The Mountain View Inn

built around 1920
moved 16 Nov 2004


The Mountain View Inn served as a "mealing place" for summer rusticators who roomed at various places on Great Cranberry Island.  The dining hall was upstairs; a dumbwaiter served food from the cooking floor, below.

Betty (Eversman) Hartley recalls eating there, as a young girl, in an interview in the historical society's video, Great Cranberry Island, Hitty's Home.  In that interview she also recalls that Rachel Field ate there for a few years, before she bought her own home on Sutton Island.

After the restaurant closed, the building was used as a wokshop and storage area for many years.

In the summer of 2004, the building was bought by the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society.  It was moved to its present site next to the Parsonage on 16 November 2004, and re-christened "Cranberry House."

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photo courtesy of Ruth (Stanley) Holmes

Original Floor Plan

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