Voters in the Town of Cranberry Isles, 1858

(On outside of folded manuscript)
List of Voters
for Sept. Election
A.D. 1858

(Inside first page)
List of voters in the Town of Cranberry Isles

Benaiah Bunker
Thomas Bunker
Joseph Bunker
John Bunker
John G. Bunker
Warren R. Bunker
William G. Bunker
Samuel S. Bunker
William P. Bunker
Andrew J. Bunker
John C. Bunker
Michael Bulger
Samuel N. Bulger

Elijah S. Doane
Daniel M. Emiston
Henry Fernald
Abraham C. Fernald

Elisha Gilley
Joseph Gilley
Samuel Gilley
John Gilley
Justus W. Gilley
Alfred H. Gilley

William E. Hadlock
Amos Howard
James G. Howard
Joseph Harding
Orinton Hamor
Leonard Homes
Gilbert T. Hadlock
Thomas Kidd

Hiram J. Ladd
Rufas B. Ladd

(Inside second page)
Thomas Manchester
William Moore
Albion S. Moore
George W. Mitchell

Joseph Newman

William P. Preble
William P. Pung
John U. Pierce

Isaac Richardson
William M. Richardson
Eben R. Richardson
Meltiah J. Richardson
Willian R. Rice
Samuel J. Rice

Enoch Spurling
Robert Spurling
Joseph S. Spurling
Smith C. Spurling
George N. Spurling
Benjamin Spurling
Robert Spurling 2nd.
John Spurling
Nahum Y. Spurling
Thomas Stanley
John Stanley
Jonathan R. Stanley
Thomas Stanley 2nd.
Thomas U. Stanley
Enoch B. Stanley
Abraham C. Stanley
John Stanley 2nd.
Robert S. Stanley
Albert Stanley

(Inside third page)
Henry H. Stanley
Stillman G. Stanley
Asa D. Stanley
Daniel K. Stanley
Tyler H. Stanley
Josiah Young
Freeman G. Young
Stillman G. Young
Ira N. Yeation

(Bottom of third page)
A true and perfect list of the voters in the Town
of Cranberry Isles, Corrected according to my best
knowledge this 5th. day of August A.D. 1858.

A.C. Fernald
Wm. E. Hadlock } Selectmen of Cranberry Isles

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