Maps of the Cranberry Isles


You can use these maps for reference, or as blank forms to create your own maps.

All maps are sized to 8" x 10" so they can be printed on ordinary letter-size printers.  Maps in GIF format can be printed directly from your browser, but may appear smaller than 8" x 10".  To print both GIF and JPEG maps at the correct scale, save the map file (by right-clicking on it), then open and print it via an image editing program.  JPEG map files have internally-recorded dpi (dots per inch) set to print at 8" x 10".  GIF map files are scaled for 72 dpi.

Warning!  Have patience.  Some of the larger maps take a bit of time to download.  The file size is listed for large maps.

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1781, Des Barres

courtesy Charles Liebow
GCI 1810-1820

courtesy Charles Liebow
1887 (728KB)

courtesy Wini Smart
1887 (111KB)

courtesy Charles Liebow
1887 (675KB)

courtesy Library of Congress
GCI lots (159KB)

courtesy Bruce Komusin
1882 USCGS

courtesy Hugh Dwelley
Baker Island

Tax Map 1996
courtesy Hugh Dwelley
Aerial view

26 May 1944
courtesy Geoff Wadsworth
GCI blank

courtesy Bruce Komusin

1975 Town of Cranberry Isles Land Use Map, with topo (height) lines
Not for land use now as districts shown are obsolete.
Scale on first page (1" = 633') is correct only if printed at 72 dpi.

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Sutton & Bear
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Baker & GCI (E)
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maps courtesy of Bruce Komusin

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