Charles Samuel Spurling

b. 1880
d. 1911


Charles Samuel Spurling was the son of Charles E. Spurling & Emma Frances (Bulger) Spurling.
He was the husband of Edna Mae Hatfield.
They lived in what is now the Brooks house.
He continued a store (started by his father) next door to his house.
Buried in the Spurling Cemetery.

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photo courtesy of Barbara Brooks

public school diploma, 1898

diploma courtesy of Carl & Patsy Brooks

Edna Mae (Hatfield) Spurling

b. 1877
d. 1967


Edna Mae (Hatfield) Spurling was the daughter of .
She was the wife of Charles Samuel Spurling.
They had a daughter, Barbara Brooks.
Buried in the Spurling Cemetery.

The Spurling House

The Spurling Store

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