Cranberry Isles Cottages

This list is from pages 106-109 of a booklet titled "??? and Cottage Directory" published in 1915.  [A little red book ... donated to Tremont Historical Society. --Charles Liebow]

original pages

Islesford Cottage Directory

Bottomme, Mrs. Anne G., New York

Bowditch, Mr. and Mrs. N. I., Framingham, Mass.

Bowditch, Dr. Vincent Y., Miss O. F., Boston, Mrs. E. F., Framingham, Mass.  "Tree Top."

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. A. H., Cambridge, Mass.

Briggs, Miss Isabel and Miss Follett, Boston.  "Tree Top."

Burpee, Mrs. E. R., Bangor, Maine.

Guild, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., Boston.  "The Maypole."

Lord, Dr., Boston.  "Jarvis Cottage."

Pancoast, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Philadelphia.

Reese 1, Dr. and Mrs. Rush, Rochester, N. Y.

Sawtelle, Mr. and Mrs. W. O., Haverford, Pa.  "The Head."

Scudder, Dr. and Mrs. Charles, Boston.

Seelye, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph, Springfield, Mass.

Seelye, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Worcester, Mass.  "Sand Beach Cottage."

Smythe, Rev. and Mrs. Newman, The Misses Smythe, New Haven, Conn.  "Rugged Rocks."

Storer, Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm, Boston.

Strange, Mr. and Mrs. A. B., New York.  Tuttle Cottage.

Sweet, Dr. and Mrs. F. B., Springfield, Mass.  Hadlock Cottage.

Wells, Rev. and Mrs. Hubert, Wilmington, Del.

Sutton Island Cottage Directory

Adamowski, Mr. and Mrs., Cambridge, Mass.  "The White Hen."

Burnham, Mr. and Mrs. William, Miss Helen Hoffer, Philadelphia.  "Odenwald."

Church, Mr. and Mrs. C. B., New York.  "Church Cottage."

Fels, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Philadelphia.  "Fir Lee."

Field, Mrs. Lucy, Misses Elizabeth and Rachel, Miss Katherine Atwater, Springfield, Mass.  "Bunchberry Bungalow."

Furbush, Dr. and Mrs. C. Lincoln, Philadelphia.  "After Glow."

Hinchman, Miss M. C., Philadelphia.  "Kendall Cottage."

King, Mr. and Mrs. Landreth, Misses Helen and Ruth, Orange, N. J.  "Farm House."

Paine, Rev. and Mrs. George L., New Haven, Conn.  "Paine Cottage."

Talley, Dr. and Mrs. James E., Mrs. Andrews, Philadelphia.  "Talley Cottage."

Worcester, Rev. William, Miss Margaret, Cambridge, Mass.  "Hutton-Sutton."

Cranberry Isle Cottage Directory

Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Holbrook, Mass.

Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm, Mattapan, Mass.

Fobes, Misses, Portland, Me.  Spurling Cottage.

Row, Mrs. Elizabeth, Miss Schassa, Roxbury, Mass.  Row Cottage.

Schriftguisser 2, Mrs. Hetty and family, Roxbury, Mass.

Warren, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. and family, Brookline, Mass., Miss Elizabeth Johnson, Philadelphia, Misses Elizabeth Woodward and Mary E. Pierce, Dorchester, Mass.  Spurling Cottage.

Waterman, W. S. and family, Miss Sarah Harlan.  Birlem Cottage.

Greenings Island Cottage Directory

Colton, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Jr., Philadelphia.  "Far-A-Way," South Shore.

Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G., Cambridge, Mass.  "Ravensthorp."

Bear Island Cottage Directory

Dunbar, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., Cambridge, Mass.  East Shore.


1 Should be Dr. Rush Rhees, not "Reese".  He was President of the University of Rochester.  But Rhees sounds like Reese, a common name, so the editor's error is understandable.

2 "Schriftguisser" is so unusual, we can be fairly sure the editor has checked and spelled it correctly.

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all photos courtesy of Charles Liebow

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