Preble-Marr Historical Museum

The Museum is on the first floor of Cranberry House about 1/3 mile down the main road from the Great Cranberry Island town dock.  Admission is FREE! The museum is open every day 10:00-4:00 from Memorial to Columbus Day. Come explore our artifact displays and exhibits about life on Great Cranberry in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. New exhibitions are developed every other year.

    Year                      Theme                                                                                                         Curator
















Patchwork – The Life and Times of Cranberry Islanders

For Maine’s 200th birthday, GCIHS celebrates the faces and places of 21st-century Great Cranberry Island. We sought photos and stories from residents, artists, writers, students, business owners, workers, fisher folk, and just plain friends to exhibit personal connections to the island that endure today. We began this exhibit long before the Covid pandemic changed life, but it turns out to have been very timely. On fabric panels and with personal artifacts, we captured poignant memories of the way it was before March 2020. Explore our panels here:



Celebrating 10 years of Cranberry House

Remembering Mickey Macfarlan and Wini Smart


Charting Their Course – Clues from the Collection From 1874 to 1884 Great Cranberry islanders Meltiah and Carrie Richardson crisscrossed the Atlantic in their three-mast schooner. Their nautical charts and journal tell their story.


Spurling Cemetery Preservation Project – Information online here

Anne Grulich; Pixie Lauer exhibit display







Phil Whitney; Anne Grulich



Anne Grulich; layout by Willoughby Hastings

Anne Grulich

2016 From Six Schools for Five Islands to One for Two: Cranberry Isles Schools 1830-2016.  The two Cranberry Isles schoolhouses were renovated in 2016; the student body now alternates buildings every two years. Phil Whitney; Anne Grulich
2015 The Agricultural Heritage of the Cranberry Isles: 19 Farms and Counting View Slideshow Jessi Duma, Island Institute Fellow; Design by Jill Piekut
180-year-old Concealed Shoes and Cape Houses on GCI (Mentioned in Down East Magazine’s April 2015 edition. Anne Grulich
Stanley Cemetery Preservation Project (Information online  here) Anne Grulich
Images on Glass, Iron, and Paper: 19th Century Photographs from the GCIHS collection ~ View Slideshow Anne Grulich
2014 180-year-old Shoes and an 1840s Cape-style Houses on GCI Anne Grulich
Images on Glass, Iron, and Paper : 19th Century Photographs from the GCIHS collection ~ View Slideshow Anne Grulich
2013 Great Cranberry Island’s Preble House on the Maine Memory Network Visit: Anne Grulich
Three Heroines of Great Cranberry Island

The Maine Sea Coast Mission

Wini Smart
2012 Baker Island Wini Smart
2011 The Prebles & Sammy Sanford

An Original Church Pew

Wini Smart
2010 History of the Cranberry Islands Wini Smart




View some historical videos in the museum:

  • CIRT’s drone video – assembling affordable housing behind Cranberry House
  • Storm at Sea – a hair-raising trip around Cape Horn
  • Ice Cutting – lake ice is cut and stored for the summer
  • GCI: Hitty’s Home – why we believe Hitty was carved here
  • any of the other videos made by GCIHS


The original museum was opened August 6, 2000 in leased quarters in the Longfellow School.  It was re-opened June 15, 2008 in Cranberry House, its permanent home.


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