Manchester Point

Also known as Jimmy's Point

Data supplied by Virginia Murray, 1999

yy/mm/dd Book/Pg sign posts Grantor Grantee detail documents
1861/06/23   First time the point is made a separate piece of real estate - Thomas M. Stanley inherits Thomas Manchester last will and testament submitted and approved Thomas M. Stanley, son of Jonathon Stanley Thomas Manchester's last will and testament splits off from his homestead on the northeastern side of Cranberry Island as a separate piece of property and deeds it to Thomas M. Stanley (son of Jonathon Stanley and Manchester's adopted daughter?) bequeath to Jonathon Stanley all my real estate on Cranberry Island "excepting the 'Point' so-called, it being the eastern part of said farm and connected to the same by a seawall" ... bequeath unto Thomas M Stanley, son of said Jonathon, the aforesaid point "together with all the prevelages thereunto pertaining, the line of said point to come as fas northwest on the seawall as the southeast end of the fishhouse now standing on said seawall."...
1892/05/31 262/228   Hiram L. Stanley, Abbie A. Harding William J. Mayo Hiram Stanley and Abbie Harding lease half of Barn Cove to William Mayo along with permission to dig ditches and dam up the cove to produce ice for 25 years. ..."the privelage of digging a ditch or ditches across said lessor's land to carry water from their land to flow 'Barn Cove' so called and our right to one half of said cove with the privelege of building a dam so as to convert said cove in an ice pond"...
1892/06/06 262/294   William J. Mayo Thomas M. Stanley, Hiram L. Stanley, Abbie A. Harding Mayo takes out a mortgage on the point from the Stanleys  
1892/07/08 262/354   extract from Thomas Manchester last will and testament (probated) Thomas M. Stanley, son of Jonathon Stanley An extract of Thomas Manchester's will is recorded in book 262 on page 354 showing the point as inherited by Thomas M. Stanley  
1893/01/03 269/35 Mayo takes possession of point Thomas M. Stanley, Hiram L. Stanley, Abbie A. Harding William J. Mayo Mayo pays off the mortgage to the Stanleys and owns the whole point plus half of Barn Cove  
1900/12/17 360/33   William Mayo Estate (bankruptcy) Thomas B. Farmer, Trustee Thomas B. Farmer is appointed trustee to the bankrupt Mayo estate Jimmy Stanley left the island in 1926, died S.W. Harbor 1953 age 96
1901/01/03 360/27   Thomas B. Farmer (Mayo bankruptcy trustee) Cyrus R. Tupper May bancruptcy trustee Thomas Farmer sells the point at auction to Cyrus Tupper along with half of Barn Cove  
1901/01/10 360/30   Cyrus R. Tupper William J. Stanley Cyrus Tupper sells the point with a mortgage held by Emma G. Clements to William D. Stanley  
1917/12/12 538/323 Stanleys take posession of point William D. Stanley J.L. Stanley & Sons Co. William D. Stanley sells to J.L. Stanley & Sons, a partnership of John L., Isaac F., and Everett G. Stanley  
1920/06/05 551/530 The first subdivision of the point occurs J.L. Stanley & Sons Co. William (Jimmy) D. Stanley In the first subdivision of the point John L. Stanleys sell William D. Stanley 1.5 acres including a boathouse and rights to half of Barn Cove.  The first written rights of way are recorded as 3 separate rights of way:

1) a common right of way for grantee and grantors across the seawall, 1 rod (16') in width;

2) reserving a right of way on the north side for all purposes adjoining the other right of way 8 feet wide;

3) a right of way 8 feet wide adjoining the last mentioned right of way to create a 16-foot wide right of way extending west the whole north line.

1922/05/20 567/233   John L., Isaac F., & Everett G. Stanley J.L. Stanley & Sons Co. The Stanleys transfer several lots of real property to their company, J.L. Stanley & Sons Co., including (lot #7 which is) point except for William D. Stanley's (1.5 acre) parcel.  
1927/10/03 615/427   William (Jimmy) D. Stanley & Nancy G. Stanley Vance C. McCormick William Stanleys sells 1/3 acre to Vance McCormick along with right of way from the lot to the "town road", over Stanley's land, 16 feet wide.  William D. Stanley reserves the right to use the wharf, to land and haul his boats, for the remainder of his ownership of his parcel.  
1938/08/15 662/67   Charles E. Stanley & Eliza B. Stanley Lindsey K. Foster Charles Stanley sells 1.5 acres of the William Stanley parcel as described in William's deed from the J.L. Stanleys to Lindsey K. Foster including 3 rights of ways and excepting the 1/3 acre owned by Vance McCormick.  
1939/08/26 668/226   J.L. Stanley & Sons Co. Lindsey K. Foster The J.L. Stanley & Sons Co. sell their remainder of the point including the seawall to Lindsey K. Foster.  
1947/09/30 717/525 Lindsey Foster completes reassembly of the point under one deed Gertrude Howard McCormick Lindsey K. Foster Gertrude McCormick sells the last 1/3 acre of the point to Lindsey Foster.  
1951/03/21 739/573   Lindsey K. Foster Thomas Searles Sr. Lindsey K. Foster sells the entire point to Thomas Searles Sr. along with half of Barn Cove.  
1957/06/07 809/342   Thomas Searles Sr. Thomas Searles Jr. Searles Sr. sells Thomas Searles Jr. the property.  
1958/12/01 832/107 Murrays acquire the point Thomas Searle Jr. and Chloe H. Searle Virginia and John Murray Searles Jr. sells the property to John and Virginia Murray.  
1990/01/01     Murray conservation trust    
1998/05/18     Virgnia Murray Qualified Personal Residence Trust Margaret, Kathryn, Nicholas, and Paul Murray Murray Trust transfers property to 4 children of Virginia Murray.  
1999/01/01     Murray Bamgor Hydro [right of way to lay underground cable through property and over to the Nash property on Fish Point]  

Data supplied in an e-mail from Ralph W. Stanley, 4 March 2010

Subject: Jimmy's Point
I think the house was built by Thomas Manchester Stanley, son of Jonathan R. and Irene Lorilla (Ladd) Stanley. Irene Lorilla Ladd was the daughter of Moses and Sarah (Lurvey) Ladd. Sarah was the daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Boynton) Lurvey and sister of Mary, wife of Thomas Cobb Stanley, Jr. and also sister of Hannah, wife of William Gilley of Baker Island.

Sarah Ladd died in 1816 when Irene was nine years old and she went to live with Thomas Manchester and his wife, Hannah Hadlock. Hannah Hadlock was the daughter of William Nathaniel and Mary (Graham) Hadlock. Mary Graham was the mother of Jacob Lurvey.

Thomas Manchester and his wife, Hannah both died in 1861.

Thomas Manchester Stanley died in 1913 and probably lived his life in that house.

I don't know when Uncle Jimmy went there to live but at that time I believe the property belonged to J.L. Stanley and Sons of Manset. They bought the Point for the weir rights. I don't know when the fish wharf was built but Uncle Jimmy bought fish there for J.L. Stanley and Sons. At that time you could catch a boatload of fish off Bunker's Ledge. He would buy the fish there, dress them and then take them to Manset in his large sloop. Aunt Esther Spurling once told me that she lived there with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Nan when Charles Gilley brought Pheobe Jane Stanley, Aunt Nan's sister, up from Baker Island in his centerboard boat to visit.

Uncle Jimmy moved off the Island about 1925 or 26 and Andrew Alley lived there some time after that. Clarence Beal was Andrew's wife's son by a previous marriage.

Harold Alley told me they like to froze in that house in the winter.

My father lived with Uncle Jimmy some but I don't know if he ever lived there. I know he lived with them after they moved to Manset.

I have picture of the fish wharf taken from across the pool from the Fish Point.

There is a grave on the point in the woods. A passing vessel stopped there and buried a man who had died from typhoid fever. I don't know his name or if anyone does. I doubt if the grave was ever marked.

Uncle Jimmy's real name was William Doane Stanley but he was always known as Uncle Jimmy or Pa Jim. He and Aunt Nan had no children of their own but they always has a house full of other people's children.

-Ralph [Stanley]

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