Spurling Cemetery Project Links

Click on the various links below to explore more in-depth research and background information here.

1. The 2016 Spurling Cemetery preservation project explained step by step in a slideshow

2. Spurling Cemetery headstones BEFORE preservation work in 2016.

3. Spurling Cemetery headstones AFTER preservation work in 2016

4. Spurling Cemetery preservation work

5. Spurling Cemetery headstones AFTER preservation work in 2016.

6. Spurling Cemetery memorial stone

7. Information on each of the 26 known burials as of June 2017: SpurlCemNamesDatesBurialsWEBSITE_June18_2017

8. This is the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey report prepared by Northeast Geophysical Services of Bangor. It is full of information and poses questions beyond the scope of this 2016 project: NGS_GPR_Report+(1) (See also #4 below for the annotated GPR map.)

9. This annotated GPR map indicates (in red) the headstones and footstones discovered by shallow probing, the GPR survey, and research provided by descendants. SpurlCemeGPR_Figure1_annotated.

(Notes: Head and foot stones were righted as they lay with minor corrections to line up foot stones with headstones where possible. My project probing was done with a half-inch diameter steel rod to a level of only one foot deep. Names are as spelled on the headstones. We did not fill or level any natural depressions or burial depressions during this project.)

10.  Information about Andrew Herrick was provided by descendants Andrew and Steve Herrick in 2009 and 2016.

11. Information on Joseph and Sarah L’Grow (Legrow) was provided by Cynthia Robertson in 2003. Legrow 1

12. Cranberry Chronicle December 2016 article about the project: SpurlCemDecNewsletter.

Leslie Victor Stanley cemetery research (LVS 1972)

Bruce Komusin cemetery research  (BK 1999)

Maine Cemeteries – Tom Vining’s website

Wieninger Monuments, Milbridge, ME website

Fishermen’s Voice, June 2014 – Granite Cutters in Maine Article

Northeast Geophysical Ground Penetrating Radar website

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