Arno Preston Stanley

b. 12 Sep [8 Aug CITR] 1865
d. 18 Dec 1937


Son of Enoch B. (Sr.) and Caroline H. (Guptill) Stanley
Married Maybelle (Mabel) Stanley 3 Nov 1894
Lived in a house that was formerly where the "Gravel Pit" is now on GCI.
He and Mabel had children as follows:
  Esther Stanley, b. about 1895, m. Francis Spurling
  Enoch A. Stanley, b. next, m. Beatrice Bunker
  Robert Stanley, b. about 1898
  Chester Stanley, b. 1900 (father of shipbuilder Ralph Stanley of SWH)
  Leslie Victor Stanley, b. 10 Jul 1902
  John Theodore Stanley, last surv. child, was in USCG, went to U of Me.
  infant (sex unk.) b. 16 Jul 1906, d. 17 Jul 1906, buried in Stanley Cemetery.

Arno was a wholesale fish dealer, and sold out of Northeast Harbor some time during the years 1890-1899.

Arno had strange ways and was a difficult man to live with.  He took down the stovepipe because too much wood was being burned.  He threatened two of his brothers with a gun.  His wife Mabel left him to live on Baker Island.  He was committed to Bangor State Hospital around 1935-36, and died there.

Buried in the Stanley Cemetery

In 1938 Arno and Mabel's house and land was sold to Elwood Spurling.  Elwood wanted the land because he was GCI Road Commissioner and needed winter gravel.  Elwood cleaned out the house of various unclaimed belongings before tearing it down.

Some of these belongings wound up in Phil Whitney's garage loft, since Phil is Elwood's grandson.  They remained there basically untouched for 60 years.  In 1998, Phil and Karin went through an old trunk belonging to Arno, and found the Marriage Proposal Letter (right), along with other less interesting papers.  The original letter was badly stained in the center, partially obscuring the writing.

Phil has kindly allowed me to restore and present this curious document -- Arno's letter of proposal to Mabel, which is also Mabel's letter of acceptance to him!

I like to think he gave this to her on Valentine's Day, 1894. But whenever he gave it her, it was effective.  They married November 3, 1984.  The Yankee Valentine reads as follows:

page 1

page 2

Dear Mabel

I love you with
all my heart and I am
willing to part with all on
earth for your presents (presence), if you 
will join with me now at the
present time but after you
read this, and donot see fit
to join with me I will say
no more about it and give
up and die in despair   I
shall feel as if I have not a
friend on earth if you say no
if you choose others ways I hope
you will be happy though (through)
life and when I die I hope
to meet with you in heaven
if god is willing for me to
please write on this peper and
give me ether way you choose

this is the way I feel
I trust in god that we may
be happy through life if
you ascept

yes Dear
please answer yes or no
and give me this piece of peper

Arno. P. Stanley

Live or die I shall think
of you as a friend and one
that love you well and you
may think as you please

Mabelle (Mabel) Estelle (Stanley) Stanley

b. 28 Nov 1868
d. 24 Mar 1955


Dau. of Robert S. & Phoebe Jane (Gilley) Stanley
Wife of Arno P. Stanley
Lived in a house that was formerly where the "Gravel Pit" is now on GCI.
Had children with Arno as listed above.
Buried in the Stanley Cemetery

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sample invoice from Arno's fish business

courtesy of Phil Whitney

Arno proposes to Mabel, pg 1

courtesy of Phil Whitney

she agrees, pg 2

courtesy of Phil Whitney

Thanks to Phil Whitney of GCI and Ralph Stanley of SWH for supplying most dates and facts on this page.

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