Moorfield Storey

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Moorfield Storey, Great Cranberry Island's first rusticator, was a prominent Boston lawyer, nationally known.  He was president of the American Bar Association, an active member of the Anti-Imperialist League, and one of the white leaders in the NAACP.  He was also active in gaining independence for the Philippine Islands.  He arrived in Northeast Harbor after the Civil War, building a house there.  In 1887 he built a house on Great Cranberry Island.

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photo courtesy of Sue Lyman

The Storey Cottage

This photo shows the Moorfield Storey Cottage, Great Cranberry Island, around 1920.  It is currently the residence of Sue Lyman.

Photo is Northeast Harbor Library catalog number 1111 KNO, photo A.
Originally taken by Knowles Co. Real Estate & Insurance.
Later donated by them to NEH Library.

photo courtesy of Bob Pyle, Northeast Harbor Library
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