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A   Index

Alley, Andrew E. & Clara
Alley, Lulu
Aerial View of the Cranberry Isles
Ara, shipwreck

B   Index

Baker Island Lighthouse
Bay View Farm, run by James C. Crosby
Beal, Clarence E. & Barbara R.
Bear Island Lighthouse
Benevolent Sewing Circle forerunner of the Ladies Aid
Bileck, Marvin
Birlem, Augustus and Emma
Birlem, Bert and Mary
Bloom, Robert & Sara
Bobcat (vessel)
Bracy, Charles W. & Emma P.
Bracy, Wesley & Annie
Browning, Bob (donated home movies made by Lloyd Hayes)
  Michael & Dorothy "Dolly"
  Oscar S. & Millie A. "Pink"
  Samuel N. & Mary L.
  Capt. William H., & 2 wives, Elva A. & Dena J.
  Edgar A.
  Elisha G. & Annie L.
  Capt. George W.
  Harriet P.
  Henry A. & Alta I.
  John Gilman
  Lindon "Tud" & Pauline "Polly"
  Warren & Sidney C.

C   Index

Candage, Rufus George Frederick
Carver, Paul & Pauline
Cemeteries: Great Cranberry  Islesford  Sutton  Baker
Cemetery Trust Funds
Census: 1909
Chapman, Samuel E. & Cora
Church, Great Cranberry Island Congregational
Cranberry Club (on GCI)
Cranberry Cove Restaurant
Cranberry Rugs, Cranberry Island Hooked Rugs
Crosby, James C. & Cora, farmers on Great Cranberry Island

D   Index

Davie, Rev. Charles N.
Don Parsons, shipwreck
Duck Island
  1891 remembrances of Rufus Candage
  photos by Ellen Spain

E   Index

Edward Stuart, shipwreck

F   Index

Field, Rachel, author of God's Pocket
Field's House on Sutton Island
Field Letter, from Rachel to Helen Richardson Corkum, 1939
Firebug, 1915-16
Firehall, Great Cranberry
Ford, Rev. James Belcher
Forrester, Rev. Arthur W.
Fox, Rev. Daniel H.E.
Fredrickson, Marilyn

G   Index

GCIHS (Great Cranberry Island Historical Society)
Genealogy of the Cranberry Isles
General George C. Hogg, shipwreck
Goldberg, William
Gott Family
Great Cranberry Island Historical Society
Greening's Island (settled by Langley, named after James Grenan)
Grenan, James and Jane Gott (Greening's Isl. named after him)

H   Index

Hadlock, Elmer C.
Hadlock, Capt. Gilbert & Georgie
Hadlock, Capt. Samuel Jr. & "Hanna Caroline"
Hamor Tea House
Hardy, Carl Sr.
Hartley, Harold & Elizabeth
Harwood, Rev. Charles Elliott
Hayes, Lloyd & Rachel; ran boarding house on GCI, made Cranberry Isles home movies
Hearse, formerly kept in the "hearse house"
Heath, Russians help drain the Heath to fight mosquitoes
Historical Society, Great Cranberry Island
Hobo, WWI Patrol Boat
Hodgkins, John & Luhama
Hogg, Gen. Geo. C., shipwreck
Hooked Rugs, Cranberry Island Hooked Rugs
Hutchins, Rev. Melvin & wife

I   Index

Indians on the Cranberry Isles (GCI Hist. Museum display)
Islesford Hotel
Islesford Life Saving Station

J   Index

Jimmy's Point, GCI; also known as Manchester Point
J.T. Morse, Steamship

K   Index


L   Index

Ladd, Rosa
Ladies Aid
Ladies Aid Building
Lancaster, Joseph & Nancy, 1st settlers Sutton Isl.
Langley, Philip and Esther, 1st settlers Greening's Isl.
Libraries, Great Cranberry Island   Islesford
Life Saving Station, on Islesford
Lighthouses: Baker Island  Bear Island
Llamas (Skeldale Farm)
Longfellow School on GCI

M   Index

MacAllister, Eugene "Red" & Leona
Marriage proposal, Arno to Mabel Stanley
McSorley, Andrew & Dorothy "Dot"
Manchester Point, GCI
Mastodon bone found by Wesley Bracy, Jr., 1970
Memorial Day Flags Placed by the Town
Morse, J.T., Steamship
Mountain, Omer & Annette
Mountain View Inn
Murch, Maynard
Mutual Improvement and Benevolent Society

N   Index

Nelson, Carl, Artist & Poet

O   Index

Ober, John, lost on the Minerva; see Sawtelle's note
Olson, Kate Bunker
Oranges, given to the children at Christmas

P   Index

Phippen, Marjorie
Pool freezes, 1934  1  2  3  4
Postcards, picture
Post Offices
Preble, William P. & Abigail C.
Preble House on Maine Memory Network (2013)
Prehistory and Indians on the Cranberry Isles (GCI Hist. Museum display)
Prussian Lady, wife of Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr.

Q   Index


R   Index

Red House, The, Bed and Breakfast run by John and Dorothy Towns
Restless (vessel)
Rice, Charles & Ada
Rice, Elton T. "Buster" & Doris Ellen "Dot"
Rice, Leslie M. "Les" & Nellie M.
Rice, Seth Hamilton & Ida C.
Rice, Wilbert A. & Ella C.
Richardson, Capt. Charles E. & Nellie
Richardson, Capt. Meltiah J. & Mary Catherine "Carrie"
Rosebrook, Capt. Eben C. & Sarah J.
Rosebrook, Gilbert & Cora
Rugs, Cranberry Island hooked rugs
Russians help drain the Heath to fight mosquitoes

S   Index

Sanborn, Norman
Sanford, Sammy
Schriftguisser, Hetty
Sherman House
Ships - see vessels
  Aerolite, 1869
  Alice T, 1867
  Amaranth, 1868
  Ara, 1927
  G.F. Baird, 1874
  Baker, 1878
  Henry Bushman, 1874
  Charlotte, 1867
  Olive Clark, 1876
  Edward Delisle, 1869
  Gen. Geo. C. Hogg, 1904
  William Hone, 1872
  C.D. Horton, 1867
  C.E. Howard, 1868
  Jessie, 1867
  Lyra, 1878
  Don Parsons, 1923
  Pilot, 1867
  Presto, 1878
  Redondo, 1876
  Rosilla B, 1871
  Edward Stewart, 1916
  Sunbeam, 1876
  Three Cheers, 1875
  recorded by William Preble, notary public
Silas McClune, lobster smack
Snow, John, Passamaquoddy Indian
  Gen. Andrew B., Congressional Medal of Honor winner
  Capt. Benjamin & Asenath M.
  Charles E. & Emma F., store owners
  Charles S. & Edna Mae, store owners  1  2
  Eber & Lena
  Forest, and his wheelbarrow
  Robert & Lucy Ann
Spurling Cove
Spurling Store
  Arno P. & Mabel E.
  Asa D. & Ellen Maria
  Boynton L. & Amy
  Charles E. "Pink" & Eliza B.
  John, and the "Subway Sailors"
  Leslie Victor, genealogist
  Lewis G. "Lew" & Leah J.
  Thomas M. & 2 wives: Abigail C. & Mary H.
Steele, George Filmore
Steele, Lulu & Willy
Stores: Bunker | Spurling
Storey, Moorfield, the first GCI rusticator
Stover, Samuel C. & Georgianna
Strandberg, Carl & Louise
Stuart, Edward, shipwreck

T   Index

Teel House
Teel, Capt. Sawtelle, Velma, & Mary
Towns, John and Dorothy
Towns Slides

U   Index

Union Meeting House (GCI Congregational Church)
Unknown vessels   people (please help to identify them)

V   Index

Valentine, A Yankee
Vessels identified   unknown
Voters in the Town of Cranberry Isles: 1858

W   Index

Wadsworth, Charles E. & Jean G. Howard-Wadsworth
Walls, Amanda
Walls, Elsie
Weinreich, Beatrice
Wellman, Donald
Whale beaches on Great Cranberry, 1919
Wedge, Karl and Clara
Wrecks - see shipwrecks

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Y   Index

Young, William A. & Lucinda, member of US Life Saving Station on Islesford

Z   Index


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