Bert and Mary Birlem

photos courtesy of Charles Birlem

Bert Birlem, around 1946

Bert Birlem, around 1946
in front of his house on Clark Point Road in Southwest Harbor

Mary Spurling Birlem, around 1946
in front of her house on Clark Point Road in Southwest Harbor

Along with these photos, Charles Birlem notes:

I was brought up in SW Hbr on Clark Point Rd.  The house is now an inn and the last time we were there it was yellow - near the intersection of Herrick Rd on the town side and north side of the road. ... The place in SWH was across and just north of Ralph Stanley's boat shop and sits up above the road a bit.

My grandparents moved over to SW Hbr in 1922.  They were Mary and Bert.  She was a Spurling on Great Cranberry, and grew up in the house that I think [Carl] Brooks owns (Carl is a grandson of a Charles Spurling, my grandmothers brother) at the top of the rise coming in from the landing and across from what was once a tennis court.  They had a store at that corner.  The whole north west point was called Spurling Point.  When living on Cranberry, Bert and Mary owned a house just up from the landing on the left. Clarence Beal owned it at one time. [Now owned by Moss.]

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