John and Dorothy "Dot" Towns


John and Dot have run The Red House, on Great Cranberry Island, as a Bed and Breakfast for many years.  They originally bought the property from James Crosby, who had a farm there.
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photo courtesy of Ada Rice

The Towns Slides

A collection of 149 color slides was taken by John Towns in the 1940s.  Dot Towns donated them to the Great Cranberry Island Library.


The Red House

John and Dot Towns ran The Red House, on Great Cranberry Island, as a bed and breakfast for years, with many satisfied repeat customers.  John is confined to a wheelchair, so Dot had to do almost everything.  I remember she would drive down to the Town Dock in her old van and meet almost every mailboat, to pick up her customers.

In the evenings, Dot used to tell them to "go to the movies," by which she meant a stroll down Mink Brook Road to watch the sunset over the Western Way-- and it was truly worth the walk.

Around 1998 the work got to be too much, and the Towns handed management of The Red House to their daughter, Judi Lim, and her husband.  The new managers have dropped the bed and breakfast aspect, but still rent The Red House in sections.

Judi reckons the original house was built around 1769 and remodeled various times through 1860.  The back section was added by the Towns in 1989.  The Lims refurbished the existing old barn in 1999, as an additional section for rent.

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