Stanley Cemetery Links

EXPLORE THE STANLEY CEMETERY IN DEPTH with BEFORE and AFTER photos, headstone inscriptions, deeds, blog postings, and more.

(Click on the photos to enlarge them and view as a slide show.)

1. Stanley Cemetery headstones – photos AFTER the 2014 conservation project

2. Stanley Cemetery headstones – photos in 2014 BEFORE the 2014 conservation project.

3. Stanley Cemetery headstones – photos in 1999 by Bruce Komusin

4. Stanley Cemetery – photos of Work in Progress August-September 2014

5. Stanley Cemetery – photos in winter 2015 by Jessi Duma

6. Stanley Cemetery Inventory of Graves (November 2014)

7. Stanley Cemetery Inventory of Graves by Name (November 2014)

8. Stanley Cemetery Inventory of Graves by Year (November 2014)

9. Stanley Cemetery deeds

10. Blogs for Stanley and Spurling cemetery projects

11. Stanley Cemetery Contributions

12. Stanley Cemetery History

Leslie Victor Stanley cemetery research (LVS 1972)

Bruce Komusin cemetery research  (BK 1999)

Maine Cemeteries – Tom Vining’s website

Wieninger Monuments, Milbridge, ME website

Fishermen’s Voice, June 2014 – Granite Cutters in Maine Article

Northeast Geophysical Ground Penetrating Radar website

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