Lloyd Benjamin Hayes

b. 21 May 1880 (San Francisco, CA)
d. 3 Dec 1943 (Washington, DC)

Lived in Alton, NH, as a boy.  Graduated from Harvard University in 1904 with F.D.R. (see letter).  Was Civic Secretary of Boston City Club from about 1920 to 1934.  First wife, Clara, died.  Married Rachel.
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Photo courtesy of
Bob Browning

Rachel Lewis Millard

b. 23 Jan 1886 (Washington, DC)
d. 9 Jul 1945 (Washington, DC)

Attended District of Columbia public schools; graduated from Western High School and Miner Teacher's College.  Taught in public schools and Schott's Alley, tenement area for Italian stone masons' families working on the Capitol building.  Married Lloyd Hayes about 1924.

Photo courtesy of
Bob Browning
The Hayeses came to Cranberry Island in 1924 and rented rooms, eating at a boarding house.  In 1926 they bought the old Spurling house at the head of the hill above Spurling Cove from Nettie Spurling Stanley.  It was the first time the property had been outside the Spurling family since the original deed was signed by Cadillac.  By 1928 they had restored the house to its present colors with shutters.  Inside they opened all the fireplaces and redecorated.  They explored the islands as far as the Ducks, Long Island, Swans, Placentia, Black Islands and Mt. Desert Rock, and had many picnics on Bakers in rented motor boats.  There were expeditions to many of the parts of Acadia National Park by boat and car.  Les Rice built the 25-foot launch, LORAE, for them in 1930.

In the early '30s Lloyd took a job with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington, and they moved to that city.  Rachel ran a summer boarding house on Cranberry following their move until about 1938 with the help of Ruth Bunker (Stanley), Velma and Mary Teel and Jean Stanley.  In 1930 they brought their nephew, Bob Browning (12), to Cranberry for the first of five summers, ending in 1939, when he spent one month there and the balance of the summer working at the Bath Iron Works.

Lloyd was an avid photographer, using a large folding Kodak, sterioptican and 16mm movie cameras.  He made many interesting friends through the Boston City Club where he ran a lecture series.  Alan Villiers, Capt. Bob Bartlett, Irving Johnson and many other explorers were his personal friends.  He brought Powder River Jack and Kitty Lee in full cowboy regalia from Montana to visit Cranberry Island, to the delight of the residents.  Western films and cowboy singers were very popular at the movies at S.W. and N.E. Harbors then.

The Hayeses truly appreciated the people of Great Cranberry Island as well as the natural beauty of the country and the wonderful summer climate.  The films express their feelings in a unique way.

The Home Movies

Lloyd Hayes had an early 16mm home movie camera and took films of Cranberry Island scenes.  The films were donated to the Great Cranberry Library by Bob Browning, Lloyd's nephew.

The Library placed them for safekeeping in the historic film vaults of Northeast Historic Film, a company that specializes in preserving old movies, as well as offering them for use as "stock footage."  The films are listed in their catalog as "The David Westphal Collection, Acc-0702, Browning--Home Movies."  Northeast Historic Film copied the films onto VHS videocassette on 16 July 1995, for the Library's use, and the cassette is available on loan.  The Library also occasionally earns a small royalty each time scenes from the films are used for commercial purposes.

The FDR Visit

Lloyd Hayes went out in LORAE to hail F.D.R. in the schooner AMBERJACK(?) [as the President passed by the Cranberry Isles in the summer of 1933.] His hail resulted in this note.
- RCB [Robert C. Browning]

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The Hayes' Boarding House

[The following is the typed text for a Classified Ad, donated by Bob Browning and found in the Great Cranberry Library --BK]


LOCATION - Two miles off shore from Mt. Desert Island on the coast of Maine, equidistant from Southwest Harbor and Northeast Harbor which are well-known resorts on Mt. Desert Island; also near Seal Harbor on Mt. Desert Island.  It is 285 miles from Boston.

TRANSPORTATION - Bar Harbor Express to Ellsworth, thence by bus to Southwest Harbor, and motor boat to Cranberry Island; OR Eastern S.S. Co. Bangor Line, boat daily from Boston to Bucksport, thence by bus to Northeast Harbor or Southwest Harbor.  Leave Boston in early evening and arrive at Cranberry next forenoon; OR by auto: Boston - Portland - Brunswick - Bath - Rockland - Bucksport - Ellsworth - Southwest Harbor.  Alternate route from Brunswick via Augusta, Belfast and Bucksport.  About same mileage each way (285).

TELEPHONE CONNECTION - Call residence E.L. Spurling, Southwest Harbor 6226 - 2.

GARAGE - at Southwest Harbor, near wharf.

RATES - Double room, $18 per week each person.
Single room, $20 per week each person.

RECREATIONS - Sailing; motor boating; mountain climbing on Mt. Desert Island; fishing; swimming; easy trails for short hikes; Cadillac Mountain auto road in Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island; horseback riding and golf at Southwest Harbor and Northeast Harbor; picnics and excursions to adjacent islands.


1934 - 1937 [apparently the years the ad was run--BK]

[The former address is crossed out and the following is added by hand:
The Imperial Apt.
1763 Columbia Road
phone Ad 4628 R]

Betty Hartley and her parents stayed at the Hayes' boarding house, according to her remembrance.

The Hayes house, from a 1936 postcard

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