Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr.

b. 1792
d. 1830


Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr. figures large in Cranberry Isles history.  He was a showman forerunner of Buffalo Bill Cody and P.T. Barnum -- and a Great Cranberry Island favorite son.

Capt. Hadlock's fascinating life is chronicled in Rachel Field's book God's Pocket, first published in 1934.  Reprints are available.

Capt. Hadlock's house on Great Cranberry still stands; it is one of the finest on the island.  In spring the lilacs planted in the front dooryard make a spectacular display.

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Portrait painted in Hamburg by Heinrich Gottfried Krug, 1824

original portrait
portrait courtesy of Constance Aygun

Silhouette cut in London, 1824.  Original in Islesford Hist. Museum
art courtesy of
Janet Roberts

Hadlock's house, 2000

photo courtesy Bruce Komusin

Dorothea Albertina Wilhelmina Celeste "Hanna Caroline" (Russ) Hadlock
"The Prussian Lady"

b. 31 Aug 1803
d. 11 Aug 1889

She married Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr. on 20 Mar 1825.
Hadlock thought her multiple European names were too confusing, and simply called her "Hanna Caroline."
Their daughter Jane Matilda Hadlock was born 16 Mar 1826, in Paris, France, while they were on tour with Hadlock's northern curiosities show.
Their son Epps L. Hadlock was born 19 Sep 1827 at Cranberry Isles.

After it was clear that Capt. Hadlock had died up north while collecting specimens for a proposed new show, she left Great Cranberry Island and married Andrew H. Haynes, Mar 1839.
By him she had another daughter, Albertina E. Haynes, born 1840, and a son, Andrew T. Haynes, born 1845.
She died 11 Aug 1889 and is buried in Mount Height Cemetery, Southwest Harbor, ME ("Caroline H.Haynes, wife of Andrew H. Haynes".)

photo courtesy of Charles Liebow, who says identity as "Prussian Lady" is questionable

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