Spurling, Gen. Andrew B., Congressional Medal of Honor (Civil War)

General Andrew Barclay Spurling (1833-1896) is the son of Abigail Hadlock Spurling and Samuel Spurling. He was born and raised on Great Cranberry Island, Maine. The Spurlings were one of the founding families on the Island during the late 18th century. The General’s mother, Abigail Hadlock, his father Samuel, and his stepfather, William Preble, were prominent Islanders as well. The little house Spurling was born in and the big house he grew up in still stand across the street from each other.  There is no memorial to Spurling on the Island yet.

Visit the GCIHS catalogue page and search on “Civil War” to learn more about General Spurling and the Civil War materials in the GCIHS collection. And here are some Civil War links from our Research page: https://www.gcihs.org/?s=%22civil+war%22

[Photograph: General Andrew Barclay Spurling, Cabinet Card, GCIHS1000.0.1066G]

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