11.  The Fort saluted us with eleven guns, we returned seven guns.  Went on shore, dined at the Fort, spent the afternoon reconnoitering the country.  Went on board in the evening.

"Oct. 2.  Weighed anchor at 7 a.m.  Fresh gale from the Northwest; passed by many islands on the right, which with the continent on the left formed many pleasant sounds and bays.  Came to Neskeag Point, thirty miles from Ft. Pownall.  Found several vessels there, among which was schooner with my surveyors on board, who left Boston five days before me.  Took them on board and with a pilot proceeded for Mount desart.  Arrived there at 3 o'clock, but the wind being against us we were two hours turning into the harbor.  At first we came into a spacious bay formed by land of the great island on the left and of the Cranberry islands on the right.  Toward the end of this bay, which we call the Great Harbour, we turned into a smaller bay called the southwest harbour.  This last is about a mile long and three fourths of a mile wide.  On the north side of it is a narrow opening to a river or sound which runs into the island eight miles and is visible in a straight line with uneven shores for nearly the whole length.  We anchored about the middle of the Southwest Harbour about 5 p.m.

"Oct. 3.  After breakfast went on shore at the head of the bay and went into the woods by a compass line for about half a mile.  Found a path which led back to the Harbour.  This proved to be a passage to the salt marshes.  In the afternoon some people came on board, who informed us that four families were settled upon one of the Cranberry islands, and two families at the head of the river, eight miles from our station.

[Who were the four families -- Stanley, Bunker, Manchester, Robinson?  We have thought that Job and Benjamin Stanwood were on Islesford with families some time in 1762.  It is interesting to note four (or more) families on the outer islands but only two on Mount Desert.  I suspect that there was lingering fear of Indians. --HD]

"Oct. 4.  We formed two sets of surveyors.  I and Lieutenant Miller took charge of the one, and Mr. Jones, my surveyor, had the charge of the other.  We began at a point at the head of the South West Harbour, proceeded in different courses, and surveyed the whole harbour except some part on the south side.

"Oct. 5.  It rained all the morning.  We compared our observations and protracted the survey; in the afternoon surveyed a cove in the North River.

"Oct. 6.  I and Lieut. Miller surveyed the remainder of the South West Harbour and a considerable part of the Great Harbour.  Mr. Jones traced and measured the path to the Bass Bay Creek and found there many haycocks.  In the afternoon we made some general observations and corrected our former surveys.  The gunners had good luck, plenty of duck, teal, partridge, etc.

"Oct. 7.  Took an observation of the sunrising.  Went up the river, a fine channel having several openings and bays of different breadths from a mile to a quarter of a mile in breadth.  We passed through several hills covered with wood of different sorts.  In some places the rocks were almost perpendicular to a great height.  The general course of this river is North, 5 degrees east, and it is not less than eight miles long in a straight line.  At the end of it we turned into a bay, and there saw a settlement in a lesser bay.  We went on shore and into Somes' log house, found it neat and convenient, though not quite furnished, and in it a notable woman with four pretty girls, clean and orderly.  Near it were many fish drying there.  From there we went to a beaver pond where we had an opportunity to observe the artificialness of their dams and their manner of cutting down trees to make them.  We returned to our sloop about four o'clock; it must be eight miles distant.  The gunners brought in plenty of ducks and partridges.

"Oct. 8.  We observed sunrising but could not take his amplitude by reason of clouds near the horizon.  Mr. Miller surveyed the island on the east side of the river.  Mr. Jones ran the base line of the intended township.  I went through the woods to the creek of Bass Bay.  We went about a mile on the salt meadow, found it fine, the hay remaining there good, and the creek a pretty rivulet capable of receiving considerable vessels.  The meadow on each side being a furlong or two wide, and the upland having a gentle decline to it.  In the afternoon Mr. Jones finished his line and we gathered various plants in the woods.  In the evening I received several persons on board proposing to be settlers, and it was resolved to sail the next morning if the wind would permit.

"Oct. 9.  At half after eight we weighed anchor; stood for the sea in a course South, Southwest, through several islands; thence by course West by South to Holt Island [Isle au Haut], ten leagues from Mt. Desert Harbour.  At half past one wind fell to a fair breeze; passed Martinicus Island at 5, Metennick Island at 12; bright, fine, and calm.

"Oct. 10.  Sloop rolled very much till 5.  When passing Segwin Island a fresh breeze came from Northeast.  Arrived at Falmouth channel half after eight, just twenty-four hours from Mt. Desart.  Rained hard.  We came to anchor at Falmouth half after ten.  I went on shore, dined at Col. Waldo's and lay there.

"Oct. 11.  We went about the town, a very growing place, some fine houses, three building, many vessels, among which were some ships upon the stocks.  Were saluted by the Fort with five guns and by a ship in the harbor with seven.  Our sloop returned five guns.  We dined at Col. Waldo's, slept at Capt. Rosses and went on board at half past ten.

"Oct. 12.  We weighed anchor at half past eight, saluted the town with five guns, kept within sight of the shore all the way, and anchored near the Fort island in Piscataway about three miles from Portsmouth at five o'clock.  The Fort hailed us to know if I was on board.  At six Gov. Wentworth's barge came alongside to carry me to his house about three miles from the sloop and two from Portsmouth.

"Oct. 13.  I went to Portsmouth in my own boat, the boats crew being in their uniform of red faced with blue; was received at the wharf by several gentlemen and conducted to Mr. Wentworth's house.  At 3, Mrs. Bernard arrived in the charriot.

"Oct. 14.  We passed an agreeable day at Portsmouth.  The 15th, set out in the charriot for Boston."

The General Court of Massachusetts, on June 23, 1785, passed the following resolve:
"Whereas John Bernard of Bath, in the County of Lincoln, hath produced to this Court ample testimony of the uniform consistence and propriety of his political conduct previous to, during and since the late war, and whereas the estate of his father, Sir Francis Bernard, deceased, has been confiscated, to wit, the Island of Mt. Desart which was by the last will and testament of said deceased made previous to said confiscation, devised to said John, . . . . and this Court viewing the conduct of said John as meritorious and commiserating his peculiar situation, and he having petitioned for a grant of the island aforesaid, which this court considers in a degree reasonable, therefore resolved, that one moiety, or half part of the island of Mont Desart be and hereby is granted, and from the passing of this resolve shall ensure to the said John Bernard his heirs and assigns forever, to hold in fee simple, provided that said John shall convey to each person now in possession of lands, which may be a division of the aforesaid island, assigns to said John, such quantity thereof and upon such terms as the committee appointed by a resolve of the General Court passed Oct. 28, 1783, shall direct within eighteen months from the passing of the resolve."


In 1876 [1786 --BK], Monsieur Bartolemy de Gregoire, and his wife, Maria Theresa, presented to the General Court of Massachusetts a petition in which they laid claim to Mount Desert on account of the old French grant to Mme. de Gregoire's grandfather, the Sieur de Cadillac.  The following resolution was passed by the Legislature:

In Senate June 29, 1787.  Whereas it appears to this court, that the land, claimed by Monsieur and Madame De. Gregoire, as described in their petition, were in April, 1691, granted to Monsieur De. La. Motte Cadillac, by his late most Christian majesty Louis 14th, to hold to him as an estate of inheritance, and that said Madame De Gregoire, his granddaughter and direct heir at law of said De. La. Motte Cadillac, but whereas by long paper of possession, the legal title to the said lands under the said grant is lost to the heirs at law of the said Monsieur De. La. Motte Cadillac, and the Monsieur and Madame De. Gregoire have not any interest or estate now remaining therein but through the liberality and generosity of this court which are not hereafter to be drawn into precedent, and whereas it is the disposition of the court to cultivate a mutual confidence and union between the subjects of his most Christian Majesty and the citizens of this state and to cement that confidence and union by every act of the most liberal justice not repugnant to the rights of their own citizens.  It is therefore resolved that there be and hereby is granted to the said Monsieur and Madame De. Gregoire, all such parts and parcels of Island of Mount Desert and the other Islands and tracts of land particularly described in the grant or patent of his late most Christian Majesty Louis 14, to said Monsieur De. La. Motte Cadillac, which now remains the property of this commonwealth, whether by original right, cession, confiscation or forfeiture, to hold all the aforesaid parts and parcels of the said lands and Islands to them, the said Monsieur and Madame De Gregoire, their heirs and assigns forever, provided however that the committee for the sale of eastern lands be and they hereby are authorized and fully empowered to quiet to all or any possessors or claimers to the title of any parts of the lands herein described, all such parts and parcels thereof as they the said committee shall think necessary and expedient, and on such considerations and conditions as they the said committee shall judge equitable and just under all circumstances, conformable to the precedents heretofore established with regard to settlers.


John Robertson, Isaac Bunker and Samuel Stanley were temporary settlers on Great Cranberry Island in 1762.  The first permanent settler, however, on the large island was probably Benjamin Spurling, who came from Portsmouth, N. H. in 1768.  He was the ancestor of the Spurlings in Cranberry Isles and the towns on Mount Desert.  For a number of years he was the chief man on Great Cranberry.  He was a ship owner and sea captain.  He was a high-spirited man of great bravery, and his famous command to his son during the Battle of Norwood's Cove, when the British held him a prisoner in the bottom of one of their boats, has passed into history, "Never mind me, Rob, I am an old man; but give it to these dashed Britishers as hard as you can."

Aaron Bunker was one of the earliest settlers on the Cranberry Isles.  His lot containing one hundred acres was laid out by John Peters, surveyor, in 1890.  [1790 --BK]

John Stanley, who died in Great Cranberry in 1790, was the ancestor of many families of the Stanley name throughout Hancock County.  His widow's lot of sixty-two acres was at the entrance of the Pool.  John Stanley, Jr., son of John Stanley, was one of the first settlers on Little Cranberry.

Samuel Hadlock was, except John Stanley, the first permanent settler on Little Cranberry.  He came to Mount Desert for the purpose of engaging in the lumber business, and took out much timber from the region around the upper and lower Hadlock Ponds above Asticou.  His camps were burned, and he moved to Little Cranberry, where he started in the fishery trade.  His will was the first one recorded in the Hancock County Probate Records.  It was dated October 16, 1790, and proved August 29, 1791.  His property was left to his son Samuel, of Cranberry Isles, who was appointed executor; to his daughter Polly, wife of John Manchester; his daughter, Lois Hadlock; his son, Jonathan; his daughter, Tryphosa, and his son Epes.

[I think that the author was a bit mixed up about Sam Hadlock.  There were three Sam Hadlocks.  Sam Sr. did come to engage in the lumber trade.  However, in October of 1789 he struck one Elib Gott with a fence post and killed him.  Sam Sr. was hung a year later.  It was after all of this that the Hadlock lumber camps were burned so Sam Jr. and his wife, Sarah Manchester, moved to LCI in about 1803.  John Standley of Islesford was dead by then but his family was still on the island.  Peter Stanley had a De Gregoire grant across the middle of the island and John's estate owned the western third of the island.  Sam Hadlock bought the western third of the island from the Stanley estate and the eastern end from land speculator William Nikels of Gouldsboro.  The Sam of God's Pocket fame was Sam the third. --HD]

The following account of the Hadlock family is given in the late Dr. Street's History of Mount Desert:

"Samuel Hadlock the younger cleared a large tract and engaged successfully in farming, but his first money was gained by a fishing-trip on the Labrador coast.  There he dried his fish and then proceeded with them to Spain in a schooner of forty-eight tons, making a successful voyage and very profitable sale of his cargo.  He then built a store on the west side of the island at Hadlock's Cove, where he did a good business in general merchandise.  He died on the island at the age of eighty-four years in 1854, and his wife, Sarah (Manchester), died in 1861, at the advanced age of ninety.  Edwin, the youngest son of Samuel Hadlock, succeeded his father in business.  He also built and commanded vessels, as had his father before him.  The last vessel built at the island was named for Samuel Hadlock and commanded by Edwin for several years.  She was a brigantine of 120 tons, and was finally wrecked off Cape Hatteras.  The other sons of Samuel Hadlock were also seafaring men, and died or were lost at sea in distant parts of the world.  His daughters married and moved away, excepting Abigail, who married Captain Samuel Spurling of Great Cranberry Island.  Edwin died on the island in 1875, and his sons, William Edwin and Gilbert Theodore, then conducted the business on a larger scale.  They greatly improved the wharves and buildings, and sent vessels to Labrador, Grand Banks, and other distant fishing grounds.  They also engaged in mackerel and herring fishing nearer home.

Colonel William Edwin Hadlock, the oldest son of Edwin Hadlock, was born at Little Cranberry Island in 1834, and was educated in the Winthrop School of Boston and the Classical Institute of Yarmouth, Me.  After some years of business life in Portland he returned to the island to engage with his father in the ship stores and fishing business established by his grand-father.  He was elected to the legislature of Maine in 1861, and served as a member of the House in the session of 1862, and was then commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the 28th Regiment of Maine Infantry.  After a year's service at the front, in which Colonel Hadlock distinguished himself for ability and personal bravery, he was obliged to retire from the army because of impaired health, and again resumed his business at Cranberry Isles.  He was twice elected senator from Hancock County, and was chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs in the sessions of 1872 and 1873.  In 1876 he was again elected to the House of Representatives.  Colonel Hadlock has for many years maintained an influential position in the affairs of his native town, and to his enterprise is largely due the development of the island and village Islesford.

Gilbert T. Hadlock, another son of Edwin, was one of the builders of the Life Saving Station established at Islesford in 1879, and served as the first keeper.  Captain Hadlock held this position for several years, and then resigned to establish a steamboat route among the islands.  He holds a medal from the government for heroic service in the saving of life.  Captain Franklin Stanley succeeded Captain Hadlock as commander of the Life Saving Station, and with his efficient crew of hardy surfmen has prevented many wrecks and brought much credit to the service.  Harvey Denning [Deming --HD], the youngest son of Edwin Hadlock, chose the legal profession, and was employed in important cases in Bucksport and Portland, and later in Boston, New York, and Washington.  He was a man of marked personality, who died suddenly in Boston, in the height of power, on the 13th of April, 1897."

Geo. R. Hadlock, Esq., son of Capt. Gilbert T. Hadlock of Islesford, is the only lawyer in the town of Cranberry Isles.  He was born at Islesford, July 21, 1880.  He prepared for college at Bucksport Seminary, studied law at the University of Maine School of Law in Bangor, and took the examinations for the bar from the office of Messrs. Heath and Andrews, attorneys, of Augusta.  He served as representative to the 73d Legislature of Maine.  He is postmaster at Islesford, where he carries on his practice.

The earliest settlers on Sutton's Island were Joseph Lancaster of Sullivan and Isaac Richardson, son of James Richardson of Mount Desert.

William and Joseph Moore were early settlers, also.  William later moved to Bear Island and was the first keeper of the Bear Island light.  Sutton, from whom the island now takes its name, was, perhaps, a squatter.  It is thought that he removed to the Maritime Provinces.

William Gilley, who settled on Baker's Island in 1812, became keeper of the light-house which was built there in 1828.  He came with his wife, Hannah Lurvey and three little children, from Norwood's Cove, where he had settled prior to 1785.  Mrs. Gilley was the daughter of Jacob Lurvey, a native of Gloucester, Mass., and a soldier of the Revolution, who had married Hannah Boynton of Byfield, Mass., and settled on Mount Desert in the early years of the plantation.  Mrs. Gilley was one of ten children, whose descendants are still numerous in Southwest Harbor and vicinity.

Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Gilley, and there were fifty-eight grand children.

Mr. Gilley continued as light keeper on Baker's Island until 1849, shortly after which time he went to live on Great Duck Island.  Mrs. Gilley spent her old age with one of her daughters on Little Cranberry.  She died at the age of sixty-nine years.  Mr. Gilley lived to be ninety-two.  He spent his declining years with his son William, on Baker's Island.

In the summer of 1808, John Clement came to Little Cranberry to make barrels for Captain Hadlock, whose fish business had grown to large proportions.  Mr. Clement was a cooper of Scotch descent, who had come with his wife, Deborah Burns, from Haverhill, Mass., to the Penobscot in 1795, and had lived for a time at Oldtown and Bucksport, before coming here.  He moved to Seal Harbor in June, 1809, and lived there for a number of years, carrying on an important cooperage business.  His descendants are leading citizens of Mount Desert.

On March 16, 1830, the two Cranberry Islands, with Sutton's, Baker's, and Bear Islands, were set off from Mount Desert, and incorporated into a town by the name of Cranberry Isles.  Samuel Hadlock, Enoch Spurling, and Joseph Moore were chosen the first Board of Selectmen.


Lieut. Col. Wm. E. Hadlock, 28th Regt; James Norris, 11th Regt.

14th Regt. -- Wm. Moore, Francis Stanley, Stillman G. Stanley, Geo. T. Tressell, Chitman Young. Rufus B. Ladd, navy and H-2d Me. Cav.; Henry O. Morse (sub), Henry Rawson, Jos. C. (Carrity) ? navy, F. C. Fisher, navy, John Taylor, navy, James Bible, navy, John Houston, navy, S. B. F. Johnson, navy, John C. Nicholas, navy, John Monroe (sub), James Ryan (sub), John R. (Cating) ? navy, Horace G. Bunker, Cape Elizabeth; L. S. Whipple, enl. E. Douglas, Mass., 43d Mass. Regt.



1870-2, W. E. Hadlock
1873, H. G. Bunker
1874-9, G. T. Hadlock
1880-3, F. G. Spurling
1884-5, Chas. E. Spurling
1886-8, Geo. J. Joy
1889-99, G. W. Bulger
1900-3, W. A. Spurling
1904, Geo. W. Bulger (present clerk).


1870, A. C. Fernald, J. S. Spurling, L. H. Bray.
1871-2, W. H. Preble, E. B. Stanley, S. S. Bunker.
1873, W. H. Preble, E. B. Stanley, Thos. Bunker.
1874, W. P. Preble, E. B. Stanley, John Stanley.
1875, W. P. Preble, J. S. Spurling, L. Holmes.
1876, W. P. Preble, E. B. Spurling, John Gilley.
1877, A. C. Fernald, J. S. Spurling, N. S. Stanley.
1878, Wm. P. Preble, John Gilley, S. S. Bunker.
1879, A. C. Fernald, E. B. Stanley, Leonard Holmes.
1880, Wm. P. Preble, John Gilley, Jos. S. Spurling.
1881, Wm. E. Hadlock, Wm. P. Preble, John Gilley.
1882, Wm. E. Hadlock, John Gilley, C. E. Spurling.
1883, Wm. P. Preble, John Gilley, Geo. W. Bulger.
1884, W. E. Hadlock, Benj. Spurling, S. C. Stover.
1885, Wm. P. Preble, Geo. W. Bulger, S. S. Bunker.
1886, Wm. P. Preble, Benj. Spurling, Wm. E. Hadlock.
1887, Wm. P. Preble, F. G. Spurling, Geo. W. Bulger.
1888, Wm. P. Preble, G. J. Joy, G. T. Hadlock.
1889, Wm. P. Preble, F. G. Spurling, C. E. Spurling.
1890-1, Wm. P. Preble, F. G. Spurling, G. W. Bulger.
1892-3, W. E. Hadlock, John Gilley, S. C. Stover.
1894, W. E. Hadlock, John Gilley, W. A. Spurling.
1895, W. E. Hadlock, W. A. Spurling, S. C. Stover.
1896, W. E. Hadlock, W. J. Mayo, Alonzo Bryant.
1897, W. E. Hadlock, W. A. Spurling, Alonzo Bryant.
1898-9, W. E. Hadlock, W. A. Spurling, Geo. W. Bulger.
1900, W. E. Hadlock, W. A. Spurling, F. L. Stanley.
1901, W. E. Hadlock, E. M. Brewster, F. E. Stanley.
1902, W. E. Hadlock, L. R. Bunker, S. C. Stone.
1903, W. E. Hadlock, L. R. Bunker, F. E. Stanley.
1904, L. R. Bunker, F. E. Stanley, A. J. Bryant.
1905, L. R. Bunker, F. E. Stanley, C. S. Spurling.
1906, L. R. Bunker, F. E. Stanley, C. E. Stanley.
1907, L. R. Bunker, J. H. Pressey, C. E. Stanley.
1908, L. R. Bunker, J. H. Pressey, F. E. Stanley.


The people of Cranberry Isles were for many years faithful attendants at divine worship in the old "Southern" meeting-house near Southwest Harbor, and when the services were held in the meeting-house near Pretty Marsh or in the Methodist meeting-house on Beech Hill, many of them would come over from the islands on Sunday, and, leaving their boats, would walk miles to the appointed place on foot.  They were, indeed, men and women of deep religious convictions and unfaltering devotion to duty.

Occasionally, meetings were held on one of the islands, as when Elder Norton preached on Great Cranberry the doctrine of the Free Will Baptists.  In later years, the Methodist ministers on Mount Desert included Cranberry Isles in their circuits, until about 1889, among those who preached here being: Revs. B. F. Stinson, C. A. Crawford, J. Rich, F. Hathaway, C. Rogers, J. H. Bowker, and J. S. Allen; the first named, the Rev. Mr. Stinson, having held meetings here for a number of years.

In 1860 a union sewing circle of thirty-eight members was formed among the women on Great Cranberry to raise money with which to build a meeting-house.  The house was erected, but dissension arose in the circle, and sixteen members seceded in May, 1862, to form a new circle, which disbanded, however, two years later.  The meeting-house was dedicated Sept. 11, 1866, and services were held in it occasionally during the next ten years.

In 1893, Rev. Charles Whittier, of Orono, Secretary of the Maine Missionary Society (Congregational), visited the islands to conduct religious services.  He was soon followed by Rev. Charles E. Harwood, of Orleans, Mass., whose death, March 22, 1894 [1897 --BK], deprived the people here of a pastor whom they deeply loved.

In the fall of 1897, Rev. Charles N. Davie, of Hyde Park, Mass., took up the work, and on June 25, 1899, the Congregational church of Cranberry Isles was organized at the Union meeting-house.  The following year, the Islesford Congregational society was organized to build and maintain a house of worship on Little Cranberry.  The meeting-house was opened for services in 1901.

The Rev. Mr. Davie preached in this town until 1895 [1904 --BK].  He was succeeded by Rev. A. P. McDonald, now of Bar Harbor, who supplied the church in 1906 and 1907.

Rev. Charlton B. Boles, editor of the Bar Harbor Record and Life, has supplied the people of the Cranberry Isles with preaching since 1908.


The year-round population of the towns included in this book has been arranged in families where that arrangement has been possible.  In addition to the resident living members, the names of the non-resident members are included.  It should be borne in mind that this plan does not include the names of all former residents of a town, as the names of non-residents appear only when one or both of the parents are still living in the town.  After the name of each non-resident will be found the present address, when such address has been given to us.  Non-residents are indicated by the (*).

The married lady's maiden name appears in parentheses and when a daughter in a family has married, her name taken in marriage appears after her given name in parentheses, the name preceded by a small m, thus: (m).

Following the names of the population appear the occupations [which I put in italics --BK].  To designate these we have used the more common abbreviations and contractions, as follows: Farmer--far; carpenter--car; railroad service--R R ser; student, a member of an advanced institution of learning--stu; pupil, a member of a lower grade of schools (including all who have reached the age of five years)--pl; housework--ho; laborer--lab; physician and surgeon--phy & sur; clergyman--clerg; merchant --mer; teacher--tr; blacksmith--blk; clerk--cl; bookkeeper-- bk kpr; lawyer--law; mechanic--mech; machinist--mach; engineer--eng; maker--mkr; worker--wkr; work--wk; shoe shop operative--s s op; cotton or woolen mill operatives-- mill op; weaver--weav; electrician--elec; painter--ptr; carriage work--carg wk; dress maker--dr mkr; insurance--ins; traveling salesman, or commercial traveler--trav sales, or coml trav; music teacher--mus tr; teamster--team; general work--genl wk; mariner--mar; employ--emp; retired--retd; telephone operative--tel op; telegraph operative--teleg op; manager--mgr; builder--bldr; stone cutter--s cut; gardener--gard; coachman--coach.

[The following abbreviations are found in the text but not explained: chauff--probably chauffeur; mas---probably mason; P M--probably Post Master; rd com--probably road commissioner; market--???; --BK]

The census was taken expressly for this work during the Summer of 1909, by Messrs. P. I. Lawton of Auburn, H. G. Jordan of Waltham, and A. L. Maddox of Ellsworth.


Note -- Where no post office address is given, Cranberry Isles (Great Cranberry Island) is understood.  Other post offices and adjoining towns are abbreviated thus: Islesford (Little Cranberry Island), I'ford; Northeast Harbor--N E Har; Southwest Harbor--S W Har.  The post office address of all residents of Baker's Island is Islesford; that of residents of Sutton's Island is Sutton.

For the other abbreviations used in the census see the first census page.


Atkins, Robert fisher
  Julia E (Howard
  Holsia pl
  Grace L pl


Birlem, A E fisher
  *Ulrieka C (m Stanley, N E Har
  Emma E (Hamor
  Fred A fisher
  Augusta E (m Bunker

Birlem, F E yachting & fishing
  Mamie F (Spurling

Black, Chas P fisher & far, Sutton
  Jennie (Austin
  *Lila E (m Austin, W Brooksville
  Sadie M (m Fernald
  Wm H fisher, Cran I
  Edgar C car, mas, & chauff
  Jennie G (m Pierce
  Carrie E pl
  Mildred E pl

Bracy, C W fisher
  Emma C (Peterson
  Madalina C
  Wesley P
  Linea E

Bracy, Cynthia W (Howard
  Chas W car
  James F fisher
  Lucy H (m Erickson

Bracy, J F fisher
  Bertha (Bunker
  Lillian (m Wedge
  Florence pl

Braebrook, G H yachting & boat bldr
  Cora A (Richardson
  Nellie M (m Rice
  Willard G pl

Bryant, Alonzo J car & eng, I'ford
  Ida M (Stanley
  Marvin L pl
  Dorothy I
  Shirley W
  Ruth L

Bryant, Roy W car, I'ford

Bryant, Ralph A fisher, I'ford

Bulger, E J capt yacht
  Emma H (Spurling
  Oscar S fisher
  Harvey V fisher
  Chas R yachting & fishing
  Alice M at home

Bulger, Geo W car
  Sarah M (Bunker
  Ralph P fisher

Bulger, Oscar S fisher
  Millie M (Harding
  Hilda M

Bulger, Sam'l N retd
  Mary L (Stanley
  Emma F (m Spurling
  Ella F (m Joy-Spurling

Bulger, Wm H sea capt
  *Chas H mer, Bar Har
  Bernhardini J (Tennyson

Bunker, Amanda M (Walls
  John M life saver
  Leander R dep sheriff
  Bertha E (m Bracy
  Sadie C (m Steele
  Frank W car

Bunker, Beniah ychtg & fishg
  Josie S (Stanley
  Elva L pl

Bunker, Clara A (m Rice, Sutton
  Leslie R estate supt
  Ida C (m Rice
  Annie M (m Spurling

Bunker, E G yachting & fishg
  Annie L (Spurling

Bunker, Francis W car, I'ford
  Flora E (Phippen
  Marjorie E

Bunker, Hannah G (Gilley
  Willis E fisher
  Geo W fisher
  Jas H fisher
  Benj B fisher
  Elisha G fisher
  Emma A (m Mills
  Henry A fisher
  Clara B ho
  Nellie A (m Spurling
  Eva N

Bunker, Henry A fisher
  Alta I (Spurling
  Vincie M pl [m Hulbert --HD]
  Alton H pl
  Alvah W pl ["Buster" --HD]
  Raymond A
  Lindon H ["Tud" --BK]

Bunker, J E market
  Mary G (Donahue

Bunker, John M life saver, Portsmouth, N H
  Eva M (Kelly

Bunker, L R dep sheriff & fish warden
  Augusta E (Birlem
  E Beatrice pl
  Ina M pl
  Hazel B pl
  Russel A pl

Bunker, Geo A fisher

Bunker, Leslie R estate supt, Sutton
  Mattie L (Bunker [last P M on Sutton --HD]
  Lawrence L stu
  Philip E pl [Prof. at Boston U., my prof. when I attended BU --HD]
  Ethel M pl
  Harry W

Bunker, Sidney C (Hamor
  *Sarah A (m Brewer, Franklin St., Holbrook, Mass.
  Julia M (m Spurling

Bunker, Willis E fisher
  Rena A (Stanley
  Percy E fisher


Campbell, B S car, I'ford
  Katherine B (Gilley
  *Ada M (m Dwelly, Franklin [my grandmother --HD]
  Edna M (m Hadlock

Carey, Chas B pl, Bay View Farm

Cary, Edw pl, I'ford

Chisholm, Daniel fm wk, Bay View Farm

Conners, Geo light kpr, Baker's Is
  Leah ho

Crosby, James C far & rd com, Bay View Farm
  Clarence H genl wk
  Elizabeth M (Chisholm


Donnell, Ulmer pl, Sutton

Duren, W E far
  Addie E (Stanley


Erickson, John F fisher
  Lucy H (Bracy-Spurling
  Laura M pl
  Victor pl


Fernald, Arthur L fisher, I'ford
  Katherine E (Griffin
  Francis G

Fernald, Everett E fisher, I'ford
  Sadie M (Black
  Malcolm E pl
  Samuel C
  Winfred F

Fernald, Geo H car, I'ford
  Emma J (Gilley
  Cora M (m Spurling

Fernald, Lucinda G (Spurling, I'ford
  L Belle (m Moore

Freeman, W A ptr, Sutton
  Olie M (Philbrook

Frye, Wattie E tr, I'ford


Gilley, Albert W life saver, I'ford
  A Maude (m Ham
  Hattie (m Jarvis
  Julia F (Jarvis
  Verner A genl wk [m Wattie Frye --HD]

Gilley, Geo fisher, I'ford [m Edna Baker & built the Woodlawn Hotel --HD]

Gilley, Katherine ho

Gilley, Mary J (Wilkinson, Sutton
  *Hattie M (m Springer, Augusta
  *Laura A (m Donnell, Seal Har
  Mary E (m Stanley

Gilley, Sam'l B fisher, Baker's Is
  Leona stu

Gilley, Warren fisher & far, Baker's Is

Gilley, Chas fisher & far, Baker's Is


Hadlock, Geo R law & P M, I'ford
  Edna J (Campbell
  Elmer C

Hadlock, Gilbert T retd sea capt, I'ford
  Agnes (m Spurling
  *Edward H clerg, Cal
  Walter yacht capt
  George lawyer & P M

Hadlock, Walter fishing & yachting, I'ford
  Grace M (Spurling
  Russell S pl

Hadlock, Wm E real estate, I'ford [Lt. Col. 28th Maine in Civil War --HD]
  Frances H (Tinker

Ham, A E seaman, I'ford
  A Maude (Gilley

Ham, Dan'l H eng, I'ford
  Laura A (Stanley
  Daniel H Jr.

Hamor, Geo R far, fisher & yachting
  Mary E (Bulger
  Emma E (m Birlem
  *G Gilman fisher, Glouster, Mass.
  John H far & gard
  *Eva (m Richardson, Cape Elizabeth
  *Augustus B yachting, S W Har

Hamor, J H estate supt
  Sarah B (Cleaves
  Hillard M pl
  Shirley C pl

Harding, J Rich'd fisher
  Abbie A (Stanley
  Maggie M (m Stanley
  Sadie A (m Trussell
  Millie M (m Bulger

Howard, Chas E car
  Carrie E (m White
  Julia E (m Atkins


Jarvis, Chas, I'ford
  Harriet (Gilley

Jarvis, Geo S retd, I'ford
  Oscar E life saver
  Chas yachting & fishing
  Fannie E ho
  Julia F (m Gilley

Jarvis, O E life saver, I'ford
  Jennie M (Stanley
  Kenneth E

Johnson, Frank A fisher
  Beatrice E (Hart

Jordan, Alden H fishing & yachting, I'ford
  Margaret S (Gilley
  *Emma A stenog, Greenville
  Maynard F stu [Prof. at U. of M. --HD]

Joy, Arthur A mail car
  Vida M (Stanley
  Eleanor M

Joy, Ella F (m Spurling
  Viola F tr
  Frederick stu
  Walter F stu
  Clarence F stu


Ladd, Hannah C (m Young, I'ford
  Lewis E yachting
  Lillian (m Spurling

Ladd, L E yachting
  Rose (McKenzie nurse
  Alfred E coll stu

Lurvey, E D contr & bldr
  *Ezra W car, Boston, Mass.
  *Walter E car, 3 Vine Av., Boston, Mass.
  *Wm F car, Boston, Mass.
  *Ralph E s cut, Hardwick, Vt.
  *Owen H gard, Seal Cove
  *Reginald genl wk, S W Har
  Elmenia T (Spurling-Preble


Main, Amos genl wk, I'ford
  Olive J (Stanley

Mayo, Wm I fisher, I'ford
  Annie E (Bryant
  Harvey W stu
  Roy W mason & fisher

Mayo, R W mas & fisher, I'ford
  Virginia E (Thayer
  Pauline T

Moore, Benj E fisher, I'ford
  L Belle (Fernald
  Lizzie E pl

Morse, Fred W cl, I'ford
  Mary S (Smyth
  Irene S


Phippen, Fred W fisher
  Inez (Stanley
  Milton pl
  Leslie pl

Phippen, H V fishing & yachting, I'ford
  Agnes M (Stanley
  Fannie M

Phippen, J D fisher, I'ford
  Viola (Ober
  Ralph O pl
  Harold D
  Laurence O

Phippen, Sam'l C fisher, I'ford
  Fannie (Gray
  John D fisher
  Fred W fisher
  Harry V fisher
  Flora M (m Bunker

Pierce, L Vinal ychtg & fishg, Sutton
  Jennie G (Black
  Haroldine M pl
  Armstrong S
  Eleanor W

Preble, Elmenia T (m Lurvey
  *Wm P bk kpr, 608 E 50th, Chicago, Ill.

Pressey, J H mgr mkt at S Har
  Delia H (Bulger


Rice, Caroline M (Blunt, Sutton
  *Edith M (m Brackett, Somerville, Mass.
  Wilbert A sea capt
  *Carrie E (m Young, Otter Creek
  *Loring E sea capt, Steuben
  *Herbert A sea capt, Steuben
  Seth H car

Rice, Lewis W seaman, Sutton
  Elizabeth M (Guptill
  Warren G   Walter G

Rice, L M boat bldr
  Nellie M (Rosebrook

Rice, Seth H car & yachting, Sutton
  Ida C (Bunker
  Lloyd L stu
  Lowell R pl
  Chas E pl
  Elton T

Rice, Wilbert A sea capt, Sutton
  Clara A (Richardson-Bunker
  *Gilbert A mach, Boston, Mass.
  Lewis W seaman
  *Geo L sea capt, Sullivan
  Leslie M boat bldr & mach
  Addie M (m Stanley

Richardson, Carrie M (Stanley
  Chas E fisher

Richardson, Cora L (Spurling

Rosebrook, Eben C far
  Sarah J (Spurling
  *Mary E (m Holmes, N E Har
  Gilbert H yachting


Sawyer, Lewis W light kpr, Bear Island, P.O. NE Har
  *Eber light kpr, Bar Har
  Leah H ho

Spofford, Benj A retd, I'ford
  *Ida C (m Leighton, Gloucester, Mass.
  *Josie (m Wonson, Gloucester, Mass.
  Nellie A (Blake
  *Georgia A (m Spurling, Biddeford
  *Ella M stenog, Boston, Mass.
  Herbert E fisher
  Bessie E ho

Sprague, Jas C s mason, I'ford
  Nannie E (Greene
  Roland L pl
  Kathleen E pl

Spurling, Arthur M car, I'ford ["Chummie" lived to 102 --HD]
  Cora M (Fernald

Spurling, A S fisher, I'ford
  Lillian (Ladd
  Gertrude M ho
  Earle W pl

Spurling, Chas E mer & boatg
  Emma F (Bulger
  Mary F (m Birlem
  Chas S mer

Spurling, Chas S mer
  Edna M (Hatfield
  Louise H

Spurling, C H yachtg & fishg, I'ford
  Lenora E (Johnson

Spurling, Eben S fisher
  Lena E (Spurling

Spurling, Edw A fisher, I'ford
  Annie W (Whipple
  Raymond W pl
  Harry E pl

Spurling, E L fisher, I'ford
  Agnes (Hadlock [2nd Islesford P M --HD]
  Clarence H ychtg & fishg

Spurling, E W fisher
  Mary T (Hurley

Spurling, Fred R yachting & fishing, I'ford
  Nellie F (Fernald
  Irving R pl
  Marion E pl
  A Rudolf

Spurling, Geo H yachting, I'ford
  Annie R (Steele
  Minnie E ho

Spurling, G W yachtg & fishg
  Nellie E (Bunker
  Frances M pl
  Hervey M pl
  Gladys M pl
  Forest E

Spurling, J Elwood yachting & fishing
  Ella J (Bates

Spurling, Josiah Y fisher
  Frances (Steele
  George W fisher
  Millard S car & ptr

Spurling, Julia M (Bunker
  Warren A fisher ["Bert" --HD]
  Arthur M boat bldr, fisher
  Alta I (m Bunker
  Ernest W fisher
  Joseph E fisher

Spurling, L J fisher
  Clara R (Richardson
  Ray H pl

Spurling, Lucy H (m Erickson
  Annie L (m Bunker
  E Marion pl

Spurling, Matilda (Young
  Ella M (m Stanley
  Chas E mer & boating
  Luella S (m Stanley
  Cora L (m Richardson

Spurling, Millard S car & ptr
  Annie M (Bunker

Spurling, Warren A fisher
  Ella F (Bulger
  Elva L pl
  Elmer A pl
  Bernice M pl
  Ella Frances

Spurling, Wm F fisher, I'ford
  Blanche E (Stanley
  Sheldon E

Stanley, Albion M fisher
  Minnie M (Richardson
  Harvey S fisher
  Merrill E fisher

Stanley, A P fisher
  Mabel (Stanley
  Esther pl
  Enoch A pl
  Robert E pl
  Chester W pl
  Leslie pl
  John T pl

Stanley, B Frank capt of life saving station, I'ford
  Almenia G (Gilley
  Inez (m Phippen
  Walter F boat slip
  Jennie M (m Jarvis
  Ida M (m Bryant
  Frankie E ptr & yachting
  Minnie E (m Stanley
  Blanche E (m Spurling
  Elsie L pl

Stanley, Daniel K fisher
  Smith S fisher
  Rosinda P (m Wedge
  Philena J (Fernald

Stanley, E B yachting & fishing
  Ida F (Steele dr mkr
  Ethel M at home
  Ruth F pl

Stanley, Edw J fisher
  Mary S (Moore
  Chas E genl wk
  Velma M tr

Stanley, Elva A (Stanley mer

Stanley, F E yachting & fishing, I'ford
  Minnie E (Stanley

Stanley, Frank E ptr I'ford
  A Maud (Rice
  Ella M

Stanley, Frank L fishing & ychtg
  Maggie M (Harding
  Harold stu
  Walter L pl
  Clifford pl
  Lyle pl

Stanley, Gilbert M yachting & fishing
  Bertie pl

Stanley, G S fisher
  *Caro M (m Turner, N E Har
  *Myra E (m Overley, St. Louis, Mo.
  *Clarence S fish mkt, N E Har
  Richard H fishing & ychtg
  Maurice I pl
  Cordelia (Teel-Townsend   Edith

Stanley, Hiram L mer & P M
  Nettie A (Spurling

Stanley, J G fisher
  May F (Stanley
  Vida M (m Joy
  Ernest G stu
  Myrtle E pl

Stanley, Linda (Stanley, I'ford
  Laura A (m Ham

Stanley, Lewis G boat slip

Stanley, Loring A hotel bus & car, I'ford
  Velma R (Looke
  Andrew E elec
  Berton T stu
  Ethel R stu
  Roy H pl
  Helen S pl
  Doris E pl

Stanley, Lucinda G (Stanley
  *Carrie E (m Jordan (adopted daughter), Seal Har
  J Gilman fisher
  Frank A (Johnson) (adopted son) ychtg

Stanley, Maria (Spurling
  Frank L fisher
  May F (m Stanley
  Josie S (m Bunker
  Elva A (m Stanley
  Perley D fisher
  Addie E (m Duren

Stanley, Nathan S mer, I'ford
  Margaret (Dolliver

Stanley, Perley D fisher
  Lena E (Leavitt tr

Stanley, Phebe J (Gilley, Baker's Is
  Wm fisher
  Albert W fisher
  *Alfred mech, Conn.
  Mabel (m Stanley

Stanley, Smith S fisher, I'ford
  Eunice P (Guptill
  *Roderick K tr, Naples

Stanley, Thos F yacht capt
  Luella S (Spurling
  Freeman E ychtg & fishg
  Agnes M (m Phippen
  *Ella B (m Morrell, Bar Har

Stanley, Thos M
  Rena A (m Bunker
  *Carrie E (m Jordan, Seal Har
  Mary H (Holmes

Stanley, Tyler H far I'ford

Stanley, W F car & yachting, I'ford
  Florence (Young
  Norman F

Stanley, Wm D boat slip, fisher
  Nancy (Stanley

Stanley, Wm F fisher, Baker's Is
  Carrie (Ober
  Gerald K fisher
  Philip pl

Steele, Fred E car
  Sadie C (Bunker
  Lulu M pl

Steele, John B car
  Annie E (Haraden


Townsend, Cordelia (m Stanley
  *Edward, Lydgate, N S
  Kate pl

Trussell, Wilford S yachting & fishing
  Sadie A (Harding
  Helen pl


Wedge, Edward fisher
  Rose P (Stanley
  Frank E fisher
  Oscar G fish mkt, el
  Everett K stu
  Lena M pl

Whipple, Lucius S retd vet, I'ford
  Annie W (m Spurling

White, Jos fisher
  *Annie (m Bezanson, 220 Maple, Lynn, Mass.
  *Jos L ptr, Malden, Mass.
  Carrie E (Howard
  Esther F pl
  Blanche R pl
  Edgar N pl
  G Victor
  Chas E


Young, Betsey (Cousins, I'ford
  *Stillman, Mass.
  *Caroline (m Hodgkins, Waltham, Mass.
  *Frances (m Gibson, Waltham, Mass.
  *Stephen far, E Corinth
  Florence (m Stanley

Young, W A fisher, I'ford
  Lulu (Stewart
  Mildred E pl
  Vivian C
  Eleanor G

Young, Wm W fisher, I'ford
  Hannah C (Stanley
  Wm A fisher


Postmasters - Mrs. Nettie A. Stanley; Islesford - Geo. R. Hadlock; Sutton - Mrs. Clara A. Rice.

Town Clerk - George W. Bulger.

Clergyman - Islesford - C. B. Boles (Bar Harbor P.O.), Bap.

Lawyer - George R. Hadlock.

Justices - Gilbert T. Hadlock, Apr. 24, 1913; Geo. R. Hadlock, Apr. 13, 1912; Leslie R. Bunker, Jan. 28, 1915. Dedimus - Wm. E. Hadlock.

Merchants - Chas. E. Spurling, Mrs. Nettie A. Stanley, John H. Hamor, Mrs. Elva A. Stanley, general stores; Mrs. Chas. E. Spurling, millinery; Mrs. Sadie Hamor, millinery, fancy goods and dressmaking.  Islesford - Nathan S. Stanley, Arthur Spurling (also dry goods), groceries; Gilbert Hadlock, coal and ice.

Manufacturers - C. E. Howard, Gilbert Rosebrook, Chas. W. Bracy, Millard S. Spurling, Leonard J. Spurling, Robert Atkins, John M. Bunker, Fred E. Steele, John B. Steele, Arthur E. Spurling, boats; A. J. Bryant, Adelbert Stanley, Walter Stanley, Geo. W. Bulger, Fred E. Steele, Millard S. Spurling, George W. Spurling, John B. Steele, carpenters.  Sutton - Leslie R. Rice, boats.

Hotel, Islesford - L. A. Stanley.

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