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Digital Archive

The GCIHS Preble-Marr Museum includes an archive of more than 4,000 items chronicling the life and times of those living on Maine’s Cranberry Isles (especially Great Cranberry Island) from the early 1800s to the present. The archive contains photographs, audio recordings, cemetery preservation projects, tools, nautical charts, digital media, documents, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, and cloth artifacts.

Note:  GCIHS images may be used for non-profit purposes; please cite GCIHS as the source. Use in commercial endeavors requires permission.  Citations should read: Courtesy Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, Cranberry Isles, Maine, – with the catalogue number of the item/photo when possible.

Bruce Komusin Collection

Bruce Komusin was a GCIHS Treasurer and Benefactor who compiled and published online a trove of historical information concerning the Cranberry Isles between the late 1990’s and his passing in 2015.  Included in this collection is extensive Cemetery records for each of the Town’s islands.

History Trust

GCIHS is a member of the History Trust, a collective of independent organizations that work in partnership to safeguard the historical collections of coastal Maine’s Acadia region and make them accessible.

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