Cranberry Explorer

Above: 7-passenger (plus driver) Cranberry Explorer

The Cranberry Explorer on Great Cranberry Island is a free public shuttle service.

During the summer season, our 7-passenger (plus driver) golf cart travels round-trip on Cranberry Road every half hour, from the Town Dock to the end of the island, and back.

Town Dock, leaving at :00 and :30Scheduled stops:

  • Cranberry House
  • Church and Ladies Aid
  • School and Library
  • Transfer Station and Gas Pump
  • Cranberry Shores Public Trail
  • The Pool (end of road)
    Elapsed time: 15 minutesRepeat the stops, in reverse, on return.
    Total round-trip time: 30 minutes

Along the way the driver will narrate the sights, answer questions, and also pick up or drop off passengers anywhere on Cranberry Road—or our three side roads, time permitting. A cell phone on board can be called for pick up from a side road: (207) 812-6712.

The service is free to all island residents and visitors. Donations are appreciated. The Cranberry Explorer is funded and run by the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society. Call Cranberry House for more information: (207) 244-7800.

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